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Posted 5 days ago

Yeah.... I've come to church to bitch about Jesus.
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Posted 5 days ago

Yeah.... I've come to church to bitch about Jesus.

It's killing me. I can sing the song in my head but can't put my finger on it...but you can totally sing that line in a gospel way.

(Sing gospel)
I've come ta churrrrrrrrrch
Ta bitch about jeeeeeeeeeeesus.
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Mr. Scratch
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Posted 4 days ago

And Prodigy is dead too, why you gotta be like that 2017?

Yeah!...like who's next?  Compuserve?

Probably the remaining members of Mobb Deep.

Alpha Demigod
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Posted 4 days ago

troll harder


So I guess they really did task you with following me around and trying to bait me. Lol...that's low.


Anyway, have fun!

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  • Jason


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Posted 4 days ago

There's a bumblebee the size of a zeppelin banging between my window and blinds and I don't know what to do.  :panic:

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Posted 4 days ago

f*ck me. Truck needs a new starter, possibly a new battery, and I can't install the new starter until Saturday, when I have to work. WHAT THE f*ck DO I DO?!


f*ck adulting. Can I go back and be a kid again?

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Posted 4 days ago

My USB Mouse is driving me f*cking nuts. I try to click on something, the f*cker swerve elsewhere, clicking on something else entirely different than what I wanted to click on in the first place. In sites lace Facebook, that's a ticket-for-disaster.

Darth Absentis
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Posted 3 days ago

Just.to.warm.9 am.already.dying.

Brian Grey
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Posted 2 days ago

Best part of being a shepherd is being bit, then the bite mark is swollen and now i'v got spots damnit, I raise you all up, feed you all on time and this is how you repay me. Lmao.

I love farming, maybe not the infections and the disease but its all good fun.

Being a shepherd isn't easy, just wish I didn't have to hold him in my arms as he finds his strength for one last cry "help" and it hurts feeling so powerless but I know its too late, he never got colostrum and we were never told, his guts have clogged up and he's drowning, Roy dies and I hold him tight saying "goodbye" even if I put him down I feel the weight of all the lambs I lost, the ones who were doomed, the ones I tried to save even the ones I don't know why.

I dream of a time where I got it right, caught em early, just did something that would save them. I'v seen some pretty messed up stuff living on a farm, you just gotta pull yourself out of bed and find the strength to carry on.
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