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Diani The Otter
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Posted An hour ago Edited by Diani The Otter, An hour ago.

What is with these token guys on the late show with Stephen Colbert? Do they have any point on the show other than making annoying off camera comments and maybe add unnecessary music or laughter? First it was the pudgy guy back when Colbert was with CC, now it's John. It's really awkward.

*Colbert makes a joke*

*random laugh or comment from john/pudgy white guy*

It's like, really? You're not adding anything, generally you're not even acknowledged, go away

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Posted An hour ago

President-Elect took the words right out of my mouth



i take it all back Honolulu, i want 80 degrees everyday back in my life again

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Posted 6 minutes ago

I wish PewDiePie actually deleted his channel, annoying f*ck.

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