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Getting the Maverick

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Posted 28 December 2006 - 01:36 PM

Hello Folks! As everybody know, there are 3 ways to get the Maverick in the PS2 Version. One with the game shark, one in false idols and hard and one easy way to do it, still on false idols. Now let's all talk about it!

1-) The Game Shark way is one of the best, because you can pick any car changing the spawn code of the rhino to the hunter, for exemple. I'll post the GS codes later.

2-)(By multiple people)OK, this is a hard way of getting it, because you need codes and a lot of skill. First, get a Yankee. Yeah, a Yankee. Now put the "Perfect Handling" Code. Now go to the Multistory car park and wait with a rocket launcher. When the patriot appears, blow it up, then blow the limo that is a little close to your location. Now to the hard part. Go to the main avenue(near the ocean), Stay going fast, then jump on the lower part of the LCFR Building. OK, now try to jump on the roof with the yankee. If you can do that, park on the middle of the roof and jump on the roof of the yankee. When the chopper passes by, press Triangle and kill that girl. Then go to the church and mission complete. With the Maverick too!

3-)(By Futurama_Freak)This is easier. Grab a PCJ and then start the mission. Now, go to te lift bridge in the wrong way, but still going for shoreside. Then, crash in the barrier(not the one in the middle)as shown in the video and you will go up to the metal thing. Now, get off the bike and go up the diagonal pillar. Now, jump to the invisible roof and wait for the chopper. When it passes by, press triangle! Luckly, you will be in a Maverick and wil be flying. Then, just fly around and wait the mission to fail. Then, just store it at the garage and you got it!

Hope this helps you! It helped me a lot! Any doubts, just ask me!

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Posted 29 December 2006 - 08:13 PM

dude i think someone made a topic with all these methods in but good work either way

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Posted 31 December 2006 - 10:43 AM

get a police maverick with a cheat device armax cb,gs(ps2) get the power jump code ,leviateyourself with (Square) get a 3,4,5 or 6 star wanted level and wait for a chopper to be close to you then press triangle.Or just leviate to the building where you get the non-cheatable false idols maverick get a wanted level and wait for a police chopper to appear.

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