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get to other islands faster

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  • chaos1001011

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Posted 05 December 2006 - 10:23 PM

biggrin.gif if you go down into the subway you can turn on the faster gameplay cheat and run strait into the train and fall into the"blue hell"or"underworld" close to the other islands. it depends on how far in you are though biggrin.gif

  • jarjar


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Posted 06 December 2006 - 05:27 AM

Yeah, I believe a similar thing can be done in San Andreas by driving the trains fast into the barrier. interesting fine indeed icon14.gif.

  • Heihachi_73

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Posted 20 December 2006 - 11:38 AM

That works easier on the PS2 - flip a car over the jump, land upside down on the stairs, and hopefully it falls through the barrier. Of course, get out of the flaming wreck, but don't jump or you will get respawned outside the barrier. I have actually managed to keep a police car and drive to Liberty Campus (turn right instead of left where the train goes) - it's closer to Staunton than going the other way.

It was fixed on the PC version so you can only do the door trick at the Porter tunnel, which is - park with the left side door on the edge, get out and Claude will fall down through the wall, then just walk along the top of the tunnel until the map says you're on land, then jump into the blue abyss and you will be respawned on the pavement at Rockford, minus 5 health/armor. It doesn't work without a car as he won't fall straight down and through the wall.

To get back to Portland without getting busted/wasted or cheating you need the Dodo from Shoreside Vale (Francis Intl. Airport). If you can't fly it for more than 2 seconds it's best to drive it through the tunnel to Shoreside. If you don't like getting air in it slow down a bit, but you need to hop it (full speed) over the Callahan Bridge back to Portland. You might even want to dump it at the I/E garage while you're there.

I put this in because I absolutely suck at flying the Dodo, and can hardly ever make it from one side of the spiral bridge to the other without getting stuck in the middle, or going for a swim!

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