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The Official "Make A Mission" Topic™

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 10:01 PM

The Official "Make A Mission" Topic™

As we know, most of us have completed the storyline. What are we to do after beating it? Freeroaming can get mildly boring after a while. Ever wished you could try a new mish? Now you can! With this topic, you are able to post a mission you've thought of, or try other missions that have been posted! You can create new characters, use old characters (As long as you use commen sence [Example: Dont use Salvator as a character]), or just use characters that were already used!(As long as they didn't die). So what are you waiting for? Think of a mission, post it, and let it begin! You are allowed to comment on people's missions, but not rate (I.E. 9/10) them. And please, keep it constructive, dont just say something like "OMG THAT MISSION SUCKZORS!". We're trying to keep rudity and flamewars to a minimum. Now, for one of MY missions! (NOTE: Some of these missions may feature empire buildings sites that you dont own/where you didn't build what I built). Let it begin!

HOW TO POST (This is important if you're posting a mish)

Mission Specs:

[VIC][DIALOG] (Example of the two talking. Names do not have to be in caps.


Now, for one of mine!

Mission: What's Cooking, Dead Looking?
Contact: Leo Teal
Obtained By: Pager.

Mission Description:
You get a pager message.
[LEO]I've been hearing some things about you kid. Come see me at the allyway in Ocean Drive. I'll be behind the cafe.[END]
The marker is at the first gap beside the sidewalks if you're going south. It's inbetween the sidewalk and allyway. Walk into it to start the mission.

Vic walks into the allyway, then looks left and right. He sees no one, so he sighs and walks a little into the left part of the allyway. All of a sudden, the camera shifts around facing the front of Vic and a chef sneaks up behind Vic. He grabs Vic and holds a meat clever up to his neck, choking him.

[Leo]Who sent you?
[Vic]You (cough) did! It's me (cough) man, Vic!

Leo lets go of Vic, and Vic gets his breathe back. He turns to Leo.

[Leo]Sorry, you can never be to carefull in the drug business.
[Vic]Damn it, did Lance send me to talk to you? I told that dumbf*ck I'm not interested in drugs!
[Leo]Too bad, you dont have a choice.
[Vic]And just who do you think you are?
[Leo]Call me Leo Teal. I just use my job as a chef for a coverup. What I really focus on is drug import and export.
[Vic]Oh really? Well, I'm still not interested. I'm out of here.

Vic turns and sees three other chefs with Berettas aimed at him.

[Leo]Like I said, you dont have a choice. Anyway, I'd like to see if you're of any use. I have an old contact that's trying to sell me out. If I were to put a normal hit out on him, he'd be on a plane to San Andreas by now. I want you to kill him personally.

Leo pulls a berreta out of his pocket, and hands it to Vic.

[Leo]He's staying at an old hotel being used as a drug lab not far north of the Malibu. It's just past the hotel with the pink Stretch parked out front. Oh and be carefull, the Sharks have an area near the Malibu, and if they see you in my car they might not be to happy, catch my drift?
[Vic]Woah woah woah, what's this about your car?
[Leo]Did I meansion you're taking my car? I want his men to know you're working for me. Now go, here's the keys.

Leo pulls a set of keys out of his pocket, then walks Vic over to the gap and out to the sidewalk. A white Sentinel XS is parked to their right.

[Leo]That XS is mine. Take it to their hotel, and kill the bastard. Just be carefull, his men might be heavily armed.
[Vic]Sure, whatever.

Vic gets in the Sentinel XS, starts it, and pulls out of the parking spot.

Go to the hotel and kill Leo's Contact!

Drive to the hotel/drug site you stole from the bikers on one of the Mendez's missions. Enter it and kill one of your gang members. The others are supposedly killing you, so kill them too. All of a sudden, the slam of a car door is heard outside. Looks like you didn't get Leo's man. Walk outside. Get in your car and do a driveby on any random car. Hopefully it will try to speed away.

Leo's contact is escaping in his car! Destroy the car!

Destroy the car. If the ped driving it gets out, kill them. Mission complete!

Now, upload some of your own! PS: I might do more missions for Teal, or you can do some yourself. Like I said, it's all up to you. Just make sure your missions fit with the other missions posted if they have the same character('s)!

This post was originaly made by EmoPat at 3:56 PM Central Time. If any other topics similar to this are created, they will be coppying this topic. Copyright, 2006. All rights reserved.

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 10:14 PM

Well, at a first glance on the code box I thought you could make a mission and make it work using cheatdevice. Now that I see it’s a forum thing, so this is just another thread that would make the thread starter feel good that people are actually participating in it. Gotta come up with something to feel fresh and new, way to go, mate.

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 10:36 PM

Pager Message: [Kent Paul][Oi Geezer, heard ya like a bit of the old snow, give us a call mate [END]

Mission Specs:
Mission: [Absolutley Fabulous]
Contact: [Kent Paul]
Obtained By:[Drive to building across from the Malibu]

YOu enter the building and you are brought to the top, where there is a pool party going on, Vic looks around and then hears loud english boasting, he walks over, thinking it is Kent Paul.
[Paul][Please get this local away from me, y'know i dont like the locals, Secur--]
[VIC][While holding Paul against a wall] [Look, you wanted me to come here idiot, and dont dare call me a local.]
[Paul] [Ohhh, You must be Santa Claus! Reni told me about you, she told me i could rely on someone like ya'.]
[Vic] [Well i'd hope to think i could be trusted] Lets go of Paul
[Paul] [ Well mate, heres the thing, the old boat carrying my snow has got held up off the shore by the authorities, now, if you could be tusted, id hope you'd be able to get in there like a flash and get the old powder back to be with out the coppers knowing that its my coke]
[Vic] [Well I think that could be arranged, as long as im getting some profit here, you know, i have other things to deal with man]
[Paul] (Walking away) [Yeah sure, twenty percent, ahm 10 percent]
[Vic] [twenty it is]
[Get a car and drive to the boat at Vice Docks]
On the way you notice a car trailing you, but you keep driving.
Once arrived at Vice Docks, a cutscene occurs
You get out of your car and look around for the car trailing you, You notice it speeding towards your car, as it approaches it throws a bomb. It explodes and Vic is knocked out.
When you awake you notice the same car speeding away.
[Get to the boat NOW] You drive to the docks and discover that the boat has been destroyed.
[Chase the thieves and recover the cocaine before they sell it!]
As you follow the blip, a message pops up: [ They sold the cocaine to a Drug Dealer, Eliminate him and get the rest of it back!]
You go and kill the drug dealer and follow the blip, which ends up at Hyman Condo. Once arrived: [ Take down the Helicopter and elimate all enemies!] Easy, kill everything on site destroy the helicopter pick up the coke and deliver to Kent Paul.
Mission accomplished

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 10:43 PM

Not bad!
I think I'll go try my best to do that mission. tounge.gif

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 10:56 PM

Erm... how are you supposed to do Demain's mission?? As in how are you supposed to get a car to follow you and then for people to destroy a boat for you and then for you to destroy a chopper?

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 10:57 PM

Well, this is where it comes in handy to have imagination.


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Posted 15 November 2006 - 11:01 PM

Yea, it's pretty hard making a mission that anybody can do anytime. There needs to be a reasonable use of AI Peds and Vehicles.

It's a cool topic! Just maybe, the missions can become hard to create.

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 11:04 PM

pager : ricardo diaz : hey vic i want me some belguim chocolates so come to my masion. Mision: get a chocolate diaz : gimme sum chocolate or ill kill you vic: ok go to army base and jump over teh wall and kill a soilder to get keys to a baracks ol full of chocolate trynot to get spoted and break gaurd necks. get 4 star wanted level by cheat and drive it to diaz the end. yea it sux i kno

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 11:09 PM

No! cry.gif That's a good mission! Like Area 69! Cool!

(@Emopat, perhaps you should make links to each mission created in the topic.)

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 11:28 PM

Might try that.


@Jake: Acctually, I think it's rather cool! Might replace the chocolates with guns though. biggrin.gif

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Posted 16 November 2006 - 07:33 AM

Mission Specs:
Mission: It ends with a BANG...
Contact: [Mr. Anonymous]
Obtained By: When you reach 100% completion before 50 days and 50 saves.

Pager Message: [Mr. Anonymous]There's a call for you at the International Airport...[END]

To start the mission, approach the telephone inside the international airport.
( NOTICE: You loose all your guns, which makes this a hard mission. )

Cut scenes:
Vic stands by the pay phone, expecting a human contact. *The phone rings.*
Vic looks at the phone, and picks it up.

Vic: Alright, who's calling?
Mr. Anonymous: You don't need every detail you know...
Vic: Well maybe i do.
Mr. Anonymous: Just call me... Mr. Anonymous.
Vic: Alright Mr. Anonymous, this better not be about drugs.
Mr. Anonymous: Spare me the thought, besides you need a little extra cash, i heard you like that.
Vic: Well, maybe you heard right, but what you want me to do?
Mr. Anonymous: I heard some infomation, and your the only person i know that could...
Vic: I don't know you.
Mr. Anonymous: A whole lot of weapons were stolen north of vice city, they heading south, thought you could do a little, peace work.
Vic: What sort of weapons.
Mr. Anonymous: Military Helicopters, miniguns and rockets to boot, and it looks like all weapon dealers are on strike.
Vic: And to think i just handed all mine up, f*ck you...
Mr. Anonymous: You won't be needing any weapons, i think this can be fixed, remotely.
Vic: Yeah? Care to enlighten me?
Mr. Anonymous: A friend of yours is waiting outside, he knows what to do. *dead line*

Vic walks outside, and Phil cassidy's is idle outside in a sports car.

Vic: Where'd you get that?
Phil: You made me blow my truck sky high, remember?
Vic: So what we doing?
Phil: We gotta steal another Military Helicopter, I'll do that, meanwhile you grab some remote units from the local electronics stores.

You need to drive off, and get to some stores ( ones used in protection racket. ) to pick up remote unit circuits.

You then bring them to the helicopter pad outside lances house.

Lance: Heyyy, brother, whatcha doing there?

A Military Copter lands on the Heli pad, Phil steps out...

Phil: Here Vic, take this one, im going to fetch meself a grunt.
Vic: A what?

Phil drives off, you wire the helicopter with the remote circuts as instructed.
The helicopter starts all by itself, and rises...

Enter a vehicle...

As you enter a vehicle, the hunter positions itself above you, you drive, it follows.

Pager Message: [Mr. Anonymous]They here, you guys ready?[END]

Drive north... ( Towards the friends blip showing phil. )

Once you arrive, details appear informing that you can press DPAD UP To engage hunter remote control... ( And up to leave it... )

Phil rolls up in a Rhino tank.
Vic: Right.

Various vehicles come towards the tank, but are destroyed without effort.
Then 3 Military Helicopters are detected on the radar. ( Not as fortified as yours. )

Lance: O Sh*t...

Protect Phil.
You need to take the 3 hunters out of the sky, have them crash down...

Meanwhile various vehicles will try to take down your hunter, with rocket launchers, phil will eventually destroy these, but you may have to stop them yourself.

With 3 hunters destroyed, a fleet of securicars come from the north.

Phil: Haha, no problem.

Fires one tank shell at one of the securi car's, the secricar stands to it.

Phil: No way! This is not happening!!! Let me in now Vic.

You are told to land your helicopter to let Phil in.

Phil: Get back to my place, i have a little surprise for them.

You fly back to Phil's depot.

Phil enters the depo, and comes out with a box of large bomb like devices.

Vic: Are you crazy?
Phil: Hah, i knew these would come in handy...
Vic: Are we trying to destroy the city, or what?!
Phil: Never you mind, this should do juust fine.

Phil loads them onto the helicopter, the handling changes severly, it takes alot of time to rise, and falls quicker than ever. ( Weight is increased. )

Also balance now means dropping the load, don't tilt too much for too long.

Fly over the securicar(s)!!! ( They are scattered all over the map, taking their time to drive south. )

As you fly over one, Phil says "Higher! i don't want to die just yet."
( Remember, Phil is in the helicopter by himself, your still remote-ing this thing... )

Upon attaining a sutible height above the securicar, phil drops a shell, which makes a massive explosion.

Phil: Now THATS progress.
Vic: Woah.

The securicar melts in the havoc, and you need to take out 5 more.
Repeats the last stuff... ( Says other things instead of Higher... )

When all 6 are incinerated, Phil states how he still has 4 left and wants to have some fun... "I still got me, 4 more Vic, lets go blow up that Army Base Harhar..."

Upon arrival, another hunter, now piloted by Sgt. Jerry Martinez... ( Will retain spoilers. )

Vic: Say WHAT?!
Martinez: That's right, I'm back.
Phil: Drop me off, its rigged to blow.
Martinez: What?!

Phil jumps onto a near by building.

Counter is set to 0:15, and phil shouts "ADVANCE!!!"

Martinez turns away and flies East.

You must follow him and be within range when the bomb goes off...


Vic: Great. Just great, im done with this sh*t, back to relax.

Vic walks out of the car he was using to remote the hunter, as it catches on fire, a phone nearby rings. Vic Answers.

Mr. Anonymous: Fantastic, i knew you could do it, oh and as for the payment, lets just say your next empire payday's going to be off the hook.

Mission Complete. Reward: $0

( Upon reaching payday that days pay is incremented by one hundred thousand dollars. Just that once. ) At that point you get one last pager...

[Mr. Anonymous]Enjoy. tounge.gif[END]

Check the other side of your Beach Safehouse for new purchasable goods.
( The opposite pad with the Little Willy, is a Stealth Hunter, which is invisible whilst in flight. )


tounge.gif - I hope this is slightly as good as it was fun to write. Enjoy!

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Posted 16 November 2006 - 03:56 PM

Not bad!

I have the second Teal mission done, but I'm not ready to post it.

I'm in homeroom right now, six minutes untill the bell. I'll post it when I get home. icon14.gif

Nick Papagiorgio
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Posted 16 November 2006 - 07:42 PM

Ha, I like this idea. I'll try mine out too.

Pager Message: [B.J.Smith][Wassup, hot shot.I hear that you're the man to do business with.Drop by my house in Starfish.][END]

Mission Specs:
Mission: "Making Room for the Sunshine"
Contact: B.J. Smith
Obtained By: Beating all the Sunshine Autos races

Drive over to the "BJ" mission blip on Starfish Island.
Enter the pink marker to trigger the mission

BJ: So, you must be Vance.
Vic: Hey, aren't you.........
BJ: Yeah. I'm BJ Smith.
Vic: So, BJ, what did you need me for.
BJ: Well, Vic, I am retired from football.
Vic: Yeah. And?
BJ: I was going to open up a new area for Sunshine Auto's. I bought the place a couple months ago, and I planned out an area.
Vic: Go on.
BJ: Well...the only problem is, is that trailer park and that damned redneck gang. They are a bad scene. It makes the new place less appealing.
Vic: So what are you proposing I should do?
BJ: I want you to kill every inbred son of a b*tch gang member there, then blow the place to smitherines.
Vic: Woah, buddy. There ARE going to be innocent people ther, you know.
BJ: Already planned out. I convinced the families to get out. I got them new places. I mean, I do have the funding. The only people there are those damned inbred gang members. So what do you say?
Vic: Fine. I had a run in with these b*tches earlier, so it'll be a nice reunion.
BJ: First, you got to go to the bomb shop. I called up my man over there and he'll hook you up with a fitted bomb in a Bobcat. Then when you get there, eliminate all the inbred gangsters, then blow that place to kingdom come!
Vic: Alright.
BJ: Peace, brother..........(turns his attention to his old football tapes) Boom! ahhh, he got knocked OUT!
(end of cs)

Go and retrieve the car from the bomb shop in Downtown.

Drive to the bombshop, and find the Bobcat parked in front of the bombshop. Step in the pink marker to trigger the cutscene.

Man: BJ sent you, right?
Vic: Yeah.
Man: Well, this should do enough damage. Be careful.
Vic: OK.
(end of cs)

Enter the car and drive over to the trailer park

TPM member: Wait, who are yoou? Fellas, look. It's that Vince feller that killed Marty. Let's show this boy we mean business.
(end of cs)

Kill the gang members!
After killing the 25 TPM members, enter the Bobcat and drive to the center of the trailer park, and avoid damage from the remaining gang members on the roofs of the trailers.

Park the Bobcat in the pink marker. Get out of the car, avoid oncoming sniper bullets from the gang members, and get the hell out of the trailer park.

Victor hears the blast and sees the trailer park destroyed. A large loud of smoke appears. Two squad cars screech in and cirlce Vic. Four cops exit and begin to shoot at Vic. Luckily there is a Streetfighter next to Vic.
(end of cutscene)

You now have a 5 star wanted level.
Get to the Pay N' Spray!

After respraying the bike, you get a pager message from BJ.

MESSAGE: BJ-Good job, baaaybay! Whoo! You'll get your cash around 3:00PM. Vic, you are the man!


REWARDS: -$45,000
-28% of profits from Sunshine Autos
-Free cars from Sunshine Autos

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Posted 16 November 2006 - 08:18 PM

Damn LordSturn, that was one damn fine mission, bravo!! and Nice job emopat tounge.gif you guys did a good job

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Posted 16 November 2006 - 10:44 PM

I aim to please. smile.gif

@ Gman: Awesome! I love it!

Mission: On The Scene
Contact: Leo Teal
Obtained By: Completing "What's Cooking, Dead Looking?"

Vic walks up the steps of the blue Cafe, and sees no one around. He sits at one of the tables, and picks up a newspaper laying on it. He sees the frontpage, and chuckles to himself. There is a picture of the car Leo's contact was in, and above it the headline reads "DRUG LORD KILLED IN CAR". Vic hears the screech of tires in the allyway, puts down the newspaper, and gets up. He jumps off the gap into the area between the sidewalk and the ally, then walks into the allyway. He sees Leo's white Sentinel XS parked there. Leo gets out, followed by a white police officer and an african american police officer. They walk out of the allyway, staring at Vic, and get in their VCPD cruiser and speed off. Leo walks up to Vic and shakes his hand.

[Leo]Vic, how you been? You seen the newspaper yet?
[Vic]Uh yeah, I just saw it a minute ago.
[Leo]And you didn't wonder how they got pictures?
[Vic]OH SH*T!
[Leo]Yeah, someone had a god damned CAMERA! He's taking the rest of the photos - Which have YOU IN THEM - to the Printworks factory right now!

Vic pulls out whatever submachine gun you have, and loads it.

[Vic]So, I'll just kill him.
[Leo]No no no, it has to look like an accident! We can't just kill him! Not to meansion we have to get my car resprayed!
[Vic]How do I make it look like an accident?
[Leo]Lemme think, lemme think... I've got it! I have a few buddies in the Sharks gang, go take one of their Gang Ranchers from Prawn island. That's where they like to hang out. After doing that, come back here. I have a plan...
[Vic]Ok, whatever.
[Leo]Hurry up, Vic!


Go to Prawn Island and steal a Gang Rancher!

The sharks only drive around Prawn island between [Time it is for you on your game] and [Four hours later], so you better hurry! After stealing a Gang Rancher, head back to the Cafe and step in the area between the sidewalk and ally.

Leo walks up to Vic, and sees the gang rancher behind him.

[Leo]Good job kid! Now, to run that greaseball bastard off the road. I saw him go by here earlier, so by now he'll be on the bridge to Starfish Island.


Find the reporter and kill him!

You dont have long before he makes it to Starfish Island. There is a blue bar under your HUD that says "Distance". The fuller it gets, the closer he gets to the Printworks factory. Ram that son of a bitch's car off the road! You can only hurt it by hitting it, by the way. If he makes it to the Printworks factory, you're f*cked. After running him off the road and killing him (If he gets out of his car, run him over) you have a five star wanted level. The cops were watching you the whole time! Get to the Pay&Spray! After respraying your car, your wanted level will be suspended untill you get to the Cafe. But there's a twist! There's another blue bar that says "Suspision". If this bar fills, the police recognize you and you have to get your car resprayed again. This means speeding will raise it, running someone over will raise it (If it doesn't kill them), basically anything will. Drive carefully!

[PAGER][LEO]Vic, it's me! The sharks are attacking me at the cafe! They've already killed three out of four of my men Vic, so hurry!

Another blue bar that says "LEO'S HEALTH" is put under the "SUSPISION" bar. If it goes down completely, Leo dies! It's about halfway empty when he messages you with his pager, and it will take about two hours (Two minutes really) for it to empty all the way! Get there without raising police suspision and kill all of the sharks (Estimated 15 of them). The police are on to you again, so take Leo's car and get to the Pay&Spray. Same thing as last time, the "SUSPISION" bar makes a return. Drive safely back to Leo's cafe and pass the mission.

Reward: $5,000
Unlocks: Bulletproof white Sentinel XS is available for purchase behind the Cafe for $10,000!

Nick Papagiorgio
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Posted 16 November 2006 - 11:23 PM

Very challenging, Pat.

It's kind of like that damned N.O.E. mission, but 50 times more fun. cool.gif

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Posted 17 November 2006 - 02:45 AM

Wait, so no one paid attention to the cutscene?!

Leo wasn't the only one getting out of the sentinel HINT HINT.


Nick Papagiorgio
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Posted 17 November 2006 - 02:56 AM

I should use my Honors American Literature reading skills I was taught this year. Duh.

I just noticed he got out the car with a white officer and a Afro-american officer.

Duh! music.gif It could be Tenpenny and Pulaski or even better.............Crockett and Tubbs. rahkstar2.gif

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Posted 17 November 2006 - 03:27 AM Edited by EmoPat, 17 November 2006 - 03:32 AM.

Six minutes, let's see if I can't post a quick mission? (By that I mean six minutes untill I'm done on the computor for the night)

[PAGER][TENPENNY]I heard you're workin for that dumbf*ck Teal. Stop by our place sometime, and we'll talk.[END]

Mission: Taking Out The Trash
Contact: Tenpenny & Pulaski (Hell yes, I said TENPENNY & PULASKI!)
Unlocked by: Completing "On The Scene".

Teal is done giving you missions for the time being, so now it's time to work for C.R.A.S.H. : A small gang only known for drugs. Members remain unknown.

Vic walks up to the Vice Docks apartment, just to the right of Phil's. He knocks on the door, and a white officer of about 28 opens the door.

[Pulaski]We've been waiting for you. Get your ass in here. Were you followed?

Pulaski does a body search on Vic, and takes his python.

[Pulaski]I'll have that. Now, go up the stairs and go in the first door on the right.

Vic walks up the stairs, and Pulaski looks outside to see if there was any whitnesses. There weren't, so he closes the doors and walks up the stairs with Vic. Vic knocks on the door, and a voice says "Come in". Vic opens the door and walks in. It's a small office, a very run down one too. There's one desk, and two office chairs, both looking about ready to colapse. On the other side of the desk, sits an african american officer of about 36. He waves his hand at the seat infront of Vic.

[Tenpenny]Nice to meet you Victor, now have a seat.

Vic sits down in the chair, and Pulaski sits down in an old plastic chair in the corner. He lights a cigarette.

[Tenpenny]My name's Officer Tenpenny, but you can call me Frank. That guy over there is Officer Pulaski. Call him Eddie.
[Vic]Nice to meet you Frank and Eddie. Now, why'd you call me here?
[Tenpenny]We thought you'd make an excelent addition to C.R.A.S.H. Even though you aren't an officer, you're in the army. Or, are you? I heard you got kicked out for Jerry's yayo and his whore, but after you killed him, did they let you back in?
[Vic]Uh, sure.
[Tenpenny]Right. Anyway, CRASH doesn't just deal in drugs. We also deal in weapons, car theft, and even assasination. We think you'd fit in just perfect.
[Vic]God damn it..
[Vic]Lance, I f*cking told you I didn't want any part of this. Son of a bitch.
[Tenpenny]Your brother didn't have anything to do with this. Teal started talking about you, and you seemed like you'd fit our plans perfectly. Have a problem with it?
[Vic]Well, I might have...

Pulaski stands up and puts a loaded beretta to Vic's head.

[Tenpenny]I said, do you have a problem with it?
[Tenpenny]Good. Now, some asshole got himself thrown into the back of a Trashmaster. There's no way of telling if he's alive or dead, so let's make sure he's dead. Take the Trashmaster and dump it in the ocean. Unfortunately, we need it done at a certain spot. Dump it at the Vice Docks port.
[Vic]Ok, no problem.
[Tenpenny]Yeah, whatever. Hey Pulaski, pass me one of those.

Pulaski throws Tenpenny the carton of cigarettes, plus his lighter.

[Tenpenny]We'll be seeing you soon Vic.

Vic leaves the office, goes down the stairs, and exits the apartment.

Go get the trashmaster and dump it at the docks!

The trashmaster is parked in the trailer park by Sunshine Autos, so it's not very far away. Get a car and get to the trailer park. Once in there, go to the back area where the ramp is. It should be parked there. Get into it to trigger a cutscene.

Two trailer park thugs exit the blue trailer, and see Vic.
[Thug 1]Holly sh*t, it's that guy that killed Marty!
[Thug 2]Let's get him!
[Thug 1]You stay here, I'll go get the guys!

Kill the thug!

After killing Thug 2, Thug 1 runs out with nine more thugs, all armed with Skorpions.

[Thug 1]Kill him!

Kill the thugs!

After killing the thugs, a cutscene occurs. Vic gets back in the Trashmaster, when sirens are heard. The police were watching the Trashmaster! You have a four star wanted level! Did they forget to meansion it was a cop trapped in the back? The Pay&Spray at the docks is closed, so you'll have to head for the one in Little Havana. A Damage meter appears under your HUD. Tenpenny and Pulaski want the car dumped into the ocean, so dont blow it up!

Get to the Pay&Spray!

After respraying it, your wanted level will stay suspended, but there wont be a suspision meter. Drive to the docks, and a cutscene occurs. Two VCPD cruisers have blocked the entrance, and another is parked inside the garage. They're heavily armed, so you can't drive strait through. Vic pulls into the cement lot to his right, gets out, and sends Tenpenny a pager message.

[Pager][Vic]They've got the docks blocked, and they're heavily armed? What do I do?
[Pager][Tenpenny]Drive through the roadblock!
[Pager][Vic]Did you not hear me? THEY'RE HEAVILY ARMED! THEY'LL BLOW ME TO BITS!
[Pager][Tenpenny]Then kill them before you drive through!

Vic puts his pager away, and gets back in the Trashmaster.

There is a silenced Mac-10 by the van ahead. Pick it up, and get into the docks with the trashmaster!

Kill the two cops out front with the silenced Mac-10 (I realize it doesn't make a slience sound, the game just thinks it's silenced. So sue me.) A cutscene will occur. The cop in the garage runs out towards the two VCPD cruisers out front. He's armed with a Spaz shotgun. He sees Vic behind the fence. A health meter labled "OFFICER" pops up. Drain it completely with any weapon you want! Armor and health spawns by the van after the cutscene, too.

Move the VCPD Cruisers without destroying them!

A cutscene shows Vic trying to open the doors of the VCPD cruisers to move them, but they're locked. All of a sudden, two Enforcers and a VCPD Chopper fly your way.

Get in the trashmaster and dump it in the docks!

Drive through the VCPD cruisers in the Trashmaster, which will fill the damage meter halfway (I know, that's lame, right? It fills it halfway? Sheesh R*, you should've found some other way to get the damage high enough to keep it chalenging then making it happen after driving through the blockade! Sheesh). The enforcers try to follow you, and so does the Chopper. Drive the Trashmaster into the garage, then drive into the ocean. You have to get it far enough to where they can't get it back. If it doens't get far enough, get out and push it by swimming. After getting it far enough, a cutscene will occur. It will show Vic swimming, with two SWAT members aiming at him with 9MM Uzis.

[SWAT member 1]Get out of there!
[Vic]You gonna make me?
[SWAT member 2]Why not?

You must swim to the houses over to your right. It wont drain your breath completely, but it will come close. This is most likely the hardest part of the mission if you haven't done beach patrol.

Take out the VCPD Chopper!

After blowing up the helicopter, four VPCD boats come after you.

[Vic]Oh come the f*ck on, don't these guys ever give up?
[Pager][Tenpenny]There's a sea sparrow over at the other end. Take it and get to the Hyman Condo, across from the Mendez building. Get that far, and we'll get the heat off your ass.

Get into the sea sparrow and fly to the Hyman Condo!

After landing on the helipad, it's mission complete.

Mission reward: $1000
Mission unlocks: Next CRASH mission; Sea Sparrow spawns at ocean houses.

Hope you liked it. smile.gif

Edit: Woah, I just noticed, we're close to a gold star! I didn't realize you guys liked this topic that much! Unfortunately, I cannot take all the credit for this topic. Alot of people did topics like this in the days of San Andreas. I think there might have even been one for LCS, but I'm not exactly sure. biggrin.gif

Nick Papagiorgio
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Posted 17 November 2006 - 03:31 AM

Very excellent, Pat.
Great, and challenging. No more A-B missions!
Good job.

I'll probably post my next mission tommorrow.

Vanilla Shake
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Posted 17 November 2006 - 03:36 AM

I like this topic. It's very imaginative, and also a way to keep us occupied until GTA IV.

I'll probably post a mission either later tonight, or tomorrow afternoon.

  • Pat

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Posted 17 November 2006 - 03:47 PM

Woohoo, we made it to 71%! Gold star baby! biggrin.gif

I'm going to Murfreesburro tomarrow, so I'll have time to make some new missions with my laptop. icon14.gif

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Posted 18 November 2006 - 08:02 PM

i make 3 more missions and i tested them you can 100% do them. they are all for lance and go in the order i show them. icant make any good names though so you can make your own names

mission 1 : in this mission lance will tell you that spitz (the zombie movie director) is steal some cocaine from you without paying. you start at lances mansion and head to prawn island and get the flamethrower lance left for you it is in a alley on prawn island. now put in peds attack you cheat and peds have guns cheat and go to the film studio. all the people that shoot you must kill with the flamethrower they are spitz gaurds. once you kill around 20-30 gaurds find the spitz character (if you see him before 20 just kill him like hes a normal gaurd) but do not kill him yet. grab him and punch him until he tells you wherehe hid the coke (when his health is red). he will say its in his car which is a deluxo. if the deluxo isnt there then take the stinger, if the stinger and deluxo arnt there take the caddy one of those should be there. now give you a 3 or 4 star wnated level no more then 4 or itll be hard. drive the car to the paynspray in vice point and drive it to you lock up. it is the place in vc where you lure the cops too get there costume, if you cand find it just take it to a garage and the you beat the mision.

mission 2: in here lance will tell you that a cop that was a friend of spitz is gonna arrest you and his car is in a car park in ocean beach.start at lances mansion and go to ammunatin and buy the rockets and smg and body armor and goto the car park in ocean beach and go to the top (also i should mention now unless you have unlimited ammo you should buy ALOT of rockets 100 maybe) at the top destroy a cart and give yourself four stars it has to be atleast four not lower. now kill the police helicopter dont let it drop any men do this 4 more times. on the sixth helicopter let it drop men beacuse you think one is the cop you must kill. kill all the men and blow up the copter. the cop[ was not one of the men. kill 3 more cotpers without letting them drop men and on the next let it drop men for the same reason. kill them blow up the copter. the cop wasnt one of those men either. kill one more heli without it dropping swat and let the next one drop the men. kill them and blow up the heli the cop was one of them take a gun from a body pretend it is the papers the cop had. now escape the police and take the papers to lances mansion.

mission 3: now you have to find who told the cops you killed spitz. lance tells kyou to get to the junkyard where his two friends are hook you up with equipment. get to the junkyard and get the little willie. lance says the cops office is the building from the last mission. fly there and shoot the windows fly in them it doesnt matter if the little willee blows up just get in the windows and got to a file cabenit to find out who it was. gfive yourself four stars no more no less and kill the first heli. now jump out the window and get the haelth if you need it. kill all the cops waiting for you at the groun and get to thejunkyard. when you are there you see the twon men get in the trashmaster. firts though kill the police heli and the swat men it drops. now blow up the trashmAster. go the drivers door and you see it was not them just two guy who work at the junkyard hiding from the shooting. now get a little willie and fly to the water near vice port where one of the men is in his marquis. it is the one parked at the dock. shoot it until it catches fier. now you crash your little wile into the water and get on a cop boat and kill the cop. drive the boat to the water near the film studio and kill a police helicotper that is flying the other man to safety. if your boat catches on fier on the way just steal another. anyway once you kill that heli let the police catch your boat on fire and jump over board. get on the dock to the film studio and get the python. ©o in the film studio and kill spitz gaurds 10 of them they should still have the peds have wqeapons and attack you code in. if not put in it before killing 10 of them. now get a car and lose the cops. now get to lances mansion.

those are all them tell me what do you think?

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Posted 18 November 2006 - 08:29 PM

also im gonna make a mission that involves the mall and one that is basicly a excuse to get your gang to drive by peds. and one where you burn a building. they my next strand. also trying to think of some assasin missions too. this should keep you busy when youre done. i will try to post them by the end of the day

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Posted 18 November 2006 - 09:42 PM

ok i made 3 new missions again.

mission 4: before you start this mission go to the east island beach island and go to the 5 south most empire sites and make them all protection rackets high roller. this way they will be strip clubs.

start the mission at lances mansion. lance will tell you that a new drug dealer is starting business on your turf (ocean beach) and he has 5 bars here. get a flamethrower or molotovs. you should do this before you start. and make sure you have alot. go to the first bar, you can do them in any order, and burn everything, everybody, every object. you should have atleast 2 stars maybe 3 when you are done. so you dont need to cheat for this mission. now keep doing this unhtil you have burned all 5 bars. then lose the cops. this may sound easy but the fbi will be after you around your 3rd or 4th building unless you lower your wanted level.

mission 5:

lance will say to get a shipment of coke and get it back to his house. he will say its in a skimmer in downtown.
go to the downtown greasy chopper bar and go in back to the little dock where the skimmer spawns get in it and fly over the golf course. now your engine is failing so just land on the golf course. 4 packages of cocaine went out of the plane and are all over the golf course no give 2 stars with the cheat. 1 package is on top of the driving range, one is in back of the tenis court, one is at the top of the windy road and one is on the south most little isand of the golf course. once you get 2 give yourself 2 more stars. you have to get the coke to the clymenus suite safe house so i reccommend getting the south most one last so you can get in back of the safehouse and just swim to it. go inside and take it to the kitchen then lose the cops

mission 6: you get a page from one of your workers who says its time to collect the protection money you can start this mission anywehre. go to the first store that is electric bouldavard just north of the pizza place. go inside and smash the store until the clerk spawns money take it and leave. the next store is hermit on the same street as the hospital in vce piont. go in and smash up the stuff until he gives you the money.now go to the mall. go to brockenback books and just pretend he gives you money. now go the record store and he wont give you money he will call the cops. give your 2 stars and fight your way out of themall also kill the man who called the cops. no go to the paynspary and youre not done yet. go back to hermit because he ripped you off. kill him and get 4 stras and go to the paynspray. now go the nearst protection racket and you finish. or if you dont own a protection just goto a empire site

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Posted 10 March 2007 - 05:15 PM



starter: ryder (the first mission and the last of him in vice city stories)
location: vice city
name: ryder vs lappie gantic olyf anuj_cop.gif

you must go to ryder's place"S
its saying it on your gps

when you are there


ryder is 16 years old and says get some dope for me NOW
and kill some choles guys and make the jetski alive
and burnt the house of betrader lgo


you see lgo
he says go to ryder kill the sanawabitch
vic: nope i am here to kill you
LGO= i wil gife you 2500 bugs if you kill that sanawabitch

you are killed ryder come back to me place/
says LGO: you killed him
and you see ryder in the pool swimming to san andreas

LGO says you must kill leader tro from the bad boys club
if you have done that you see that lgo has 9 million in his villa en you must go kill lgo but you must have extra protection because he has a bazooka one shot at you and you will die
LGO WILL CONSTANTLY shot of you you must run very quickly
while running you must shot him
mission passed.

waht must you do
first go to the sea and take the jetski kill the choles guys
and some more tips

have good protecicton

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Posted 11 March 2007 - 04:02 AM Edited by finalfantisiy, 11 March 2007 - 06:18 AM.

Pager Message: [???][meet me at the printing works or its gonna get messy][END]

Mission Specs:times are coming down to dangerous days...
Mission: desperate measures
Contact: ???
Obtained By: getting all little havanna empires

Cutscenes:[things run afoul at the printing works...]
[???][holy [email protected]*!& they after me]
[VIC][???] (run vic you sick [email protected]$* or your ass'll
be dog meat.

first get to a ammo shop and buy 50 rounds shot gun ammo then wait out side the printing works then hit a ped and run with him stop then start shooting peds kill them and waste all your 50 rounds on cars and peds misson complete take the money from the bodies rampage_ani.gif

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Posted 11 March 2007 - 04:34 AM Edited by deathdealer, 11 March 2007 - 04:41 AM.

Pager Message: [Diaz][I need you to do one last job for me....for the sake of both of us.][END]

Mission Specs:
Mission: mayor shake up.
Contact: Diaz
Obtained By: going to diaz's mansion

[vic]what do you want diaz? i told you i was out of the drug business!
[diaz]cool down you prick, we both have a problem. both of our empires
are in danger of being removed. the mayor is craking down on our activities.
[vic] oh really? what can i do about it?
[diaz] the mayor is making his monthly tour around vice city. the damn prick
is driving without his personal driver. make him wreck but don't shoot him, we need him
alive to renounce his crack down order.
[vic] and if it doesn't work?
[diaz] it will work, trust me.

attack the mayor. attack a ped driving a infernus. ram his car until he comes out.
if his car isn't destroyed when he comes out then destroy it then
[vic] leave our businesses alone or you will lose more than the car
[mayor]okay, i'll back off, just don't hurt me!

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Posted 11 March 2007 - 06:31 AM Edited by finalfantisiy, 11 March 2007 - 06:43 AM.

Pager Message: [???][now you've done it all of vice citys after my head][END]

Mission Specs: eliminate ??? or the fatal fury
Mission: fatal furies rath part one
Contact: ???
Obtained By:beat desperate measures

[??? aims a gun at vics head]
[???][im vice citys [email protected]#$ing big bountie]
[VIC][hay dont do i dont want a face cast and body bag]

[steal a helicopter and fly to fort baxter base steal a car and kill every fatal fury there(the solders) then steal the tank and take it to one of your empire buildings kill every one there take all protection off them all and mission compleate or is it...] rampage_ani.gif

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Posted 11 March 2007 - 07:00 AM

Pager Message: [???][your death shall be grand][END]

Mission Specs: eliminate ??? or the fatal fury
Mission: fatal furies rath part two
Contact: ???
Obtained By:wait until you lose all your empire buildings

[fatal furies and ??? run]

[hunt down the two people and find them fighting at the dock (find a cop fight) then make a choice kill the fatal furie (cop) or the ???(ped)
after you choose you'll get your answer.
fatal fury its well time to run enter the all peds hate you cheat and peds have guns then rasie wanted max then he will stab you in the back or ??? and take back your empire buildings.] rampage_ani.gif

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