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Umberto Robina's first mission

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Posted 01 November 2006 - 11:30 AM

Could you help me with Umberto Robina's first mission?
I just cannot pass over the golf hill using the slant board in the water - it lands before the water and doesn't touch the yellow ball above. What am I supposed to do? Finish other missions first or try to take another boat? Rico complaints I leave him, and the mission fails then.

  • Bigun

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Posted 01 November 2006 - 12:45 PM

Well, if you didn't edit the boat's handling or installed any mod to do with it, just re-try. You definately don't need to change boat.

Since you already posted here, maybe you will want to use a mission-passer mod or get someone to pass it for you if there isn't one for this mission (I think there is). But IMO really you should play your own game and enjoy it all, not "skip" parts and stuff. As with every mission you have trouble with, just re-try...

  • Demarest

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Posted 01 November 2006 - 05:11 PM

The name of the mission is Stunt Boat Challenge. It's not actually required to finish the storyline.

You must use the boat you're given. If you press Forward from the very beginning, you'll have enough momentum to rise up and collect the airborne corona. You'll land on the golf course, but you'll just as quickly be back in the water, ready to continue. If this is not how you're eperiencing it, then I'd presume outside forces like an altered handling, use of a trainer, etc. Of course, you could always start the mission by driving away from the first corona to get a bigger run up. Shouldn't be necessary, but you have time to; this mission is anywhere near as tightly timed as Checkpoint Charlie.

QUOTE (Bigun @ Nov 1 2006, 08:45)
maybe you will want to use a mission-passer mod
Time Vault VC will indeed pass this and any other task one would need from it, save robbing stores. I wouldn't offer such advice to somebody asking for Gameplay help, but since you brought it up, I thought I'd clarify.

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