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bridging the PC version gap

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  • Demarest

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Posted 10 September 2006 - 04:21 PM

For those that do not know me, I'm Demarest. I'm a code modder for the GTA series and savegame compatibility has been my focus for some time now. Why am I telling you this? Well I'd like to try and code a "funnel". A code that would take a v2 savegame and shift it to become v1 compatible. It's VERY important that anybody reading this realize that I am ONLY a code modder. What I'm proposing to do will NOT give you a v1 SA install. It is only meant to shift the code. For example, I know there's a topic with all the saves in it. v2 users cannot use them. Maybe somebody else has set up something similar for v2 users. If not, wouldn't you like to be able to use them? Or Mission Passers and other Code Tools?

So my first question is the obvious: How much does having the v2 code impair you from being able to use saves or Code Tools as mentioned above? Again, I'm not talking about v2 in general. JUST code-related items you are precluded from for having the v2 code.

Next, how big of an interest would you say you'd have in such a funnel code? It would basically enable you to use the saves as mentioned above, or my Code Tools, and such.

Last but not least, if I do take on this project, I want you to know that I've become a veritable expert at byte counting in GTA SCM, and what I'm looking at shouldn't be too hard. But I won't be able to test it myself and I will need volunteers to test it for me. I want you to know that in the event that I make a mistake or miscount a particular section of code, your game will suffer NO RISKS. All that will happen is that you'll try to load one of your v2 saves and it will crash before fading in. No more no less.

So please chime in. Let me know how much of a pinch you feel CODEWISE for having v2, how interested you'd be in a funnel, and if you'd be willing to test the funnel out. The testing the funnel would simply consist of loading a save. If your save loads, you've tested it and can report success. IF you choose to test, I will ask a little bit more of you though. Because there are so many threads in the MAIN section of the code, it is very possible for such a funnel to work on some saves, but not on others. This would be an indication that I miscounted ONE part, but a part that wouldn't effect all saves. Which means if you tested it and it crashed, I would need to know EVERY job you currently have available to you as that information would help me isolate what part is counted wrong. This will be particularly helpful if I'm getting mixed reports of it working for some people and not for others.

Thank you for your time and sorry you got caught up in R*'s biggest mistake to date.

  • Parky.

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  • Zaibatsu
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Posted 11 September 2006 - 08:54 PM

Hell, I'll be happy to give this a testing. I got SA about a week ago, and it's abit dull with me not being able to use mods and do missions for the people on the forum. The missions I can do, but I've done them twice over, on both the xbox and Ps2, so there's no ethic for me to play through it...Again.

So sign me up for it icon14.gif

  • Demarest

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Posted 12 September 2006 - 06:48 AM

Thank you for chiming in colgate.gif I don't think I'm going to do this now, but with good reason. I found out that there IS a hosted set of v2 saves. Anybody wanting to share their save with somebody using a different version can just share out their SCM/IMG with it. And my Code Tools for example can be made ready by deleting 4 lines of code. So when you come down to it, there'd be no advantage to being able to convert your save.

If ever an advantage is found, somebody let me know. The most critical part of the funnel would be shifting the save thread. And I've managed to do that in a test environment already. So the rest would be time consuming, but fairly easy.

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