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GTA Series Chatroom

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Posted 14 June 2006 - 01:28 PM

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What the hell is 'IRC'?
    In simplistic terms, the GTANet IRC Network is a collection of channels - or chat rooms - that allow you to speak to every person in that channel about anything. GTANet's IRC Network usually has over 200 of these 'chat rooms', varying in size and topic of discussion.

    IRC itself simply stands for Internet Relay Chat, it's the old skool version of MSN, and it still wins. tounge.gif
How to get onto GTANet IRC
    There are several ways to get onto IRC, help with a few of these is below.

    The GTANet Java Client can be used by any web browser that supports java (which is most of them) and should work fine providing you're not behind a proxy or anything crazy like that (your school or place of work for example, may not be able to connect with this). To discuss GTA4 your best bet is the GTA Series Channel - your nickname is simply the name you wish to go by while chatting.

    mIRC is an incredibly popular IRC client, to the untrained eye it may look suspiciously ugly but rest assured it's one of the best clients around for Windows. It's even possible to customize the way it looks using scripts if you do some research and find out how. If you use a client like mIRC then you'll be able to click irc:// links on web pages and connect straight up. In order to use mIRC you need to fill in the details on the 'Connect' page in Options, GTANet wont be listed by default in the networks list, but if you close all windows other than the main one you can type in the bottom line:
      /server irc.gtanet.com -j #gtaseries
    Hit return and it should connect up and join you to the GTA Series Discussion Channel.

    Some of the 'general' chat clients such as Trillian can also connect to IRC networks, if you're uncertain of any details that you need then look below:
      PasswordNot required
How to join/view/talk in 'rooms' or channels
    There are a few simple IRC commands to remember. All IRC commands begin with a forward slash (/).
      /JOIN #ChannelNameJoins a channel, remember all channel names begin with a hash (#)
      /LISTLists all of the Channels on the network, in most clients you can then double click these to join them.
      /QUIT MessageDisconnects you from IRC using the message you specified (usually to inform people why you've quit etc)
Rules and Stuff
    The rules on IRC are very much similar to those here on the forums, though obviously some aren't applicable. On IRC you can view the full list of rules by typing /RULES. A short and brief list is given below:
    • No Warez (pirated software/movies/music, no-cd cracks, etc)
    • Porn and Nudity isn't allowed in the majority of channels - including all official ones.
    • Refrain from advertising, obviously links that are on-topic are fine, but broadcasting your myspace address randomly isn't
    • No racism, homophobia etc - all forms of discrimination
    • No impersonation of forum staff or other IRC staff, or other members.
    • If you're banned, you're banned. Don't try to evade it
    • Don't flood, type your messages on one line where possible before sending, and don't repeat yourself over and over.
Half-Ops, Ops, Admins and Founders
    In the nicklist (usually a bar on the right) you will see symbols before some peoples' names. The type of symbol signifies what power they have on the channel. Ones worth noting are these:
      %A half-operator, with the power to kick and ban users.
      @An operator, who can kick and ban users but also make further changes to the channel's settings.
      &An admin, or a protected operator. Similar powers to operators but they are protected from kicks and bans themselves.
      ~A channel's owner or founder, most of the official channels don't have one of these.
Getting Help with IRC Stuff, and registering your identity
    The network's help channel is called #CallCentre, please note that this channel is not for help with the games - only for help with using IRC. If you wish to know how to register your nickname or setup your own channel on the network you can ask for help in there, or type /MSG NICKSERV HELP.
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Posted 15 June 2006 - 12:08 PM

Great to see this up Luke. Good job!

I'll try and get in as much as possible and I'd like to see more of the General Discussion members using this as well to discuss theories etc.

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