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Health and Body Armor Locations

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Posted 09 June 2006 - 05:01 AM

If you find youself with low health or want some armor here are locales to find help.

Health Icons In Portland (14 Total)
1. In Saint Mark's In between the garages south of AM gas station
2.Saint Mark's inside your safe house
3. Hepburn Heights under blue pedestrian walkway
4.Saint Mark's in alley behind Ammu-Nation
5. Saint Mark's in long alley with a lot of yards
6.Saint Mark's lowest patio @ Marco's Bistro
7. Chinatown on shoreline clost to train station
8.Portland View Hospital (2)
9. Portland View in front of Supa Save
10.Chinatown on sidewalk near short alley w/ police bribe
11. Chinatown alley
12.Chinatown Basketball court
13. Callahan Point at the doughnut store
14. Trenton between the warehouses

Staunton Island Health Icons (14)
1.Aspatria pathway by the water
2.Rockford hospital main entrance
3.Rockford hospital small entrance
4.Newport on steps of a shop
5.Belleville Park on grass mound near wall
6.Belleville Park on top of steps of white building east of park
7.Newport safe house
8.Fort Staunton on grassy corner near cafe
9.Belleville Park in glass building with wooden ramp
10. Bedford Park in a corner nook under overpass
11.Torrington on grass verge near the casino
12.Bedford Point in bin the black and white building nook
13. Torrington near the corner of a block under the billboards
14.Aspatria in the corner of parking lot south of the coliseum

Shoreside Vale Health Icons(8)
1.Cochrane Dam on the lookout walkway
2. Cedar Grove safe house
3.Shoreside Vale at the end of picnic area.
4. Cochrane Dam on grassy median at lower dam
5.Wichita Gardens in apartment doorway
6.Pike Creek behind truck trailer in Klunt Warehouse compound
7. Pike Creek Hospital (2)
8. Francis Int. Airport in fountain near subway

Portland Body Armor (7)
1.Harwood in fenced yard, under port ferry factory
2.Harwood on top of El Train line above dirt bike track.
3.Harwood on top of Head Radio Station
4Saint Mark's on top of garage rooftop
5.Trenton on rooftop series of warehouses connecting Liberty Pharmaceuticals
6.Portland Harbor near large white vats behind large warehouse w/ roof access
7.Callahan Point on the lowest tier of the pier

Staunton Island Armor (6)
1. Rockford in rear of hospital over a construction wall
2. Belleville Park on rooftop accessed by jumping off of the curved elevator bridge road
3. Newport in backyard with pool nextdoor to Asuka's Apt. in GTA3
4. Newport in alley nook behind Ammu-Nation
5. Torrington on top of multi story building accesible by several series of stairs
6. Bedford Point in corner of underground parking garage

Shoreside Vale Armor (5)
1. Cedar Grove between home next to safe house and west hedge
2. Cochrane Dam in warehouse with unique stunt jump window
3.Pike Creek in back lot near wall of LC Pharmaceuticals
4.Wichita Gardens behind Kronos billboard on shoreline
5. Francis Int. Airport behind dumpster in hangar

Credit: Brady Games Official Strategy Guide

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