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Graphics: Requests and Tutorials

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Posted 17 February 2006 - 03:55 AM Edited by anuj, 11 August 2012 - 11:35 PM.

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So, incase you hadn't figured it out already, this is the "Graphics: Requests and Tutorials Rules and Guidelines" topic.

What is this forum here for, exactly?

This forum is rather self-explanatory. Here, you put all sorts of graphical requests, tutorials, and other helpful resources. This forum is here to prevent GFX:General Discussion from becoming completely overrun with spam requests and just plain flooding the other topics out of the forum.

::The Rules::


Without a doubt, one of the most important rules within graphical communities.

Rippers will be banned. Ripping is a straight out ban, no quarrels. No matter if you didn't mean to. Point is, you should be using your own material anyway. And anyone using Photoshop or any other graphics program, should know about copyright laws and so on...

I cannot stress how serious this rule is, people have been banned for it, straight out. Ask around.

Time Period

One request topic per author every 5 days. You have to wait 5 full days between requests. For example if request was made on the 1st the second request can be made on the 7th. If you abuse the generosity of other members your topics will be locked and you would have to wait another 5 full days from the time of the lock. Georgia.The people willing to help here are NOT your bitches, they help either to train themselves up, or they genuinely like helping.

However, if a topic is made and someone is willing to help, even though it is within the 5 day time period, they can do so outwith the topic after it is locked. Be this via PM or MSN, however you wish.

Simple enough, yes?

Double Posting

Only one double post allowed and only after you waited 5 full days. See Time Period section for more information.
If there are no replies in 5 days even after you've double posted, make a new topic. You’re not allowed to make triple or quadruple posts. Maybe re-think what you want, or phrase it differently. Foxtrot

Gallery Threads

This means no "I'll make you a sig if you post." or "POST YOUR SIGS" threads.

This is a requests section. Rather than posting offering to make people trend whored signatures if they post, fill some requests, broaden your style and skill.

If you think your signature merrits peoples comments, post in the the General Discussion section.

Reporting Topics for Locking

This has been happening quite a lot recently, and has been for a good while now. Just because you think you have the graphic you want, doesn't mean you necessarily have the best. Some of you may have figured out what I am talking about by now, however, for others:

Please, stop reporting topics for locking when you think you are done with it. If it gets locked, people who genuinely like helping suddenly lose their chance to help you. And for all you know, you're losing out.

By all means, if a topic turns to spam, report it, but don't ask to get it locked for the sake of it.

Topic Hijacking

Do not hijack someone else’s topic with request for yourself. If you have a GFX request then simply make a new topic.

Recommended Graphics Request Formats

Title: SHOULD BE SPECIFIC! Not just 'SIG REQUAST 4 ME LOL'. You must put in the basic style of graphic you'd like. (e.g. Signature, avatar, banner, futuristic, grunge, GTA, etc)

Description: Here you should add any information that people willing to help should know straight away. Either that, or just leave it blank.

Avatar/Sig Layout:

Name: If you want a name on your graphic, state it here. Whether it's your username or something different. On the other hand, if you don't want a name on it, also say so here.

Size: Put the size of graphic wanted.

Theme: Put an extended description of the theme you want. Including positions of anything and everything, and text that you want included.

Resources: Post links to any logos, screenshots, or fonts you'd like.

Colours: Color scheme you'd like.

Additional info: Anything additional you want added/done.






Additional info:

Simple Edits Layout:

To be done: Put what kind of editing you want. Resize, recolor, name change, text edit etc.

Resources: Post links to any logos, screenshots, or fonts you'd like.

Additional info: Any additional information you want to add.

To be done:


Additional info:

Anyway, that's enough for just now. XRAY

- anuj, papanesta, CCPD

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Posted 05 February 2009 - 12:09 AM

If anuj sent you here, the code words are in this color above.

The second link contains important information.

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