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Grand Theft Auto.......

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Posted 31 December 2006 - 05:15 AM

sweet boxart man pretty good

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Posted 03 January 2007 - 09:00 AM Edited by Crash246, 03 January 2007 - 09:04 AM.

man i love this story it should be made into a movie and i know u already got lots of these but here have some more

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Posted 03 January 2007 - 09:47 AM

This story has gotta be one of the best stories I have ever read. AIread the first saga and half of the second saga. I like the Mr. Gray storyline and the end part was great! The second saga is pure gold my friend! Can't wait to read the rest! icon14.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif breadfish_by_Moto.gif breadfish_by_Moto.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif the bread is there to keep some of the sugar of the cookies off of ya. icon14.gif

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Posted 04 January 2007 - 06:50 AM

yo man bring on the next chapter man soon

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Posted 04 January 2007 - 12:00 PM

Isnt this a mod?

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Posted 04 January 2007 - 09:23 PM

QUOTE (DJ-JoeY @ Jan 4 2007, 07:00)
Isnt this a mod?

GTFO of this thread. Thank you. Haha, just kidding, no, it's not a mod, it's a Fan Fiction.

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Posted 04 January 2007 - 09:43 PM

Bring on the next chapter man! I can't wait any longer! suicidal.gif Nah JJ. But plz post the next chapter soon.

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Posted 06 January 2007 - 02:50 AM

Wow, what a long ass delay. I have to stop procrastinating, not good for the fans! Here's the next chapter. Hope you get some references. cool.gif

Chapter 64: A Connection

Wednesday June 18th, 2007. 2:12 P.M.
Roberto is driving down the highway, in his father’s Huntley, looking at all the signs looking for the exit that turns into Capitol City. All he sees are signs for Bugershots and rest-stops. When exit 1180 finally came around, Roberto pulled up to the tollbooth off the highway and slowly approached it. He rolled down his window and looked inside the small cramped booth where a man sat in a rusty, round, turn seat. Inside the booth, a photo of Roberto is taped on and worn out, but not beyond recognition. The man stretches his hand out the small window, looking at a computer.

Man: That will be six seventy five.

Roberto: (He stares straight ahead and tries to hand the money to the man, blindly) Here you go…

Man: (Takes the money and hits the button) Enjoy your stay in Capitol City… (Looks at Roberto)

Roberto: Thanks… (Drives through the tollbooth and continues down the road)

Man: Hmmm, he looked familiar… (Spins in his rusted chair, screeching) Oh sh*t! That’s Roberto! (Picks up the phone) CCPD, we got a code 3180MWMIA…that means a criminal just came through the booth…Roberto Garcia…he ran right through the booth…alright… (Hangs up and pulls out a bat) Now to make it look like he did… I don’t want them to know I wasn’t paying attention! (Heads out of the booth and starts beating the bar)

Roberto: Now to find Mike Toreno…(Turns left and finds himself in Downtown, Capitol City) First, I need a place to stay while I’m here…(The Huntley pulls up to a twenty story hotel. In gold lettering is printed ‘The Spritz Charleton’. Roberto valets his Huntley and walks inside, only to find posters of himself everywhere, only these are torn and barely recognizable. He walks over to the receptionist and clears his throat) Hello, I’d like a room?

Receptionist: Alright, we’ll see what we have available… (Looks around on the computer) I’m sorry, nothing is available. Everything is reserved up until next month.

Roberto: Alright, no problem. (Walks away from reception, getting a few dirty looks from people around the lobby) ‘sh*t, I’m going to get made…’ (Gets into the elevator and hits a random floor number) ‘Now I gotta get out of here…’ (The elevator doors opening, revealing a woman, around the age of twenty one with black hair. She looks at Roberto and smiles. She steps in and the elevator doors close)

Woman: So, you’re Roberto?

Roberto: (Starts to slowly reach towards his belt) Yeah…

Woman: Oh don’t worry. I’ve been following you. On T.V I mean, not literally. You’re an interesting man, might I say. You’ve managed to destroy quite a few gangs around America. Quite admirable.

Roberto: (Stops reaching towards his gun) Oh really?

Anna: (Sticks out her hand) My name’s Anna, Anna Price.

Roberto: (Shakes her hand) I don’t think I need to introduce myself, obviously. Nice to meet you. (Looks at her suitcase) What you got there?

Anna: Just paper work. I just got out of college and I’m in law school. My parents are rich, so I stay here as my ‘dorm’ room.

Roberto: So, you’re going to be a lawyer?

Anna: Trying to be.

Roberto: Maybe you can be my lawyer. (Laughs and the door open up on the thirteenth floor) I guess this is my floor.

Anna: Is it now? It’s hard to get a room in this hotel at the desk up front. (Looks at Roberto) Are you just going to find an empty room and just lounge around there until the actual people staying there show up?

Roberto: (Smiles) Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.

Anna: Well, whenever you want to chat again, call me on the hotel phone. I’m in room 3416. Don’t forget to hit seven first… (The elevator doors shut, cutting her off from Roberto)

Roberto: (Walks away from the elevator and looks at the rooms to his left and right) Occupied, occupied, occupied, occupied, are there any that are vacant! (Sees one door without a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign) Maybe… (Knocks on the door) House keeping. (There is no response, so he knocks again) House keeping, want me to jerk you off? (Still no response) If nobody responds to that, then there’s nobody there… (Roberto looks up and down the hall and then rams his shoulder into the door, splintering the door frame) Not that noticeable. (Walks into the room, clean and unoccupied) Guess this is my new home… (Closes the door and takes off his shirt, revealing him wearing a wife beater) Hope no-one comes in. (Lies down on the bed and slowly drifts off to sleep)

Wednesday June 18th, 2007. 3:00 P.M.
Mike Toreno is leaning in his chair and filling out some paperwork. Donald Love walks through the door in a sort of panic. Mike looks up at him, acting cool, he puts down the papers. Donald walks over to the desk and slams his palms onto it.

Donald: You’re not going to believe this!

Mike: Hey, hey! Watch it! This is Mahogany! I don’t need your filthy palms all over it!

Donald: Roberto is in town!

Mike: (Color vanishes from his face and his body starts to slowly go limp) What? What are you talking about?! How do you know?!

Donald: We got word that at a tollbooth into the town, he drove straight through the bar and into the city.

Mike: (Stands up) Find him! Why are you standing there!

Donald: What am I suppose to do?! I’m the Vice President!

Mike: Well you can do something other stand in my office and babble like an idiot!

Donald: (Heads out of the office, meeting a guard halfway through the room) “One of these days Mike, one of these days…”

Guard: (Walks over to Mike’s desk) Mr. Toreno, I’m assuming Mr. Love has told you about Roberto?

Mike: Yeah. So what’s going to be done about this?

Guard: Well, we aren’t too sure it is Mr. Garcia. We’ve brought the man from the booth to explain his appearance.

Mike: (Watches a man walk in, sweat dripping down his face) Why the hell are you sweating?

Man: (Wipes the sweat off his brow) It’s…really hot out there!

Mike: Not it isn’t…(Looks the man over) Anyways, how did you get a good look at Roberto, if you said he sped through the bar.

Man: Well… you see Mr. Toreno… he uh…

Mike: You better not be lying…

Man: Alright, maybe I lied a little.

Mike: Well?

Man: Well, he stopped at the booth and I made him there.

Mike: So he stopped to pay you, and you let him through. Are you that dense?!

Man: No! I was looking at the computer screen, and didn’t make him until… I took the money and the bar lifted…

Mike: So now you’re telling me you let him through?! Get this piece of sh*t out of my office and into a cell for aiding and abetting a criminal.

Guard: Mr. Toreno, is that…

Mike: Do it, or I’ll have your ass fired!

Man: No! You can’t do this! (The guard grabs the man) This is ludicrous!

Guard: (Drags the man out of the room)

Mike: (Sits back down) This job is way too stressful! (Mike starts rubbing his temples when a woman bursts into the office, holding a briefcase and wearing a suit) Now what!?

Woman: Mr. Toreno, this is about Sean Wood.

Mike: What did I tell you Anna? I was going to deal with this July 20th. Not now!

Woman: Fine Mr. Toreno… (She scoffs and takes her briefcase with her) It’s not like it has anything to do with that undercover rat, Machowski…

Mike: (He looks up at her) What?!

Anna: Nothing… Good day, Mr. Toreno… (She walks out of the room, leaving Mike sitting alone, with sound of the outside fountain)

Mike: What’s Ray go himself into now!

Thursday June 19th, 2007. 8:10 A.M.
Roberto slowly lifts himself off the bed and looks towards the door, with the broken frame. He yawns, stretches and stands up. He looks around the room and remembers Anna. He picks up the room phone and dials in her room number, 3416.

Roberto: (Listens to the phone ringing) Come on, pick up…

Anna: (Picks up the phone) Hello?

Roberto: Anna, it’s me.

Anna: Oh, hello there Mr. Garcia. How did you sleep?

Roberto: It was okay.

Anna: I’m assuming you find a room that was empty.

Roberto: Yeah.

Anna: May I ask what room, incase I need to call you.

Roberto: Hold on one second. (He puts the phone on the bed and walks over to the door. He slowly opens the door and looks at the number) 13459, got it. (He heads back to the phone and picks it up) 13459.

Anna: Alright. (Scribbles down the room number) So, why are you in town?

Roberto: Visiting an old friend…

Anna: Would this old friend be Mike Toreno?

Roberto: Yeah, how’d you guess?

Anna: I’ve been following you on T.V. Back in San Andreas, you were running around with him. Then all of a sudden you stop and he becomes president. So far, I don’t know anyone else you know is in this town.

Roberto: Yeah…

Anna: Well, he seems really worried with you. He’s been paranoid ever since he got news that you left San An.

Roberto: Oh really?

Anna: Yeah. I am his adviser, for now until I make it into law school. That’s what the briefcase was for. (Coughs) Pretty soon, when he finds out your in town, he’s going to flip. So if your going to take revenge or something, it better be before he figures out your location.

Roberto: Thanks Anna. You do know you could get life for aiding and abetting the most wanted man in America?

Anna: Yeah. Also, so I am not connected to you, I called the police.

Roberto: (Stays silent for a few minutes) What!? You called them on me?!

Anna: No. (Laughs) But it would have been funny if I had. It would have been a fun thing to see.

Roberto: You’re so funny… (Ends his sarcastic tone) So, you want to go out for coffee sometime?

Anna: Moi? Aren’t you engaged to Mr. Vercetti’s daughter?

Roberto: Just a cup of hot coffee, not anything more.

Anna: Sure.

Roberto: How about tomorrow around five. You can meet me in the lobby.

Anna: It’s a date. (Hangs up)

Roberto: (Puts the phone on the receiver and walks towards the door) ‘It’s a date…’ (He feels his phone start to vibrate in his pants and picks it up) Hello?

Dylan: Hey, what’s going on?

Roberto: You still with Kelsey and my dad?

Dylan: Yeah man, hope you don’t mind.

Roberto: (Sighs and rolls his eyes) Sure, stay as long as you like…

Dylan: What’s up?

Roberto: Nothing much, just leaving my room; was going to grab some food.

Dylan: Cool, cool…

Roberto: So, what do you need?

Dylan: Nothing, just a bit bored.

Roberto: So you call me? I mean, if that’s how you roll, it’s all good…

Dylan: I told you, I’m not gay!

Roberto: Like always, whatever. Why don’t you go to a club, or get a chick or something.

Dylan: Have you ever stayed in Angel Pine for extended periods of time? All there is down here are inbred hicks.

Roberto: So? If you were straight and hadn’t got any in awhile, then that shouldn’t be a problem. Oh wait, I forgot, you’re…

Dylan: Well, it was great talking with you, Kelsey just finished breakfast, so I’ll talk to you later! (Hangs up)

Roberto: (Hangs up) I swear… (Heads out of the room and slowly closes the door, trying to make as little noise as possible) Now to grab some breakfast… (Heads towards the elevator, unaware of the person following him)

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Posted 06 January 2007 - 03:19 AM

Lovin' it Robby. cookie.gif

EmoPat laughs at the fact he was halfway through it when Roberto IMed him about it on MSN.

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Posted 06 January 2007 - 03:29 AM

Great chapter, Roberto.

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Posted 06 January 2007 - 04:06 AM

Great chap!

I got the references, wonder why? lol.gif suicidal.gif

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Posted 06 January 2007 - 05:16 AM

Another great chapter man. Can't wait for the next one. icon14.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif

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Posted 06 January 2007 - 10:24 PM

Hey, nice fic you got there, cubanwhip! I'm liking it, I just found weird the final of the first saga. Anyways, I'm rating good! tounge.gif

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Posted 07 January 2007 - 04:17 AM

great chapter man bring in the next really soon

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Posted 11 January 2007 - 09:19 PM

This chapter is really long and brings in a new plot element. Enjoy!

Chapter 65: Unforeseen Circumstances

Thursday June 19th, 2007. 8:28 A.M.
A man, about Roberto’s height, stands in the elevator next to Roberto. He wears his hair neatly, parted to one side, and wears a blue suit, with a red tie on. His glasses are small and chic. He clears his throat and looks at his watch. Roberto pulls up his pants up and puts one hand in his right pocket.

Roberto: (Looks at the fluorescent light in the ceiling of the elevator) “I wonder what Mike is…”

Man: (Opens a red door in the elevator and hits the emergency stop button) Mr. Garcia…

Roberto: (Looks at the man and pulls out his gun, but keeps it at his side) What do you want?

Man: Oh no, no, no. Put that away, I’m not a violent man.

Roberto: Yeah, I don’t know you, so the gun stays. Who the hell are you, and who do you work for?

Man: Well, I don’t work for anyone, except for Mr. Toreno.

Roberto: (Slowly raises his gun) You work for the president?

Donald: I try not to. (Puts out his hand) I’m Donald, Donald Love, Vice President.

Roberto: (Keeps the gun steady) What’s with all this pleasantry? I know Mike wants me dead. Why would you want to befriend his worst enemy?

Donald: Well, two reasons. One, he has gotten on my last nerve! He’s always pushing me around! He doesn’t treat me like the VP! He treats me like his damn secretary!

Roberto: You want a f*cking tissue?

Donald: (Ignores the comment) And two, it’s time he steps down from his position.

Roberto: Wait, what? Didn’t he become president, maybe less than a year ago?

Donald: Yes, but that’s long overdue for a man like him. He doesn’t know what’s right for America!

Roberto: And you do?

Donald: Well, yes! I know what’s right for America!

Roberto: So what? Are you trying to say you want me to ‘take care of’ Mike?

Donald: It would help.

Roberto: You’re crazy. I mean, I want to kill him, but the VP? What am I going to get out of this?

Donald: Um, your revenge? (Chuckles nervously)

Roberto: (Tilts his head to the side and holds the gun to Donald’s chest) Yeah, no. Is there a monetary reward?

Donald: How about, I let you out of Capitol City in one piece, because there is no way you’re getting out after the assassination of the president. But when I’m president, I might ‘accidentally’ leave the president’s chopper unlocked.

Roberto: (Weighs the decision in his head) Well, that sounds fair…

Donald: So what do you say? You killing Mike and then you get out of Capitol in one piece?

Roberto: Sure.

Donald: Wonderful! Is this where you’re staying? (Hits the button and the elevator resumes)

Roberto: Not sure. I broke into a room and stayed there the night. They’re probably going to find it later today.

Donald: I got a penthouse in Downtown. You can stay there. Just enter the elevator, hit the thirtieth floor and when it asks for the code, type ‘3341587’. (Pulls out a sheet of paper and scribbles an address) That’s the place. Real fancy.

Roberto: (Takes the paper and pockets it) Does Mike know I’m in Capitol?

Donald: Yes, I delivered the news myself.

Roberto: Reaction?

Donald: He was upset. He wants the city on lockdown and doesn’t want you leaving, in any way other than a coffin.

Roberto: By the way, do you mind me asking how you got my location?

Donald: A resident of this hotel called the police with your description. Any Roberto sightings are sent straight to the president. I got the report first, and gave it to him.

Roberto: How did you receive the report?

Donald: Telephone…

Roberto: (Looks at the elevator doors) And you say you’re not his secretary?

Donald: I’m not!

Roberto: Right… (The elevator doors open and Roberto steps out, leaving Donald straightening his tie and looking at the back of the elevator) ‘What’s his problem?’ (Roberto heads out of the hotel, receiving a few dirty looks and what not, and proceeds to walk around the corner. He finds the hotel parking lot and looks around, searching for his Huntley. He finds it and starts it up. He pulls out of the parking lot and proceeds heading around Downtown, looking for Donald’s penthouse. When he finally reaches it, he parks his car across the street and slams the door shut, locking the car) Seems like a nice place. (Roberto runs across the street and walks across the lobby, briskly, and unnoticed. He steps into the elevator and hits the button for the thirtieth floor. When the elevator reaches the floor, a small panel flips open and the words ‘Please Input Code’ appear in digital lettering. Roberto types in the code on the small keypad and the doors open up into a great room, with two stair cases wrapping around a structure in the middle of the room. A red carpet rolls down the stairs and Roberto steps onto the marble floor. He walks around the structure and through a pair of double doors that lead into an extravagant living room, with a vaulted ceiling, that seems to go into the air forever. The sofas are made of velvet and the Moroccan rugs lying on the floors are definitely imported. Roberto walks through a door to his right, across the room, leading into a modern/old fashioned kitchen. The kitchen looks old fashioned, but the modern appliances are hidden discretely. He heads back into the living room and back through the double doors, into The Great Room, with the dual staircases. He proceeds to slowly walk up, feeling the ivory handrails with his fingers and palms. When he reaches the top, he finds himself in a hallway, lined with pictures from all the greatest artists, some of the originals, others copies. Roberto walks down the length of the hall to a pair of oak doors that open up into the master bedroom. The king sized bed sits on a raised platform and has a golden cloth hanging off the canopy. The cloth and pillows on the bed are made of a type of material that is indescribable. Roberto walks into the master bathroom and finds it to be bigger than the kitchen itself, with its party shower and spa. Gold trimming lines the entire bathroom. He leaves the bathroom and walks up the platform, counting all five steps and sits on the bed, bouncing on it. It’s unlike anything he has felt before. He turns around and sees windows that go up ten feet and lined with velvet curtains with gold tassels all around. Roberto rolls across the bed and looks at the view. The entire Downtown area and more can be seen. The Capitol Monument stands there, erected in all its glory, towering above the white house in awe) Wow, I can’t even find words… (He steps away from the window and heads out of the bedroom, and makes his way past The Great Room and back into the living room. He finds a remote control on a coffee table and hits the button on top. A plasma screen T.V slowly rises out of the floor, all seventy two inches. The T.V flickers on to reveal the news playing. Roberto turns the T.V off and it slowly lowers itself into the floor again. Roberto falls into the velvet cushions of the couch, rubbing against his rough skin. He tilts his head back and breaths in) This is my new home?

Friday June 20th, 2007. 4:18 P.M.
Roberto is leaning against the marble counter in his new home, a grilled cheese sandwich in one hand and a glass of wine on the counter. He takes a bite of the sandwich and looks up at the clock on the wall. He can’t read it. It’s one of those fancy clocks with one dot representing the twelve and the company name of the clock a few inches above where the six belongs. He finishes the sandwich and picks up the wine glass. He sips it and heads into the living room, wiping his hands on his jeans. He heads into The Great Room, and up to the master bedroom. He finishes his wine in the bedroom, looking out of the window, overlooking the party side of Downtown. He places the glass on the nightstand and heads into the closet.

Roberto: (Walks into the closet and looks through the clothes) Suits, suits, suits, golf clothes…great… (Leaves the closet and heads back into the bedroom) Nothing to wear. I feel so nasty wearing the same clothes over and over again. (Roberto walks out of the room and back into the grand elevator in The Great Room. He hits the number for the lobby and waits for the doors to open up into the lobby) ‘Oh sh*t! I’m suppose to meet Anna at the hotel!’ (The elevator doors open and Roberto dashes out and runs across the lobby, bumping into a few people, causing them to drop some luggage. He gets into his Huntley and peels out, trying to find The Spritz Charleton. He finally finds it about an hour later and re-valets the Huntley, receiving a dirty look from the valet. He runs into the lobby and sees Anna sitting in a chair, sipping a cup of coffee) You couldn’t wait, could you?

Anna: (Looks up at Roberto) You’re late.

Roberto: Yeah, I’m sorry. I needed a new place to stay, and I lost track of the time.

Anna: Well, I think it is a little too late to have coffee. (Lifts her cup to show Roberto)

Roberto: So, no date?

Anna: No. (Sips her coffee and turns away)

Roberto: Does this affect our relationship?

Anna: What relationship? You’re engaged! The farthest this would have gone would have been to my room door and a friendly hug. What did you want? A one night stand? A lover?

Roberto: Well, no.

Anna: Right. So if we’re through here. (She stands up and finishes her coffee) I need to get to a meeting.

Roberto: Meeting? How long would the date have been?

Anna: It would have been as long as you like. It’s just that, you being late led to a call where I accepted to show up for an important meeting. Figuring you wouldn’t show up, I accepted. (Walks past Roberto and looks back) Also, stop calling it a date. It wasn’t and never would have been a date.

Roberto: (Watches Anna walk down the lobby and out onto the street) sh*t Roberto, you sure know how to f*ck things up… (Lightly taps the chair with his foot) Anna wait! (But it’s too late, she’s gone) Damn… (His phone rings and he picks it up) Hello?

Donald: How’s the place?

Roberto: What are you, some rich asshole who spent all his money on a penthouse?

Donald: Well, I think it’s a nice place.

Roberto: Yeah, whatever. What do you need?

Donald: I heard Mr. Toreno is making moves to close you into the city.

Roberto: What do you mean?

Donald: He has agents posted at every possible exit of the city.

Roberto: So?

Donald: You’re stuck here, whether you like it or not.

Roberto: I think I can manage.

Donald: Well, you better. It’s not going to be long before they find you.

Roberto: Oh, I can’t wait… (Hangs up) sh*t, what else is there to do? (Roberto walks outside, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it as he walks by. He passes by a few people wearing baggy jeans and black shirts with a strange purple insignia on the back. Gangbangers. Roberto is about twenty feet away before they start moving, in his direction) ‘I got some company…’ (Roberto turns into an alley, blowing smoke into the air. He ducks behind a dumpster, and surely, the three men come into the alley, pulling out chains and planks with nails coming out) ‘sh*t.’ (Reaches for his gun, but remembers he left it at the penthouse) ‘f*ck! Why did I leave it?! Oh yeah…Anna…’

Gangbanger 1: I saw him walk in here… (Holds the four by four in one hand, three nails stick out of the top, rusted and bent)

Gangbanger 2: You sure Johnny? I just saw some guy walk here. I’m not to sure it was him.

Johnny: I’m telling you, it was him! You don’t think I know what he looks like?!

Gangbanger 3: I agree with Cliff. It could have been another guy.

Johnny: You two are pussies. Boss wanted him, and you are just going to let him escape?

Cliff: Red’s right, it could have been someone else.

Johnny: Get out of here! I don’t even know why you’re in the gang!

Red: Hey! I have as much right to be in here than you!

Johnny: (Walks over to Red) Why? You are about to let Roberto get away! Boss wants him! Whatever Boss says, Boss gets.

Cliff: (Wraps the chain around his left knuckle) Lay off Johnny!

Johnny: No! You lay off! I’m gonna find him, and drag his spic ass to Boss. (Walks deeper into the alley) You coming?

Cliff: Come on Red. We got to make sure Johnny doesn’t get himself killed…

Red: (Pulls out his switchblade) Alright, but when we find out its some hobo, I’m telling the Boss.

Johnny: Oh shut up! (Looks around the dark alley and sees a dumpster and a door at the end) He went through that door. (Walks towards the door)

Cliff: (Follows Johnny and hears Red’s footsteps stop) Hey man, what’s wrong?

Red: Did you here that?

Cliff: Hear what?

Red: (Looks to his left at the dumpster) Never mind, they were rats. (Walks over to Cliff)

Roberto: (Grabs a piece of metal next to the dumpster and waits for Red to come around the dumpster) ‘Easy now…’ (Jumps up and swings the shard up to Red’s neck, and twists his arm to drop the knife) Who are you?!

Cliff: (Looks at Roberto in shock) Easy there, brah.

Roberto: Easy? I just heard you were going to kill me! Why would I take it easy?!

Johnny: (Shoves past Cliff and stands a few feet away from Roberto) Hey! I never said kill you. The Boss wants to see you.

Roberto: Who’s ‘The Boss’?

Johnny: (Laughs and looks at Cliff) You here that Cliff? He doesn’t know who The Boss is! This is priceless!

Cliff: (Chuckles nervously) Yeah…

Red: Help?

Johnny: (Looks at Red) Shut up, and hold still! (Looks at Roberto) Let him go. The Boss wants to see you. We aren’t going to hurt you, unless it comes to that.

Roberto: f*ck ‘The Boss’.

Johnny: (Takes one step back) Oh no…oh no he didn’t?!

Roberto: What are you going to do?

Johnny: Red! Retract!

Red: (Slams his foot on the ground and a blade comes out of the heel of the shoe) Take this! (Pulls his foot back and digs the blade into Roberto’s shin)

Roberto: (Drops the metal shard and takes a few steps back) Mother f*cker…

Johnny: (Walks over to Roberto and beats him in the stomach with the nail-less end of the plank) Regret it?

Roberto: (Falls to his knees) I…stay…by my…statement…

Johnny: You lousy ban… (Flips the board over with the nails and slams it into Roberto side, the nails digging into Roberto lower ribs) Come on Cliff, knock him out…

Cliff: (Walks over to Roberto, smirks and lifts his chained fist) Shouldn’t have messed with Los Vatos Locos… (Punches Roberto in the face twice, knocking him out cold)

Friday June 20th, 2007. 9:42 P.M.
The room, it’s big, black, moist, and dark. The only difference is that this room isn’t moist with water, but blood. Roberto’s head sways side to side, blood pouring down his face, leg, and torso. The room’s walls have blood splattered everywhere. The floor is an assorted mix of bones, bodies, and other various things. Roberto has no idea where he is, but when the lights flash on to reveal the room to be twenty by twenty, and a chair on a raised platform ahead of him and in blood written ‘Los Vatos Locos’ behind the chair, well he was taken by shock. He wasn’t tied down, no. He was just too tired and dizzy from blood loss. Roberto thought he finally reached hell.

Boss: (He walks into the room, his own weight carrying him across the floor. His black jacket reaching the floor, like a cape, sways with his movement. His black skin contrasts the white shirt under the black jacket. His bald head and goatee are just there for show. He wears sunglasses that cover his black, beady eyes. He walks over to Roberto, but only gets within five feet. He looks Roberto over and finally speaks) Are you okay?

Roberto: Are you the devil?

Boss: (Chuckles) No. You’re not in hell yet. You’ve still got a lot to do before you head there...

Roberto: So where am I?

Boss: You’re in my gang’s torture chamber.

Roberto: (Looks up at him) Your gang has a torture chamber?

Boss: Yes, we find it much easier to pry information from clients if we torture them, not hold them at gun point and all that other stuff typical to other gangs. We really torture them. Shove nails through their bodies until they talk. Burn them until you can see their bones. Slice them up and leave lesions all over their body. Maybe break a few bones, if they are part of the lucky few.

Roberto: And me?

Boss: Well, we don’t need information from you, yet. We need your help and cooperation. What we need is for you to get information.

Roberto: (Rolls his head away) Nope, can’t help you.

Boss: You don’t have a choice.

Roberto: Yeah. Either I do it, or I refuse and die. Even if you won’t let me die, I’ll die from blood loss. (Nods his head at the gash marks in his lower ribs and the knife wound in his shin)

Boss: Well, apparently, you don’t give a f*ck about your life.

Roberto: Apparently…

Boss: How about you do this for me, and my boys will help escort you out of the city? I heard the government has the city blockaded.

Roberto: Sorry, already made that kind of deal.

Boss: Well, how unfortunate. (Signals with his hand) Would you do it for the girl?

Roberto: (Rolls his head and looks at The Boss) What?

Boss: (A door opens and Red walks in with a gun pointed to Anna’s head. She has a gag in her mouth and bruises all over her body) We saw you chatting up with this girl. So she was back-up, incase you refused the first offer.

Roberto: Kill her. (Tilts his head back and looks at the blood covered ceiling, probably from when necks were slit and the blood sprayed up onto the ceiling)

Boss: Look Mr. Garcia. You are going to cooperate.

Roberto: (Looks at The Boss) There is no way you can make me! You’ve threatened my life, given me a way out, and threatened a girl I could give a sh*t about. You’ve ran out of options! You’re bargaining with a dead man!

Boss: Throw her. (Red throws her onto the bloody floor) We’ll let you two talk it out. Maybe then you can come up to a decision that is worth my time. Come on… (Walks out of the room with Red, locking the door)

Roberto: So Anna… (Slowly gets off the chair and walks over, un-gagging her) …you still mad at me?

Anna: (Spits to the side and wipes her sleeve across her mouth) I should be because you were about to sacrifice me just now.

Roberto: So we’re cool?

Anna: (Swings her head, the hair flying out of her eyes) Yeah, for now…

Roberto: (Rips off his shirt and tears it in half) Well, now we need to start thinking about our current situation. (Ties one half around his shin and the other half around his lower rib)

Anna: Well, you’ve shot down everything they’ve offered. (Looks around the room) Anyways, what did you mean when you said ‘given me a way out’?

Roberto: They offered an escort service for me out of the city.

Anna: And you didn’t take it? If I were you, I would have taken that. There is no way you’re getting out of the city alive.

Roberto: I already have a way out of the city.

Anna: How? (She looks back at him)

Roberto: The VP is helping me out.

Anna: Donald Love?! (Laughs) He never makes good on deals. When you complete your side of the bargain, he’ll dump you. He’s done it to everyone. He did it to the guy who helped him out of Liberty, he also did it to the guy who helped him almost win mayor in Liberty. I’m sure the same thing will happen to you. What does he want you to do anyway?

Roberto: Kill Mike Toreno so he can claim presidency.

Anna: Oh…well you can do that, wait for him to not make good with the deal, then escape with this gangs help. I mean, if you want.

Roberto: I just don’t know what to do anymore. I just wanted to come by here, kill Mike, and leave. And maybe finally start a peaceful life with my father and fiancé.

Anna: Well, just go along with this, while you’re getting their info or whatever, kill Mike, get their info, bring it back to them, leave the city and start your life.

Roberto: (Puts his head between his knees) Fine… (Slowly stands up and walks over to the steel door) Hey! (Starts banging his fist on the door) I thought about it!

Boss: (Opens the door and looks at Roberto) And?

Roberto: I’ll go along with you, but you better do a damn good job in escorting.

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Great Chapter's Roberto. Wasn't around to read the last. icon14.gif

I liked last chapter's "Tommy Boy" reference. "Houskeeping, want me to jerk you off?".lol biggrin.gif

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I wonder what'll happen to Donald. Great chapter.

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happy.gif Good chapter as always dude

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great chapter man just like the other 64 chapter before

peace out

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Where the hell you been... don't tell me you've died!? cry.gif tounge.gif Let's see some new chapter-ige, eh?

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Nice chapter, man! tounge.gif

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yo sorry for nagging but please bring the next chapter soon

please man biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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yeah sorry for double posting can you please bring on the next chapter

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hey cubanwhip please im me, my s/n is shulkmania, i would like to talk to you personally.thank you

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Posted 25 January 2007 - 10:26 PM Edited by Cubanwhip, 25 January 2007 - 10:43 PM.

I'm reeeeeeeeallly sorry people. School caught up with me and bit in the ass. I was writing on and off, but no worries. I have up to chapter 76 written, just no time to post it. In lighter news, I'm writing a gta 4 script that will continue on this, except 21 years later. So you can look forward to that.

Chapter 66: Must’ve Blown a Fuse

Friday June 20th, 2007. 10:16 P.M.
Out on the streets of the ghetto in Capitol City, Roberto stands smoking a cigarette with Anna. Anna has her arms crossed. Only a slight breeze blows and chills her to the bone. Roberto blows a cloud of smoke and puts out the cigarette on the brick wall behind him. He looks at his watch and up into the sky. He sighs and looks at Anna.

Roberto: So, how are we going to do this?

Anna: I’m not sure, you’re going to be doing some backstabbing…

Roberto: Obviously. I could ask him directly.

Anna: You can’t do that. He’ll know what you’re up to.

Roberto: Yeah. Maybe…Hey, I’ll call you later. What’s your number?

Anna: You already know that.

Roberto: Well, you’re cell phone. I don’t want to go back to the hotel just to call you.

Anna: It’s (555) 793-7100.

Roberto: Alright, I’ll call you if I find anything out. (He walks across the street to a parked Manana. He picklocks it and starts the car up with a sigh, and heads to his new penthouse)

Friday June 20th, 2007. 11:31 P.M.
Roberto parks the Manana across the street of the penthouse and heads into the building. The lobby is empty aside from the receptionists who pay no attention to him. Roberto heads up the elevator and into his penthouse. He walks up the marble stairs and walks down the other hall and into the third door on his right. It leads into an office with oak paneling along the walls and Berber carpet on the floor. He heads to the desk and sits in the leather chair, looking at the papers on the desk.

Roberto: (Starts searching through the papers) sh*t, what am I looking for?! He said to look for connections with the mob, but where do I start?! (Opens a cabinet and pulls out a phone book) What’s this? (He opens the book and starts looking through the names. When he reaches ‘C’ a name jumps out at him that sounds familiar, too familiar) Toni Cipriani? Where’s that from? It sounds too familiar… (Picks up the office phone and calls the number listed) Well, let’s see who it is.

Man: Hello? Donald? What do you need?

Roberto: Who’s this?

Man: Donald? You’re not Donald, who the f*ck is this?

Roberto: This is one of his clients.

Man: Hey, who is this? Do I know you?

Roberto: (Recognizes the voice, but can’t remember from where) Do I know you?

Man: Cut the sh*t, who is this?

Roberto: Is this Toni Cipriani?

Toni: (The line goes silent for a minute) Yeah, now that you know my name, who the hell is this?!

Roberto: (Remembers the voice and the name) Holy sh*t! Joey said you died!

Toni: (Takes a moment before responding, and speaks calmly) Who is this…?

Roberto: Roberto… (Hangs up) sh*t… This is not good. I didn’t think Donald was connected! (Hears the elevator ding) Oh sh*t! (Throws the phone number back into the drawer and runs out of the office to see who is there) Hello?

Donald: (Looks at Roberto coming down the stairs) There you are! I’ve been looking for you…

Roberto: Really?

Donald: Yes. So, have you thought about any way of taking care of Mike?

Roberto: Not really…

Donald: Well, I have some information that might help you out or not.

Roberto: Continue…

Donald: You heard about Sean Wood right? The murderer of Mike’s brother; he was sent to prison in England.

Roberto: On and off. Why?

Donald: Well, July 20th, he’s heading to England to help look for him. Just thought you’d like to know…

Roberto: Alright…

Donald: (Turns around) That was all. I’ll be seeing you the 20th?

Roberto: You can count on that…

Donald: (Heads into the elevator and tilts his hat as the elevator doors close)

Roberto: (Heads back to the office) sh*t, Donald’s connected to the mob, Mike’s leaving in a month, and I’m going to get tortured by some psychopathic street gang. What did I do to deserve this?! Anything I did do, I paid for! I paid with my friend’s and family’s blood! (Picks up the address book and looks at Toni’s number) I guess I have to take out the last connection to the Leone’s… (Hears the door shut behind him and Donald stands there)

Donald: (Slowly walks to Roberto) What are you doing in here…

Roberto: (Looks at Donald then at the desk) Looking for a pen…

Donald: (Pulls out a pistol and points it at Roberto) Oh no! Give me that book!

Roberto: What book?

Donald: (Pulls the hammer of the gun) The address book! I know you know I’m connected to the mob! Give it to me!

Roberto: I’m sorry Donald, I can’t. This is my ticket out of the city.

Donald: What?! I’m your ticket out!

Roberto: Not anymore… (Reaches into his coat and pulls out a pistol) Put the gun down!

Donald: You can’t kill me! I’m the VP!

Roberto: Oh yeah, but I can kill Mike, the big ‘P’…

Donald: That’s different! He’s unfit for presidency!

Roberto: Blah…blah…blah… (Pulls the hammer back) Put it down…

Donald: (Keeps the gun steady) No…

Roberto: (Aims the gun at Donald’s foot and shoots) Pendejo…

Donald: (Drops the gun and grabs his foot) You bastard! You ruined your chances on getting out of here!

Roberto: No, you ruined your chances on getting presidency. I’m going to expose you… (Heads to the office door)

Donald: Wait! What do you want for it?!

Roberto: No. No more deals. You’re done Mr. Love… (Walks out leaving Donald screaming) Gotta call Anna. (Gets into the elevator pulling out his cell phone) Come on… (Dials the number and Anna picks up) Anna!

Anna: Richard? I can’t talk right now…

Mike: Anna, who’s that on the phone?

Anna: My…uh…boyfriend.

Mike: You don’t have a boy…

Roberto: (The line cuts and the elevator doors open on the tenth floor) sh*t, that sounded way too suspicious. (The phone rings and Roberto picks it up) Hello?

Donald: You’re dead! The police are going to have this place surrounded in five minutes! You f*cked up big time Mr. Garcia!

Roberto: f*ck you Donald. (Hangs up and steps through the elevator doors before they close) Tenth floor, how do I get out? (Runs down the hall and finds a flight of stairs) Maybe, they won’t think of the stairs… (Kicks the door in and runs down four flights of stairs, ending on the eighth floor before hearing screaming downstairs, from the police) sh*t! (Sees a nearby fuse box) Hope they’re not ready for this situation… (Pries the box open and yanks out all the wires, making the stairwell go black)

Cop 1: sh*t, he’s taken out the lights! Gets your weapons out! (Slowly advances two flight of stairs, followed by three other cops)

Roberto: (Walks down a few more flights, making as little noise as possible so he can hear where they are) “They sound about one floor down…”

Cop 1: Alex and Marty, stay posted here. Jimmy, you come up with me. (Walks up one flight of stairs) Jimmy, you stay here… (Proceeds up one more flight of stairs)

Roberto: (Stays pressed against the wall as the cop slowly walks past him) “Should’ve sent your lackey.” (Pulls out the pistol and beats the cop in the head, dropping him and making a thud)

Jimmy: John? John?! You okay? (Walks up one flight of stairs and pulls out a mini flash light) John? John? (Points the flash light down and sees John with blood coming out of the back of his head) What the…? (Points the flashlight at the wall and sees Roberto leaning there with a bloody gun) Back-up!

Roberto: (Puts two bullets in the cops chest and hears running footsteps) sh*t…

Alex: (Stops Marty one flight down) Go grab some back-up. I’ll hold him here…

Marty: Alright… (Walks back down to the first floor)

Alex: Hello? Roberto?

Roberto: (Talking from the top of the staircase) Yeah?

Alex: Is Jimmy and John alive? (Pulls out the flash light and shines it above the stairs, casting Roberto shadow on the wall, but Roberto is no where to be seen) Are they? (The shadow shakes it’s head) John? Jimmy?

Roberto: (Bends down and picks up John’s body) What? Do you need proof? (Walks over to the top of the stairs and looks at Alex in the face) Here’s one! (Throws the body down the stairs, the bones crunching and cracking all the way down)

Alex: (Pukes in the corner) You sick and twisted f*ck!

Roberto: (A door slams open, from above) We got company… (Points his gun at Alex) Do you want to be a hostage?

Alex: (Pulls out his gun, but before he could pull the trigger, Roberto puts one bullet in his head)

Roberto: Why do they have to be so impulsive? (Runs down to the second floor before hearing the first floor door open) sh*t, trapped. (Hears a scream from above) Well, that wasn’t a cop. (Hears six people running up from the first floor) “Outnumbered…”

Marty: He’s up here! Alex you there? (Hears no response) Wait! (Stops the five people following him)

Roberto: “f*ck, how am I going to get out of this alive?” (Slowly makes his way to the second floor door)

Marty: I hear him! I think he’s making a run for it! (Runs up the stairs followed by the five other cops)

Roberto: (Pulls the second floor door open and slams it shut)

Marty: (Reaches the second floor and kicks the door open) There he is! (Pulls his gun out) Freeze asshole!

Roberto: (Runs down the hall) Catch me pigs!

Marty: Open fire! (Shoots his gun at Roberto followed by the other five cops shooting)

Roberto: (Ducks and hides behind a corner) Alright, you wanna play hardball… (Loads the gun and turns the corner, shooting the cops, taking down one) Come on! You can do better than that!

Marty: Stop hiding and face us like a real man!

Roberto: (Runs from the corner down another hall) “Gotta think fast…”

Marty: (Runs down the hall, followed by four cops) Come on! He’s getting away! (Rounds the corner and opens fire on Roberto)

Roberto: (Jumps into an alcove and catches his breath) These people don’t give up… (Roberto slides down on the wall, to a sitting position. He then turns the corner and shoots at the ankles of the cops, taking out two) Two points! (Stands up and turns another corner)

Marty: You idiots! Just shoot him! Is that so hard?! (Runs with two other following)

Roberto: (Turns one more corner and sees the railing to a balcony quickly approaching) Here goes everything… (Grabs the railing and jumps over, gliding through the air and grabbing the chandelier)

Marty: (Reaches the railing and sees Roberto swinging on the chandelier) You’re f*cked now!

Roberto: (Holds onto the chandelier with one hand and holds the gun in the other) Think again. (Opens fire on the two other cops, killing them)

Marty: You have no idea what situation you’re in! You’re trapped and isolated. There’s no way out! And I’m going to be the one to kill you… (Holds his gun pointed at Roberto) Sweet dreams!

Roberto: (Jumps straight up and pulls his legs in) Sweet dreams… (Roberto falls through the ring of the chandelier and grabs onto it with one hand. He points his gun at Marty and shoots him three times in the chest) Some James Bond sh*t… (Looks down and lets go, landing on his feet in the lobby) sh*t! (Limps a few steps and sees four SWAT members rush through the front revolving doors)

SWAT: (In unison) Freeze!

Roberto: (Pulls up his gun and dives to the side, taking out two of them) f*ck! Out of ammo!

SWAT 1: Flank him! (Pulls out his MP5 and keeps it pointed in Roberto direction)

Roberto: (Reaches on top of a coffee table and grabs an ash tray) Better than nothing. (Sees the first SWAT member turn the corner) Heads up! (Chucks the ash tray at the SWAT member, knocking him to the floor) Bull’s eye! (Runs and slides across the floor, grabbing the MP5) Where are you…?

SWAT 2: (Turns the corner, and opens fire on Roberto)

Roberto: (Ducks and fires at the SWAT member’s knees) sh*t, I got to get out of here! (Runs outside, slightly limping) Need a car. (Limps to his Manana and gets in, starting the car) I need to find another place to stay. (The radio turns on)

Radio Reporter: In devastating news, a shootout in Downtown. Most wanted man, Roberto Garcia, found staying at the penthouse suites in Downtown, Capitol started a shootout with the local police force and SWAT…

Roberto: (Turns the radio off) f*ck the police. (His phone rings) Hello?

Donald: You think you’re going to leave this city?!

Roberto: (Hears sirens in the distance and speeds off) I’m going to walk right out.

Donald: I’ll have my organization on your ass! You’re not going to live one more day!

Roberto: What? The secret service? Give me a break Donald.

Donald: The Corporation will take you down. I’ll become president and have them posted all over America, hunting you down!

Roberto: Blah…blah… (Hangs up) …blah.

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Lol, I knew it wouldn't last long between Donald and Roberto. Great chapter, Rob. icon14.gif

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Sweet Jesus, the plot, she thickens!

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Great chappy, Roberto.

I knew Toni wasn't dead yet. wow.gif

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WaltDisney21 enjoys this story.

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Great chapter, Roberto! The police is too dumb to get anyone, even in president's town tounge.gif

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