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Posted 29 October 2006 - 03:31 AM Edited by Cubanwhip, 29 October 2006 - 03:44 AM.

@Archaon: I'm going to think about that actually...

@Gman: Go ahead, it's a great way to advertise.

@Everyone Else: I know the story is awesome and great. lol.gif

Anyways enough idle chit chat, everyone wants a new chapter!

Chapter 54: Separation Issues

Wednesday June 12th, 2001. 2:04 P.M.
A kid, months away from turning sixteen, is sitting in a chair opposite a mahogany desk. The man across the desk is smoking a Cuban cigar and spins around to look at the kid. The kid is wearing a black tall tee and baggy jeans. The man across the desk is wearing a black suit with green pin stripes. He puts the cigar out and looks the kid over.

Man: So, what happened to your parents?

Kid: Why the hell do you want to know?!

Man: Easy kid…

Kid: Shut up!

Man: (Scowls and looks at the kid) Do you know who you’re talking to?!

Kid: Why would I care?

Man: You should! I’m Don Tommy Vercetti! Don of the Vercetti Crime Family!

Kid: (Crosses his arms and leans into the chair) Whoopty f*cking doo…

Tommy: (Stands up and walks over to the kid) That mouth of yours is going to get you into trouble. You better learn to respect adults.

Kid: (Looks into Tommy’s eyes) I don’t care if you’re the Don of the Vercetti Family. You can go…f*ck yourself…

Tommy: (Looks at the kid and slaps him across the face) Listen, and listen good you little piece of sh*t. You should be grateful that you’re here. No one in Vice City wants to adopt some delinquent kid.

Kid: So why would you?

Tommy: I saw you, and… I don’t know… I see things…

Kid: What is this, some Mob movie or something?

Tommy: Shut your mouth…

Girl: (Walks into the room and sees Tommy and the kid) Who is that daddy?

Tommy: Hey honey, I would like you to meet a new good friend of mine.

Girl: (Walks over and looks at the kid and blushes) How do you know him?

Tommy: Friend of his parents…

Girl: (Puts her hand out to shake the kids hand) Nice to meet you!

Kid: (Looks at Tommy then at the girl) You too… (Shakes her hand)

Girl: What’s your name?

Kid: I’m…

Sunday May 31st, 2007. 9:24 P.M.
Roberto’s back is still against the bar and Steven’s back is against the bar wall. They look at each other, then up at the mini-gun bullets plowing into the bar wall behind Steven. Roberto looks over at Vic who has his eyes closed and his breathing is slowed down. Roberto slowly checks Vic out and sees a knife wound on his left side under his ribs.

Roberto: (Looks at Steven) Alright, when he breaks for one second in firing, we both come up and shoot him down. Then we come back down because he must have more men around this club.

Steven: (Hears the mini-gun bullets stop firing and clicking from its position) I think he’s out…

Roberto: (Slowly sticks his head over the bar edge and sees the man banging the gun with his fist) No, it jammed… (Gets up and puts one bullet hole in his head before quickly ducking from the fire of ten more of Juan’s men) There’s ten more men scattered around the club. There are four on the first floor, three on the second floor balconies, and three more on the third floor balconies.

Steven: How are we going to do this?!

Roberto: (Looks around and finds a hose connected into a tank) We need a distraction… (Grabs the hose and sprays some of the beer into his mouth) Hope you can take the heat… (Sticks his hand over the edge of the bar and stats spraying the beer all over the club floor on the other side) When I say three, stand up. They’ll fire and ignite the alcohol. Then we can take them down when they are busy with the fire.

Steven: (Looks at the hose spilling a constant stream of alcohol over the bar) That’s my expensive drink…

Roberto: (Looks at Steven dumbfounded) We are about to die, and you’re worried about me wasting your most expensive drink?!

Steven: It costs me about thirty bucks per liter!

Roberto: (Hears the hose emptying and pulls it back over the bar) One…two…

Steven: Wait!

Roberto: What?

Steven: On three or after three?

Roberto: On, it’s always faster on.

Steven: Alright.

Roberto: One…two…three!

Steven: (Stands up and sees the men opens fire) Oh sh*t! (Sees the fire blaze up and stretch across the entire bar length) Oh sh*t!

Roberto: (Stands up and takes aim at the men on the third balcony) At least help out. (Shoots down all three men with headshots takes aim for the men on the second floor)

Steven: (Shakes his head and opens fire on the four men on the first floor) I can’t see with this fire!

Roberto: (Finishes up the men on the second floor and notices the four men on the first floor have taken cover in booths) Nice shooting…

Steven: Man, shut the hell up!

Roberto: (Runs around the bar and slowly manages his way around the fire and into a booth)

Steven: (Follows Roberto into the booth) What now genius?

Roberto: (Roberto looks around the corner and sees one man reloading and not paying attention. He shoots down the man reloading and goes back into the booth) Three more…

Steven: (Hears bullets plowing into the corner of the booth) Three is still a lot against both of us.

Roberto: (Switches his pistol for Steven’s MP5) Watch… (Roberto waits for the bullets to stop before turning the corner and running into the booth next to the gunners. He sidles against the wall and looks around the corner to see all three men) Oh sh*t! (Surprises the men and takes out two while jumping back behind the wall) “Too close…” (Catches his breath and slowly turns the corner taking out the remaining man) There we go. (Walks back towards Steven) There, finished.

Steven: (Pokes his head around the corner and finally looks around the club) Holy sh*t… my club! It’s ruined!

Roberto: (Looks around) Oh well, but of course you have better real estate, right?

Steven: Yeah, but this was my favorite!

Roberto: (Remembers Vic and throws the MP5 on the ground) Oh sh*t! (Runs to the bar and slides over to Vic) Vic! You okay!

Vic: (Opens his eyes and sees Roberto, but is all blurred up) Roberto…?

Roberto: (Lifts up Vic’s shirt around the wound) Vic, this is really deep.

Vic: They stabbed me with a hunting knife…

Roberto: (Looks at Vic’s face, which is growing pale) It’s going to be okay. Just hold on. (Yells at Steven) Steven, get an ambulance!

Steven: (Walking around the rubble in the club) Gone, all gone…

Roberto: (Grabs a bar rag and puts it over the wound) Hold that there Vic. (Stands up and sees Steven just walking around) Did you hear me! Get a f*cking ambulance!

Steven: All done the pipes…

Roberto: (Climbs over the bar and walks over to Steven) Did you hear me?! Call 911.

Steven: (Turns around and looks at Roberto) Did you see what you did to my club?

Roberto: (Looks around and then at Steven) Me? I didn’t do sh*t!

Steven: Get out…

Roberto: (Stares Steven in the eyes) Just like always… (Shoves Steven on the floor and walks back over to the bar)

Steven: (Gets up and cocks the pistol) Don’t mess with me!

Roberto: (Stops in mid climb over the bar) You won’t do it. (Climbs over the bar)

Steven: (Fires one shot that graves Roberto’s left shoulder) Don’t f*ck with me!

Roberto: (Looks at Steven through the flames) Still think you’re in charge don’t you?

Steven: I am in charge! I am! (Fires another shot that destroys a bottle next to Roberto’s head)

Roberto: (Bends down to Vic) Wake up, we got to go!

Vic: (Slowly raises his arm and grabs Roberto shirt) Just leave me. Save yourself.

Roberto: (Grabs Vic) This isn’t no movie Vic… (Grabs a bottle of Vodka with his free hand and stuffs another bar rag inside) This isn’t no movie, this is real life. (Stands up with Vic leaning on his shoulder and chucks the Vodka bottle at Steven) See you in hell!

Steven: (Watches the bottle catch fire as it flies through the searing flame) I’ll save you a seat! (Shoots one bullet at the bottle causing it to explode)

Roberto: (Shields Vic and his eyes with his arm) f*ck! (Feels a shard pierce his left tricep) What last words… (Slings Vic’s arm over his shoulder and heads out the front doors of the club) Vic, you’re alright. (Hears no response) Vic… Vic? (Shakes Vic) Vic… (Slowly places Vic on the floor and lays him out) Don’t worry Vic, this isn’t how you’ll go… (Looks at Vic’s closed eyes then at the knife wound) Juan… (Slowly stands up and looks at the smoke pouring out of the club) Things always have to get complicated. First it’s Catalina, now it’s Juan. What’s next?! (Hears a car screech to a stop behind him)

Cesar: (Jumps out of the car and runs up to Roberto) Roberto! Kelsey got kidnapped and Carl is really hurt! He needs to go to the… (Sees Vic on the floor with blood pouring out of him) sh*t…

Roberto: (Looks at Vic’s body, then at Cesar, then at Vic’s body again) How badly hurt is Carl?

Cesar: Nine bullet wounds...

Roberto: (Walks towards the car) Let’s hurry before he dies too…

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Posted 29 October 2006 - 04:04 AM

Damn, Roberto, everyone is getting hurt!

Good chapter. catloaf_by_anuj.gif <here is something different than cookies. tounge.gif

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Posted 29 October 2006 - 02:48 PM

Poor Vic, not the best way to go out sad.gif Can't wait for #55

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Posted 30 October 2006 - 12:34 AM

Damn, it's a motherf*ckin massacre on your story now. SWEET! Great chap, Roberto, 55 NOW!!! mad.gif

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Posted 30 October 2006 - 12:50 AM

Great chapter, as always!
Keep it up!
cookie.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif icon14.gif

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Posted 30 October 2006 - 02:47 AM

QUOTE (Cubanwhip @ Oct 29 2006, 03:31)
Cesar: Nine bullet wounds...

did you get that from 50 cent

oh and a great chapter man

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Posted 01 November 2006 - 12:58 AM

Action packed chapter there, Rob. Since I'm not really a discriptive poster, I'll just say... great chapter. biggrin.gif

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 03:01 AM

Well, S. Leone gave me an idea for part of my story that might seem relevant in part of a characters developement and into Roberto's character history. He said that I should take my story to Bullworth. The only problem I have is that it might be a little thrown off from the main story line, and that Bullworth might not even be in the GTA universe, but in it's own. What are your thoughts?

Chapter 55: My Life Be Like…

Monday June 1st, 2007. 7:04 P.M.

Carl is slowly stirring and notices he has tubes running in and out of his arms. He looks around the white room and notices Roberto sleeping on a patched, dirty couch. Cesar walks in with a bag that has the infamous logo of Burgershot on the front. Cesar sees Carl is awake and places the bag on a nearby table before walking up to Carl.

Cesar: Hey, I brought some dinner holmes.

Carl: (Looks at the bag with grease dripping out of the bottom) I think I’ll pass if thas alright.

Cesar: Okay. Do you remember what happened last night?

Carl: (Starts to contort his face as if thinking, but nothing comes to mind) Nah, wha happened?

Cesar: Well, it’s better if you don’t know…

Carl: (Looks at Cesar quizzically) Now I wanna know. Wha’ happened?

Cesar: Well…remember Jeffrey?

Carl: (Tries to stimulate his brain) Jeffrey…Jeffrey…

Cesar: OG Loc.

Carl: Oh yeah! Wha’ about him?

Cesar: He knows how to hold a grudge. He almost killed you last night. It seemed like he took over living in your old apartment in Juniper Hills. When he saw you, he pulled out his nine and shot at you. Now you’re here.

Carl: Jeffrey? You joking right? He’s too big a pussy ta do tha’.

Cesar: That’s not it though. Turns out, he is the new leader of Grove Street.

Carl: (His eyes grow wide and he lies on the bed motionless) Wha’? Wha’ abou’ Sweet?

Cesar: He over threw him. Turns out, he was really pissed off at you back when you messed with his rap career. Now, he is getting revenge on you.

Roberto: (Slowly opens his eyes and sees Carl and Cesar talking) Oh, hey guys…

Carl: (Tries to move his legs over the bed and feels a spasm of pain surge through his body) sh*t!

Cesar: Hold it there. You can’t do anything. You got shot nine times. You got shout four times in the leg, three to the stomach, one in the shoulder, and one grazed the side of your skull, which explains the memory loss.

Carl: (Looks over at Roberto who has managed to make his way to the Burgershot bag) Hey man, ya mind helpin me out…

Roberto: (Takes out a greasy double cheese burger and takes a bite out of it) Why would I help you out? I thought you hated me after the Liberty incident.

Carl: I need ya now though. That nigga Jeffrey has taken tha only thing I have left, my family.

Roberto: (Takes another bite of the cheeseburger and watches as the lettuce falls on the floor) What about your whole manager career. Aren’t you in charge of someone or something?

Carl: That? That fell apart while I was in Liberty. sh*t happened when I left ta come ta Liberty with ya. Tha’s one of tha reasons I was mad at ya.

Roberto: (Puts down the cheeseburger and looks at the plain white wall across him) So…when you don’t need me, you treat me like a piece of sh*t, but right once you need me, you crawl to me like I was your best friend.

Carl: Naw, tha’s not how it is!

Roberto: (Turns his head and looks at Carl over his shoulder) That’s pretty much what it looks like right now.

Carl: Wha’ if I paid ya?

Roberto: (Walks over to Carl who is still lying in the bed and following Roberto’s movement with his eyes) I don’t want your money. I just want to know that if anything happens again that might ruin this partnership we have here, that you won’t bail and ruin it.

Carl: (Looks into Roberto’s dark brown eyes that seem to go on forever) I give ya my word…

Roberto: (Looks up at Cesar) You know where this Jeffrey…

Cesar: (Interrupts) Cross. Jeffrey Cross. He’s also known as ‘OG Loc’.

Roberto: Right. You know where he lives?

Cesar: Other than Carl’s apartment, no.

Roberto: Well, then that’s our first stop. Just wait here Carl. Me and Cesar will be back, hopefully with some good news.

Carl: Does it look like I have a choice?

Roberto: (Walks out of the room with Cesar following close behind) Now I have to deal with this! First it’s Catalina taking over my city, then Vic dies, Kelsey gets kidnapped again might I add, and now I have to take care of this gangster want to be. At this point, anything can happen! (Exits the hospital and looks around) Where’s the car?

Cesar: (Sees their blue Euros parked in a different spot) It’s right there. I don’t remember moving it holmes.

Roberto: (Slowly approaches the car and finds a note taped to the window) “Roberto, I have left a gift for you in the trunk of the car. Your dear friend, Juan.” (Crumbles the note and throws it over his shoulder) Keep an eye out… (Walks over to the trunk and looks around) What’s that smell? (Covers his nose and looks at the trunk) “It better not be…” (Slowly opens the trunk to find one of Juan’s bodyguards dead, rotting carcasses in the trunk) f*ck! (Slams the trunk shut) Cesar, we need to ditch this car.

Cesar: (Hears some faint sirens in the distance) Well, whoever wrote that note, framed us…

Roberto: (Looks down the street and sees five police cruisers speeding down the street) We have no choice. Get in. (Runs to the driver’s seat and burns out when Cesar is halfway into the car)

Cesar: (Tries to climb into the car as his legs fly around outside the car) Stop the car!

Roberto: (Holds the steering wheel with one hand and tries to pull Cesar into the car) At least you can try!

Cesar: (Manages to get into the car before the car door is ripped off from lamp post Roberto skimmed) What the hell man?!

Roberto: Sorry. (Looks through the rear view mirror and notices the cop cruisers right on his tail) I’m guessing you didn’t bring any guns?

Cesar: No…

Roberto: sh*t, then we have to lose the cops. (Slams the accelerator and starts climbing up a hill at a dramatic rate) Hold on! (Hits the top of the hill and flies five feet through the air skimming the roofs of a few cars before slamming onto the other side of the hill) I would advise you buckle up…

Cesar: (Grabs the seat belt and quickly buckles up) You sure you can loose them?

Roberto: (Starts to climb another hill and launches off of it) Pretty sure… (Looks through the rear view and notices one of the five police cruisers slams into the side of another police cruiser in mid air) I got an idea… (Pulls the handbrake and finds himself on the main drag in San Fierro heading north)

Cesar: (Looks ahead and sees Roberto merging onto the trolley tracks) Hey, you’re on the trolley tracks…

Roberto: (Looks through the rearview and sees three police cruisers still on his tail) Oh really? (Speeds up) That’s part of the plan. (Pulls the handbrake and makes a right following the trolley tracks past a closed down Cluckin’ Bell and left past the SFPD station) Alright, the plan is to find the trolley coming at us and go straight at it. At the last second I turn and try to get the cops to swerve into each other. (Turns right following the Trolley tracks down a hill around the SFPD) Just hold on the entire time. (Ramps off a small hill and smashes onto the floor) Hold on now! (Pulls the handbrake and drifts around the corner following the tracks and maintaining his velocity and drifts around a second corner so he is going back the direction he came, just one road down) It’s too quiet… (Turns the radio onto Radio Los Santos) That’s more like it. (Listens to ‘My Life Be Like’ by Grits as he starts to climb another hill) ‘My life be like ooh ahh ohh, my life be like ohh ahh ohh…’ (Ramps off the hill and glides through the air watching the look on pedestrian faces as he flies) ‘It’s times like these that make me say…’ (Hits the accelerator and rides over a few hills before slamming a handbrake turn right and noticing a snake like street on his left) Hey Cesar, change of plans… (Makes an abrupt left and starts to hit the curbs up the street) sh*t, this is steep! (Hears the tires squealing under the car chassis as he accelerates from each turn)

Cesar: (Sticks his head out the hole where the door was and sees the police cruisers try to keep up) Hey, this might work!

Roberto: (Looks through the rearview and sees two of the three cruisers slips and roll down the hill) That last one is stubborn! (Goes straight off the road and jumps off a hill, hanging air for three seconds and slams into the floor) Is he still behind us? (Makes a left and finds himself following the trolley tracks again)

Cesar: (Looks out the hole where the door used to be for the passenger seat to see the cruiser gliding through the air and drifting around the corner to keep up) That ain’t no normal cop. He has some street racing skills…

Roberto: (Looks through the rearview and sees that the cruiser is not an average cop cruiser) Hey Cesar, that isn’t an average cruiser.

Cesar: (Looks at the cruiser) You’re right. That looks like an Elegy painted to look like an SFPD cruiser.

Roberto: f*ck, we got a street racer turned cop on our tail. (Jumps a hill and speeds past the Chinatown entrance) How are we going to lose him?!

Cesar: I don’t know! How do you loose a street racer?

Roberto: (Continues following the trolley tracks, drifting around various corners while thinking about what to do) We don’t use streets…

Cesar: (Looks at Roberto) That would be a great idea, if we had an SUV or pickup, but this is a racing car!

Roberto: (Watches as the baseball field starts to approach quickly on his right) Any car can off road, if you try hard enough. (Smashes through the fence and watches as the fence slides off the roof of the Euros and straight into the cruiser/Elegy) He’s going to try to follow us… (Speeds over home plate, feels the bump that is the pitchers mound, and smashes through another fence) Damn, he’s still on us!

Cesar: (Opens the gloves compartment of the car and finds an air gauge) This might work… (Snaps the gauge so it is sharp) Here goes nothing… (Drops the gauge out of the hold on the side of the Euros and watches as the gauge blows out one of the tires) Wow, that worked!

Roberto: (Starts to follow a road south and watches through the rearview the Elegy trying to maintain control of the car) Good job Cesar… (Drifts right around a corner watching as the Elegy looses control and ramps off the rock and dirt that Roberto avoided by drifting the corner) And that is that… (Hears the song on the radio finally end and then hears ‘Overnight Celebrity’ by Twista start) Well, shall we go to Carl’s apartment?

Cesar: (Hears an explosion as Roberto drives away) Yeah…

Monday June 1st, 2007. 8:30 P.M.
Roberto pulls up to Carl’s apartment in Juniper Hills that now seems to be covered in yellow police tape that reads ‘Crime Scene – Do Not Cross’. Roberto turns off the car and tells Cesar to wait in the car. Roberto walks over to front door and breaks the lock. He walks into the apartment building and can smell the odor of dead bodies everywhere. Roberto starts to climb the stairs looking for the apartment that would obviously be Carl’s. He reaches the fourth floor and finds blood splattered across the door and hallway.

Roberto: (Covers his nose and slowly pushes the apartment door open) This is the place…I guess… (Walks into the apartment and notices it is just one room with a closet at the other end) Small place… (Sees a table about two feet ahead of himself and walks over to it) What’s this? (Picks up a sheet of paper with something written) ‘Dear Mr. Cross, after your actions down at the LSPD station, you are now needed to appear in court. If you do not make an appearance and testify, you will be ‘dealt’ with. I’m sorry for this. Yours truly, Andrew.’ (Puts down the sheet of paper) Andrew? Court? (Looks at the paper and finds it dated May twenty eighth) Well, this might explain why he’s here. It seems that Andrew guy was threatening him and he ran here. (Examines the paper again and finds an address) Bingo… (Folds the paper and heads back down to the Euros) Cesar, we’re going to Los Santos. (Gets into the Euros)

Cesar: Los Santos? Why man?

Roberto: (Takes out the paper and hands it to Cesar) That’s where our man used to live. Maybe some neighbors or friends might know his whereabouts.

Cesar: So, to Los Santos?

Roberto: Yeah. (Slowly pulls out of the small driveway and heads down the empty street to Los Santos)

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 02:47 PM

Great chapter, Robby. I want the next one. icon14.gif

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 06:20 PM

Real good story you've got here man. I love the gunfights. [email protected]' awesome. Awaiting 56...

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Posted 05 November 2006 - 12:58 AM

holy sh*t that was a great chapter

can't wait for chapter 56

oh and about bullworth maybe you should go there like maybe kelsey is there and roberto has to find her

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Posted 05 November 2006 - 03:05 AM

Nice chapter, dude

S. Leone
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Posted 05 November 2006 - 03:24 AM

QUOTE (The general2 @ Nov 4 2006, 19:58)
holy sh*t that was a great chapter

can't wait for chapter 56

oh and about bullworth maybe you should go there like maybe kelsey is there and roberto has to find her

wink.gif We already have something set up wink.gif . Great job, keep it up.

Archaon, Lord of End Times
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Posted 05 November 2006 - 10:33 PM

Good stuff, Robby. icon14.gif

Nick Papagiorgio
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Posted 05 November 2006 - 11:02 PM

Very cool chapter, Roberto. Keep it up. cookie.gif cookie.gif icon14.gif

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Posted 06 November 2006 - 01:58 AM

I love it.
cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif
icon14.gif icon14.gif icon14.gif
Bullworth, here we come! (after Los Santos, of course)

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Posted 12 November 2006 - 02:24 AM

yo where is the next chapter man
i can't wait

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Posted 12 November 2006 - 01:32 PM Edited by Gaja 90, 12 November 2006 - 01:35 PM.

Great work man icon14.gif cookie.gif for you cookie.gif cookie.gif for me.
Although I must admit, I'm suprised that OG Loc survived this long.
Let's make a deal you kill Jefrey and you get the other cookie biggrin.gif

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Posted 14 November 2006 - 05:37 PM

yo come on man pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 08:50 PM

Alright...now before you gang bang me for not having a chapter for a while, let me explain...

I have a broken arm and leg so its really hard typing with a broken arm. So maybe for a few weeks nothing will come up. Just so you know, it is my fault. My friends dared me to run up a three story escaltor that went down... the rest is history... enjoy!

Chapter 56: Run Motherf*cka Run

Wednesday June 3rd, 2007. 12:01 P.M.
Roberto is crossing a bridge in southwest Los Santos and comes up in Santa Maria Beach. The sun is burning in the air, and women are running down the sidewalk, breasts bouncing and all. Roberto drives down the street looking at the building numbers as he drives by. He drives down a small narrow row and sees a bridge overhead. He takes a look around and parks the car in a nearby parking lot. He turns to Cesar and wakes him up.

Roberto: (Shoves Cesar) We’re here.

Cesar: (Slowly opens his eyes and looks at the beach through the windshield) Where are we?

Roberto: (Roberto steps out of the car and slams the car shut. He feels the heat of the parking lot cement through his Air Forces. He looks around and squints because of the burning sun) We’re on Santa Maria Beach… (Turns around and walks to the first house on the long block) This is the place…

Cesar: (Steps out, slams the car door, and follows Roberto) This the place where he lived?

Roberto: This is the address on the letter. (Knocks on the wooden door three times and hears movement inside)

Man: Comin fool… (Opens the door and sees Roberto and Cesar) Wha’ tha f*ck do ya two want?

Roberto: You Jeffrey?

Man: Run OG, run! (Pulls out a pistol and opens fire on Roberto)

Roberto: (Grabs the man’s arm and snaps the wrist) Cesar, find him.

Cesar: (Shoves past Roberto and the man who is on his knees to get into the house) Loc, where are you… (Hears a door open and then slam shut) He went out the back door!

Roberto: (Keeps a grip on the mans arm) You stay here… (Grabs the pistol and runs through the house and meets Cesar) You take the car, I’ll follow on foot. (Runs out the back door and sees OG Loc running up a dirt slope to the main highway) Not so fast… (Sprints after OG Loc)

OG: (Continues running and sees Roberto catching up) Oh f*ck! (Reaches the main highway and runs down the sidewalk)

Roberto: (Finally manages to get onto the highway and can count the feet between himself and OG) Come on… just ten feet…

OG: (Looks back again and sees Roberto gaining feet) Oh sh*t nigga! (Runs across the highway causing a four car pile up that almost takes out Roberto)

Roberto: (Stops running for a second to let a Premier slide past him on its side) f*ck! (Continues his chase after OG) Lost ten feet!

OG: (Runs up a really steep dirt slope and jumps a small fence on top of it) sh*t… I have ta loose this nigga! (Runs down to the intersection near a fading yellow building and a Ranch clothing store) I know where ta go! (Turns right and runs down to the Ranch clothing store)

Roberto: (Climbs the fence and sees OG make a right) Damn it, going to loose him… (Sprints down to the intersection)

OG: (Makes a left up a brick road) He’s too fast! (Runs to the end of the road and finds a small bushy wall about twenty feet ahead) “Maybe I’ll loose him if I climb tha’!” (Sprints to the wall and quickly climbs over it)

Roberto: (Makes it to the end of the brick road and catches his breath) sh*t! Lost him! How did I loose him! (Looks at the bushy wall twenty feet ahead and sees that it is still moving) Jumped that wall… (Sprints to the wall and climbs over it to see OG walking around the corner) Got you OG Loc! (Pulls the pistol and points it at him)

OG: (Stops before turning the corner) Alright! Who do ya work for! Andrew! The 5-0!

Roberto: Carl Johnson…

OG: (Turns around and looks at Roberto) CJ? I just shot that nigga like three nights ago!

Roberto: Well, he’s in the hospital and it turns out he isn’t to happy about your whole take over on his family.

OG: His family! Man he don’t give a sh*t abou’ tha’ family! He left so many times ta do sh*t! The family is better off with me as tha leada!

Roberto: (Walks up to OG with the pistol pointed at his head) Well, you’re not the leader anymore…

OG: (Looks to his left then his right) Ya can’t do tha’! (Punches Roberto in the face, grabs the gun and runs down the alley)

Roberto: (Chases OG with one hand covering his bleeding nose) Damn it!

OG: (Fires two bullets at Roberto, each of them missing and ricocheting off the brick walls of the alley)

Roberto: (Steps up his pace and lets go of his nose, the blood spraying through the air) You better stop running!

OG: (Runs across the street and onto another brick road) Jus’ leave me alone! (Fires another shot that grazes Roberto’s left leg)

Roberto: (Gets two feet behind OG) You’re as good as dead! (Jumps and tackles OG to the floor)

OG: (Tries to fire another shot, but is quickly stopped as the gun is wrestled from his hand by Roberto) Don’t kill me!

Roberto: (Pulls the hammer back on the gun and presses the cold barrel to OG’s forehead) Your as good as dead…

OG: (Moves his hands around on the floor and pulls a loose brick out) No you are foo’! (Smashes Roberto on the temple with the brick)

Roberto: (Falls backwards and lands on his back, dropping the gun) My…head…

OG: (Slowly stands up) Tha’s right! Ice cold nigga, ice cold! (Picks up the gun and points it at Roberto)

Roberto: (Looks up the barrel and then at OG) You won’t do it…

OG: (Puts some pressure on the trigger then hears the sound of an engine revving) What tha… (Looks up and sees a blue Euros ten feet away) Oh sh*t!

Roberto: (Rolls to the side and hears the blue Euros burnout)

OG: (Drops the gun and starts running away)

Cesar: (Speeds past Roberto laying on the ground and smashes straight into OG)

OG: (Flies through the air, arms and legs flailing, and lands on the ground with a crack)

Roberto: (Stands up and wipes himself off) Ouch… (Walks over to OG’s lifeless body and looks at it) I guess mission accomplished…

Cesar: (Gets out of the car and walks over to Roberto) So, do we go back to San Fierro, and tell the news to Carl?

Roberto: Yeah. (Turns around and sees a blue Greenwood pull up and a woman step) Who are you…?

Woman: (Pulls out a tranquilizer and takes out Roberto and Cesar) Goodnight Roberto…

Roberto: (Reaches to his neck and pulls the dart out) Ow… (Falls to his knees and then goes unconscious)

Wednesday June 3rd, 2007. 6:35 P.M.
Roberto slowly opens his eyes and sees the flashing television in the middle of a dark room. The six o’ clock news is on, and it seems the main story is on. Roberto swings his head to his right and sees Cesar knocked out cold still. He swings to the left and is surprised to see Sweet with his head hung over the back of the chair. Roberto looks back at the television screen and listens to the major story.

News Anchor: …and just yesterday, in the northern part of San Fierro, a fierce shootout took place! Down at Mr. Alami’s ‘gentleman’s’ club, a shootout between the infamous Roberto Garcia and an unknown man was held. Roberto was said to be seen fleeing the area in a blue Euros along with another man. He left one of his own behind who is now being cared for in the nearby hospital in Queens. The man is known as Victor Vance, ex-business man from his reign in Vice City back in 1984. Police are saying that once he is back to a healthy state, he will be transferred to the station in Downtown for questioning on Roberto’s whereabouts. Steven Alami, owner of the ‘gentlemen’s’ club, is no where to be found. Police have said that his body is no where to be found in the building and that Roberto might have kidnapped him. Police have now upped the search for Roberto and will be searching the towns of Los Santos, Las Venturas, and even our San Fierro for him. More after this commercial break…

Roberto: (Swings his head away from the television) “So, Vic is alive… sucks to be him… he must be in too much pain… someone should put him out of his misery…” (Struggles with the ropes tied around his arms) “God damn, what the hell is going on…” (Hears a door open and sees a woman walk in front of the glowing light of the television) Who the f*ck are you?

Woman: I wouldn’t expect you to remember me…

Roberto: Obviously…who the hell are you?!

Woman: (Slowly rolls her shirt up around her hip to reveal a tattoo) Look familiar?

Roberto: (Squints and instantly recognizes it) Holy sh*t! You’re the girl from way back when I first came to San An! Back in Las Venturas!

Woman: Yeah…

Roberto: (Shakes his head) God, what was your name again?

Woman: Millie, Millie Perkins…

Roberto: Yeah. (Looks at Cesar then Sweet then back at Millie) So Millie, what the hell is going on here?!

Millie: (Starts pacing the room) I’ve heard a lot about you. I needed your help, but you seemed to already have done half the job.

Roberto: What? Kill OG?

Millie: Yeah. He was making it very difficult for me to conduct…‘business’ here in Los Santos.

Roberto: ‘Business’? What type of business?

Millie: I’m sure by now, you’ve heard of my brother Andrew?

Roberto: Yeah, I’ve read his name in one of OG’s letters…

Millie: Well, OG took out quite a large loan from my brother, and just ran off… He never paid it back. The problem now is, you just silenced him and now we don’t know where the money is! That’s the other half.

Roberto: (Looks back at Cesar then looks at Sweet) I understand dragging me and Cesar down here, but why Sweet?

Millie: Well, let’s just say he was getting a bit nosy. He was following OG and happened upon this.

Roberto: So what do you want me to do?

Millie: Get the money of course!

Roberto: What if I refuse…

Millie: (Pulls out a syringe from her pocket and walks over to Cesar) Then you can just say goodbye to your friend…

Roberto: (Snarls at Millie) What do I get?

Millie: You get cash, about maybe one grand.

Roberto: I don’t want your money…

Millie: But Roberto… (Walks over and caresses Roberto’s cheek) Money talks and…

Roberto: (Interrupts) Yeah and it often says ‘Goodbye’! (Shakes once in his chair to shake off Millie from touching him)

Millie: Well what do you want! If it’s not money, then it’s drugs! And since me and my brother don’t deal in drugs, then what is it!

Roberto: You’re help…

Millie: My help? My help in what…?

Roberto: My fiancé has been kidnapped and I need help finding her…

Millie: Aw, isn’t that sweet… Okay Roberto, I’ll help you find her, when you find us the money. Deal?

Roberto: I would love to shake your hand, but I’m tied up…

Millie: (Walks over and unties Roberto) And one more thing… If you do happen to find the money, and never return, we’ll kill your friend, and if we find your fiancé, we’ll kill her too…

Roberto: (Stands up and looks down at Millie) Too bad you don’t know her…

Millie: Oh, we know what Kelsey Vercetti looks like, don’t worry about that…

Roberto: (Snarls and walks straight out of the room back in the familiar setting of the Grove Street cul-de-sac)

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 09:10 PM

It sucks to have a broken arm. Hope you get better soon. Nice chapter. icon14.gif

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Posted 15 November 2006 - 09:21 PM

I'm sorry to hear about your Injuries and I hope you get better soon, and that chapter was awesome, pure awesome biggrin.gif

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Posted 16 November 2006 - 01:06 AM

love the story, Roberto.

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Sorry about your injuries, get better. Heal fast smile.gif

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great chapter man

anys ways sorry about hearing about your leg and arm man

peace out and get better soon

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Sorry to hear about your injuries dude. sad.gif

Anyways, great job yet again. cookie.gif

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Good stuff, Robby. Get well soon.

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yo i knowou broke your arm but please have your next chapter please
pretty please

peace out

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I know my arm is broken, and it's getting better by the way. I think it's about three more weeks till it comes out. Here's the next chapter!

Chapter 57: Point Blank

Wednesday June 3rd, 2007. 6:49 P.M.
Roberto is walking down the street and looks ahead to see a bridge overhead. He has no idea where he is. He has only been to Los Santos once and never got the chance to be acquainted to it. He continues walking on the sidewalk and finds a rusted piece of metal with an end as sharp as a knife. Roberto feels around on his body and finds out he has no guns or weapons of any sort. He picks the piece of metal up and slips it between his pant waist and hip. He continues walking down the street watching the sun set in the distance. The metal is cool and rough on his rip on every step he takes. He finally reaches an intersection and sees a small corner liquor store. He walks in and sees two people walking around with one cashier. He walks to the back and grabs a pack of Sunring Extras. He walks up to the cashier with the pack.

Roberto: (Places the pack on the counter and reaches for his wallet) f*ck…

Cashier: (Scans the pack and looks at Roberto quizzically) Do I know you…?

Roberto: (Searches his pockets and can not find his wallet) No… (Continues searching and finally gives up) Can you let me slide on this… I lost my wallet, and I’m having a real bad day…

Cashier: (Looks at Roberto) Well…

Roberto: Please?

Cashier: Alright. (Slides the pack over to Roberto) Have a nice day.

Roberto: (Grabs the pack and walks out the door) Thanks man. (Slams into a man walking in at the same time) Watch it!

Man: Or what?!

Roberto: (Puts the pack of beer in his left hand and slowly slides his hand under his shirt) You want to go?

Man: (Catches a glimpse of the rusted metal) Easy there…

Roberto: (Slowly pulls her hand away) Watch it next time…

Man: (Walks past Roberto and whispers something under his breath) Asshole…

Roberto: (Hears the comment and drops the pack causing all the beer to shatter and cover the door threshold and sidewalk) What did you say…?

Man: (Hears the glass shatter and stands still) Uh…

Roberto: (Pulls the metal out and slowly presses it against the man’s neck) What…did…you say?

Man: (Gulps) Uh…nothing…

Roberto: (Pricks the man’s neck) What did you say…answer it!

Man: (Feels the warm blood sliding down the back of his neck and into his shirt) I said asshole! Please don’t hurt me!

Roberto: (Spins the man around and looks at him) Why don’t you want to get hurt? Are you afraid…

Man: (Looks at the tip of the rusted piece of metal with his own blood on it) Yes! Just don’t hurt me god!

Roberto: (Starts to slowly trace the knife around the left side of his face) What’s your name?

Man: Dylan! My name’s Dylan!

Roberto Well…Dylan…today’s your lucky day… (Hears the sound of a shotgun pump)

Cashier: (Slowly walks around the counter pointing a wooden stalk shotgun at Roberto) get the hell out of my shop!

Roberto: (Holds the metal piece against Dylan’s neck and looks at the cashier) Get out of this old man…

Cashier: (Keeps the shotgun pointed at Roberto) Leave that young man alone, or I will shoot you. May God have mercy on you…

Roberto: (Looks into Dylan’s eyes which have already started to water a bit) Hold on for one second man… (Looks up at the cashier) I told you to stay out of this… (Flicks his wrist and the metal shard slices the old man’s abdomen)

Cashier: (Feels the metal slice his stomach open) God almighty! (Pulls the shotgun up and blows a hold right over Roberto’s head)

Roberto: (Throws Dylan to the side and jumps back, barely skimmed by the plaster of the ceiling) You okay Dylan?

Dylan: (Coughing and trying to looks through the white dust that is floating around the store) Yeah…

Roberto: Let’s get the hell out of here before the cops arrive. (Stands up and walks out of the store)

Dylan: (Slowly gets up and follows Roberto out of the store) Why the hell am I going with you? I don’t even know you.

Roberto: Well firstly, you can identify me, and secondly, I just want some company.

Dylan: (Walks up to his pick up truck) Company for what?

Roberto: (Looks at the truck then at Dylan) I’m on a small errand. I need to find something for someone.

Dylan: Something? That’s kind of vague. Do you know what you’re looking for?

Roberto: (Tries the truck handle and finds it locked) Open the door. (Hears a click and gets in)

Dylan: (Gets into the pick up and starts the car) Well?

Roberto: It’s money.

Dylan: (Wipes his forehead) Whew, for a second I thought it was drugs or something.

Roberto: Come on, get a move on, the cops will be on this place anytime soon.

Dylan: (Drives off the sidewalk and continues along the street) So…where are you staying…?

Roberto: I was going to find a hotel or something, why?

Dylan: You want to stay at my place?

Roberto: Pullover…

Dylan: (Stops the car) What? Did I say something?

Roberto: (Gets out of the car and looks back about five hundred feet to see the police cars arriving at the liquor store) Yeah, now get out of here… (Slams the car door shut and walks away from the car) “Stay at my place… What the hell is he thinking?! It’s like we’ve known each other for months and we’re best friends or something.” (Finds a parked Greenwood and busts open the lock) “No alarm… Thank God…” (Gets in and hotwires the car) “Now, I need to find a place to stay.” (Pulls out of the driveway and heads in the opposite direction of the police scene)

Wednesday June 3rd, 2007. 7:29 P.M.
Roberto pulls up to a motel located in Little Mexico. The building looks to be about ten years old, with the peeling paint and white wash all across it. He looks up at the sign and sees the ‘no’ in ‘no vacancy’ is flashing. He rolls his eyes and steps out of the car. He walks into the small, cramped office where a lady is reading the latest issue of ‘Rogue’. She is chewing her bubble gum loudly and obnoxiously and looks up at Roberto.

Lady: (Lowers the magazine) What can I get ya, sweetheart?

Roberto: A room.

Lady: (Swivels the chair, making a loud screech that makes Roberto wince, to grab a set of keys) What kind of room you want?

Roberto: Whatever’s available.

Lady: (Swivels back around with the same screeching emanating from the chair) Here you go honey. Room 3C.

Roberto: (Takes the keys and throws down two hundred dollars) That will cover me for the night, thanks. (Walks out and to room 3C) ‘So tired…’ (Opens the door and takes one step back) f*ck! (The room’s wallpaper is peeling and reveals the rotting wood and fiberglass hidden behind the peeling, floral pattern wallpaper. The edge of the wallpaper is singed and gives off the smell of something burning. Roberto can smell the bathroom from across the room. It smells as if someone hasn’t flushed in weeks, and took a sh*t every two hours. One bed’s mattress is thrown across the room, while the other mattress sits on the bed frame of the other. The carpet is moist and has mildew growing on it. Every step Roberto takes into the room, the carpet makes a squishing noise and oozes who knows what) ‘My god…’ (Walks back out of the room and to his Greenwood) ‘f*ck that, I’m sleeping in the car!’ (Opens the back door to the Greenwood and throws himself in) What was I thinking coming here… (While lying on his right side and looking under the seats, he sees something glimmering) ‘What’s this…’ (Reaches under the seat and pulls out a brand new nine millimeter pistol) ‘Is it loaded…?’ (Pulls out the magazine and finds it completely loaded) ‘Well, now that I have a gun, let’s get this show on the road…’

Thursday June 4th , 2007. 12:39 P.M.
Roberto is cruising back down Santa Monica Beach and pulls back into the familiar parking lot. He steps out and walks to the door. He knocks three times and hears the same man’s voice. The man opens the door and tries to slam the door immediately, but Roberto stops it dead in it’s tracks.

Roberto: (Pulls out the pistol and points it at the man) Where’s the money!

Man: (Looks at the gun barrel and takes one step back) Wha’? Wha’ ya talking ‘bout?!

Roberto: (Steps into the house slamming the door shut behind himself) Don’t play games here! (Puts the gun inside the man’s mouth) I will kill you if you don’t tell me where the money is!

Man: (Tries to talk, but the gun holds his tongue down in his mouth)

Roberto: And…?

Man: (Moves his eyes to make a gesture at the gun)

Roberto: (Slowly pulls the gun out of the man’s mouth, but keeps it within two inches of his mouth) So…?

Man: I don’ know man! OG neva talked business with me!

Roberto: (Turns his head to his right and looks into the kitchen and sees a woman standing there shivering with a ladle in her hand) Stay right there lady…

Woman: (Drops the ladle and screams) Oh my god! It’s Roberto!

Man: (Looks at Roberto) Oh Jesus may the lord have mercy on me!

Roberto: (Hears the woman continue screaming) Shut the hell up! (Fires one bullet into the ceiling) Everyone shut the hell up! (Hears the screaming cease and looks back at the guy) Alright, now where the hell is the money!

Man: I tol’ ya, I don’ know! OG neva talked business with me!

Roberto: Do you know who he did talk business with?

Man: Naw man…

Roberto: (Hits the man on the side of his head, causing him to fall to his knees) Are you sure? (Shoves the dirty gun barrel back into the man’s mouth and pulls the hammer back)

Man: (Starts to whine and nods his head)

Roberto: Who?!

Man: His nigga B-Dup!

Roberto: And where the hell is he?

Man: Man, I don’ know…

Roberto: (Swings the gun and cracks the man’s nose, causing blood to stain Roberto’s plain white shirt) Don’t f*ck with me!

Man: My f*cking nose nigga! (Grabs his broken and bleeding nose)

Roberto: (Sticks the gun under the man’s chin and forces his head up to look Roberto in the eyes) More will be broken if you don’t talk.

Man: Alright! He hangs around Old Reece’s barbershop in Ganton.

Roberto: (Walks out of the house and into the Greenwood) Now to find B-Dup…

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Posted 22 November 2006 - 11:55 PM

Time to get to B-Dup's house!

Great chapter. icon14.gif

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thank you man for giving me this asome chapter man

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