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Posted 07 October 2006 - 12:19 AM

great f*ckin chapter man

keep it up

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Posted 08 October 2006 - 05:05 PM

Well, here it is. the final chapter to the Tommy saga. Hope you all like it. Hope being the key word. mercie_blink.gif

Chapter 50: Keep Your Friends Close…

Wednesday February 18th, 2007. 3:10 P.M.

Roberto, Vic, Cesar, and Carl are standing at the gate that leads into the infamous Vercetti Estate with their guns at the ready. Roberto looks at the lock and shoots it off with his M4 and pushes the gate open. He takes one step in and sees over twenty Vercetti men patrolling the Estate’s outer area. Roberto continues observing the Estate.

Roberto: (Looks at Vic, Cesar, and Carl) Okay, there seem to be about twenty patrolling the front of the place. I’m sure once we start shooting, more of them will start flooding out of the mansion itself. So once we start, just be ready. (Looks back at the Estate and starts to walks with his M4 ready in his hand)

Carl: (Starts to walks right behind Roberto followed by Cesar, then Vic) Do we just start shooting, or do we wait for something?

Roberto: (Looks up and sees a man standing on a balcony twenty feet away) This is how. (Aims and shoots the man’s head off)

Victor: (Watches as the man’s body falls over the railing and straight onto the floor) Jesus…

Roberto: (Hears yelling from around the corner) Alright, here’s our first group. (Sees four men come around the corner with MP5’s)

Cesar: (Shoots one down with his M4)

Roberto: (Shoots another of the men with his M4)

Victor: (Grabs his M16 and takes down the two remaining men) Wow. That was easy…

Roberto: (Walks up to the front of the mansion and looks up the steps at the front doors) Well that was nothing. (Sees six men come pouring out of the front door and aims his M4 at one) Ready?

Carl: (Takes one of the men out and proceeds to shooting another man out) Shuddup abou’ tha whole ‘ready’ sh*t. (Sees the man take cover behind a column)

Roberto: (Starts to walks up the steps while taking out men) Move up!

Cesar: (Sees two Sentinels pull up behind them and block off the exit out of the estate) We got problems man… (Sees four men come out of each one)

Carl: (Turns around and blows one Sentinel up with his RPG causing the eight men to be thrown onto the ground)

Roberto: (Takes out another man leaving two more near the front doors and turns around to look at Vic) Vic, take out the eight men with your shotgun! (Turns back around and takes out the remaining two men near the front door)

Victor: (Throws the M16 over his back and takes out the S.P.A.S shotgun and shoots down three men while they are getting up) Cesar, help me take out the others!

Cesar: (Exchanges his M4 for his S.P.A.S shotgun and takes down two of the other men while the other three run behind the remaining Sentinel)

Carl: (Loads another rocket and blows the remaining Sentinel with the men behind it)

Roberto: (Hears screaming from inside the mansion and six more people come running out with M4s) Jesus Christ guys, this just got bumped up a notch! (Pulls out his M60 and starts mowing down the men taking out four)

Carl: (Reloads his M4 and takes out one man running for cover) One mo’ one a clock!

Roberto: (Slightly turns to right and sees one man hiding behind a column) Come out come out wherever you are… (Walks over and pulls out his M4) Found you… (Blows twenty bullets into the man’s chest) Okay guys, now let’s move into the house… (Sees four men run out of the front doors) Never mind, just take these guys out, then we’ll go in. (Kills two of the men with headshots)

Cesar: (Keeps the shotgun in hand and blows a hole into one of the men’s chest)

Carl: (Finishes off the last man off with a headshot)

Roberto: (Looks around and waits for a minute or two) Everyone reload, then lets keep going. (Reloads his M4 and M60)

Carl: (Grabs his last rocket and loads it into his RPG) I’m outta ammo fo’ my rocket.

Roberto: Just keep it until we really need it.

Cesar: (Reloads his shotgun and M4 along with Vic) How many people was that?

Roberto: (Roberto walks over to the front doors and looks in. He looks up the grand staircase and sees five men with M4s standing waiting. He looks on the balconies to the left and right and counts ten more men) Okay guys. I’ll take out the men with the M4s with my M60. Carl, take out the men on the left. Cesar, take out the men on the right. Vic, help them both out. (Walks into the mansion and opens fire on the men at the top of the staircase while bullets from the assorted M4s, MP5s, and Uzi’s fly through the air)

Carl: (Walks in with his M4 and takes out three men on the balcony on the left and watches the bodies plunge from the second floor)

Cesar: (Walks in with his M4 with Vic behind his and takes out two men on his right)

Victor: (Takes out the remaining men on Cesar’s side)

Roberto: (Clears the M4 men taking a few shots to the chest)

Victor: (Kills the other two men on Carl’s side) Is everyone alright?

Roberto: (Rips off his jacket to reveal a few bullets in his body armor) Just a few shots.

Carl: Same. (Looks over at Cesar) An’ ya?

Cesar: Bullet graved my right arm.

Victor: (Looks up and sees four men armed with body armor and M4s run out of Tommy’s office on top of the grand staircase) Watch out!

Roberto: (Turns around and hears their gun fire start) Run for cover! (Runs left and around the grand staircase for cover, followed by Vic, Carl, and Cesar) Alright, these guys are going to be way tougher. Aim for their heads, arms, and legs. (Hears the men’s footsteps as they walk down the grand staircase) We each go for one. (Turns around the grand staircase, out of cover and waits until he sees the men) Ready?

Carl: (Looks over at Roberto) Wha’ did I tell ya abou’ tha’ ‘ready’ sh*t?

Roberto: Sorry. (Sees two men come around and aims for one’s head) Carl, take the one on the left. (Takes out the one on the right with a headshot)

Carl: (Tries to pulls the trigger, but the gun jams) sh*t, my gun jammed!

Roberto: (Looks at Carl’s M4 and then takes out Carl’s man) Un-jam it idiot! (to his left at Vic and Cesar, who are on the other side of the staircase) How are you doing?

Victor: (Runs over follows by Cesar) Taken down. (Looks at Carl hitting his gun) What’s wrong?

Carl: My gun jammed! (Throws it on the floor and hears a click) Ther’ we go! (Picks it up)

Roberto: (Hears tires squeal outside the mansion) All eyes on the front doors. (Runs around and onto the main staircase)

Carl: (Reloads his M4 and watches the front door carefully)

Roberto: (Sees Tommy slowly walk through the front doors, but hears him keep a calm tone)

Tommy: What’s going on here?

Roberto: (Lowers his gun and walks over to Tommy) You don’t’ surprised. I must have killed more than forty of your men.

Tommy: (Looks along the top wall above the grand staircase and sees bloodstains lining it) Well, I expected this. I knew you would come here and try to take me out.

Roberto: Try?

Tommy: Of course try. It’s not like you will actually succeed. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’ve got some work in my office I need to do. (Snaps his fingers and three men equipped with M60’s walk through the front doors and up behind Tommy) Kill him. (Walks up the bloody grand staircase and into his office)

Roberto: (Roberto’s eyes follow Tommy up to the office, but then Roberto turns and looks at the men with the M60’s) This is really unfair. You got M60s.

Man 1: You got an M60. (Looks at Carl) And he has a rocket launcher.

Cesar: Yeah, but you three have… (Shoots one of the men in the leg with the shotgun) Run!

Carl: (Runs up the grand staircase dodging the bullets flying at him and then he turns around with the RPG ready to fire) Run! (Waits until Roberto, Vic, and Cesar all jump out of the way before firing the rocket)

Roberto: (Jumps and tumbles on the floor and hears an ear piercing explosion sending him ten feet across the floor)

Carl: (Stands waiting for the dust to settle before falling to the floor from a blow to the back of the head)

Roberto: (Roberto gets up and sees Tommy with a baseball bat in his hands. He then sees Carl’s body slowly falling down the stairs) Come on Tommy, was that your best?

Tommy: (Scowls at Roberto) You will pay for this!

Roberto: (Looks behind himself and sees 8-Ball limping out of a room) 8-Ball!

8-Ball: (Limps over to Roberto) What’s…going…on?

Roberto: (Hands him the M4) It’s what we have been waiting for… (Walks over to the base of the stairs and looks up at Tommy) This is it Tommy!

8-Ball: (Limps over to Roberto and holds the M4 pointed at Tommy)

Tommy: Shoot me then! Do it!

Roberto: (Looks at 8-Ball) Aim for his legs…

8-Ball: (Turns his head and looks at Roberto) I’m sorry…

Roberto: What?

8-Ball: (Beats Roberto with the end of the M4) I’m sorry Roberto. This is the big times. This is business.

Roberto: (Shakes his head and watches as 8-Ball slowly walks towards Tommy) You sold us out…

8-Ball: (Turns around and walks back towards Roberto) No, I sold YOU out, Roberto, I sold YOU out. (Turns back around and walks up to Tommy) So, what are you going to do?

Tommy: (Picks up the bat and hits 8-Ball in the stomach with it) I’m killing you…

8-Ball: (Bends over and tries to catch his breath) Why…?

Tommy: I can’t trust you… (Swings one more time and hits 8-Ball in the face causing 8-Ball to fly down the stairs and land five feet away from Roberto) And now you…

Victor: (Sees Tommy walking down the stairs with the bat in his head) “Oh no he doesn’t…” (Opens fire on Tommy)

Tommy: (Ducks and runs back up the stairs) Holy sh*t! (Runs along the balcony and into a stairwell leading to the roof)

Victor: (Runs up the grand staircase and follows Tommy into the stairwell)

Roberto: (Slowly gets up rub his head) God… (Looks over at Cesar and runs) Cesar, you okay?

Cesar: I’m alright holmes. Go get Tommy…

Roberto: (Runs up the grand staircase and up to the roof to find Tommy trying to take off in his Maverick) sh*t! (Hears a shotgun go off and Tommy jumps out of the flaming Maverick) Vic…

Tommy: (Runs away from the Maverick just as it explodes) sh*t! (Dives onto the floor and slowly gets up)

Victor: (Walks over with his shotgun in his hand) This is the end Tommy…

Tommy: (Looks at Vic then the shotgun then Roberto standing watching) Help me…

Roberto: (Stays standing still arguing whether to save him or not, but it is too late)

Victor: (Blows one of Tommy’s legs off with the shotgun)

Tommy: (Hops on his remaining foot over the edge of the roof) sh*t!

Roberto: (Roberto hears a ripping and tearing noise and runs over to the edge he fell over. He sees a few shingles missing from where Tommy slid across the roof. He then sees Tommy laying inside the Feltzer he arrived in. The convertible top cushioned his fall)

Victor: (Slowly walks over to the edge and sees Tommy lying in the car) Well, mission accomplished.

Roberto: (Turns around and starts to head back into the mansion) Let’s get out of here.

Friday May 28th, 2007. 12:01 P.M.
The sun is at it’s peak in sunny Vice City. Summer is starting and kids are getting out of school. Women in bikinis walk along the beach trying to be picked up by men who have no chance with them. Vice City is at it’s finest after the winter fiasco. Tommy Vercetti, once king pin of Vice City, is starting to wake up from his three month coma. His arms are in casts and his remaining leg is in a cast also. He looks around the pale white hospital room and sees a man sitting across the room in a chair. The man is dressed is baggy blue jeans and white t-shirt. Tommy recognizes him immediately.

Tommy: What are you doing here? Haven’t you cause me enough pain?

Roberto: (Gets up and walks over to Tommy) You’re awake finally. I’ve been waiting here for weeks now. How are you?

Tommy: What do you want?

Roberto: Nothing. I just wanted to see if you were still alive after what happened.

Tommy: Why? Why did you have to do all this? You ruined everything, everything!

Roberto: I guess, your time was up. You’ve had Vice City ever since ’86. I guess it was time for someone else. (Pulls out a cigarette and lights it) Want one?

Tommy: (Looks at the cigarette packet and then at Roberto) No thanks. What do you mean?

Roberto: You’re right. These things can kill you.

Tommy: Stop changing the subject! Why is my time up! I could have run this city right until my death!

Roberto: It was your arrogance that lead to your demise. (Walks over to the window and looks out over the city)

Tommy: Stop being abstract. Tell me up front!

Roberto: (Walks back over to Tommy and blows a cloud of smoke into the air) Well, deep down inside, I think I wanted to run Vice City, but you were in the way.

Tommy: You could have asked! I would have let you have some part in it! When I died, I would have left it to you!

Roberto: That’s too easy Tommy. I needed a challenge. Anyways, I got to go Tommy; Kelsey’s waiting for me downstairs. (Remembers something) Oh yeah, I’m just proposed to her. We’re getting married soon. Hope you don’t mind.

Tommy: (Looks away from Roberto) Just leave. You’ve taken my control, my daughter, and my life. Just get out of here. I never want to see you’re face again.

Roberto: (Takes one last puff of the cigarette) Don’t worry Tommy. You would never need to see me again.

Tommy: (Realizes the point of the visit) Wait!

Roberto: (Flicks the cigarette in the air and watches as it lands on Tommy’s chest) Adios. (Walks out of the room)

Tommy: (Looks at the cigarette as it slowly starts to scorch the hospital gown and starts to try to blow it out) He didn’t want that Victor character to kill me, he wanted to do it himself… (Stops blowing) Maybe my time is up… (Remembers back to the old days of ’86) I’m not as young as I used to be. I’m not as tough as I used to be. I can never get past that. It took Roberto to make me realize this. (Closes his eyes)

Kelsey: (Sees Roberto walk out of the hospital) So, how’d it go?

Roberto: (Walks over to Kelsey who is leaning on his old Bullet) It went okay. (Gets into the driver’s seat)

Kelsey: (Sees smoke starting to come out of a hospital room) So… (Gets into the Bullet) Will he be able to make it to our wedding?

Roberto: (Looks over at Kelsey and gives her a kiss on the cheek) Of course… (Drives off to his new home, the once home of king pin Tommy Vercetti)

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Posted 08 October 2006 - 05:37 PM

That is one of my favorite chapters now, worthy enough to be read again and again and again.
Like I always say, Excellent job!
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icon14.gif icon14.gif icon14.gif

I cannot wait to see what the next "Saga" has in store!

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Posted 08 October 2006 - 08:13 PM


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Posted 08 October 2006 - 08:33 PM

great chapter dude! icon14.gif

cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

....waiting for 3rd saga..... rah.gif

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Posted 08 October 2006 - 08:50 PM

I'm speachless. I just can't wait what's in store for the next saga. Here's a boatload of cookies.
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You have so much cookies, that you can even sell some. sarcasm.gif

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Posted 08 October 2006 - 09:38 PM

Poor Tommy, But he had it comin

Great chapter, You going to go right into the Third Saga or give it a break?

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Posted 09 October 2006 - 03:07 AM

great f*ckin chapter man
can't wait for the third sage but do you really need to end this story you should keep on doin it

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Posted 10 October 2006 - 12:06 PM

wow just... wow
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Posted 13 October 2006 - 08:09 PM Edited by Gaja 90, 13 October 2006 - 08:12 PM.

Congratulations Cuban you have writen the best story I have read so far icon14.gif
It took me 3 days to read all 50 chapters
At the begining I thought Mr. Gray was Donald Love.
Anyway great story cool.gif

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Posted 13 October 2006 - 10:45 PM

Here it is...the introduction to the next saga. You will be shocked. You will be amused. You will still be shocked afterwards! Here it is...CHAPTER 51.

Chapter 51: The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

Sunday May 31st, 2007. 2:04 P.M.
Roberto is lying on a pool raft inside his new indoor pool of his Estate wearing a white tank top and swimming shorts. He hasn’t named the Estate yet. He thinks about keeping it the Vercetti Estate for his soon to be wife and for the man who raised him. This is the first time Roberto has actually ever had time to relax. This has been his first day off since it all began. Kelsey is swimming laps in the pool, wearing her new bikini Roberto bought her after the hospital visit. Cesar is seen coming down covered in motor oil.

Cesar: (Walks over to the pool’s edge) Hey man. You’re Bullet is all fixed up. That thing flies now man.

Roberto: (Lowers his sun glasses and looks over at Cesar) Cool, I’ll be right there.

Cesar: (Walks back to the front of the Estate)

Roberto: (Slowly pushes the raft over to Kelsey) Hey baby, I’ll be right back, got to check on my car. (Roberto paddles over to the pool steps and walks to the front on the Estate where he sees Carl bouncing in the new Remington’s hydraulics Roberto got him. The bass in the car is loud and shakes the ground as Roberto nears closer. Roberto has to nearly yell to get his attention) How’s the car Carl!?

Carl: (Lowers the volume and turns the hydraulics off) This thang is tha sh*t. How much it cost ya?

Roberto: Nothing.

Carl: So how’d ya…oh…

Roberto: Yeah… (Laughs and walks over to Cesar) So, how much horsepower does the baby got?

Cesar: Man, this thing has four hundred horses under the hood. This thing is going to fly!

Roberto: (Looks into the hood and sees the chrome glinting) Want to test this baby?

Cesar: I’ve been waiting for you to say that holmes. (Throws the keys over to Roberto)

Roberto: (Looks over at Carl who is back with the volume turned up and bouncing) Lets go. (Gets into the car with Cesar and drives off) Damn, this thing is fast. (Taps the acceleration and feels the car lunge forward)

Cesar: This baby can go from zero to ninety in four seconds flat. (The car starts to vibrate and a beeping noise is spreading through the car)

Roberto: (Looks over the wheel and sees a red light flashing) How much miles to a tank of gas does this do?

Cesar: (Thinks for a few seconds) Don’t know.

Roberto: Because I remember filling this baby up, and now it’s out of gas…any ideas?

Cesar: (Sits thinking and remembers his idea) Oh yeah! Carl wanted to see this cool trick with gas and fire that I do… (Looks at Roberto’s face) Uh…never mind…

Roberto: (Looks at Cesar and then starts for the nearest gas station in Old Little Havana) So, when is Kendl coming down?

Cesar: Sending her down in a week. She’s been wanting to come down here for the longest time though.

Roberto: You think Sweet’s going to come down?

Cesar: Sweet? Naw man. He’s staying over there. He’s all about the family over there. He won’t leave for nothing.

Roberto: Really? He left when Carl asked him to help me out a while ago.

Cesar: Well, Carl must have had to do something big to do that. You should thank him.

Roberto: Maybe I should. (Pulls into a Libom gas station which seems to be empty) I’ll pump. (Gets out, swipes his new credit card, and starts pumping gas)

Cesar: (Hears a bell ringing and looks into the mini-mart apart of the gas station) What’s that ringing?

Roberto: (Sees two people burst out of the door with masks over their heads and two bags full of something) Robbers. Amateurs…

Cesar: Should we stop them?

Roberto: (Starts to examine one and notices it’s a female with a male) Don’t know. (Notices the female look over and run) I think she’s going to try to steal my car…

Female Robber: (Drops the bag a few feet away from the Bullet and looks at Roberto then into the car at Cesar) You, get out of the car.

Roberto: (Looks over at the female) That isn’t his car, it’s mine.

Female Robber: (Pulls out a switchblade and holds it up to Roberto’s throat) ¿Qué dijo usted?

Roberto: (Recognizes the voice and smiles) Do I know you?

Female Robber: (Kicks Roberto in the balls and throws Cesar out of the car) Muévalo! (Calls for the male robber) Oye, Francisco!

Roberto: (Stays on the ground and looks at the male robber jumps into the Bullet) What, no ‘I’m Sorry’?

Female Robber: (Drives off and back so the driver’s seat is facing Roberto on the floor and she looks at him) I hear you've been a busy boy. Well I've been a busy girl. Adios amigo. (Peels out and drives off)

Roberto: (Slowly gets up and wipes himself off) How rude. I left her pouring her heart out in the hospital and all she does is take my car and drive off.

Cesar: Why did she seem so familiar? (Stands up next to Roberto)

Roberto: Well it wouldn’t matter if I told you. We won’t be seeing much of her anyway. (Hears a tire screeching in the distance and a crash) Oh…they ran out of gas… (Hears screaming and Spanish cursing) How far do you think they got?

Cesar: I say no more than five to ten hundred feet.

Roberto: Want to go check it out?

Cesar: (Looks down the road and sees pedestrians running towards a smoke cloud) Might as well.

Roberto: (Starts running with Cesar right behind him and finally reaches the crashed Bullet) It’s a wreck! (Roberto starts to examine the Bullet. The front end is completely gone from the crash into the building. A giant chunk of cement is lying on the roof of the Bullet. Roberto sees a dead bosy in the passenger seat, and an empty driver’s seat) Well, she made it out alive. Mr. Francisco over here didn’t though.

Cesar: (Looks around the wreck and sees someone pushing their way out of the crowd of over thirty pedestrians) You think that’s her?

Roberto: (Sees the woman running straight down the sidewalk and into the distance) Of course. Who else would it be? (Looks at the car) Now, what about my car…?

Cesar: Well, there’s no helping it now. This thing is wrecked.

Roberto: (Puts his hand on Cesar’s shoulder) I’m sure you can fix it. I’ll meet you back at home. (Starts to walk through the crowd and towards the estate)

Cesar: (Watches Roberto leave, and then the VCPD arrive at the scene of the accident)

Officer: (Pushes his way through the crowd and sees Cesar) Hey you, what happened here?

Cesar: (Looks at the officer) You want the truth or something you want to hear?

Officer: Shut your mouth and tell me what happened.

Cesar: Well, a friend and I were driving this here car when all of sudden we realize it’s out of gas. We stop by the gas station down the street to grab some, but there was a robbery in progress. So they stole our car, which was still empty, and I guess lost control and drove it into the building.

Officer: (Looks into the car and then back at Cesar) You say ‘they’, I see one person.

Cesar: Yeah, I think the female robber ran off.

Pedestrian: I can vouch for that! (Pushes his way through the crowd and over to the officer) She had some cuts and bruises all over her. She was bloody and shoved past everyone. She whispered something under her breath, but I couldn’t hear it. All I know is it was a strong Columbian accent.

Officer: Damn, her again? This is the tenth time she’s done some small robbery or petty crime. She’s been doing this for weeks.

Cesar: Really? Do you have a name or description?

Officer: We only know that she’s Columbian, has dark, long hair and is very tough to catch. (Flips his small notepad shut and looks at Cesar) So, is this your car?

Cesar: My friends.

Officer: Well, we have to confiscate this. We need to wipe this thing down for any evidence.

Cesar: Fine. I’ll run it by my friend.

Officer: (Ignores Cesar and starts to wave his arms in the air) Alright people, nothing to see here! Go back to your life…if you have one.

Tourist: (Yelling from the back) Hey, I heard that!

Officer: Oh really? What are you going to do about it!

Tourist: Nothing… (Walks away from the scene along with everyone else)

Officer: (Looks at Cesar) Didn’t I just tell you to leave.

Cesar: This is my friend’s car though.

Officer: No, this is the VCPD evidence and if you don’t leave this crime scene, I’ll have you escorted out or arrested.

Cesar: Fine, pendejo… (Walks down the sidewalk towards the estate)

Officer: (Stands there watching Cesar walk away) Hey…what did you call me?! (Turns around and looks at the car wreck)

Cesar: (Continues walking and feels a hand clamp around his mouth and pull him into a dark alley)

Woman: What are you doing down here Cesar!

Cesar: (Recognizes the voice) Catalina?! What are you doing here! Are you the robber!

Catalina: Why are you hanging out with that lousy puto Roberto. He’s nothing but trouble. (Starts to pace the alley) He left me to die in the hospital!

Cesar: You? He wouldn’t do that to my cousin.

Catalina: He did! And he ran off with some white chicka. He chose a white woman over me!

Cesar: Well, that doesn’t sound like him.

Catalina: I didn’t think it was either! I thought he loved me! But no, he is like every other man out there. I was bleeding to death and all he did was walk right past me with that woman!

Cesar: Well, if you were bleeding to death, he might have thought it was too late and just left.

Catalina: (Her face starts to boil red) What!? Are you siding with him!? I thought you were my cousin!? (Pulls out the switchblade and presses it against Cesar’s throat)

Cesar: (Backs up into the wall and feels the knife press up against his throat) Take it easy. I am your cousin. I thought you were mine, but I don’t think cousins hold knives to each others necks.

Catalina: As long as you are sided with him, I am not your cousin!

Cesar: You’re overreacting.

Catalina: I know where he lives. I assume you live with him, so if within the next few hours you are still with him, you can think of yourself as dead along with your new best friend! (Presses a button and the knife retracts) I hope you make the right decision. (Walks out of the alley and runs away)

Cesar: (Watches Catalina run out of the alley) This can not be good. (Pulls out his cell phone and calls Roberto) Hey, guess who I ran into?

Roberto: Who?

Cesar: Take a guess.

Roberto: BJ Smith.

Cesar: No…

Roberto: Candy Suxx?

Cesar: No, my cousin Catalina, and she ain’t too happy with you.

Roberto Oh really, why’s that?

Cesar: She said you don’t care about her.

Roberto: I cared about her. The thing is, I thought she died. I mean, if you’re lying on the floor with blood pouring out of you, you just assume they’re gone.

Cesar: True. Anyways, she just told me that since I’m your friend, she is going to kill me. Can you believe that? Just because of some small incident, I’m dragged in.

Roberto: Well, you are her cousin, and you’re best friends with someone she wants to kill.

Cesar: True. She also seems to not like Kelsey. So keep a close eye on her.

Roberto: Don’t worry, I’m running up to the estate gates now. I’ll see you soon Cesar,

Cesar: Alright. (Hangs up and walks out of the alley) “Things are going to get really bad around here. I just hope Roberto can handle this.” (Walks off to the estate full of worry for Roberto and his cousin Catalina)

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I knew it was going to be Catalina.

Great opening to the 3rd Saga. cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

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She doesn't kill so easy, does she. Good job.

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Another great chapter...

Saga 3=awesome!
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Argh, that f*ckin slut!

Why can't she just die biggrin.gif Great chapter, It made me laugh alot, Can't wait for 52.

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Posted 15 October 2006 - 05:53 AM

Why won't she die!! die.gif

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great chapter man

Catalina lives yet agian
why won't she die

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Posted 18 October 2006 - 01:18 AM

Catalina is STILL alive!?

I really hope that somebody slits her throat and pisses on her corpse in this saga! devil.gif

Anyways, great start to the new saga!
I'm sure it will be the most action packed saga yet!
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Yeah, she's still alive. Makes great story plot. Anyways, short chapter. What I was planning after this one would have made this too long and last forever so I cut it up. Here you go.

Chapter 52: Getting Tired?

Sunday May 31st, 2007. 2:31 P.M.
Cesar is finally arriving at the estate and finds Roberto leaning against Carl’s new Remington. The baby blue paint shines brightly and almost blinds Cesar as he walks over to Roberto. Roberto’s face is calm and serene and has a cigarette in his mouth. Roberto flicks the cigarette away and meets Cesar a few feet from the Remington.

Roberto: (Looks to his left and right) So, she really has it in for me, doesn’t she?

Cesar: Yeah, she didn’t seem to happy with you. I know my cousin is violent and all, but she usually isn’t one to hold grudges.

Roberto: (Chuckles) I find that really hard to believe. (Looks Cesar in the eyes) So, what are we going to do about her?

Cesar: Not too sure. I don’t really think she is a threat. I mean, I think she lost control of the Cartel after the incident in Liberty back in ’01.

Roberto: ’01? What happened in ’01?

Cesar: Some muchacho she was going out with launched a rocket propelled grenade at the chopper she was in for revenge. She barely made it out alive. The chopper went straight into the water and exploded seconds after impact. On impact, she got out and swam as far deep as she could. As you can tell, she made it.

Roberto: (Remembers back to the day he met Catalina and the car drive to the club) It wouldn’t happen to be Claude Speed, would it?

Cesar: Now that I think about it, I think that was his name. How did you know?

Roberto: I had a running with him.

Cesar: Well, what happened?

Roberto: Well, he had a nice trip down to Liberty. (Chuckles)

Cesar: I don’t get it?

Roberto: Don’t worry about it. (Hears an engine rumbling and the sound of metal shattering) Well, that isn’t too good…

Cesar: (Sees a giant blue pick-up truck pull up to them and a woman steps out) Hey, I thought I had a few hours.

Roberto: (Recognizes the car) Hey, I didn’t know you had control over the Cartel…

Catalina: (Walks up to Roberto and Cesar with a MP5 in hand) Well, now you know what you’re dealing with.

Roberto: Guess so. (Looks at three men step out of the truck dressed in floral-printed shirts with what looks like cowboys hats) So, what brings you down here to my neck of the woods?

Catalina: (Looks over at Roberto) You know exactly what. (In a catty response)

Roberto: Would it be because of me leaving in the hospital that day?

Catalina: No, it was because you didn’t buy me flowers and told me you loved me. (Scoffs) Of course it was that you pendejo.

Roberto: (Rolls his eyes and looks at Cesar) So, how long you going to be here for Catalina?

Catalina: The question isn’t how long I will be here, but how long until you get out of here.

Roberto: (Looks back over at Catalina) What?

Catalina: That’s right, I’m taking over your little business you have here.

Roberto: What business? I haven’t started anything yet.

Catalina: Exactly! You’re letting this prime city for drug dealing and weapon dealing go to waste. So now, I’m taking over.

Roberto: You think it’s that easy? You just come up here and demand to take over and kick me out?

Catalina: (Motions for the men to raise their guns at Roberto and Cesar) That is exactly what I am planning.

Victor: (Runs out in a bathing suit and sees Catalina with the three men with guns pointed at Roberto and Cesar) I guess I’m interrupting something important. I better go…

Catalina: (Motions for one of the men to point a gun at Victor) No, you’re just in time, why don’t you come over here…

Victor: (Slowly walks over and joins Roberto and Cesar, each of them with a gun pointed to their face) So…what’s going on?

Catalina: We were discussing my take over. Now, if you and your little ‘gang’ can get out of here within the next ten minutes, then we won’t have any trouble.

Roberto: (Keeps a calm face) And what if we decide to resist?

Catalina: You are in no position to resist. Now get moving. (Turns around and says something to the men in Spanish and looks back at Roberto) Now, each of my men will follow you and time you. If within ten minutes your at not gone, I have given them permission to kill you. Now hurry up.

Roberto: (Turns around and walks into the estate with Cesar, Vic, and three men following them in) Now, I wasn’t expecting this. (Looks at Vic) Vic, you get Kelsey and drive off and meet me at Escobar. (Looks at Cesar) You go and get Carl.

Cesar: And you?

Roberto: (Looks at the man behind himself and then back at Cesar) I need to go grab some clothes. I mean, I’m not leaving Vice in my bathing suit and a tank top. (Grins and walks up the grand staircase while listening to the footsteps of Catalina’s man behind him) So, can you speak English?

Cartel Member: (Holds the MP5 up to Roberto’s back) Only a little bit mang.

Roberto: (Starts to walk down a long hallway to the master bedroom) So, how much control does she have over the Cartel?

Cartel Member: She’s our leader mang.

Roberto: (Roberto reaches the bedroom and grabs the doorknob which is open. He turns around and looks at the Cartel Member) The doorknob is jammed. It does this all the time! Would you mind forcing it open?

Cartel Member: (Shoves past Roberto and grabs the doorknob and easily opens it) Hey, this wasn’t jammed…

Roberto: (Puts his hands on both sides of the Cartel’s head, breaks his neck and gently lays him on the floor) Too easy… (Takes the gun, drags the body into the room, and throws him into the walk in closet) Now, I have to change my clothes. (He walks into the closet and makes his way around the body putting on a black collar shirt with random red, white, and gray stripes going across it. He slips on a pair of baggy blue jeans and hears a gun click behind his head)

Catalina: (Shoves the gun up against the back of Roberto’s skull) I told you, you weren’t in any position to resist…

Roberto: (Starts to slowly turn around and is looking into a gun barrel) Well, I couldn’t help myself.

Catalina: You know what happens now?

Roberto: Um, maybe?

Catalina: What?

Victor: (Runs up behind Catalina with a bat and beats her in the back of the head) Let’s go before more of her back up arrives.

Roberto: (Makes his way around Catalina’s body and sees Kelsey waiting at the bedroom doorway) Back-up?

Victor: I was talking to the guy she sent to check up on me and he was saying something about back-up arriving soon.

Roberto: sh*t. Let’s go find Cesar and Carl. It’s dangerous here in Vice…again.

Victor: Why are we leaving? We can run down to the cellar and grab the M4’s and sh*t. Take them down like Tommy’s men.

Roberto: I know, but I just don’t want to deal with this now. I mean, I’m getting married for Christ’s sake! I’m suppose to start to give up all this random killing and sh*t. Plus, even if we did finish them off, it’s not like they’ll stop. Tommy’s men, that’s easy. They are set down here in Vice and were easy to take down. The Cartel are all over. They can keep sending more and more. The best we can do is just leave and let them take over.

Victor: (Stares at Roberto seriously) Well, that doesn’t sound like the Roberto that I used to work with.

Roberto: (Shoves past Victor and looks out the window to see four Cartel trucks pulling up in front of the estate) We better leave now… (Walks out of the room, grabbing Kelsey by the wrist and dragging her down the grand stairs and around the corner into a corridor that leads to the back)

Cesar: (Meets Roberto in the back with Carl) I just saw four truck pull up ese. They have about five men in each. What are we going to do?

Roberto: We are left only to run.

Carl: How do you plan to do this?

Roberto: (Roberto looks to his right and sees a door that is marked ‘Jetty’ which leads to and underground chamber that holds Tommy’s boats) We’ll take Tommy’s boat. (Roberto walks right through the door dragging Kelsey and followed by Vic, Carl, and Cesar. He walks down a few steps and finds a boat floating in the water. It looks like it came from the eighties. It was the ’86 Cuban Jetmax Tommy stole back when he was starting his criminal empire) Wow, Tommy must have really liked this boat to have kept it this long. (Jumps in)

Carl: (Looks at the boat then at Roberto who is trying to start it up) Are ya sure this thang will work?

Roberto: (Tries to start it but fails) Yeah, I’ve driven it around a few times. (Tries again but fails) Come on baby, one more time. (tries again and finally hears the engine start to grumble) Get in. (Watches as everyone tries to fit into the back area of the boat) Ready?

Victor: Yeah, just get us out of here.

Roberto: (Throttles forward and exits the chamber and goes out onto the glittering water) Where to? (Hears gunfire from the estate and turns around to see four Cartel members shooting at the Jetmax)

Cesar: As far from here as you can.

Roberto: As if I hadn’t heard that before. (Looks forward and swerves from and oncoming boat) Like where?

Cesar: Well where can we go?

Roberto: Lets see, the Cartel have a small presence in Liberty City still, Carcer City may have them, but I’m not too sure, Capitol City is crawling with them, Los Santos is populated by them, Las Venturas has a small amount, but San Fierro doesn’t have any that I can think of.

Victor: Are we going to San Fierro.

Roberto: (Makes a swerve to his left and starts heading northwest) Obviously.

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Posted 18 October 2006 - 09:57 PM

Nice chapter, dude.

*"Are You Going to San Fierro?"*

Maybe we'll see the Truth (if he's still alive) and Woozie.

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Nice work.

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Posted 18 October 2006 - 11:22 PM

Nice chapter, Cuban. cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

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Posted 18 October 2006 - 11:27 PM

Another great chapter biggrin.gif Keep it up, Roberto

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Posted 20 October 2006 - 12:10 AM

great chapter man

cant wait for 53

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Posted 25 October 2006 - 10:09 AM

Thanks for the comments. I'm gonna start auctioning off my cookies because I have soo many. Bidding can start now.

Chapter 53: Hot Action Party Fever

Sunday May 31st, 2007. 8:59 P.M.
Roberto is patrolling the northern coast of San Fierro looking for anything that resembles a dock or a place to anchor the boat. He fails to find any docks and anchors the boat at Battery Point. He steps off the boat along with everyone else and shivers as a cool breeze passes through the air. The air chills Roberto’s bones and sends a wave of paralysis through his body.

Roberto: Damn, it’s cold here. (Turns around and looks at Carl and Cesar) So, since you two live here in San Andreas, you know a place to stay at?

Carl: I used ta own a few houses back in ’92. Don’ know if they still there.

Roberto: (Looks around and sees a building that is glowing purple and music is emanating from it) Well, where are we?

Carl: (Looks at the building) That place looks like that Jizzy man’s club back in’92.

Roberto: You think he might let us stay with him?

Carl: (Laughs) Hes dead. Killed ‘im back in ’92.

Roberto: How unfortunate. What now?

Victor: Hey Carl, didn’t you say you owned a few places?

Carl: Ya, but I don’ know if they’re still ther’.

Victor: Why don’t we check them out?

Roberto: We need a car…

Victor: (Looks at the building that once belonged to Jizzy) Why don’t we go and jack one of the cars parked there?

Roberto: (Looks around and starts walking toward the buildings parking lot) So, Carl, where’s this place you live?

Carl: (Catches up to Roberto) Tha closest one is in I think Juniper Hill.

Roberto: (Reaches the parking lot and sees about five cars parked) Which one do you guys want?

Victor: (Looks around and sees two men dressed in black standing at the doorway into the building) Looks exclusive.

Roberto: (Looks over at Vic then at the men) Yeah, like we’ll be able to get in. (Looks back at the parking lot) Now, which car do you want?

Victor: (Looks around the parking lot) None, they all suck. (Looks back at the men) Now I want to go in.

Roberto: Come on. How would we get in if it’s exclusive?

Victor: Well yeah, but you’ve just been screwed over by an ex. Don’t you feel somewhat anxious to relax?

Roberto: (Looks Vic in the eyes) What’s happened to you Vic? You used to be a tough marine, but now all you care about is relaxing and ladies.

Victor: Hey! (Walks over to Roberto and looks him dead in the eye) I am still just as tough as I was back then…

Roberto: Look at you… You’re fifty years old. You’re about as useful as Tommy.

Victor: (Keeps his stare fixated on Roberto’s eyes and comes so close they can feel each other’s breath) Don’t you ever compare me to him…

Roberto: You’re right…you’re not good enough to be compared to him. At least he was decent enough to stick up for himself and fight for what he believed in. All you did was run away when you found out he killed your brother. Now get out of my face… (Shoves Vic away from himself)

Victor: (Takes a few steps back and looks at Roberto) No body pushes me around! (Runs back over to Roberto and punches him across the cheek)

Roberto: (Takes one step back and tastes blood inside his mouth) That’s more like it… (Clenches his fist and beats knocks the wind out of Vic with one punch to the stomach)

Cesar: (Gets in between Roberto and Vic) Stop fighting you two…

Bouncer 1: (Runs over to where Roberto and Vic were fighting) What’s going on here!

Roberto: (Looks at the bouncer and wipes the bloods off his lips with his arm) Nothing, just playing around…

Bouncer 1: Didn’t look like you two were playing around…

Roberto: We’re okay anyway. We were on our ways anyways.

Victor: (Looks over at Roberto and sees Roberto staring at himself) No, I think I’ll stay. (Looks at the bouncer) How exclusive is this club?

Bouncer 1: (Looks at Vic ho is still trying to catch his breath) Well, tonight been kind of slow. I think I can slip you in.

Roberto: (Looks over at Kelsey, Carl and Cesar and tries to whisper so Vic can’t hear him) I want you guys to take me around this building and make it looks like I went with you to your house. I’m going to keep an eye on Vic. (Turns back around) Suit yourself Vic. Lets go. (Walks into the parking lot and randomly chooses a car) We’ll pick you up later tonight Vic. (Grabs the driver’s door handle to a locked car and breaks the handle and hears the alarm go off)

Carl: (Looks at Roberto with his eyes coming out of the sockets) You crazy?!

Roberto: (Looks over at the bouncer who is reaching into his jacket for presumably a gun) Sorry! Let me just… (Bends into the car and pulls the wires that make the alarm go off) I never keep the keys that turn off the alarm on me…

Bouncer 1: (Stops in place and looks Roberto over) You look familiar?

Roberto: I get that a lot you know… (Looks at everyone else) Alright, get in the car. (Gets into the drivers seat and slams the door shut)

Kelsey: (Gives the bouncer a big smile and walks briskly over to the passenger seat) Nice to meet you! (Quickly gets into the seat and starts talking to Roberto) That was too close!

Roberto: (Hotwires the car and waits until Carl and Cesar are inside the car before pulling out) So, I’m going to pull over here. (Follows the road about five hundred feet away from the club before turning off all the lights and slowly getting out) I’ll call you when to pick me up. Pick me up at this spot so when we pick up Vic, he never suspects I followed him.

Kelsey: (Slides from the passenger seat into the driver’s seat) Just be careful.

Roberto: Don’t worry. (Crouches and runs over to the building so he can see around and check if Vic has entered) Come on, hurry up… (Watches Vic walks through the doors and the body guards stand at the doors) Alright, now I have to get in… (Looks around and sees a backdoor behind the club) Bingo… (Stays crouched a makes his way to the door keeping out of the guard’s sight) sh*t, locked… (Shakes the door knob and then hears footsteps coming from inside) Oh sh*t! (Jumps up and runs behind the door with his back to the wall)

Chef: (Opens the door and walks out) Damn, I need a break… (Wipes his sleeve across his sweaty brow)

Roberto: (Comes up behind the chef and breaks his neck in one motion) Hope they didn’t hear that. (Puts the white robes over his clothes and puts on the chef hat) “How dorky…”(Straightens the sleeves out) Incognito… (Drags the body into the back room and slowly shuts the door) Hide him…but where? (Sees the freezer and throws the body in there) Now, to keep and eye on Vic. (Walks through the kitchen and watches all the chef and food preps eye him) “Are they onto me?” (Continues walking through and finally reaches the double doors leading into the main club) “Finally.” (Walks through and is immediately stopped by a man in a black suit)

Guard: Sorry, chefs are not allowed into the main club.

Roberto: (Looks around for Vic but can’t find him) Are you sure?

Guard: Protocol.

Roberto: Alright… (Walks back into the kitchen and finds a short, portly man staring up at him)

Head Chef: Who are you!

Roberto: I’m…the…new guy.

Head Chef: You! You are not new! I do not remember hiring you!

Roberto: (Tries to push past the man but is forced to stand still) Hey move it.

Head Chef: (His face turns blood red and he breaks out yelling) Do you know who I am!?

Roberto: Does it look like I care? (Points to his face and shoves past the man)

Head Chef: That’s it, you’re fired!

Roberto: (Walking away and into a small room in the back) Good! (Slams the door shut and finds himself inside a stairwell) Well, wonder where this goes? (Takes off the robe and hat and throws them on the floor. He then runs up stairwell and up to the first door he finds) “How many floors was that?” (Looks down the stairwell then opens the door to see he is on the third floor) Third. (Pokes his head out and makes sure the coast is clear before slowly sliding out) Now, for Vic. (Walks around the third floor and looks over the balcony listening to the hip hop music going on) This some good music. (Starts to sing along to the song ‘California Love’ by Tupac and Dr. Dre) California…knows how to party. California…knows how to party. In the citaaay of L.A. In the citaaay of good ol’ Watts. In the citaaay of Compton. We keep it rockin’! We keep it rockin’! (Feels somebody shove him and he almost falls over the railing)

Man: (Looks over at Roberto who is hanging onto the railing) Boy, watch where you’re standing in my club!

Roberto: (Turns around and looks the man in the eye) Why I ought to…

Man: (Looks at Roberto and the two bodyguards on both his sides slowly step forward) You ought to what?

Roberto: (Looks at each bodyguard then at the man) Nothing sir…

Man: Do I know you from somewhere?

Roberto: No…no you don’t.

Man: Yeah I do…but from where?

Roberto: I just have one of those faces. Now if you’ll excuse me… (Tries to walk past the man but is stopped by one of the bodyguards)

Man: Oh yeah! I remember you back from high school in Vice City!

Roberto: (Looks at the man with confusion) Really?

Man: Oh my god! (Opens his arms and walks over to Roberto) Roberto! How have you been!

Roberto: Holy sh*t, Steven Alami!

Steven: (Gives Roberto a big hug) What have you been doing?! I’ve seen all this sh*t going down. I mean, you’ve killed the Don of that Vercetti gang. The Don of the Leone gang, What next? The Columbian Cartel!

Roberto: (Chuckles) Yeah. (Laughs) The Columbian Cartel…

Steven: So what brings you all the way over to San Fierro!

Roberto: Nothing, I’m just ‘stressed’ out.

Steven: (Turns around and looks at the bodyguards) Get out of here! Can’t you see I’m catching up with a good friend of mine!

Roberto: (Watches the bodyguards leave) Enough of my small escapades, what happened to you!? Last thing I remember you were always in trouble and failing school. Next thing I see, you’re the owner of a night club! What happened?

Steven: Things happened after high school that really helped me out. After that incident back in sophomore year when I ran off to Liberty away from my dad, sh*t happened. Made connections!

Roberto: I can see!

Steven: Ever since I left my dad, my life’s been great! I get chicks without even looking at them, I get money from who knows where, and I own so much more real estate than this club. It’s like I’m the next Donald Love!

Roberto: I hear you. So, you have a steady girlfriend?

Steven: (Laughs) No way! Look at me! I own a night club! Why have a girlfriend when I can just walk around and have a huge orgy with any woman I want.

Roberto: Yeah, you’re good looking enough.

Steven: Damn right I am! What about you? Any girl for you?

Roberto: Aside from the few girls that have come in and out of my life, I am getting married.

Steven: (Takes a seat in a nearby table) Well look at you, getting married. Never would have thought of the day!

Roberto: (Sits in the chair across from Steven) Yeah, surprise is it’s the Vercetti’s Don’s daughter.

Steven: (His eyes widen) Ho…ly sh*t! Her?! I’ve seen her on the T.V. she is a catch! How’d you manage that!?

Roberto: Too long of a story. (Hears glass shattering, moaning and people screaming) What was that!? (Looks over the edge of the balcony and sees Vic thrown over the bar and beaten up along with people running around haphazardly) Oh sh*t! Be right back! (Runs down the nearest stairs and down to the bar) “Oh sh*t, what the hell happened?!” (Jumps over the bar and bends down over Vic) What happened?!

Victor: (Slowly opens his eyes and looks at Roberto) I’m not as tough as I used to be…

Roberto: God damn it Vic! What’s going on?!

Victor: (Struggles to keep himself propped up against the bar wall) Here take this. (Hands Roberto a pistol) I managed to snatch it from a guard when I saw him walking in.

Roberto: Who?!

Man: (Walks over to the bar and puts a gun up to Roberto’s head) Roberto, como estas?

Roberto: (Slowly gets up making sure the man doesn’t see the pistol) Well, how did you manage to find us here…

Man: Well, it wasn’t really that I knew. I just happened to stumble onto you.

Steven: (Runs over with three bodyguards packed with MP5s) Roberto, who’s this?!

Roberto: (Shoves the pistol into his pant waist behind his back and sticks out his right hand telling the guards to stop) It’s an old friend. Just put the guns down…

Steven: (Looks at the guards and signals for them to keep their guns at the ready) Who is this…?

Man: (Keeps the pistol up against Roberto’s head) After what you did to Tommy. I never knew you had it in you. I thought you were trustworthy. I thought you were different.

Roberto: (Looks into the mans eyes) Who can you trust Juan? It’s hard to trust people anymore. It’s the twentieth century. People sell themselves out for drugs, money, and women.

Juan: I thought you were different…

Roberto: You thought wrong… (Reaches behind his back, pulls the pistol out, and points the gun to Juan’s head) Put the gun down Juan…

Juan: Roberto, Roberto…you continue to under estimate me.

Roberto: Juan, I know you too well. The worst you’ll do is put the gun down and threaten to kill me.

Juan: (Snaps his fingers with his free hands) That’s what I would do.

Roberto: (Watches a man walk into the club holding a mini-gun) Who the hell is that…?

Steven: (Looks at the guards) Two of you, cover him. (Looks at Juan) And you, get the hell out of my club!

Juan: (Ignores Steven and continues staring at Roberto) So what do you say?

Roberto: (Rolls his eyes) What do I say to what?

Juan: To stop being little children and put the guns down and talk like adults.

Roberto: (Looks at the man with the mini-gun then at Juan) Tell your man over there to drop his gun first.

Juan: Tell your friend and his guards to drop their guns first.

Roberto: (Stares Juan in the eyes and looks over at Steven) Drop them.

Steven: (Looks at the man with the mini-gun then at Roberto) You crazy?! He goes first!

Juan: (Finally responds to Steven) Please you go first. I’m getting very anxious.

Steven: (Looks at Juan and lowers his gun) Fine, now he has to lower his…

Juan: (Snaps his fingers and the man with the mini-gun opens fire on everyone) Like you said, no body can be trusted…

Roberto: (Ducks behind the bar and sees rounds after rounds of bullets plow into the bar wall) Well, that didn’t work out. (Sees Steven tumble over the bar and next to Roberto)

Steven: (Looks at Roberto) What was that?!

Roberto: What?

Steven: You could have taken him out with no problem!

Roberto: Well I didn’t.

Steven: Okay dumbass, now what?

Roberto: We fight. (Loads the pistol) We fight our way out…

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Nice one, Robby. Hopefully Roberto get's killed. tounge.gif

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Posted 25 October 2006 - 09:30 PM Edited by Gman91, 27 October 2006 - 02:33 PM.

Oooooo.Sweet chapter, Roberto.
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EDIT: Is it ok that I am advertising your story in my sig.?

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Pure Awesomeness!!!
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Keep it up!

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Posted 26 October 2006 - 09:26 PM

Great chapter there, Roberto. icon14.gif

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Posted 27 October 2006 - 12:59 PM

great story man
cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif for you man

cant wait for 54

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