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Posted 22 September 2006 - 03:17 AM

You never seize to amaze me Excellent Chapter my good man now I must work on my own fan fic later! cookie.gif cookie.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif

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Posted 22 September 2006 - 09:58 PM

QUOTE (Archaon, Lord of End Times @ Sep 21 2006, 20:47)
Superb job, Roberto. Excellent chapter. icon14.gif

onced agian what he said and bring on 46 or els

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Posted 24 September 2006 - 06:27 AM

This chapter tad confusing towards the end and you're suppose to be. So don't delve too deep into it, Enjoy.

Chapter 46: The Search

Tuesday February 17th, 2007. 7:47 P.M.

Roberto has been traveling around New Little Havana, Old Little Havana, Vice Port, and the new business district which is in Little Haiti’s ruins. He has seen no sign of Tommy’s men anywhere and is starting to give up. He enters the Downtown district when all of a sudden his cell phone starts ringing. It’s 8-Ball.

Roberto: (Picks up the phone) Who’s this?

8-Ball: (Starts to whisper) Hey man, it’s me 8-Ball, Tommy’s men have me locked up in Downtown.

Roberto: (Starts to get a little upset) What? Don’t you care how I am after that shootout? Don’t you care if Vic survived or Catalina did?

8-Ball: Catalina?! That bitch, I saw her die. A few of Vercetti’s men opened fire on her and I saw her die.

Roberto: Well, you are a very considerate man 8-Ball…

8-Ball: (Raises his tone) Hey, f*ck you! I help and sh*t and you don’t even care about me. You treat me like I am some sort of kid. My mom’s used to do that to me.

Roberto: Well, cry me a river… now, where the hell are you?

8-Ball: I’m in some abandoned building. I think it was an old hospital.

Roberto: (Makes a left past an old boarded up Ammunation) Great…another hospital! (Makes another left onto a broken paved driveway leading up to an abandoned hospital) See you in a few seconds 8-Ball. (Hangs up and turns around to look at Vic and Kelsey) Alright, Vic, you come with me. Kelsey, you stay here and keep a look out for your father or any of his ‘business’ associates.

Kelsey: (Stops Roberto from getting out of the car) Ok, just be careful… (Kisses Roberto on the cheek)

Roberto: (Slowly climbs out of the car looking at Kelsey) Don’t worry… (Looks at the MP5 in his hand) I’ll be back in no time. (Looks over at Vic who is already out of the car and waiting) You ready?

Victor: Yeah. But I was thinking, do we really need 8-Ball? He hasn’t done anything much except help us ‘die’, and that didn’t even work.

Roberto: (Walks over to Vic) Well, looking at the situation we’re in now, we need as many men as possible if we are going to overthrow Tommy.

Victor: I guess your right. (Pops open the cylinder of the Colt Python and looks at the bullets) Let’s do this. (Spins the cylinder and pops it back into place)

Roberto: (Walks over to some double doors. He slowly pushes it open and sees one gang member sitting in a chair with his head bobbing down) I see a gang member; he is asleep.

Victor: Well, let’s take him down while he’s off guard.

Roberto: (Takes one step into the room and the creaking noise of wood immediately awakens the gang member) Uh oh…

Gang Member: (Sees Roberto) Oh crap, it’s him!

Roberto: (Slams the door shut and looks at Vic) Get ready.

Victor: (Gets the Colt Python ready) Alright.

Roberto: (Kicks the door open and shoots the gang member down with the MP5) Clear. (Looks around the dirty, dusty room with the paint peeling off the walls and decaying wooden floor tiles) This place is a mess. I wonder when it got abandoned.

Victor: (Hears footsteps) I don’t think that’s important right now. (Turns around towards the noise and hears the footsteps coming from a hall) I think we got some company.

Roberto: (Turns around and sees two gang members come out of the shadows) I’ll take the one on the right… (Blows a clip full of bullets into the gang member’s chest)

Victor: Alright. (Puts one bullet into the other gang member’s head) We need to be careful…

Roberto: (Hears his cell phone ringing and picks up) Hello?

8-Ball: What the hell are you thinking?! You just couldn’t be sneaky, could ya?

Roberto: (Hears tires peeling out) What the hell is going on?

8-Ball: They heard your ‘little’ shootout and are now taking me somewhere else.

Roberto: (Turns around and looks out the door. He sees a black Rumpo speed past the hospital and down the road he came down) sh*t, did they take you in a black Rumpo?

8-Ball: Yeah. Oh sh*t…

Roberto: (Hears struggling over the phone and then the phone goes dead) We better move now… (Roberto runs out with Vic following close behind. He gets into the Sentinel while Vic jumps into the passenger side) Vic, this is going to be harder than all the other times. (Peels out backwards out of the driveway and starts to speed towards the Rumpo)

Victor: Why?

Roberto: (Throws the MP5 out the window) We got no guns or ammo… (Gets right behind the Rumpo and shoves it)

Victor: (Holds onto a handle above the door) Oh sh*t!

Kelsey: (Gets thrown forward and hits her head on the back of the passenger seat) Ow!

Roberto: (Turns and looks at Kelsey) Oh…forgot about you Kelsey. (Gives the Rumpo another shove) Just hold on. (Roberto starts speed up along the Rumpo’s right hand side and shoves the front end of the Sentinel’s bumper into the Rumpo’s back bumper) f*ck!

Rumpo Gunner: (Points an Uzi out the window and starts firing at the Sentinel) Hey, we got a problem!

Rumpo Driver: (Looks at the gunner) No sh*t! (Starts to decelerate until the Rumpo and Sentinel are next to each other)

Roberto: (Looks to his left and sees the gunner) Hey, how’s it going?

Rumpo Gunner: (Looks at Roberto then at the driver) Is this guy playing games or something?

Roberto: (Looks at Vic) Hold the steering wheel. (Starts to climb out the window)

Victor: (Grabs the steering wheel) What’s he thinking?!

Rumpo Gunner: (Turns and sees Roberto halfway out of the car) What the?!

Roberto: (Roberto punches the gunner in the face and bangs his head into the dashboard. He then proceeds to open the car door and throw the gunner out of the car) Vic! Move me closer to the van! (Feels the Sentinel move closer to the Rumpo and watches the van door slam shut) Now for you…

Rumpo Driver: (Looks at Roberto and pulls away from the Sentinel) Oh, no way!

Roberto: (Climbs back into the Sentinel and regains control of the Sentinel) This guy is going to play hard… (Speeds up towards the Rumpo and shoves into its side causing the Sentinel’s side mirror to tear off and fly off) I wasn’t going to use it anyways… (Pulls away and shoves the Rumpo again) Pull the f*ck over now!

Rumpo Driver: (Hits the accelerator and starts to speed over a bridge and into the newly rebuilt Prawn Island) You can’t catch me! I’m the best driver here!

Roberto: (Starts to get frustrated and slams his foot onto the accelerator) I hate it when it comes down to this…

Rumpo Driver: (Looks through the battered passenger seat side mirror) Oh crap… (Feels a jolt from the back and the Rumpo jerks to the right slightly) sh*t, how am I going to outrun it!

Roberto: (Slows down slightly and speeds up) One more time and… (Slams the rear bumper of the Rumpo and watches as it crashes through the second bridge of Prawn Island and into the gleaming water) Uh oh… didn’t want that… (Slams the handbrake)

Victor: (Looks out the window and sees the Rumpo starting to sink into the water) Do something!

Roberto: (Roberto gets out of the Sentinel, gets a running start, and dives into the cool water. He swims to the water and tries to open the back doors to the Rumpo) “Oh sh*t… what now?” (He swims over to the open passenger window and sees the driver trying to unbuckle his seat belt. He laughs at the attempt and quickly steals the keys from the ignition and swims back out to the back doors) “I wonder if he’ll be able to get out? I mean, he can’t hit the door unlock button since the car is completely submerged and knocked out the car’s power. Only way out is…” (Sees a head pop out of the passenger window) “Spoke to soon.” (Roberto dives deeper as he watches the driver struggle to get out of the window)

Rumpo Driver: (Struggles getting out the window) “When I find that kid, I will kill him myself…” (Finally manages to get himself out of the window)

Roberto: (Swims up and grabs the driver and slams his head into the Rumpo a few times) “That should do it for now.” (Swims back to the back of the Rumpo and unlocks the back door. He sees 8-Ball unconscious alond with another gang member unconscious) “Well, no wonder he hung up so quickly.” (Grabs 8-Ball and swims back to the surface with him) “He’s so heavy, damn.” (Leaves 8-Ball floating on the surface and dives back down to the knocked out driver) “Now I got to take care of this guy.” (Grabs the body and throws it into the back with the knocked out gang member and locks the back doors) “Done.” (Swims up to 8-Ball and sees Vic and Kelsey standing on the bridge looking at 8-Ball and himself) Don’t worry guys, he’s just knocked out from when we were ramming into the Rumpo.

Kelsey: (Yelling down to Roberto) How are we going to get you out of there?

Roberto: (Looks around and sees no way of getting onto land) I don’t know.

Victor: (Remembers something) Oh yeah! Swim over to Prawn Island towards the old porn studio.

Roberto: Porn studio?

Victor: (Remembers something else) Oh yeah! The abandoned film studios; there is a dock you can climb on in the back. Me and Kelsey will meet you there. (Turns around and gets into the Sentinel)

Roberto: (Grabs 8-Ball’s body and starts to swim towards Prawn Island) This is bullsh*t, they should have a dock in Vice City every few feet since everyone in this town has a f*cking boat or yacht!

Victor: (Pulls up to the old, abandoned film studios and finds the gates chained shut) sh*t. (Backs up until the back of the Sentinel touches the building fifteen feet away from the gates) Hold on tight Kelsey. (He hits the accelerator and smashes through the gates. He cruises over to the back corner and stalls the car) He should come through this archway. (Points to an archway that leads down to the dock)

Roberto: (Sees the dock coming closer) “Almost there…” (Finally reaches the dock and throws 8-Ball onto the dock and yells) Hey Vic! Mind helping me out!

Victor: (Hears Roberto and runs down to the docks) So how was the swim?

Roberto: The water was a bit chilly. (Grabs 8-Ball’s arms) You grabs his legs.

Victor: (Grabs 8-Ball’s legs and starts for the car) So, what did you do with the driver?

Roberto: Knocked him out and threw him in the back of the van. I locked the doors.

Victor: (Reaches the car and opens the back door) They’ll drown without knowing it. (Places 8-Ball in the backseat in an upright position) So shall we?

Roberto: Well, we need a place to stay.

Victor: Well, I have no place here in Vice anymore. I sold my house way back in the eighties, and I’m sure Kelsey doesn’t have a place to stay that is separate from her dad’s place.

Roberto: (Gets into the Sentinel and starts the car) Well, we need to find a hotel then.

Victor: (Walks around the car and gets into the passenger’s seat) Well of course, where else is there?

Roberto: No where. (Heads out of the abandoned film studio and over the bridge the Rumpo crashed through) We might as well go to Vice Point. This new hotel opened up; real fancy.

Victor: Do we have any money?

Roberto: (Pulls out his wallet and throws it at Vic) Count how much I have.

Victor: (Pulls out a wad of money from the wallet) Let’s see…45…75…90…120. You got $150 on you. That will buy us one room, maybe.

Roberto: I’m sure it will. How expensive can the hotel be?

Victor: Dude, Vice thrives on tourism, it will probably cost money just to stand in the lobby.

Roberto: Maybe. If not, I might have to ‘bargain’ the price down.

Victor: (Puts the money back in the wallet) Oh come on. Let’s just try to rest tonight and not do anything else that involves action.

Roberto: Great you jinxed us. Now, at any moment, something is going to happen.

Victor: Oh really, like what? Tommy is hiding around the corner with a couple of goons, he will stop us and kill us right here?

Roberto: I told you not to jinx us!

Kelsey: (Interrupts the conversation) Hey, why do you guys hate my father so much? What has he done to you guys?

Victor: Well, he killed the only family I ever had.

Kelsey: Really? Who?

Victor: My brother, back in ’86.

Kelsey: (Remembers the stories her father has told her) Oh my god! You’re Lance Vance’s brother!

Victor: Yeah, why? Do you know him?

Kelsey: No, but my father always talks about how if he had never backstabbed him, that Vice would be different than it is now.

Victor: (Shocked by the news) Wait what?

Kelsey: Yeah, your brother backstabbed my father. My father kept saying how he would say that he would treat him like a kid.

Victor: (Chuckles) I used to do that to him just to make him angry. It was funny as hell.

Kelsey: (Looks at Roberto) And you?

Roberto: Well, I’m not really mad at him, but it’s the other way around.

Kelsey: I don’t get it?

Roberto: Well, to be completely honest, I did backstab your father.

Kelsey: (Taken aback by what Roberto said) What…I don’t get it…

Roberto: Well, I knew the only way to make it big in Vice is to get the Don on your side. So I helped Tommy out. The thing is, there were too many gangs competing with Tommy for control of the city. I had to take them out. But the thing was Tommy can’t just go around randomly attacking gangs, there has to be motive. That’s where I came into play. I would drag Tommy’s capos to the rival gang’s territories and off them. I would dump there body there and Tommy would later find out. I provided motive.

Kelsey: So…in a way…you helped my father take over Vice?

Roberto: Basically yeah. But he doesn’t understand that. He only sees it as me killing his men. He doesn’t look at the whole picture. If he did, I wouldn’t be here.

Kelsey: I see.

Roberto: The only thing is I don’t know what to do with Tommy.

Victor: We’re going to kill him, that’s what you said.

Roberto: (Chuckles) That’s not the plan anymore. I don’t want to kill him. I want to teach him a lesson. I want to teach him that without me, he would be still fighting for this city and wouldn’t be where he is today.

Victor: So what are you going to do?

Roberto: We’re going to overthrow Tommy. Take down his entire organization and claim it as our own. Let him see that he shouldn’t have messed with me. Once he sees that, and learns, then I may turn it back over…maybe.

Victor: How thought. It’s not like we waltz into his estate and say we’re taking over.

Roberto: Therein lies the beauty of Catalina’s cousin. He will bring his miniature army and we will overthrow him. We start our ‘business’ with him.

Victor: But don’t you think he’ll ask about his cousin. Remember, she got killed.

Roberto: We won’t say unless asked. When he does ask, just say Tommy killed her personally. That may build up some rage and get him to work just a bit harder. (Looks around and sees the hotel coming up)

Victor: This sounds way too complicated still. Most of it doesn’t make sense!

Roberto: It doesn’t have to make sense; it just has to sound plausible.

Victor: (Looks at Roberto) What?

Roberto: (Pulls into the hotel parking lot and parks the car) That’s just the frosting on the plan. The part everyone sees. The real plan is the cake inside, the part no one sees, the part I only know about. I know if it’s chocolate or vanilla.

Victor: (Stares blankly at Roberto) And…you lost me.

Roberto: (Steps out of the car) You’re not suppose to understand…get it?

Victor: (Steps out and looks at Roberto over the car) No.

Roberto: Good. (Slams the car door shut)

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Posted 24 September 2006 - 11:54 AM

God this story is so Incredible, How can it ever end nervous.gif

Awaiting Chapter 47 as bad as a gta fanatic kid awaiting his mother to get back from the store with the latest GTA game because he can't buy it himself wow.gif

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Posted 24 September 2006 - 02:59 PM

I can't wait to see Cesar. cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif

Archaon, Lord of End Times
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Posted 24 September 2006 - 04:45 PM

Excellent chapter, Roberto. icon14.gif

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Posted 25 September 2006 - 01:44 AM

great chapter and i daman another chapter this week just joking but i would like another chapter

bring on 47

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Posted 26 September 2006 - 12:47 AM

New chapter time. This will be the last chapter for a week or so. This new story I'm writing is actually getting good reviews in my school. I may treat you guys to it soon. wink.gif So, heres a chapter that should keep you on the edge of your seat for quite some time.

Chapter 47: Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

Wednesday February 18th, 2007. 12:29 P.M.

The sun is at it’s peak and shining over Vice City, giving off warm rays that flow through the hotel window and onto Roberto’s bed. Roberto is slowly starting to wake up and notices Kelsey’s arm is over his chest. He slowly pushes it off and looks at his watch. He realizes it’s half an hour until Catalina’s cousin arrives and he jumps out of bed and throws on his jacket.

Kelsey: (Feels the movement of Roberto leaving the bed and looks over at him) What’s wrong?

Roberto: I have to pick up Catalina’s cousin in half an hour! (Walks over to Vic and shakes him until he slowly opens his eyes) Hey, wake up we need to pick up Catalina’s cousin.

Kelsey: You want me to come with you?

Roberto: (Looks over at Kelsey) No, just stay here and watch over 8-Ball. See if he’s okay. We’ll be back as soon as we can.

Victor: (Slowly sits up on the sofa-bed) So tired… (Yawns)

Roberto: (Slaps Vic across the face) Wake up! We need to go now!

Victor: (Shakes his head and widens his eyes) Alright, let’s go. (Stands up)

Roberto: (Roberto heads out of the hotel room with Vic following close behind. He abruptly stops at the elevator and Vic slams into him) Did you hear that?

Victor: Hear what?

Roberto: (Listens closely) Let’s take the stairs… (Walks briskly down the hall and opens a door and starts running down with Vic running too) We have company. (Picks up his cell phone and calls Kelsey) Kelsey…hide…someone’s coming to visit… (Hangs up) (Reaches the first floor and slowly opens the door and sees two of Vercetti’s men patrolling the lobby) We have to be careful Vic.

Victor: (Peeks out the door and see the men) Oh sh*t, Tommy’s here!

Roberto: Yeah. (Looks around outside and sees a glass door that leads to the pool area) When I say so, we break for the pool door. (Keeps and eye on the men) One…two…now! (Slips around the door and through the glass door) Okay Vic now just… (Turns around and sees Vic still standing at the stairwell entrance) Jesus Christ… (Waves for Vic to run over) Get you ass over here now…

Victor: (Looks at the guards and sees each of them turn their back to look out a window) Oh sh*t oh sh*t oh sh*t… (Runs through the glass door and meets up with Roberto)

Roberto: Okay, now to get to the car. (Looks around and sees a gate that leads behind the building and to a private parking lot) This way. (Runs over to the gate and finds it lock) sh*t. (Kicks it and it just shakes) Hey Vic, want to help me out?

Victor: (Runs over and looks at the gate) I think it’s…

Roberto: Just kick it on the count of three. One…two…three (Kicks the gate in sync with Vic and it breaks open) See, no problem, Vic.

Victor: Whatever. Now what?

Roberto: (Walks into the parking lot and looks around at the cars) It’s like a criminal buffet line. (Looks at the cars and sees a Phoenix catch his eye) Oh…damn look at that…

Victor: (Looks at the Phoenix) Why that car? I see a Turismo over there and an Infernus parked over… (Watches Roberto walk over to the Phoenix and break open the door)

Roberto: Unlocked…we are so lucky.

Victor: (Rolls his eyes) Whatever. (Walks over and into the passenger seat)

Roberto: (Gets into the car and tries to hotwire it) Damn, never hotwired this kind of car…this is strange. This wire is suppose to run over here… (Places two wires together and the horn starts blaring) Oh sh*t! (Pulls the wires apart) Wrong ones…

Victor: Do you know what the hell you’re doing?

Roberto: (Puts two other wires together and the car starts) Yes I am. I just don’t hotwire Phoenixes too often.

Victor: What’s the difference?! Back in the day, it was all the same.

Roberto: Well, now all cars are different to hotwire. This isn’t the ‘good ‘ol days’ anymore. (Roberto burns out of the parking space. He drives up a small street and speeds through a red bar leading out to a main street outside the hotel) Now to Escobar.

Wednesday February 18th, 2007. 1:04 P.M.
Roberto comes to a halt in front of the entrance to Escobar International. He looks around and starts to slowly cruise until he sees a Latino man, and one very familiar face, standing next to each other with suitcases. Roberto pulls up to them and looks them over.

Roberto: (Rolls down the window) You Catalina’s cousin?

Latino: (Walks over to the Phoenix) Yeah, I’m Cesar Vialpando. Who are you?

Roberto: Roberto Garcia, who’s the other guy?

Cesar: He’s a good friend of mine. (Turns around) Get over here (Looks back at Roberto) That’s Carl Johnson. I hope ya don’t mind that I brought him with me. He’s an excellent shooter.

Roberto: (Looks over at Carl then back at Cesar) What about your other men, and the weapons?

Cesar: What am I suppose to do? Bring twenty men armed with M4’s straight through tha airport? That’s crazy man.

Roberto: Well, how are they getting here?

Cesar: They’re coming here tonight by plane.

Roberto: How do they know where to land?

Cesar: That’s what I was hopin you’d tell me. I have to call them later with directions on where to land.

Roberto: Okay. (Looks at Vic) Hey Vic, mind stepping out for a second and letting them in?

Victor: (Looks at Roberto) Letting them in where? (Looks at a small nook behind the driver’s seat and passenger seat) Back there?

Roberto: Obviously…

Victor: Man… (Opens the door and steps out)

Roberto: (Watches as Cesar and Carl try to fit into the back of the Phoenix) Sorry about the car. I just saw it, and had to ‘buy’ it. I wasn’t thinking about passenger space.

Cesar: It’s all right man. I’m sure Carl doesn’t mind, right Carl? (Looks at Carl, but Carl says nothing) What’s up man? I thought you’d be happy to come to Vice?

Roberto: (Looks at Carl through the rearview mirror) Well, it will get better while you stay here.

Victor: (Sits back down in the passenger seat) Now what? We picked them up, but what about Kelsey and 8-Ball? Remember Tommy was at the hotel.

Roberto: (Starts back to the hotel) Well, lets just check the place out. If it looks clear, we can go in and see if they’re there.

Carl: (Breaks under pressure) Yo! Wha’s wrong with ya man! Ya actin all straight now, when just a few months ago ya was crazy!

Cesar: (Looks at Roberto, then back at Carl) What’s going on man?

Carl: This man here, he’s messed up! He is bi-polar or some sh*t!

Roberto: It’s okay Carl, I figured everything out, I’m back to normal.

Carl: Man, I don’t even know wha’s normal ta ya!

Roberto: You don’t need to worry, I went to a psychologist, and got it all straightened out.

Carl: Man, I ain’t trustin ya.

Roberto: Well, you’re going to have to if we’re going to get rid of Tommy.

Carl: Tough sh*t fo’ ya. I ain’t helping ya out.

Roberto: Yeah, you are helping out. You have no choice in the matter.

Carl: Nigga, I don’t ‘ave ta listen ta ya!

Roberto: (Grabs the steering wheel with one hand and pulls a pistol out on Carl) Yeah, you do.

Carl: (Looks at the pistol then back at Roberto) Ya wouldn’t do it…

Roberto: (Talking to Vic) Grab the steering wheel. (Reverts back to talking to Carl) You don’t?

Carl: Naw, ya ta big of a pussy!

Roberto: (Cocks the pistol) Want to say that again?

Cesar: (Reaches over and slowly puts his hand on the pistol and lowers it) Stop tha fighten. Let’s discuss this when we get to tha hotel alright?

Roberto: (Looks Carl in the eye and turns back and continues driving) I really hope you reconsider Carl; after all, we have history.

Carl: Ah ya? Wha’ kind of history?

Roberto: Oh come on, the whole police station business, the setting up Mr. Gray…

Carl: Ah ya…but wasn’ he ya?

Roberto: (Stays silent for a few moments) Well, yeah, but it’s just that…

Carl: It’s jus’ wha’?

Roberto: I really need your help now.

Carl: I’ll think abou’ it, but only cause we got somewha’ of a history.

Cesar: Let’s change subjects.

Victor: Yeah…so how was you’re flight here?

Cesar: It was alright. Kind of long, but tha air flight attendant we got assigned era muy bonita.

Carl: (Punches Cesar in the arm) Hey! Don’t you be forgettin where your loyalties lie; with my sista, Kendl.

Cesar: Don’t worry Carl, I won’t.

Victor: (Scratches his head) So, you dating Carl’s sister?

Cesar: Yeah, that’s how we met actually. I think it was back in ’92, am I right?

Carl: Ya, the year I got back home from Liberty.

Cesar: Oh yeah, when you found out Big Smoke and Ryder killed your mom.

Carl: I don’ need ya bringing up those names man.

Cesar: Sorry.

Roberto: (Stops the car a few blocks away from the hotel and sees a few Vercetti Sentinel’s parked outside) Well, it looks like they’re still there. Either waiting for us, or looking for us inside.

Victor: What’s the plan?

Roberto: Well, I would go in and kill as many men as possible, but I got nothing. (Looks back at Cesar) I got an idea. Cesar, go up to one of them and ask fro help. See if you can lure him away from the rest. Knock him out, take his weapon and change clothes.

Cesar: And then what?

Roberto: Go up to the third floor and check room 30C. See if Tommy is in there. If he isn’t and a girl and a black man are in there, tell them I sent you. After you manage to get in and see what’s up, call me and report back.

Cesar: Alright, holmes, I’ll do my best.

Roberto: (Opens the door and steps out) Should be a piece of cake.

Cesar: (Gets out of the Phoenix) I hope so. (Starts his walk to the hotel)

Roberto: (Gets back into the Phoenix) Well, that was very brave of him.

Victor: What do we do now?

Roberto: We wait. (Pulls out a cigarette and lights it)

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Posted 26 September 2006 - 02:49 AM


(Claps, then finishes eating popcorn)

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Posted 26 September 2006 - 12:59 PM

Great chapter again

But CJ doesn't talk as badly as that lol wow.gif

Also a little nit-pick but Kendl & Cesar met before CJ came back, probaly not long before, but I'd guess very late 91 because SA was set in very early 92

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Posted 26 September 2006 - 07:35 PM

I wasn't referring to when Cesar and Kendl met, I was referring to when CJ met Cesar. Sorry for the confusion. Should have made it more clear.

Also, it's been a while since I wrote for CJ so I have to get used to writing him again. Also, lol, if a friend of yours turns out to be bipolar and his other half is really the guy you've been wanting to kill, I think that might make you a bit mad at him. tounge.gif

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Posted 26 September 2006 - 08:21 PM

[In Cesar's Accent] I'm loving the story, holmes. cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif

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Posted 28 September 2006 - 09:55 PM

Good job, Roberto. And post in Bad Fellas. mad.gif And get on MSN. mad.gif

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Posted 28 September 2006 - 10:29 PM

Seriously Rob.
Get on f*cking MSN already.

I used to be able to bother you with "NEW CHAPTER?!" But now you wont log on.


Which means I have to find out when there's a new chapter ON MY OWN.


PS: Keep 'em coming.
Here's some cookies, since I've never given you any.
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Dont get fat now. wink.gif. Save some for later.

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great f*ckin chapter keep them comein cant wait for 48

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Wow! all I have to say is wow!

cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif breadfish_by_Moto.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif That should give you the energy you need for 48.

This is the best GTA fan-fic ever.

Ive been reading this since Thursday, and it has been awesome.

Keep up the good work icon14.gif

ch.48, here we come.

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come on bring on the next chapter man it has been more then a week since the last chapter

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Posted 04 October 2006 - 08:37 PM Edited by Cubanwhip, 04 October 2006 - 08:43 PM.

This is a short little chapter. Sorry for such a long wait just to come up to nothing. I'm going to make it up to you guys by posting another chapter, later tonight! Stay tuned.

Chapter 48: Something Doesn’t Feel Right

Wednesday February 18th, 2007. 1:35 P.M.
Cesar is walking towards the hotel and occasionally glancing back towards the Phoenix. He finally reaches a man dressed in a black, green pin-stripped suit holding and MP5 and an obvious bulge in the jacket. Cesar looks the man over and makes his decision that this is the guy.

Cesar: (Walks up to the man) Hey, man, you think you can help me out?

Man: I can’t.

Cesar: Come on man, my car has broken down around the corner. I need you to see what’s wrong with it.

Man: I’m sorry, but I’m posted here.

Cesar: (Looks up the around and then back the man) What’s happening?

Man: My boss is suspicious of someone being in the building. He has me out here to see if he leaves the building.

Cesar: How long have you been here?

Man: About an hour.

Cesar: Well, if he hasn’t come out yet, why would he come out now? Just quickly come and check out my car.

Man: (Looks around and then back at Cesar) This better not take longer than five minutes. Which way?

Cesar: This way. (Starts walking in the opposite direction of the Phoenix and around a street corner)

Man: (Follows Cesar around the corner and sees no broken down car) Hey, there’s no broken down car.

Cesar: (Turns around and punches the man in the face causing him to stagger backwards) There is none man.

Man: (Drops the gun and reaches towards his face) My nose! You broke my f*cking nose!

Cesar: More than your nose is going to be broken. (Swings his elbow across the man’s head)

Man: (Falls the floor after the blow) Mother f*cker! (Tries to search for his gun on the floor but Cesar steps on his hand)

Cesar: (Bends down and puts one hand on top of the head, and grips his chin with the other) Sorry, holmes. (Breaks the man’s neck and drags the body into a nearby alley. He then switches clothes, walks back out of the alley, and picks up the MP5 on the floor) Step one completed. (Walks around the corner and towards the hotel building)

Guard: (Sees Cesar walking over and stops him when Cesar approaches) Hey, what happened to Joey?

Cesar: He had to check on his car.

Guard: Car? I gave Joey a ride here. Who the f*ck are you?

Cesar: (Looks around and beats the guard across the temple and throws the body in a nearby Vercetti Sentinel) Have to be more careful next time. (Proceeds to walks into the hotel and sees the lobby full of Vercetti gang members) sh*t, there’s five. (Casually walks over to the elevator and hits the call down button) Hurry up… (Notices a man stop and stand next to him)

Tommy: Why such the rush?

Cesar: (Looks at the man) Well, I need to use the bathroom.

Tommy: There’s one down the hall…

Cesar: Oh, well, I need to grab a soda.

Tommy: (Looks around for any vending machines Oh, all right. (Looks up at the and notices the elevator climbing down from the second floor) You don’t look familiar.

Cesar: Well, I’m new.

Tommy: I don’t remember recruiting you into my organization.

Cesar: Oh well… (Sees the elevator doors open)

Tommy: (Looks into the empty elevator then at Cesar) So tell me, how’s Roberto?

Cesar: (Starts to slowly walk into the elevator but Tommy’s hand is thrown out in front of him and stopping him from entering) I don’t know what you are talking about…

Tommy: (Looks into Cesar’s eyes seriously) Don’t play games with me. Why are you in here?

Cesar: I’m just grabbing a soda, like I said. I’m sorry if I need to be at my post.

Tommy: (Pulls out his Colt Python from inside his suede, black, green pinstriped suit) Don’t play games with me…

Cesar: (Watches the elevator doors slowly start to shut) Well… (Jumps into the elevator as the doors slowly skim his legs and shut before Tommy can fire one shot) that is too close. (Hits the third floor button and feels the elevator slowly start to rise)

Tommy: (Looks up and watches the number count up to three and stop) Get everyone to the third floor.

Cesar: (Steps out of the elevator and looks up and down the hall to see if it’s clear) Now, what room was it? (Turns left and starts to walks down the hall glimpsing at each room number until he sees one that sparks his memory) Here we go, room 30C. (Grabs the door handle and notices the door’s open) Well, that’s’ not good. (Slowly pushes the door open and sees the room totally destroyed. The bed is propped up against the wall, the dresser’s left legs are broken and it is slanted, and the curtains are ripped and torn) This is not good… (Hears footsteps coming down the hall)

Tommy: (Opening doors as he walks down the hall) Where are you? You can’t hide. You’re trapped.

Cesar: (Looks behind himself and see a window) I’m going to regret this… (Cesar walks over to the window and pulls the drapes away. He slowly slides the window open and feels a cool breeze skim his skin. He slowly climbs out and onto a small ledge about six centimeters wide)

Tommy: (Finally reaches room 30C and sees the breeze blowing through the window) He’s outside…

Cesar: (Starts to sidle across the edge of the hotel) This is crazy. (Looks in the distance and sees the Phoenix) Maybe if I can get their attention… (Starts to wave his left arm in the air while trying to grip the building with his right)

Tommy: (Slowly walks over to the window, looks out and sees Cesar trying to stay on) Having fun? (Pulls his head back in and looks at a gang member behind him) Take him out. (Turns around, walks into the hall way, and hears gun fire as he leaves)

Wednesday February 18th, 2007. 1:41 P.M.

Roberto is sitting in the car smoking a cigarette, while Vic just stares out the window at the hotel. Carl hasn’t said a word since Cesar left for the hotel. Vic breaks the long, awkward silence.

Victor: (Continues looking out the window) So…what happened between you two?

Roberto: (Blows a cloud of smoke out the window) Too long of a story.

Victor: Might as well tell me. Cesar’s going to be in there for a while.

Roberto: (Throws the cigarette out the window) Well, I think Carl tells the story better.

Carl: Naw, ya do.

Roberto: Fine. Let’s see, it started about maybe six months ago, I’m not sure. I arrived in San Andreas after crashing a plane. I made my way to Los Santos and I needed help. This guy I was with told me Mr. Johnson over here might be able to help me in my dilemma. So I made friends with Carl and we had to bust my friend Mike out of a police station. sh*t happened and I was in Liberty and needed his help. I called him up to help me take care of this guy, Mr. Gray, and his business. Turns out, Mr. Gray is just a figment of my imagination. So, I guess Carl’s just mad because there was a huge build up for nothing. Right Carl?

Carl: Tha’s the story, inna simple way.

Victor: Wow. So, Roberto, you’re crazy?

Roberto: Not anymore.

Victor: (Looks up at a hotel ledge and sees Cesar standing on the ledge) Holy sh*t! Cesar’s on the edge of the building!

Roberto: (Looks through the windshield and sees Cesar waving in the air) You think Tommy figured him out?

Victor: (Sees a Tommy stick his head out and then pulls it back in) I think so. (Now sees a gang member stick his head out with a gun) I can safely say yes.

Roberto: (Starts the car and hears gun shots as the car starts) Who got shot!

Victor: (Continues looking at hotel, sees the gang member’s body fall out of the window and hit the ground) Cesar’s okay…

Roberto: (Pulls the handbrake and comes to a stop) sh*t, how are we going to get down? (Gets out of the car and looks up at Cesar) Cesar, are you okay?!

Cesar: (Looks down and sees the Phoenix) Yeah, but I don’t know about those people!

Roberto: Were they in the room?

Cesar: No! The room was completely destroyed when I got there.

Roberto: f*ck! (Looks at the ledge Cesar is standing on and sees it end a few feet away) Hey, I see a pipe, but its one room over.

Cesar: (Looks to his left and sees the pipe) Alright. (Cesar sidles back to the open window and climbs through. He walks through the room and into the empty hall) All clear. (Walks into the room next door and sees it’s perfectly clean) Okay… (Turns around and looks into the room across the hall and sees its clean) Why are these rooms clean? (Goes back down the hall past the ransacked room and into the other next door room) Clean? (Looks around the clean room) What’s going on? (Walks back out into the hall and into the room near the pipe) Maybe Roberto would be interested. (Opens the window, climbs out and heads down the pipe)

Roberto: (Walks over and helps Cesar off the pipe) What took so long?

Cesar: I noticed the room I just got out of was totally clean man.

Roberto: So?

Cesar: Well, I checked the other rooms, and they were clean too. All except the one you told me to check.

Roberto: (Thinks for a second) That means they would have to know exactly where to go. How they hell did they figure that out?

Cesar: Maybe cameras.

Roberto: (Walks back to the Phoenix) Maybe, but there’s something that doesn’t feel right.

Cesar: (walks to the Phoenix and gets in) Like what?

Roberto: They know exactly where to go. It’s just too odd. They know exactly where we are, wherever we are. (Gets into the Phoenix and starts to drive away from the hotel)

Victor: What are you getting at?

Roberto: Hey Cesar, mind if we start a bit early?

Cesar: Start what?

Roberto: (Looks at Vic) Where’s the nearest Ammunation?

Cesar: Start what?

Victor: What’s odd?

Roberto: Just hold on. (Hits the accelerator)

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Posted 04 October 2006 - 08:48 PM

Excellent job, Roberto. Excellent. icon14.gif

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Posted 04 October 2006 - 08:56 PM

great chapter man and you should send this story to rockstar so maybe they can make a game out of it

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Posted 04 October 2006 - 09:13 PM

This Chapter = Excellence. cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

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Posted 04 October 2006 - 10:48 PM

Lovin it.


Now if you'll exuse me, I'm back to planning out my next chapter for my story. biggrin.gif

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Posted 04 October 2006 - 10:49 PM

Great chapter, It didn't feel small wow.gif biggrin.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

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Posted 04 October 2006 - 11:48 PM

Excellent work, as usual! icon14.gif
Keep it up!!!
cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

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Posted 05 October 2006 - 08:22 PM

Good job CubanWhip. icon14.gif

cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

Don't get out of shape, now.

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Posted 05 October 2006 - 11:51 PM Edited by Cubanwhip, 06 October 2006 - 12:02 AM.

Omg, the ending chapters to the Vercetti saga. Now, the story will not end with this! My story consists of three sagas. The first being the infamous Mr. Gray saga, the second being the short, but good Vercetti saga, and the third one will blow everyone out of the water. It will have everything the first two didn't. So keep track of this, as it is sure to get much better, real fast.

Chapter 49: Big Day

Wednesday February 18th, 2007. 2:01 P.M.
Roberto is speeding down a long stretch of road, and then comes to a halt in front of an Ammunation. Roberto steps out and straightens the collar on his jacket. He pulls out a cigarette, lights it, and proceeds into the Ammunation. He walks up to the store clerk and looks around.

Roberto: (Stares the clerks in the eyes) Where do you keep the heavy artillery?

Clerk: What? What are you talking about? We only have what’s displayed.

Roberto: (Looks above the clerk’s head and sees a rack) Let’s see: a pistol, SMG, and an Uzi. (Looks at the clerk) Seriously, where do you keep the good guns?

Clerk: I’m telling you we only have those.

Roberto: Just tell me where they are and I won’t have to resort to violence.

Clerk: (Looks Roberto in the eye then slowly reaches under the counter for a gun) Violence? I don’t think so…

Roberto: (Sees the clerk’s movement and grabs his shoulder) What are you doing?

Clerk: (Pulls out a wooden stock shotgun) Get your hand off me!

Roberto: (Grabs the clerk by both shoulders and drags him over the counter onto the floor) Just tell me where the good guns are, and I’ll be out of here.

Clerk: (Scared as feels the gun snatched from his hand) We have none…

Roberto: (Pops the shotgun open and sees two shells) Alright, you want to play hardball? (Snaps the gun shot and stands up) Let’s play. (Puts his left foot on the clerk’s chest and aims the gun at his head) Where the hell are the M4s and M16s?

Clerk: (Starts to shiver) I…don’t…know…

Victor: (Sees Roberto holding the shotgun to the clerk) Oh sh*t! (Runs out of the car and straight to Roberto) What the hell are you doing?

Roberto: (Keeps the gun pointed at the clerk and looks over at Vic) Get back in the car. I’ll be right there.

Victor: (Looks at the clerk’s pale white face and then at Roberto who is looking back at the clerk) What are you doing!?

Roberto: He won’t tell me the gun stash. So now I’m going to kill him and looks for it myself.

Clerk: Oh god no! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Just don’t shoot me!

Roberto: (Keeps his foot planted on the clerk’s chest and puts the shotgun at his side) Well?

Clerk: It’s in the back, inside the second room on your right. The code is 445619.

Roberto: (Bends down so his face is up close to the clerk’s) Thanks. (Grabs the shotgun and knocks the clerk out with the end of the shotgun) You heard the man, in the back. (Heads to the back of the store and finds the room)

Victor: (Follows Roberto into the back and sees him type the code into the pad) Hey, what are we doing?

Roberto: (Looks at Victor) Hey Vic, while we’re here, can you look through the cash register and steal some cash. (Walks into the room)

Victor: (Stands at the doorway and looks at Roberto rummaging through boxes of weapons) You’re kidding me right?

Roberto: (Looks up at Vic) I don’t know, am I? (Looks back down at the boxes and continues looking through)

Victor: (Stares blankly at Roberto’s back and walks back into the main store) I don’t f*cking know if he’s serious. (Walks over to the register and opens it) A little extra cash might not hurt though… (Reaches in and steals all the money) Wow, eight grand. This place is loaded! (Runs out of the store and to the car)

Cesar: (Sees Vic run up to the car) What’s happening?

Victor: (Hands the piles of money to Cesar) I robbed the register, and Roberto is robbing the guns.

Cesar: (Looks down at the money than back at Vic) How is he going to carry all the guns?

Victor: Oh sh*t, you’re right! (Runs back into the store and sees Roberto dragging a box full of weapons) Holy sh*t, what’s in there?!

Roberto: (Straining under the weight) I think…three M4’s…two M16’s,…an M60…two AK-47’s…two S.P.A.S shotguns…and an RPG. (Looks up at Vic) Mind helping out?

Victor: (Runs to the other end of the box and starts pushing while Roberto drags it) Now I’m really worried, what are we doing?

Roberto: (Drags the box over the threshold and onto the outside side walk) What do you think?

Victor: (Pushes the box behind the Phoenix and opens the trunk) Raiding Tommy?

Roberto: Yeah, basically. (Starts to place the weapons in the trunk)

Victor: Oh sh*t… (Helps Roberto put the weapons in the trunk)

Roberto: (Puts the last S.P.A.S shotgun in the trunk and shuts it) I’m amazed it fit that all!

Victor: How are we going to do this?

Roberto: (Blows a cloud of smoke in the air, walks over to the driver’s side of the car, and looks into the distance) My way.

Victor: And that is?

Roberto: Raid the place. (Gets into the driver’s seat)

Victor: Uh… (Tries to form words to express his reaction, but just gets into the car) How…uh…

Roberto: Don’t worry; we need to stop by an old colleague of mine to grab some body armor. (Speeds off down the street he just was on)

Wednesday February 18th, 2007. 2:26 P.M.
The Phoenix pulls up to a hotel in Washington Beach that is across what used to be the Malibu. Roberto steps out and signals for Vic, Cesar, and Carl to stay in the car. Roberto walks into the hotel lobby and heads to the counter.

Roberto: (Walks up to the receptionist) Hey, can you tell me what room a Mr. Spezia is in?

Receptionist: (Bats her eyelashes at Roberto) I sure will… (Looks down at the computer and types something into it the keyboard) Well well…he lives in the penthouse suite on the top floor. (Looks up at Roberto) How do you know such a rich man? (Looks at Roberto while batting her eyelashes)

Roberto: (Gives her an uneasy smile) I got connections… (Turns around and rolls his eyes) “Jesus Christ, who does she think she is, Candy Suxx?” (Continues towards the elevator and rides it up to the penthouse floor) Must be high up. (Watches as the doors open to reveal an extravagant living room) Ho…ly…sh*t. (Sees a man in a red robe with gold trimming come out of a room to his left)

Peter: (Walks up to Roberto pulling out a cigar and lighting it) Well, well, well…if it isn’t my good old friend Roberto. Come sta?

Roberto: (Walks over and gives Peter a hug) Not too bad man. Not too bad. I need some help. (Takes a seat on a nearby sofa)

Peter: (Takes the chair next to the sofa and puffs on the cigar) What do you want? You have helped me so much in the past. What can I help you out with to repay you?

Roberto: Nothing much, I just need four body armors.

Peter: (Leans over to Roberto) Body armor? You’re still in that business?

Roberto: Yeah. So can you help me out?

Peter: Sure. (Stands up and walks over to the bar and makes a drink) Would you like something to drink?

Roberto: (Looks over at the bar at Peter) No, it’s okay. I just need the body armor.

Peter: Are you in a hurry?

Roberto: Yeah.

Peter: So, what do you need the body armor for? (Walks back over and takes his seat)

Roberto: Well, you remember Tommy Vercetti?

Peter: Yes I do. He’s the man that took you into care after the whole family incident.

Roberto: yeah, well it turns out he found out my ‘dirty little secret’.

Peter: Oh, he found out about you going around his back and sh*t.

Roberto: Yeah. So now I have to ‘take him down’. That’s why I need the body armors.

Peter: Oh all right. Let me just into the back room and grab them. (Walks through a door that matches the color of the wall)

Roberto: (Looks around the room and sees the paintings) Wow, he really went off after the whole deal. He seems to be doing alright.

Peter: (Walks back into the living room with two suitcases) Okay, here you go Roberto. Two body armors in each case.

Roberto: (Grabs the suitcases and looks at Peter) Thanks again. There has to be someway to pay you back.

Peter: Don’t worry about it. Now we’re even.

Roberto: (Remembers the Leone’s) Hey, remember how you always wanted to run a mob when we were in high school?

Peter: Yeah…

Roberto: Whenever you want to set that dream in motion, just call me; same number. (Walks back into the elevator and rides down to the lobby) “I hope he calls.” (Walks through the lobby and sees the receptionist still batting her eyelashes at him) “Oh Jesus…” (Gives her another uneasy smile as he walks by and out to the Phoenix)

Victor: (Sees Roberto approaching the car with the two briefcases and takes one) This them?

Roberto: Give those to Cesar and Carl, I have ours here. (Pats the suitcase he is carrying)

Victor: (hands the suitcase to Cesar in the backseat) so, it ends tonight?

Roberto: (Takes off his shirt and jacket) Yeah. (Puts on the body armor and puts the shirt back on, along with the jacket) It ends tonight… (Pulls out a cigarette and lights it) Put it on and get in the car…

Wednesday February 18th, 2007. 3:01 P.M.
The Phoenix pulls up to Roberto’s old house on Starfish Island. He has no doubt that he has already been seen entering the driveway. The sun is burning in the air and makes the road look like a pond. Roberto steps out along with his small gang he has formed and walks over to the trunk. Roberto pops the trunk and they all crowd around the weapon stash.

Roberto: Now, to divide the weapons.

Victor: I call one of the shotguns! (Pulls out a S.P.A.S shotgun and puts the strap over his shoulder so the shotgun is on his back)

Cesar: (Grabs an M4 and the other S.P.A.S shotgun) This will be alright for me holmes. (Puts both weapon straps over each shoulder)

Roberto: (Looks over at Carl) What do you want?

Carl: (Looks at the weapons and picks out the RPG and an M4) Ther’. Ill be tha tank. (Throws the M4 strap over his shoulder and puts the RPG on his other shoulder)

Roberto: (Looks at Vic and at the shotgun on his back) Is that it Vic?

Victor: (Looks at Carl and Cesar fully strapped) On second thought… (Grabs an M16) I’ll take this too.

Roberto: (Looks through the remaining weapons and takes the M60 and the remaining M4) Alright guys, the plan is to stay alive for as long as you can. (Slams the trunk shut)

Carl: How ya suppose we do tha’?

Roberto: (Looks at the weapons they all have) Carl, you clear out large amounts of people with the rocket launcher, and I’ll provide backup fire with my M60. Cesar you just take out anyone near us with the shotgun and M4, along with you Vic. Now, since we are all equipped with some form of a medium to long range weapon, we can pretty much take out single people easily. So are we all ready?

Victor: (Loads up the M16 and looks at Roberto) Lets do this…

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Posted 06 October 2006 - 12:05 AM

biggrin.gif Great chapter, I can't wait to see what the Third saga will bring to the table, Keep it up

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Posted 06 October 2006 - 12:39 AM

Hoowee! That's some heavy duty weapons right there. Now all we need is Phil Cassidy.

Great chapter. cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif

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Posted 06 October 2006 - 12:46 AM

Excellent Chapter!!!! This story = Pure Genius!!!! I also can't wait for the Third Saga!!! icon14.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif cookie.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif catloaf_by_anuj.gif breadfish_by_Moto.gif

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Posted 06 October 2006 - 11:22 PM

Excellence, pure excellence. icon14.gif

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