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Your Car Crashes

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  • a_fool_from_edinburgh


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Posted 05 February 2006 - 04:08 PM

Sorry if this is old/been done before. I did search though. Lets hear your stories about crashes you have been in, caused seen whatever.

I've had afew most recent was literally 20minutes ago hence inspiration for the topic.
My first crash, i went into the back of some dippy woman in Edinburgh who stopped in the middle of a yellow box for no reason!?! dumb bitch.
My most recent one, I was just out driving in the roads round here (Ayr) are pretty damn cool lots of windy clifftop ones. Anyway I was pushing my car as much as I could and was on a back road on the way to my house and went flying into one of my favorite corners doing i'd guess about 65-70 mph. Next thing I know the car starts to slide out so i try and correct it but over correct sending me into a spin maybe about 270dgrees before a hedge and wire fence stop me.
What I was thrilled about was that there was pretty much no damage to my car, NONE really! afew scrathes here and there from the hedge and a missing VW badge but thats about it, sweet. And the car seems to be driving fine. Could have been so much worse if it was a wall not a hedge though sad.gif

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 05:37 PM

I was in a taxi once, and just as it was pulling out the taxi rank park thingie, some f*ckhead in a van smashed the front bumper straight off ..

That's it, thankfully ... for now confused.gif

  • JJHW

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 08:42 PM

Hmm, sort of a near-accident... We were out in the SX, cold conditions went round a corner at about 50-60, the rear end slid out, dad just thought it was wet, went in the next corner even faster, it's was ice. Lots of ice. But somehow the car just stopped sldiing and we carried on...

Pretty scary though, considering the huge ditches...


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Posted 06 February 2006 - 06:58 AM Edited by Jack_Knife, 06 February 2006 - 07:01 AM.

Never had an accident myself, not even any near misses I don't think (except for one time a few weeks ago when this car came out of f*ckin' no where on a roundabout. I have absoultely no idea how I didn't see him. Luckily he saw me, though, so it was okay. I still felt stupid).

As for crashes I've been in, only one I think. My step-dad ran up the back of some woman who decided it would be a good idea to slam on her brakes going 70km/h at an orange light. We just banged up the front of our car, but their whole car got f*cked up, becuase their tow bar hadn't been installed property. Luckily insurance took care of that large bill.

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 11:15 AM

Well, when I had my bike I had a couple of accidents.

Whilst on my usual run after college I took the last sweeping bend before my street entrance only to find the yoke was stuck (steering) becasue of a keyring a friend had put it on two rings, so it was lower down.

I hit a drop curb at 80mph, bounced off the top of a hedge and landed in the middle of the road in a 1000 pieces of plastic, just 100 yards from my street entrance.

This is a top down view of it:
user posted image

Street is where the blurred postcode is, and the corner is almost in the middle of the screen. On the straight where my street is after the corner there is a tree. Thats the tree I nearly hit, thankfully I hit the hedge before it and bounded away. Otherwsie I wouldn't have been so lucky.

Incedently, afterwards, cars just drive round me and the bike in the road, trying not to look. f*cking arrogant twats. Luckily I could push myself and the bike home.

My other bike accident wasn't so trivial.

Basically an old guy in a brand new Jag X-Type pulled out in front of me and I hit him side on.

He appeared to stop at the junction and becasue the road swept left then right up a small crest I had to look ahead of me to see what was coming, obscturcting the road etc as many people round here like to cut the road becasue they just don't expect the road to be so narrow and complex.

As soon as I looked ahead of me the guy just hadn't seen me, I had just propped the bike up to lean left to right when I saw his car and before I could hit the brakes my head went through his rear passenger window and the bike came to a sudden stop.

I never fell off the bike. I managed to take the force of the impace on my head and pelvis (my balls) and in a split seocnd I had jumped off the bike and run to the side of the road. I remeber throwing off my helmet and shousting "ARGH! My f*cking balls!" There were loads of tourists sat at the icecram tea rooms and they all made a big fuss, made me a brew etc while the guy moves his car out the middle of the road.

The police turned up and sos did the ambulance, took a few details then took me to hospital. I got checked over then sent home and I was stiff as f*ck for a week. No cuts of breaks, just bruised quite a bit.

The bike was a write off:

user posted image

Map of the incedent with markings of who was where:

user posted image

With my cars, I bumped my Mk3 golf the only time I was being careful with it. I threw it up the drive all the time (between a concrete lamp post and a tree) but when one day I did it slowly I scraped the side of the car up the lamp post.

In my Punto I had loads of incedents, like my mate stopping at a green light in front of me so I ran into the back of him, and I also was hit by a 4x4 that slid on some ice into me which forced me to crash in a ditch.

My 206 I haven't had any major incedents apart from a guy reversing into my on a motorway exit ramp when trying to pull out onto a roundabout, and last week when I had been driving all day with hot tyres and it suddenly let go and I had to steer into it before I hit a gate post.

  • boobtronic

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 11:30 AM

My mom's starter crapped out. Her friend decided to tow us with a strap in his truck. We had done this once before, but with a much more competant person. We're headin down the highway at about 50 kph. We feel the nylon shift, and it's wrapped tight around the wheel, the strap shears almost in half. we signal for the truck to pull over. He does, but doesn't slow down first, just...pulls over. We smash into the back off him going about 25. It sucked. But was hilarious at the same time, oh yeah, he pushed us the rest of the way, and scratched up the bumper pretty good.

Richard Zurawski
  • Richard Zurawski


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Posted 06 February 2006 - 11:32 AM

I think it was on my 3rd attempt at driving a car, I swiped the fence while reversing out of my driveway, it put a nice dent on the lip of my front-left gaurd. Thats the only accident I've caused that involved any damage. That was in my first Holden Kingswood wagon.

On another occasion I locked up the brakes on my Kingswood sedan while driving on wet grass and the car kept sliding untill it hit a parked Mitsubishi Magna. Luckily by the time I hit it, I was only doing maybe 5-6kph so it didn't cause any damage, not even a mark on the paint of either car.

I crashed my HQ Kingswood paddock basher into a creek once, I was going around a corner in the wet on grass at roughly 30kph along the bank of a creek, when due to bald tyres, the back end slid out 90 degrees to the right and went off the bank backwards. We tried to tow it out, but it was too wet and the other car couldn't get enough traction to pull it out, so we had to leave it there untill the rain stopped and the water receeded to a point where we could drive it out.

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 09:43 PM

There was this one time when my friend was driving his old honda accord. I was in the passenger seat an we were going about 120 km/h on a gravel road. He wanted to stop, but the brakes failed for some reason, so not thinking, he pulled the handbrake. The back wheels locked up and we slid far a few seconds, then it veers off to the left, into a ditch (about a meter deep). Drove along the side of the ditch for a bit, then somehow he managed to get it out and onto the road. We were still going fast and slid into the other ditch, finally stopped, with the car practically on its side. I was stuck in there until my cousin came and helped push it out. Only body damage was a ripped off bumper, but the frame and suspensions parts were toast. Everything bent so much it didn't even drive in a straight line, had to fishtail all the way to his house.

This one isn't really a crash, but it came pretty close. The same friend was driving his chevy s10 in a field, doing drifts and donuts. I was also inside the truck. Well halfway through an 40-ish km/h drift the front left wheel caught a bump, it went up on 2 wheels and almost flipped over. I got thrown to the other side of the truck (no seatbelt) and landed ontop of the shifter. (to make it worse, it was a maual transmission with a really long shifter). My ass hurt for a few days after that. sad.gif

Technical Difficulty
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Posted 06 February 2006 - 11:38 PM

I've only been in a couple fender benders, so nothing too exciting.

Mafia Righthand_Man
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Posted 07 February 2006 - 01:55 AM

I've only been in one minor accident where I wasn't at fault. I was coming to a stop from about 35 mph and going about 20 still slowing when I got hit from behind by a guy not paying attention. I think he hit me going 20 mph or less. We pulled into the parking lot of Taco Bell and decided not to do anything since the damage was minor. I only had a few scrapes on my rear bumper and the license plate got bent a little bit. His cheap-o plastic grill plate popped off, but he didn't care.

My mom was in what could've been a serious accident once. She was driving on I-95 (A main highway around here) and was behind a tractor trailer with an open trailer. The guy was hauling plywood to a job site which was strapped down. Apparently, one piece wasn't strapped well enough, and it crashed through her windshield. She only got a few cuts and bruises, but it could have been worse.

  • JPSurratt2005

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 12:47 PM

Here's a funny one. My friend and I were at our local Taco Bell drive thru when we decided to eat somewhere else. Not thinking at all, he puts it in reverse and backs right into a Camaro. Not too much damage, but still some paint to fix.

Another time he was pulling outta my driveway just at my neighbor across the street was, and he backed right into him. This time it did alot more damage to both vehicles. It was my friends fault cause my neighbor was already in the street halfway.

So far I havent had any close calls with my car, so I dont have any good stories, thankfully.

  • Lynk


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Posted 07 February 2006 - 09:50 PM

I had a crash on my moped last monday.

Was going on the only road to my college towards a mini roundabout, I was coming to a stop and the back end of the bike hit some ice. Slid out a bit and I went into the left back side of some renault car. No damage to car or bike, only my leg (got kind of jammed between the body of my bike and the car) which has recovered now.

The impact of hitting the car at around 20-25mph knocked me like a brick wall, I came forward off the seat and hit my chest on the dials and my head hit the back of the car as I went forward a bit.

  • Bizzle-UK

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 08:03 PM

lol, well here we go.


Was going about 50 over some speedbumps then they changed to some rounded ones and as i pulled in the front brake i hi8t the bump, the ped stopped immediatly and flipped over, i was sent about 100 yards down the road. Got up after though and waled away.


My worst car crash, I wish I could find the photos.

We were racing goin round this corner at about 80, the car spun out and lifted itself off the ground, I then struck a lampost

(British lamposts do not tend to move if you hit them)

I hit it on the drivers side and the car bent round the lampost, almost so the bonnet was touching the back, knocked the lampost clean out of the ground then rolled over into a ditch over barbed wire. Broke several ribs and punctured a lung.

But all good fun. lol

  • Dasutin

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Posted 08 February 2006 - 08:06 PM

Some douchebag decided to stop in the middle of the busiest road in town going 45. Wrecked my first car, and I had to pay for it...

  • millermagic

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 01:32 AM

The closest I came to one lately. There's an intersection and about 100 feet up the road, there's the intersection for the wal mart. After the wal mart, ther speed limit is 55. Everyone does 50 between the two on the way out of town. I decided to keep up with traffic. Right as I was about to get to the second intersection, there was a soccer mom talking on the cell phone and drinking water - NOT paying attention to driving. She did a right on red. Going 50, I couldn't stop without Tboning her (I'm in the right lane). There was a truck next to me. The only way that i wasn't going to kill her was to clip the truck in the left lane. I mashed the pedal to the floor (which doesn't happen often, maybe once every 2 months) and luckily for me, the driver up the truck slowed down. I barely got around the truck. As soon as I was by the truck, I pushed the brake to the floor until I was slowed down to the speed of the minivan lady. I put down the passenger window, while laying on the horn. I'm not the type to swear, but when I get mad, watch out and I have ZERO tolerance for stuff like that. I had my finger up and said " What the F___ are you thinking, a-hole!?. Pay attention to your goddamn driving". I then got infront of her and went 40 and let everyone by in the passing lane. About three miles up the road, it turns into a two lane road. As soon as we hit that, I made sure no one was behind her and I went 35 in the 55. When it was time for me to turn off, I made sure to lay on the horn and give her the finger.

I was very asenine, but I cna't control anger.

  • Cran.

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 05:11 AM

Well, the closest thing i've seen as far as crashes go was when this Red 928S was taking off from the lights ahead of us, he managed to lose control and go onto the foot path and hit some irrigation system thing. What an idiot.

Macintire Sniper
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Posted 09 February 2006 - 12:01 PM

I never fell off the bike. I managed to take the force of the impace on my head and pelvis (my balls) and in a split seocnd I had jumped off the bike and run to the side of the road. I remeber throwing off my helmet and shousting "ARGH! My f*cking balls!" There were loads of tourists sat at the icecram tea rooms and they all made a big fuss, made me a brew etc while the guy moves his car out the middle of the road.

Sorry dup..but what with the shouting when you got off the bike...thats just comical. biggrin.gif

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