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Brume engine

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 04:56 PM

in theory, you could have brume do almost anything you want, if your willing to put in the time to code it. like i said before, its more a matter of how, than if its possible.

btw fellas, lets try and keep this topic around brume discussion wink.gif

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 09:06 PM Edited by MiLO83, 09 February 2006 - 09:32 PM.

This is very cool news, as I see another interesting standpoint.
I have a modded xbox, and have converted a few of my self made mods
over to my xbox version of vice city. San Andreas seems to not be as xbox
game mod friendly. While trying to wipe out vice city and start my own mods,
I constantly ran into the annoying "Dual-shock controller not attached" problem,
Along with alot of other finnikyness. Now i'm thinking if anyone does work on this
engine, and even improves it, it should be not extremely difficult to port it over to
xbox. (or PS2?)
Thus also making it possible to have online multiplayer coded in, playable over
Xlink Kai, and also any Liberty/Vice/SA whatever in 1 city mods that have come
out also playable on xbox. Kindof a side bar I know, but as I like playing games on xbox / tv with my friends in person, ideas of the fabulousness of further developing this engine for gta use are just flying around in my brain.
If someone were so inclined, as an example, i'm sure 2 player split screen could
be added. Underwater submarine battles. Dog fighting with the
ability to do loop the loops, and corkscrews. Tennis, hockey, etc.
A good c++ coder who also happened to have the source for a nintendo emulator
could put a nintendo console in tommy vercetti's room, have tommy sit down,
and play super mario brothers for a few hours. OPEN SOURCE is the future.
I have not downloaded and tested the brume engine myself, but if it does seem
developed enough at this point, that making a better engine for the GTA games could be done using it's source, than I think this not be overlooked.
- MiLO83 icon14.gif rah.gif

Edit: Also, screw having a map/path editor tool, as with this engine being open
source, these tools could be coded DIRECTLY into the game. Imagine walking
/ driving around placing streetlamps and mail boxes. Place a stunt-jump, hop on
a bike and hit it, no good?, move it a bit and hit it again. Walk around the block
dropping ped path nodes behind you. Seperate IMG archives / settings per mod.
BUMP MAPPING and SHADER WATER (with reflections like DOA4 or Prince of Persia). Could almost get carried away with ideas... like loading .3ds models from
the .IMG, online poker at a casino, horse back riding, add, not replace, vehicles, guns, etc. New animation format that we understand for custom cutscenes.
But hey, lets get this damn thing to play normal GTA first with missions and all.
And then, MAKE IT the fking craziest damn gta we can dream up from every angle.

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