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The decline of Liberty

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 05:35 PM

Re-opened upon request.

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 06:00 PM

QUOTE (Masterkraft @ Apr 26 2010, 12:35)
Re-opened upon request.

Thank you, Craig. smile.gif

Anyway, first of all, I'm very sorry to the few readers I have left (if any). I abandoned this project completely because life got in the way, as it happens sometimes. I also got killed and the necessary technology to bring me back to life wasn't invented until now but that's a different story. tounge.gif

I'll be posting new chapters soon, as well as a PDF file ("Volume I") where you'll be getting the first 40 chapters for your reading pleasure.

Thanks a lot and hope to see you all around.

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 11:13 PM

I've heard a lot of good things and if I ever get back on track with GTAF then this is on my to-do list.

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Posted 26 April 2010 - 11:20 PM

Nice to see a good writer like yourself returning. Lots of things changed while you were gone mate. Hope to see your stories... smile.gif

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Posted 28 April 2010 - 04:33 AM Edited by PresidentKiller, 09 May 2010 - 03:36 AM.

Thanks for the comments guys, at least I don't feel so bad for leaving people in the dark for so long.

Anyway, the next two chapters are the end of "Volume I". I'll post a PDF file shortly with the first 40 chapters of the story, so you can easily read this whenever and wherever you want. I also slightly updated the look and feel of the first post and the chapter titles, to give it a "fresher" look.

I won't say when new chapters will be posted since we ALL know it might not be accurate, but I'll try my best to post two or three chapters a month until this story is completed. I'm sorry that I have taken so long to finish it but I had a really hard time trying to remember the ideas and plot that I had in mind for the rest of the story. I appreciate your comments and suggestions and thank you in advance for your interest. smile.gif

Anyway, without further ado, here are the two new chapters. Hope you like 'em.

user posted image
Making a run for it

Warehouse – Atlantic Quays, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Monday – 11:42 PM

Several gunshots are heard outside the warehouse. Shinji Kasen is still hiding behind a desk with his only weapon fully-loaded and ready to shoot.

Shinji: “What the hell are they waiting for? They’ve been shooting for a long time already, they should’ve entered this place ages ago!”

Shinji wants to look through the window, but he knows it’s very dangerous.

Shinji (thinking): “I should carefully sneak into the other side of the warehouse, maybe there’s a way out.”

Shinji quietly comes out of under the desk and looks around. He slowly stands up and opens the door, takes a look and notices that Ma Cipriani’s body is still lying on the floor but she’s completely quiet.

Shinji: “Damn. I gotta get out of here!”

Outside the Warehouse – Atlantic Quays, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Monday – 11:44 PM

The Mafia thugs are shooting at the warehouse windows and trying to open the doors while Toni Cipriani is just arriving to the scene. Toni gets out of his car while holding his arm, which is still noticeably wounded, and approaches Enrico, a young man with spikey hair who is a new Leone recruit…

Toni: “Hey, what’s going on here?”

Enrico looks at Toni’s arm.

Enrico: “What’s the matter with your arm?”

Toni: “I asked you something first…”

Enrico just stares at Toni and doesn’t say a word…

Toni: “Why are you staring at me? Who are you anyway?”

Enrico: “I’m Enrico, the new guy.”

Toni: “Well Enrico, I’m Toni Cipriani, your boss. Now, would you please be so kind to answer my question before I f*cking shoot you in the face?”

Enrico doesn’t flinch. He seems unimpressed by Toni’s remarks but looks rather confused.

Enrico: “Are you the new Don?”

Toni gets mad.

Toni: “And why do you care anyway? All the Leone family members in Liberty are dead, and the one remaining is just too far away from here! So yeah, for the time being, I’m in charge! Don’t piss me off, kid, or you’re getting a nice pair of concrete shoes!”

Enrico keeps his cool and just seems indifferent.

Enrico: “Whatever Toni…. Anyway, to answer your question, we’re trying to get inside that warehouse where an important old lady is being held hostage by a Yakuza gang member.”

Toni: “That old lady is my Ma, so you better get her out of there quickly and unharmed!”

Enrico: “Chill out, we’re working on it…”

Toni walks away, pretty pissed off.

Toni (thinking): “’Chill out’, where do these idiots come from?”

Warehouse – Atlantic Quays, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Monday – 11:50 PM

Shinji is carefully thinking how to get away from there. He looked everywhere but there seems to be no way out.

Shinji (nervous): “It’s over. There’s no way I’m getting out alive! sh*t!”

Suddenly, Shinji’s phone starts ringing.

Shinji: “What the hell?”

Shinji takes his phone out and looks at the screen. Some unknown caller is trying to reach him. After a few seconds, Shinji reluctantly answers it.

Shinji: “Yes? Who is this?”

Voice in the phone: “Hey! Where’s Donald Love??”

Shinji recognizes the voice immediately.

Shinji: “I have no idea, Mr. Honatsu. I’m kinda running away from his Mafioso friends, you know?”

Honatsu: “Listen. I know you were chasing him, and now he’s nowhere to be found! I hope he’s not dead or else you don’t want to know what we will be doing to you!”

Shinji laughs a little.

Shinji: “It’s not like you can do anything worse than what has already happened to me.”

Honatsu: “Oh, believe us. It is MUCH worse than anything you could ever imagine.” (hangs up)

Shinji: “Yeah, right...”

Shinji starts thinking for a moment.

Shinji (thinking): “The phones work again. Perfect!”

Outside the Warehouse – Atlantic Quays, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Monday – 12:03 AM

The Mafia thugs keep shooting. Toni is desperately walking in circles in front of the scene until he finally loses it.


Everyone in the place just stare at him. Enrico approaches Toni.

Enrico: “Hey Toni, we are doing the best we can. We don’t know where your mother is inside that place, so we can’t just blast our way in. We could hurt her and you definitely don’t want that, do you?”

Toni calms down a bit.

Toni: “But this is nonsense! It’s taking a long time and I just want to know if she’s all right!”

While everyone keeps staring at Toni and Enrico is trying to calm him down, a van approaches them at full speed.

Toni quickly looks at the van.

Toni: “What the hell?”

Toni realizes the van is definitely not slowing down, and there seems to be nobody driving it.

Toni (yelling): “GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! QUICK!”

Everyone tries to get away from the place as fast as they can. The van quickly crashes through the warehouse’s door and explodes, killing almost all the Mafia shooters. The flames and smoke quickly cover the entire area around the warehouse.

The surviving Mafia members, including Enrico and Toni, start coughing and looking for a way out, but everything is covered in smoke and dust, and the darkness of the night is no help either.

Toni (coughing): “I can’t see anything!”

Enrico (coughing): “What the hell was that?”

While the confusion ensues, another van approaching at full speed is heard.

Toni (coughing): “Holy crap! Not again! TAKE COVER!”

The nervous Mafia members are trying by all means to cover themselves. Some of them keep trying to run away while others just begin ducking on the ground. Toni and Enrico manage to find shelter in what appears to be a fallen warehouse door.

The van, this time, quickly stops. Someone gets down and grabs a megaphone.

Voice (on the megaphone): “Shinji! Over here!”

Toni quickly tries to look around, but he still sees nothing.

Toni: “What the f*ck! He’s getting away! GET HIM!”

Shinji gets out of the warehouse as fast as he can. The Mafia members, all blinded by the darkness and smoke, start shooting at all sides. Some of the Mafia members get injured by friendly fire and start screaming.

Toni: “f*cking idiots! Don’t do that if you can’t see sh*t!”

The van’s doors close and then it speeds away.

Toni, really mad at this point, hits the door he’s using as shelter with his fist.

Toni: “Damn it! They’ve got away! Go inside and look for Ma! QUICKLY!”

Enrico gets out from the shelter but he can’t see anything but the shine of some flames in the distance.

Enrico (coughing): “Toni! I can’t see anything!”

A siren is heard on the horizon.

Enrico (coughing): “It must be the fire department! Let’s get out of here!”

Toni: “There’s no way I’m leaving Ma in there! Get her!”

Enrico: “I can’t see anything, Toni! Come on! Maybe the guy took her away with him...”

Toni (thinking): “For the first time, I hope he did... Damn it!”

user posted image

Outside Staunton Blvd. Apartments – Liberty Campus, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 12:25 AM

James Powell is standing next to the ZERT van until he hears someone approaching on the other side. He quickly hides in the nearby bushes.

Voice: “Where the hell is it?? It wasn’t upstairs, damn it!!”

Powell takes a look over the bushes. One of the ZERT members that were in his apartment appears to be desperately looking for something.

ZERT Member: “I hope Honatsu doesn’t find out!”

The ZERT member keeps looking for a while until he gives up.

ZERT Member: “This is useless. It’s definitely missing.”

The ZERT member kicks the van’s door repeatedly.

ZERT Member: “sh*t! sh*t! sh*t!”

Another ZERT Member approaches. Powell quickly takes cover.

ZERT Member 2: “Did you find it?”

ZERT Member 1: “Nope. I don’t know where the hell it is.”

ZERT Member 2: “f*ck! Let’s hope nobody ever finds about this! We better get going!”

Powell takes a peek again. The two ZERT members get in the van and speed away.

Powell: “They must be looking for this! I knew something was wrong with these guys! Damn it!”

Outside Robina Financial Center – Little Havana, Vice City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 8:04 AM

Many people are walking on the sidewalk right in front of the bank while Claude and Toreno are waiting for Tommy in a yellow Kuruma.

Claude: "I don't know why we let him get in there alone!"

Toreno: "Relax, he knows what he's doing. Besides, nothing in our intell work says that Umberto Robina has gone rogue. As far as we know, he's still very good friends with Vercetti."

Suddenly, several gun-shots are heard inside. People on the street start running away and screaming.

Claude: "Are you sure about that, Mr. big-shot intell expert?"

Toreno: "Let's go!"

Claude and Toreno quickly get out of the car and proceed towards the bank entrance. Claude has no gun and Toreno is only carrying a pistol.

Claude: "We are seriously underarmed!"

Toreno: "Stop whining kid and follow me!"

Toreno gets inside the building but the place seems to be completely quiet and empty.

Lobby, Robina Financial Center – Little Havana, Vice City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 8:07 AM

Toreno: "What the hell? Where is everybody?"

Toreno carefully looks around. Claude does as well.

Claude: "This is so weird."

Claude notices a shotgun behind one of the cashier's counters.

Claude: "Well, that's better than nothing."

Claude grabs the shotgun. Toreno walks towards the elevator to the bank's offices.

Claude: "We should take the stairs!"

Toreno: "You take the stairs, I'll take the elevator!"

Claude: "All right."

Claude walks to the stairs when more gun-shots are heard. They both quickly look around, but see nobody.

Claude: "Dude, I've heard of ghost towns, but ghost banks are just ridiculous..."

Toreno: "That sound came from downstairs!"

Claude: "Let's check it out!"

Both Claude and Toreno walk downstairs carefully, there's a very long hallway with a single door at the end.

Basement, Robina Financial Center – Little Havana, Vice City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 8:13 AM

Claude: "This is creepy."

Toreno: "Not even close, kid!"

As Claude and Toreno approach to the door, they begin to hear some voices... and laughs.

Toreno: "Who could be laughing?"

Claude: "I have no idea, somebody probably even more messed-up than us."

The door opens and Claude and Toreno freeze. Tommy Vercetti comes out along with Umberto Robina and some other men, they seem to be chatting and having a good time.

Toreno looks at Claude.

Toreno: "You got that right, kid."

Tommy and Umberto look at Claude and Toreno.

Tommy: "What are you doing here?"

Tommy looks at Claude's shotgun.

Tommy: "And where did you get that?"

Umberto: "That looks like one of our shotguns! What's the matter with you?"

Claude looks at Tommy and Umberto.

Claude: "Well, we heard gun-shots and thought you were in trouble so we came here to help. So much for a 'thanks'..."

Tommy and Umberto laugh.

Tommy: "Don't be an idiot, we were testing the guns I had stashed around here. Umberto's men are loading them into a truck. The money has been transferred to new accounts..."

Umberto hands a briefcase to Tommy.

Tommy: "Here I have your new bank cards. They're registered to long-dead customers of the bank. Don't lose them."

Tommy takes a couple of bank cards out of the briefcase and gives them to both Claude and Toreno.

Tommy: "The money is already there. You just need to use an ATM."

Claude: "What is this sh*t? I wanted hard cash!"

Tommy: "Relax Claude, remember we still have some trouble outside. It's not safe to be carrying money around. Just keep that bank card secured somewhere and your money will stay secured too."

Claude: "And why is Toreno getting money too?"

Toreno: "Because I'm gonna help you too, The Ministry of Truth's services aren't free, you know?"

Claude is skeptical.

Claude: "Gee, thanks..."

Waiting Room, Sweeney General Hospital – Portland View, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 8:30 AM

The room looks just like any other hospital waiting room, with chairs arranged around coffee tables filled with terrible magazines and hospital brochures. The place is slightly quieter than usual, although several Mafia members are walking around while Toni Cipriani is just sitting there, anxious to know anything, to get an answer...

Enrico comes in with a cup of coffee.

Enrico: "Hey Toni, I brought you some coffee."

Toni takes the cup of coffee and throws it away, but doesn't say a word.

Enrico: "Come on Toni, it's the third coffee you throw away. Do you want some alcohol then?"

Toni just stares at Enrico.

Enrico: "For Christ's sake Toni, she's gonna be alright!"

Toni clears his throat.

Toni: "She's not gonna be alright, you saw her!"

Toni stands up and leaves the room.

Apartment 15H, Hepburn Heights Apartments, Building 1 – Hepburn Heights, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 8:50 AM

The apartment is a mess, there's stuff from underwear to empty pizza boxes thrown around everywhere. Francesco seems to be desperately looking for something.

Francesco: "I can't find a stupid charger, where the hell did Gino get this thing?"

Francesco turns around and sees an answering machine with a couple of messages on it. He presses the button to hear them.

Answering machine: "You have 2 new messages..." (blip tone)

Voice 1: "Hey Gino, this is Hammond. I hope you're OK. Please give me a call soon." (blip tone)

Francesco (thinking): "Stupid Hammond won't know Gino's never gonna come back..."

The next message is almost the whole conversation between Maria and Gino before she committed suicide at the Callahan Bridge, apparently Gino did have a cell-phone which dialed his home phone by mistake. The answering machine got the whole thing, without Gino even noticing it.

Francesco is surprised.

Francesco: "Gino didn't kill her!"

Francesco gets on his knees.

Francesco (crying): "Oh Gino, I'm so sorry! What have I done??"

Read Chapter 41

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Posted 03 May 2010 - 04:06 PM

Awesome! I thought this story will be buried permanently... thank Pete that you knocked on and breath new life on this topic!

Still the amazing pieces, sir. Well done!

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Posted 04 May 2010 - 06:26 AM Edited by PresidentKiller, 04 May 2010 - 06:38 AM.

Thanks for your comment. The fact that people like you were eager to know what happened next is what made me ride the horse again. It might still take a while to complete the story, but I'm sure once it's finished you'll like it very much. smile.gif

Anyway, as I promised a few days ago, I've created a PDF file ("e-book") with the first 40 chapters called "Volume I". You can get it from here:


I'll post the link in the first post as well. Thanks for your attention and hope you enjoy it. smile.gif

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Posted 08 May 2010 - 11:02 AM

*sits and still waits for Chapter 41*

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Posted 09 May 2010 - 03:28 AM Edited by PresidentKiller, 27 May 2010 - 02:34 AM.

Hey people, this is it. Chapter 41 now here for all to enjoy!

I'm posting the next one in two weeks. Stay tuned. smile.gif

user posted image

Outside Sweeney General Hospital – Portland View, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 9:10 AM

Toni Cipriani is walking around, watching ambulances arrive to the hospital and drop patients. The city is still in chaos but everything is slowly coming back to normal. Some businesses are re-opening, ZERT members are patrolling the streets since local law enforcement is still unavailable, cleaning crews are removing wrecked cars and all kinds of debris from the streets. It would be all great if it wasn't for the news he's about to receive...

Enrico comes out from the hospital.

Enrico: "Tony, the doctor is looking for you. You need to come back inside."

Toni looks at Enrico.

Toni: "Is it about Ma?"

Enrico: "Yeah Toni, you better come with me."

Toni covers his face with his hands.

Toni: "I don't think I want to hear what the doctor needs to tell me. I don't wanna know..."

Enrico: "Come on boss, you need to be strong..."

Toni starts crying.

Toni (crying): "Ma! I'm so sorry!"

Both Toni and Enrico get back inside the hospital.

Asuka Kasen's Apartment, Newport Suites – Newport, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 9:15 AM

The former home of Asuka Kasen is decorated with Oriental motifs and plants everywhere. There're some statues and pictures of many deceased members of the Kasen family, including Asuka herself, her brothers Kenji and Kazuki, as well as the latter's wife Toshiko.

Shinji Kasen is walking around, taking a look. He grabs the picture of Asuka and stares at her face.

Shinji: "I'm so sorry cousin. I've dishonored the family."

One of the few remaining Yakuza members still loyal to Shinji comes inside the room.

Yakuza member: "Waka-gashira, Satoshi Honatsu is here."

Shinji puts the picture back in its place.

Shinji: "Of course. I was expecting him."

Satoshi Honatsu and several of his men arrive to the scene. The Yakuza member prepares his gun but Shinji gives him a sign indicating to stop.

Shinji: "That's not necessary, please leave us alone."

Yakuza member: "All right Waka-gashira. Whatever you say."

The Yakuza member leaves the room, closing the door on his way out.

Shinji: "So, Mr. Honatsu, what can I do for you?"

Honatsu: "I think you know what. Donald Love is missing. Nobody has seen him since yesterday morning!"

Shinji: "I have no idea about the whereabouts of Mr. Love, I don't know why you think I had something to do with it."

Honatsu: "Because you're the only one causing trouble in our organization, that's why!"

Shinji: "You should talk to his Mafia buddies then, they're also causing trouble around the city, in case you didn't notice."

Honatsu: "Of course not. I have more important things to do."

Shinji: "Well, then I don't have anything else to say."

Honatsu: "Listen Mr. Kasen. I believe we can still work together so, please, try not to cause any more trouble, for your own good."

Shinji: "Don't worry, I'll stay here. I have nowhere else to go."

Honatsu makes a sign. One of his men opens the door and they all leave immediately. Shinji is left alone in the room.

Shinji: "f*cking idiot!"

The Yakuza member comes back into the room.

Yakuza member: "Waka-gashira, are you alright?"

Shinji: "I'm fine. I just need a moment alone."

Outside Hepburn Heights Apartments, Building 1 – Hepburn Heights, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 9:30 AM

Francesco is waiting in his car, still broken-up about the fact that he murdered his best friend after thinking of him as a traitor to the Leone family.

Francesco: "Gino, I'm so sorry. I didn't listen, and now you're dead..."

Francesco took the tape from the answering machine, he takes a look at it and puts it in the glovebox.

Francesco: "I can't believe that Toni gave her SPANK, I don't understand what's going on... maybe Gino uncovered something and that's what got him gunned down..."

Francesco turns on the engine and starts moving.

Francesco: "I have to find some clues, I need to know what Toni's planning."

Outside Newport Suites – Newport, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 9:35 AM

James Powell arrives to the Newport Suites parking lot, looking around before heading to Asuka's place. A Yakuza member appears.

Yakuza member: "What do you want?"

Powell: "I need to speak to Mr. Kasen, please."

Yakuza member: "Sorry. He's unavailable right now."

Powell: "Hey, listen, I have something very important to show him. I need to see him!"

Yakuza member: "Hang in there, I'll see what I can do."

Powell: "Thanks."

The Yakuza member goes back inside. Powell takes a peek and looks at the three or four Yakuza members walking around the swimming pool where Asuka used to hang out with Maria Leone, a long-time friend of hers. The pool reminds Powell about her recently deceased wife, which considerably upsets him.

Powell (angry): "I can't believe I trusted that bastard! He's gonna pay!"

A few minutes later, Shinji Kasen comes out to greet Powell.

Shinji: "What can I do for you, Mr. Powell?"

Powell: "Can we talk somewhere with more privacy?"

Shinji: "It's a good idea. Some undesirable people were around here just minutes ago. Come with me."

Shinji goes back inside. Powell follows him all the way to Asuka's apartment. They both enter the living room and close the door.

Asuka Kasen's Apartment, Newport Suites – Newport, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 9:41 AM

Shinji: "Please sit down, Mr. Powell. Tell me why are you here?"

Powell sits down. Shinji walks to the bar where he grabs a bottle and a couple of glasses.

Shinji: "Do you want something to drink? All I've got is wine, though..."

Powell: "I'm fine, thanks."

Shinji pours some wine in his glass and sits down.

Powell: "Listen, my wife got murdered last night. Apparently she was having an affair with one of my employees. He killed her and then blew his brains out..."

Shinji looks concerned.

Shinji: "Good Lord, Mr. Powell. I'm terribly sorry!"

Powell gets considerably angry.

Powell: "That's what they wanted me to believe, anyway..."

Shinji stares at Powell with an intriguing look.

Shinji: "What are you saying?"

Powell: "Take a look at this. I found it in the bushes, outside my apartment building."

Powell gives a shiny object to Shinji, it looks like a bullet of some sort.

Shinji: "This is a bullet, a very weird-looking bullet I might add."

Powell: "It's a platinum bullet."

Shinji: "A platinum bullet?"

Powell: "They're so rare and expensive that only one criminal organization with enough money and power are known to use them... the Zaibatsu."

Shinji: "Zaibatsu? You mean the Zaibatsu Corporation?"

Powell: "That's right. I was so stupid to let those bastards buy me off! And for that my wife is dead!"

Shinji: "You might be right, but I don't understand why they'd kill your wife."

Powell: "I've been thinking about that. I remember telling Honatsu about how a divorce could mean the loss of my company as part of a settlement. I think that's why that son of a bitch had her killed. I'm such an idiot!"

Shinji: "Now, why are you telling me this? I could go and tell Honatsu you're planning something against him, you know?"

Powell laughs a little.

Powell: "I know you won't do that, you hate him as much as I do right now, or even more. I could see it in your face back at that meeting."

Shinji: "Well, I do hate him, but I don't think I can help you right now. I barely have gunmen and their weapons leave much to be desired."

Powell: "What about your little killing machine? That guy that single-handedly defeated the Colombians and crippled the Mob? I've heard you're friends with him."

Shinji looks at Powell.

Shinji: "Oh yeah, I forgot you've got pretty good intelligence services. Yes, I know this man but he's out of town right now."

Powell: "Well, you should find him. I promise you won't regret it."

Read Chapter 42

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Posted 09 May 2010 - 07:43 AM

AWESOME! Claude's going back to Liberty!

And is Ma already dead?

You really write good! icon14.gif icon14.gif

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Posted 09 May 2010 - 04:33 PM

This is awesome!!!

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Posted 12 May 2010 - 06:09 AM

Thanks for your comments. smile.gif

QUOTE (Playstation_Loyalist @ May 9 2010, 02:43)
AWESOME! Claude's going back to Liberty!

And is Ma already dead?

Claude is going back, but he needs to take care of business first. ph34r.gif

And we'll see what happened with Ma soon. Stay tuned.

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Posted 14 May 2010 - 03:31 PM

Cool! That's worth waiting... can't wait for it!

Still the best piece here ever! icon14.gif

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Posted 27 May 2010 - 02:33 AM Edited by PresidentKiller, 12 June 2010 - 05:09 AM.

Hello everyone. The new chapter is finally here. Enjoy! smile.gif

user posted image
Bullets for Breakfast - Part I

Clubhouse Café, Leaf Links Golf Course – Leaf Links, Vice City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 10:06 AM

The Clubhouse Café is a fancy restaurant where all the golf course members go to eat or hang out. There's people chatting and eating their favorite meals as well as waiters and other personnel working to give them the kind of service they'd expect for a $30,000 a month membership.

Claude Speed, Tommy Vercetti and Mike Toreno come inside. Vercetti is wearing different clothes and sunglasses to avoid being recognized while Claude is only wearing a baseball cap to hide his identity.

The hostess quickly escorts them to a huge table in a secluded area of the restaurant and gives them their menus. All three of them take the menus and sit down.

Hostess: "Is there anything you want while you wait?"

Tommy: "Just some orange juice for all of us. Tell the waiter we'll call him when we're ready, we don't want to be interrupted right now."

Hostess: "All right, sir. I'll bring your juice shortly."

The hostess walks away.

Claude: "I have a couple of questions. First, did you ask Umberto about that guy that attacked us at the hospital? Second, what about Paul? He's missing and we haven't heard anything about him."

Toreno: "Paul is still missing. I have talked to many people and nobody has been able to find him."

Tommy: "Do you think Ken or the Mafia kidnapped him or something?"

Toreno: "Probably, but if that's the case, he's probably dead by now..."

Tommy: "I didn't like him, but I certainly don't want him dead."

Claude: "What about the Cuban?"

Tommy: "I asked Umberto and he told me that one of his men got his clothes stolen last week when he was at the gym."

Toreno: "So, your Cuban friends don't know anything about him?"

Tommy: "Nope..."

Tommy pauses for a second.

Tommy: "I seriously don't believe they're involved with the guys that want me out of the game. Umberto and I have been great friends for a very long time. We have the guns and the money I stashed at his bank. If he was to betray me, why would he give me all that?"

Toreno: "You're right, but I'd be careful right now. Hopefully you didn't tell him we're coming here, right?"

Tommy: "Only the hostess knows my name and I didn't tell anybody about our little meeting here."

Toreno looks around. He sees nothing suspicious.

Toreno: "Let's hope everything goes as expected then."

The hostess appears carrying a tray with three glasses with orange juice on top. She proceeds to put them on the table.

Hostess: "Are you ready to order, sir?"

Tommy: "Not yet, thanks for the juice."

Hostess: "You're welcome. Please tell me if you need anything."

The hostess walks away.

Tommy takes a glass and drinks some juice.

Tommy: "It tastes good."

Toreno takes a look at the menu.

Toreno (surprised): "Oh my God, 50 bucks for an orange juice is just outrageous!!"

Claude: "Wow, that's an expensive juice!"

Tommy: "You don't wanna see my regular bills then..."

Claude: "I was hungry, but I guess I can wait a bit longer. These prices are just ridiculous..."

Claude clears his throat.

Claude: "So, what are we doing here?"

Tommy: "Ray told us that one of Ortega's underbosses comes here every morning at 10:30 AM to have breakfast. We're following that bastard afterwards to see if he leads us to that cockroach."

Claude: "And how are we gonna recognize him?"

Tommy points at a table with a "Reserved" sign on.

Tommy: "Apparently he always sits down at that table over there."

Toreno: "Well, I guess we better order something to avoid causing suspicion..."

Tommy: "Alright, let me call the waiter."

Both Toreno and Claude take a look at the menu again.

Tommy calls the waiter, who immediately takes their order. After a few minutes, they get their food and start eating. In the mean time, a group of people appear in the restaurant. A short bald man wearing a really expensive-looking suit and holding a briefcase is ahead of them, the others seem to be protecting him.

Claude makes a sign to Toreno and Tommy so they can take a look.

Claude: "Do you think that's the guy?"

Toreno and Tommy look at the man.

Toreno: "Could be, but then again, that kind of people come here all the time."

Tommy: "Let's wait and see..."

The three of them watch as the short bald man sits down at the reserved table. The men escorting him stand at the different sides of the restaurant. The man orders something and while he's waiting he takes out a notebook computer from the briefcase.

One of the guards notice the guys staring at the man and begin to make signs to the other guards. Claude notices this.

Claude: "Guys, I think they're suspecting something."

One of the guards begins approaching their table.

Toreno: "We should act natural."

The guard stands right in front of them.

Guard: "What are you looking at, gentlemen?"

Tommy: "Nothing really, it's just that the blond in that table over there is really hot."

Tommy points at a table next to the one the man is having breakfast. Claude and Toreno laugh.

The guard takes a look.

Guard: "Well, she's really hot."

The guard looks back.

Guard: "Excuse me, gentlemen."

The guard goes back to his corner.

Tommy: "That was close."

Toreno: "We should stay focused. Let's just finish eating and go outside. We'll wait for him there."

The guys quickly finish their meals. Tommy pays the bill while Claude and Toreno get outside the restaurant.

Reception Area, Leaf Links Golf Course – Leaf Links, Vice City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 10:45 AM

The reception area is lavishly decorated with marble floors, Monet paintings, Persian rugs and golden chandeliers. Several people are walking around, carrying golf equipment among other things.

Claude and Toreno wait for Tommy next to the restaurant's entrance.

Toreno: "We're all going to follow the guy separately. Once he reaches his destination, you have to make sure that Ortega is in there. Since he's probably out of town, Vercetti won't be able to help you."

Claude: "What if Ortega is not there?"

Toreno: "You'll have to find out where he is. We're running out of time before that shipment arrives. Once the deal is done we're not seeing Ortega again in a long while, if we ever see him again anyway."

Claude: "And what are you doing in the mean time?"

Toreno: "I'll give you instructions and information, if you need it."

Claude just stares at Toreno in disbelief. Tommy quickly comes out of the restaurant.

Tommy: "We better hurry up. I think they're leaving."

Read Chapter 43

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Posted 27 May 2010 - 02:56 AM

As always, an excellent addition Pres.

Glad to see the story flowing again.

Rown rampage_ani.gif

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Posted 27 May 2010 - 03:46 AM

Thanks Rown. smile.gif

After all those years I figured my old readers would never come back. I let you hanging there for so long and as I said before, I'm sorry. I'm glad you're stopping by. colgate.gif

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Posted 30 May 2010 - 07:27 PM

Oh sh*t! Nice to see this has returned! This was one of the first stories that got me into writing and reading. I'm gonna need to have a massive catch up on a free day. Nice to see you back, man.

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 03:41 AM

Thanks. biggrin.gif

There's an e-book (PDF) version of the first 40 chapters if you want to read through it all somewhere else, you can get it from the first post in this topic. I hope to keep seeing you around and I'm glad you got an interest in reading and writing out of this. icon14.gif It makes me blush. blush.gif

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 09:51 AM

I read most of the chapters, i still think your first chapter was the Best though, it gave a real gritty feel right after the events of III, your following chapters are impressive! tounge.gif

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Posted 01 June 2010 - 03:29 AM

Thanks for the comments. smile.gif

I'm trying to make the next chapters great, as we're approaching the climax of the story. I know it's been a long journey but I'm hoping you won't be disappointed. wink.gif

Stay tuned.

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Posted 02 June 2010 - 08:46 PM

I randomly log on for the first time in months and what the hell do I see? This masterpiece seemingly back from the dark depths of obscurity!

Seriously though, I am glad to see you finally continuing on with this, and close to the ending too. This was one of the first great fanfics I read when I first registered here.

Now I need to find some spare time so I can catch up.

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Posted 03 June 2010 - 03:05 AM

Thanks dude. smile.gif

I thought at some point that this was a dead horse, but I made a commitment to finish everything I started, even if it takes me a very long time. I'm glad I'm not regretting that decision. inlove.gif

If you want to read the first 40 chapters, get the PDF version. It's right on the first post. icon14.gif

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Posted 04 June 2010 - 08:01 PM

This must have taken ages, hell, you should make it into an actual book and email it to rockstar, It's seriously Genius!

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Posted 08 June 2010 - 12:10 AM

QUOTE (Sanjeem @ Jun 4 2010, 15:01)
This must have taken ages, hell, you should make it into an actual book and email it to rockstar, It's seriously Genius!

A lot of people have said that, but also many people have written other stories and I've never heard about them sending anything to R*, there must be some copyright issues or something else that needs to be worked out. whatsthat.gif

Anyway, thanks for the comment. I'll probably post a new chapter by the end of the week. icon14.gif

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Posted 12 June 2010 - 05:07 AM Edited by PresidentKiller, 23 June 2010 - 03:14 AM.

Double post... sneaky2.gif

This is a new chapter. Enjoy!

user posted image
A Late Goodbye

Outside Leone Mansion – St. Marks, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 10:52 AM

Francesco is waiting inside his car looking at the mansion while he's thinking about everything that's happened and the people that have been lost.

Francesco (thinking): "Everything is falling apart and it must be that scumbag's fault. First the Don, then Luigi, Maria and Joey. It's obvious that he's been planning this all along, but why? Why like this?"

Francesco looks at the few guards in the premises.

Francesco (thinking): "There must be something in the mansion that I can use against him."

Francisco takes out some bullets from his car's glove box and puts them in his pockets, then he fixes his suit and gets out of the car.

Francesco walks towards the mansion, looking at the guards on his way.

Francesco (thinking): "I hope everything's cool around here with these guys."

Some of the guards look at Francesco, they recognize him and wave at him. He waves back and gives a small smile. A guard comes near him.

Guard: "Hey Francesco, where have you been?"

Francesco: "Toni sent me on an errand, why?"

Guard: "Ma Cipriani is in the hospital, we know nothing about her. Toni and some guys are in there but they haven't said anything to us yet."

Francesco looks genuinely surprised.

Francesco: "Wow, I didn't know that! I'll go over there in a moment, I need to look for something at the house."

Guard: "All right, but don't take too long. Toni might be expecting you."

The guard walks away.

Francesco (thinking): "I don't think he might be expecting anything from me yet."

Francesco gives a final look to the guard and makes his way into the mansion.

Waiting Room, Sweeney General Hospital – Portland View, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 10:59 AM

Toni Cipriani is drinking some coffee while looking at some paintings that decorate the room. Some Mafia members are nervously looking at him while others are guarding the place.

A couple of men begin whispering while looking at Toni.

Man 1 (whispering): "I can't believe he looks so calm."

Man 2 (whispering): "I know, just a few moments ago he was hysterical but now he seems so cool, just like nothing happened."

Man 1 (whispering): "Do you know what the doctor told him?"

Man 2 (whispering): "Only Enrico knows, he was with Toni when it happened..."

Man 1 (whispering): "And where is he anyway?"

Man 2 (whispering): "I have absolutely no idea."

The men keep looking at Toni while he keeps drinking his coffee, just as if life couldn't be better.

After a few minutes, a door opens. Enrico walks into the room and approaches Toni.

Enrico: "Are you ready?"

Toni keeps looking at the paintings, like he didn't listen at all.

Enrico: "Hey, Toni!"

Toni turns around and looks at Enrico.

Toni: "Yeah, what do you want?"

Enrico: "Are you ready?"

Toni hesitates for a second. He leaves the cup of coffee on top of a chair.

Toni: "Of course, let's get it over with..."

Toni and Enrico walk back to the door and exit the room.

Salvatore Leone's Office, Leone Mansion – St. Marks, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 11:15 AM

The place doesn't look wrecked anymore, it's been carefully cleaned and everything seems to be in place. It's obvious that new furniture has been acquired to give the place the same appearance it had back when the Don was alive.

Francesco is confused, he doesn't know where to begin his search.

Francesco: "Maria was here for a while before she destroyed everything, I'm sure she must've left something."

Francesco looks around everywhere, even behind and below some furniture. He quickly checks out the drawers and cabinets in the room, but they're all empty.

Francesco: "It's useless, they must've gotten rid of everything that was destroyed."

Francesco stands there for a minute, trying to think about what to do. Suddenly, Fredo gets in the room and looks surprised.

Fredo: "I haven't seen you in a while!"

Francesco thinks for a moment.

Francesco: "Yeah, sorry about that, I was busy with some stuff"

Fredo: "Yeah, everything's been crazy around here lately. Did you hear about Ma Cipriani?"

Francesco: "I know, one of the guys just told me"

Fredo: "That's f*cked up. Hope she gets better."

Francesco: "Yeah... can I ask you something?"

Fredo: "Of course."

Francesco: "Where did you guys put all the stuff that Maria wrecked?"

Fredo: "All that crap? We stashed it at the garage, we haven't been able to dispose of it. Why?"

Francesco: "I was just curious. You did an excellent job cleaning this place."

Fredo: "Thanks. Listen, I have some stuff to do, I'll see you later."

Francesco: "Yeah, no problem. See you around."

Fredo leaves the room.

Francesco: "I better take a look at the garage..."

Room 22, Sweeney General Hospital – Portland View, Liberty City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 11:31 AM

Ma Cipriani is laying on a bed, unconscious and with her body fully-connected to all kinds of machines, some of them are beeping, others have flashing lights. The rest of the room is quiet as Ma is the only patient, by request from Toni Cipriani, who is standing right next to her and holding her hand. He's speechless and looks like he's about to burst out crying, but he manages to keep his "tough guy" look for manhood's sake, or so he believes.

Enrico is quietly watching the scene from a distance, he keeps his cool but is noticeably touched by it. It's a scene no decent son ever wants to be in.

Toni's just looking at his mother, and has a very hard time trying to say something. After a few minutes, a small tear manages to escape from his left eye as he's about to talk.

Toni: "I'm sorry Ma. I know the doctor said you can't hear me no matter how hard I try, but I refuse to listen to his crap."

Toni holds Ma Cipriani with both of his hands.

Toni: "I should've never left you alone with that piece of sh*t, I just can't stop thinking this is the situation Pa tried to warn me about in his deathbed."

Toni shuts up for a second to look at his mother. Her face is the only part of her still visible from all the tubes and medical equipment around her.

Toni: "But Pa is gone, and now you too. I can't stop being who I am. I have ambitions, I have needs, I'm everything I witnessed when I was a little boy, I can't help it."

Another tear escapes from Toni's eyes.

Toni: "I always tried to be a good son, so I should come clean now."

Toni cleans the tears on his face.

Toni: "The meat I gave you the other day was Donald Love, I skinned and chopped that bastard with my bare hands and a knife. I also killed Casa three years ago the same way, although hopefully you didn't eat him that time."

Toni kisses his mother's hand. Enrico quickly gets out of the room.

Toni: "I'm so sorry for that, Ma. I was trying to get back at you for everything you did, but I shouldn't have done that."

Toni clears his throat.

Toni: "But I'll make you proud again, I promise. Hopefully you'll be able to see it somehow."

Toni lets go of his mother, stares at her for a minute and then calls the nurse. The nurse and the doctor get inside the room while Toni walks out. As Toni is on his way out, the doctor and nurse disconnect all the equipment attached to his mother, all the sounds and lights stop in a fraction of a second that seems like forever. Toni's face is full of tears, but he tries his best not to make a sound.

Read Chapter 44

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Posted 12 June 2010 - 12:19 PM

Post the next chapter! blush.gif

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Posted 12 June 2010 - 04:32 PM

Of course, but it takes some time. wink.gif

Thanks for stopping by.

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Posted 19 June 2010 - 01:15 AM

Sorry for the double post.

I'll post the next chapter on Tuesday. Hope to see you around. smile.gif

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Posted 20 June 2010 - 02:11 AM

I love your fanfic! Especially the first chapters, it's way fun! GTA III's fics are the best! lol.gif But I think your Claude talks way to much! He needs to be cooler..........................................and I want you to sexy moments with Claude tounge2.gif tounge2.gif tounge2.gif

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Posted 23 June 2010 - 03:13 AM Edited by PresidentKiller, 11 July 2010 - 04:58 AM.

Thanks for the comment. Claude needs to talk in this story, I never really liked the fact that he was silent all the time and reading a silent character isn't fun at all. About sexy scenes, well, I'll see if anything can be done about that, but I make no promises.

Anyway, just as promised, this is the new chapter. Hope you all like it. smile.gif

user posted image
Bullets for Breakfast - Part II

Outside Kappa Coffee House, Vice Mall – West Shady Acres, North Vice City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 12:10 PM

The Vice Mall was built in the late 1980's as a place for the wealthy residents of Shady Acres to hang out. It was recently renovated as part of a $30 million-dollar project. The building includes several high-end stores such as Kilimanjaro, Didier Sachs, Kronos, Eris and GASH (Vice City's ZIP franchise), among others, and it's anchored by the Big Bucks Club store and the VicePlex movie theater.

There's some people at the mall, but it's very quiet. Tommy and Claude are standing in front of a Kappa Coffee House shop, where some members of the Colombian Cartel are talking to Ortega's underboss.

Claude: "So, when are we getting this guy?"

Tommy: "We can't do it here, it's too risky."

Claude: "The place is almost empty. We can do it!"

Tommy: "There're some kids over there, at the food court."

Claude takes a look. Several teenagers are hanging around the food court, having something to eat or talking to each other.

Claude: "Nah, they should be at school anyway..."

Tommy: "Either way, it's too risky. We better wait here 'till that guy comes out."

Toreno suddenly appears, he's carrying a box that seems heavy. Once he's standing next to Tommy, he puts the box on the floor.

Toreno: "Help me, this is gonna tell us what those idiots are talking about in there."

Claude opens the box and discovers a fluffy object inside.

Claude: "What's this? A dead animal?"

Toreno: "Of course not, you idiot. It's a blimp. I will help us hear their conversation without being inside the shop."

Toreno takes the blimp, a pair of headphones and a recorder from the box and prepares everything to spy on the Colombians.

Claude: "You look silly with that."

Toreno: "Shut up. Take the blimp and hold it."

Claude takes the blimp as instructed. Tommy keeps looking at the shop.

Tommy: "Are you getting something?"

Toreno is adjusting some switches and knobs on the recorder.

Toreno: "Yeah, I think they're talking about sugar..."

Tommy: "Sugar? Hmm... could be cocaine."

Claude: "Or SPANK..."

Tommy: "SPANK?? f*cking Colombians, I told them to keep that sh*t out of my sight..."

Toreno: "They're talking about a sugar factory, but it's hard to understand them."

Tommy: "There're no sugar factories in the city, legitimate or otherwise..."

Claude gets desperate.

Claude: "We should take them out! We can't hear what they're saying anyway, come on!"

Some passer-byes look at Toreno and laugh.

Toreno: "You're right, we're getting everybody's attention anyway..."

Toreno removes the equipment from his body and takes out his gun.

Toreno: "Get in there Claude, I'll cover you."

Claude nods and quickly kicks out the shop's door. Both of them shoot their way in, killing many of the Colombians present and badly injuring the rest.

Kappa Coffee House, Vice Mall – West Shady Acres, North Vice City - Autumn 2001
Tuesday – 12:27 PM

Claude: "Where's this guy?"

Claude looks around. Toreno starts checking the bodies and killing whoever is still alive.

Toreno: "He's not here, he must be in the back."

Claude and Toreno quickly walk towards the backroom door and reload their guns. Claude quickly kicks out that door and discovers Ortega's underboss hiding in the room.

Ortega's underboss: "Please, please, don't kill me!"

Claude quickly grabs the man by his jacket.

Claude: "Where's Ortega?"

The man is really nervous.

Ortega's underboss: "He's not in the city, I swear!"

Tommy quickly gets inside the store.

Tommy: "Ortega's guards are coming this way!"

Toreno: "Close the door, stay next to it and turn the lights off!"

Tommy closes the door, turns the lights off and waits next to the door with his gun ready. After a few seconds, the door opens violently and Ortega's men come inside.

Guard 1: "What's going on?"

Guard 2: "It's too dark in here."

Tommy quickly closes the door and turns the lights on. He quickly proceeds to aim at the guards from the back while Claude and Toreno aim at them from the other side.

Toreno (yelling): "Drop your weapons!"

The guards are really confused. One of them attempts to shoot but Claude quickly takes care of him. The other guards give up their weapons and put their hands on the air.

Toreno (at the guards, yelling): "Where's Ortega?"

The remaining guards look at each other.

Guard 1: "We don't know..."

Guard 2: "Nobody does."

Claude quickly looks back at Ortega's underboss. The man is really nervous.

Claude: "This guy knows for sure."

Ortega's underboss: "I can't tell you that!"

Claude: "Of course you're telling me..."

Claude reloads his gun and puts it below the man's chin. The man quickly begins to sweat.

Claude: "I'm gonna have fun doing this..."

Ortega's underboss: "All right, all right!... Don't kill me!"

One of the guards looks disgusted.

Guard: "Don't tell them, you f*cking rat!"

Toreno: "Shut up!"

Toreno shoots the guard in the head. Blood starts pouring all over the place as the man's dead body falls.

Another guard attempts to retrieve his gun and shoot but Tommy quickly shoots him in the hand and then in the chest.

The remaining guard gets really nervous. Tommy reloads his gun and aims at him.

Tommy: "Do you wanna try your luck, scumbag?"

Guard: "No sir, I'm cool..."

Tommy: "Good."

Claude grabs Ortega's underboss again.

Claude: "Where's Ortega?? We don't have all day!"

Ortega's underboss: "Let go of me, I'll tell you! I'm not getting paid enough anyway!"

Claude lets go of the man. He quickly fixes his suit and tie.

Ortega's underboss: "Screw this sh*t..."

The man walks around the room for a second.

Ortega's underboss: "He's in Cottonmouth, not too far from here."

Claude: "Cottonmouth?"

Tommy: "It's like 120 miles away from here, way beyond my influence and control."

Toreno: "I heard you talking about a sugar factory. What's up with that?"

Ortega's underboss: "The sugar factory is a front. It's in Blackwell Island, near Downtown Cottonmouth. Ortega is definitely there right now."

Toreno: "A front?"

Ortega's underboss: "Yeah, Ortega secretly made a deal with the Cartel through a third-party. The sugar factory supplies them with SPANK after their business in Liberty was destroyed."

Claude gulps.

Ortega's underboss: "It's actually very profitable. The business has only been running for a few days and we've made over a 100 million dollars already."

Tommy: "Well, it's time for a hostile takeover then..."

Read Chapter 45

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