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Converting codes (armax etc..)

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Posted 14 October 2005 - 12:08 PM

Converting codes, by jamienosdude aka jamie.

Program used: Maxconvert which you can download from Here

For this tutorial i will be converting Raw code's to armax pal

Also i will be useing a raw code from skiller's raw site which you can find here

i will be useing the raw SD world code.

2010EFC0 3C034080

So to start off, you will need a game id because i want to convert to pal the game id you use is 06A3 but ntsc is 069C

So once you put in the armax game id (in this case mines 06A3) copy your raw code into the input box

in the output box change it to Ar max leave input as raw (seeing were converting raw to armax) and put region box as pal

once you have your raw code in the input box and the output box is set to armax press 'Convert'

if all goes well (which there is no reason it shouldent) you should have a nicely converted code. in this case mine is


This is basicly the same for other game cheating tools (cb, gs etc) you dont need a game id or so iv heard, i only convert to armax seeing i only have that.

i hope this all works well for you, if you need any help please pm me.

i feel no need for pictures, because i worked this out on my first try but if someone wants me to make a video then i can but i'll need some webspace to upload tounge2.gif


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