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I want this mod

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  • trifighter

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Posted 11 October 2005 - 02:53 AM

San Andreas War

Online or LAN wargames. the only vehicals spawned would be war vehicals. Helicopters, tanks, jets, hummers, and what ever else fits the catagorie. the night vision could be cool too. The desert sand storms would be a cool place to battle in. Or even 1 of the 3 cities which would be abandoned during LAN or online play. If we could add the burning houses it would add to the feel of war. This game would be so realistic because it's so huge and you'd never know if your alone or if someone is near because it's soo big.

1. Your team could hop in your fighter jets and launch an attack on the apposing teams base (1 of the 3 airports or area 69 or the airfield, which ever you decide the bases are in your mod, their vehicals repawn there)

2. You could jump from your planes in the dead of night with parachutes and take out the other team like a commandos.

3. You could ride in to their territory in tanks and blow the sh*t out of their base.

3. You could rescue your comrad who is deep behind enemy lines by flying a helicopter in for the extraction, but watch you don't get blown away.

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Posted 11 October 2005 - 03:46 AM

Post this in the "Suggestions Topic", there is no need to make a new topic.

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