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Opinions for the next release

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  • oxykottonkandie

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Posted 15 January 2006 - 12:01 AM

Well in my opinion 8-balls bomb shop would be TOTALLY FREAKING SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it possible to choose between timer, remote, and ignition controlled please!!!! This would blow the pants off of MTA so please please please please please please please please put in the 8 ball bomb shop! biggrin.gif inlove.gif

  • oxykottonkandie

    Tha killa that f*cks u up [VCK]MillaKilla

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Posted 15 January 2006 - 12:07 AM

Oh and if it is possible could the shotguns not knock you down?

  • asukayakuza1234

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Posted 18 January 2006 - 08:08 AM

hmm alot of the ideas are good, sum r bad thou tounge.gif. You want to keep VCMP a deathmatch experience, not an RPG. eg random weapon and player spawns.....no thanks...

HERES a list of the things i saw here and liked which could benefit vcmp (i didnt list ones that you have already done)

o /count = a 5 second countdown for races or other things,
o DriveBy Damage lowered a bit (2 hit kill atm >_>)
o Spawnkill protection (maybe some seconds after spawn invulnerable?)
o Steal cars = will need rob and a passenger button
o Pay'n'Spray
o Ability to add more weapons, instead of just 3
o /location = player location comman
o /speed = player speed command, could be useful
o Add something in the INI that lets you set the name for each spawn and maybe some info about it so as you move through each skin it shows up the name and where it spawns and maybe a list of weapons
o fix all weapons so they wont crash teh game
o increase amount of vehicles able to be placed
o enable all skins to be used, not only 'special' only, or 'peds' only
o fix all vehicles so they dont crash (maybe even use the remote control cars)will be fun.
o Gamemodes like manhunt, CTF etc
o maybe a new punishment, eg if u team kill they can choose ur fate eg (kill, drunk, blackout person screen, jail them)
o rank = rank people
o Team kick (maybe)
o fix team damage.
o fix general bugs.
o fix bug where if ur car is stolen and they drown u that u are stuck there and cant kill urself so u have to quit.
o able to have passengers in boats (in singelplayer if u use fannymagnet and they get on boat with u they DONT FALL OFF. so make it like that.
o Cars should take damage when no one is inside them <<<< i dunno, set it in ini if you can do that, because i like the fact thatyou cant!
o a chat log (not rcon) automatic save in vcmp folder!
o When your in a car make it so passengers can get out of the car while its moving, theres been some problems on this (up to a certain speed, once its too fast they cant)

errrrmm thats all i can think of atm!

  • dave_whatup


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Posted 18 January 2006 - 12:06 PM

I hope that the main gun on the tank gets synchronized
And the ability to have ranked servers would be great as well. Including server stats
And an absolute must for the game to be a hit is an in-built server scanner so people can see what servers have people in them and what there ping will be when deciding where to play. thats why more people play mta than vcmp sly.gif blink.gif icon14.gif icon14.gif

  • Skeeter


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Posted 18 January 2006 - 12:37 PM Edited by Skeeter, 18 January 2006 - 12:45 PM.

Sprry if its been mentioned but i was thinking of a ladder system. LIke a top kills web page that updates from some trusted servers that are forceful of no cheats and good balanced gameplay. Its kinda like how it would be coded with the connect to server option in some vcmp releases where it sends out a packet to a website so that others can view the server and join the game. IF that could be rewriten a bit and made into a ladder server thing then cool. Only sends out info on the top scorer after say a session has ended. Once the player leaves the stats get updates on the webpage.

Also a new spawn idea. How about you know when you spawn you can pick a skin, is it possible to program in a second spawn option to pick a car from a (skin type left and right picking) moving left and right. So what you do is start vcmp your on character select screen moving left and right press fire to pick the skin, and then straight after the view is in sunshine autos and now you pick what vehical you want. so its jus tlike picking a skin but replacing skins with vehicals. I personally would enjoy this system. ALso maybe more heavy to alter or impliment is a ranking system (stars 1-5) you start with being 1 star and you get spawn options for that (crap options). When you kill 5 times your rank increases to 2 stars and you get better skin and car selections at spawn screen. So on and so forth kinda. I dunno if this can be savable so when u leave u dont have to do it all over again but maybe it might be best to start again anyhow. I dunno.

  • poep9898

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Posted 19 January 2006 - 10:59 AM

i think team kick shudnt be added,reason is som people just will try to kick eachother if they dont like eacother, or they try to kick an experienced player.
well i once had that i was in a server(other online game) that every 3 secconds a voting screen came( to say: y to kick and N to not be kicked) well it was a mad house if u where a bit to good or if u chatted to few u just got voted.... icon13.gif

  • njr1489


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Posted 25 January 2006 - 06:15 PM

Well I see a good reason to bump this since falcon is working on VC-MP. What I would like to see in VC-MP (Some may already be in progress, but i'll post anyway):
  • Vehicle Animation
  • Carjacking in the first place
  • Server Browser
  • First Person Aim fixed
  • Support for Sniper Rifle, and Rocket Launcher (Preferably with an animation if possible)
  • Ammunation
  • Money
  • Improved Anti Cheat code
  • Improved Admin Commands (More than just kick ban)

  • Forthatthing

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Posted 01 April 2006 - 12:21 PM

Admin chat:
Well... there could be a PM send script for the admins for private talk.

That would be cool. Make sure the people that are making servers may choose their own weapons.

Pay n sprays:
Mmmh... I dont really see the usefull thing in this. new color and thats it. doesn't look fun for me.

Other stuff:
An better CRC check. Auto kick for cheaters. ETC

Weapon pickups:
This will be the funnest thing to do in your server creation. Example for the script: /w <Weapon>

More colors for more teams.

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