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Mortified by Dove

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Posted 23 September 2005 - 05:13 PM

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I was at the mall(sorry to start off so depressing) to go to Circuit City(it gets worse) to buy a gift for my brother. Then I realized I hate Circuit City and they have the most pathetic selection. The only thing they have in abundance is excessively high prices. So I began to leave. When I got to the food court, or as I call it, the Rancid Collection of Masticating Human Filth, I was mortified by Dove’s new advertising scheme. A poster twice as tall as myself depicted an overweight woman in her bra and panties standing hands on hips with an overconfident smirk across her flabby face like a superhero without the gay costume(which would have been a godsend of an alternative) or any point other than to turn me away from their product line.
What the hell board room heard this advertisement proposition and said, “Brilliant, we’ll be sure to increase our customer base by depicting our customers as overweight, unattractive, over confident, middle aged women.” If there was a board room of intelligent men and women, this is about how the discussion would have taken place.
Dumb Ass: I’ve got a brilliant idea. We’ll get women…
Director: Uh huh…
Dumb Ass: Half naked…
Director: I’m liking it.
Dumb Ass: who are at least 35...
Director: You’re losing me.
Dumb Ass: And over weight.
Director: You’re fired.

-The Asshole

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Posted 24 September 2005 - 07:30 AM

Dude ranting is ok. But not in this forum. This is for serious writing thingys. Like poems, stories and sh*t. If you wanna rant and then discuss goto D&D, or just don't rant here.

@ topic. Yeah so, what do you expect. The whole world is getting fatter. Skinny people are going out of fashion. Now you have to be a fat self depicting sh*thead.

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