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goober part 1

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Posted 25 August 2005 - 02:00 PM

this is a story i wrote a while ago, enjoy:

Goobers - pt 1 -the happy park

Somewhere in the galaxy there is a little planet called Earth. Earth is a happy place, with happy people in it. One fine summers day on this little planet, Mr and Mrs goober were having a little stroll.
They were going down to their favourite place, a little park at the bottom of the country lane their house was in. this little park was a favourite of the children that lived in the village, and they often played sports, such as catch, In the park. Mr and Mrs goober liked to go down to the benches at the bottom and watch the children play.
On this occasion though, a little kid was already sat there, and what's more, he was crying. Mr Goober hated it when people cried, so he went over to the child and asked him what was wrong. The child told him that he had been playing catch when he lost his ball in the river next to the park. He took Mr goober to the ball, and Mr goober saw that it was trapped in some roots under the clear water.
Mr goober saw that it would be hard to get the ball out of the river without getting wet, and Mr goober didn't like water, so he said
"sorry lad, but I'm afraid you'll have to get someone else to get that ball for you, son"
The boy looked unhappy and said
"why not Mr, please, I want my ball"
"sorry son but I'm not keen on water"
"please mister I want my ball"
You'll have to get someone else, that man there looks like he'd be able to help"
he said, pointing to a fat person.
"please mister I want my ball"
Five minutes later and the little kid was still saying the same thing, and was now hanging from Mr Goober's leg. Mr Goober didn't like to get angry, so he tried to console the kid by buying him an ice cream. But the kid was still asking for his ball, so Mr Goober turned to him and said
Then Mr Goober, in a fit of violent rage, slapped the little kid into the floor.

The end

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