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VC:MP FAQ, Issues & Information

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Posted 15 August 2005 - 09:06 PM Edited by mikechml, 29 October 2005 - 01:26 PM.

Small list of some of the current issues and a few things you can try to fix them is here. Please actually read it.

The game is just running in single player as normal, I don't see any difference.
  • There's two potential problems here, the first one of which is that you might just be running the game normally (in which case you're an idiot). Open My Computer (Double-click the icon on the desktop or open it up from the Start Menu) and browse to your Vice City folder. This will probably be C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City or similar (It's the place you installed VC:MP). In the folder you'll find vc-mp.exe, open it up, fill in the server details and click 'Launch Game'.
  • The other potential problem here is that you're using a d3d8.dll file (such as spookie's speedometer mod, or others), in this case, just rename it or delete it. Don't ask why it causes VC:MP to mess up, it's a long story.
The game crashes half-way through loading.
  • Hold down Control + Alt + Delete, make sure there are no other running instances of Vice City (gta-vc.exe), in NT-based systems you will have to click the processes tab. 'End' all running instances of the game and try again.
  • Try using Vice City version 1.0
  • If the crash address is 0x6D9EC9AB, make sure that the only .flt files in /mss/ are 'Reverb3.flt' and 'vc-mp.flt'
The game crashes after connecting to the server.
  • Make sure that the INI file doesn't have too many vehicles, and that all of the info in there is valid.
The server crashes after I kick someone!
  • Oops! Erm, yeah, that needs fixing.
There's a cheater in the server!
  • Find a server with decent admins! It's only what can be expected, we don't like cheaters, feel free to let us know their IPs and nicknames, other details that mean we can exclude them from ever having friends or real lives.
The linux/unix server doesn't seem to work for me at all
  • This seems to be the case with some of them, we'll look into it sometime.
You get a CRC32 checksum error when trying to start the game
  • This is because you have an edited file, try a fresh install of Vice City.
I need a server to connect to!Please do feel free to help this list be updated & have solutions, but please don't post saying there's a bug without confirming it properly

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Posted 15 August 2005 - 09:41 PM Edited by Jimi Hendrix, 14 October 2005 - 01:02 AM.

Vice City Multiplayer - Useful Information


1. Rules of the VC MP forum
2. What is VC MP
3. Useful links
4. Frequently Asked Questions

Latest News:

Added some more useful links, and a few more questions. Edited some typos, and some more rules. VC-MP V1 has been released! Check the pinned topics on the top of this forum!

Rules of the VC MP forum

The VC-MP forum is allowed to have questions about the mod. It is not allowed to spam in here, or anywhere in GTAForums. The first version of the VC-MP is yet to be released. The modders are working their best to assure you get your VC-MP as soon as possible. So just sit down on that chair, relax, and feel free to ask questions.

What is VC-MP?

VC-MP (also know as Vice City Multiplayer) is a mod for GTA: Vice City. It allows you to set up a server on your game, and play with GTA lovers from around the world. You can dialogue with those members too. A bit like Counter Strike, only it's a GTA game. You can pick your character (correct me if I'm wrong) in VC-MP, all the pedestrians are choosable.

Useful links

Here are some useful links for you that is interested in playing VC-MP:

http://www.gtamultiplayer.com/vc-mp/ - Official VC-MP and LC-MP site

irc://irc.gtanet.com/vc-mp - VC-MP's own IRC channel.

irc://irc.gtanet.com/sa-mp - IRC Channel for SA-MP.

http://www.gtagarage.com - Has some mods for GTA3, Vice City, and for San An. You can find from cars, to whole islands in here.

http://www.myriadislands.com - Another hosted mod from GTAForums. It is possible to play this in multiplayer using the LC (or modding) version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now to the frequently asked questions.

Q= question
A= answer

Q: Where can I download VC-MP?
A: There is version 0.1d which can be downloaded here.

Q: Are there beta releases?
A: Yes. But there is a dowloadable version on the question above, that is better.

Q: Where can I post/find beta screenshots?
A: In This topic you can find screenshots, and you can post yours.

Q: Where can I post/find screenshots of 0.1a?
A: In here

Q: Are all Vice City cars in the game? If so, can I take them out?
A: Yes. The server admin can take them out, edit, or add them.

Q: Would you have to pay for a server? Or will they be free?
A: Why on earth would you have to pay for a server? This is completely free software.

Q: What about all spawn points? Can I edit them?
A: You can define: Spawn Point, Skin, Weapons, X Y Z coords, etc in the INI.

Q: Does VC-MP have a cheat protection and how does it work? Is it safe?
A: Yes, there's an anti-cheat, and if they are caught trying to cheat, something funny will happen to them.

Q: Is it possible to have random spawning? Can I also add more weapons by putting "#weapon_4 #weapon_4_ammo"?
A: Pickups and teleporters (mainly for interiors) may be added to the VC-MP ini at some stage. The focus now for VC-MP is simply getting it stable and getting a remote admin in there.

Q: Will pickups be scripted in the ini on the devshot release?
A: The ini will eventually be deprecated in favour of server-side scripting, which will allow objectives and such.

Q: Where can I talk about the beta version, in general?
A: on the IRC channel (Click Here.) or on here.

Q: Where can I see videos of VC-MP?
A:In here.

Q: I see the Falcon RPG Server with a edited vcmp.flt, how I can edit this vcmp to create a RPG server? It's a program?
A: There are no programs for creating servers. You need to know how to code. The language to code VC-MP is C++. You can learn it here.

Q:How do I compile the source code?
A:In order to compile it's source code you need a good C++ compiler, such as Microsoft Visual Studio 6, and know a fair amount of C++.

Q: I have other mods on my GTA game. I wouldn't need to take them off to install VC-MP, would I?
A: In order for VC-MP to work correctly, you need a clean version, with no mods, of GTA: Vice City.

Q: Vice City sucks.
A: Then you're a n00b who knows nothing about games.

Thanks to:
Camaro d00d
Jimi Hendrix


If some information is incorrect, please PM me about it.

Jimi Hendrix
- Updated some links / Mike -
- More Questions added, typos fixed / Jimi -


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Posted 20 August 2005 - 05:03 AM

Another thing, don't use special characters like - < > / \ et similia wink.gif

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Posted 12 October 2005 - 09:12 PM

If the game crashes just before the chatbox is loaded, make sure you have no other .flt files that shouldnt be there, for example if you backed up an old version, you didn't call it 'vc-mp-old.flt'

Jimi Hendrix
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Posted 12 October 2005 - 09:17 PM

QUOTE (Statico @ Oct 12 2005, 16:12)
If the game crashes just before the chatbox is loaded, make sure you have no other .flt files that shouldnt be there, for example if you backed up an old version, you didn't call it 'vc-mp-old.flt'

You should've PMed me or Luke. We'd kindly put it in for you. There wasn't a need for bumping this topic in my opinion.

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Posted 12 October 2005 - 09:19 PM

I've added it to the starting post, and I don't mind it being bumped. Some people don't bother to read the directory topic, so it's good to have it near the top.

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Posted 12 October 2005 - 09:26 PM

Why not pin it instead of having bumps? I think it would be nicer.

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Posted 13 October 2005 - 03:32 PM

QUOTE (Jimi Hendrix @ Oct 12 2005, 21:26)
Why not pin it instead of having bumps? I think it would be nicer.

QUOTE (Jimi Hendrix)

Too many pinned topics., Don't you agree?

QUOTE (Mike)
Directory, Read me


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Posted 13 October 2005 - 04:14 PM Edited by Jimi Hendrix, 14 October 2005 - 01:03 AM.

More updates, check the second post.

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Posted 29 August 2006 - 01:12 PM

How to save coordinates? suicidal.gif

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Posted 29 August 2006 - 02:51 PM

dude, why the year old bump?
and to get you to stop asing. Open VICE city with a space and a -d after the quotes, like this

"D://Program Files/Rockstar Games/Vice city/gta-vc" -d

then when gta loads, type /build. The camera view should change. then, type /v and the vehicle code to spawn the vechicle youi want. Park it where you want, and type /save. it should save the coordinates in savedpositions

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Posted 21 March 2011 - 11:26 PM

I have some problems i didn't find solution for them
I can see other players?? if yes how i can chat with em!??
please to answer contact me on [email protected]

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Posted 21 March 2011 - 11:45 PM

You shouldn't have bumped a 4 year old topic. However, when you're in game and connected, press T to talk. Enter to send the message.

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Posted 23 July 2011 - 06:57 PM

i Know its a DAMN silly question but HOW THE f*ck IN CAN OPEN THE CHATBOX!!!!!????

i dont know anything about VCMP because all i play is SAMP

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