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Hard Missions Guide

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Posted 11 August 2005 - 09:47 AM Edited by Airborne, 11 August 2005 - 10:02 AM.

I ran through the Mission Help roughly and found many players requesting help by SNP. Nothing offense but I realy feel SNP is a BAD idea! Why people don't play themselves? What do you play games for? You think you finish 100%? Not! It's only 90.33%! Because some of the missions were passed by others, not yourself.

It's GTA! GTA is open-end enough for doing missions in any way we like! Stop thinking like playing stupid 3D shooters. Does anybody think of doing High Noon with a Hunter? Does anybody think of fighting gang war with a Rhino? Does anybody think of running over the gangsters instead of drive-by?

So I'll try my best to give tips for some famous "impossible missions" to encourage people to play the game by their own hands! IT IS REALLY FEELING GREAT IF YOU FINISHED A HARD MISSION BY YOURSELF! Don't ruin the fun.

Note: Schools are not include in this guide since there is another excellent guide here.

General Tips
1. Most people stuck in flying missions because they simply skip the Flight School. I'm sure some players when start a mission and find... "OMG it's another flying mission" and quit the game. Then post for SNP. R* put these missions AFTER Learn to Fly is a great idea because, theoretically players should had decent flying skill(I mean the player himself, not CJ). So why not give it a shot? Using a gamepad is a way, or if you don't have gamepad, learn more about flying with keyboard in my pilot guide.

2. Most racing missions rely on the traffic, since the traffic in GTA is pretty lame. Stay calm and ease with the control. Don't press the gas all the time. Release it when downhill or make turns.

3. Dancing missions are also headache to some people, because they lack of the sense of getting the beat. That one is a real problem! But "practice makes perfect"! Try some more time. Don't panic and try your best. Press the arrow keys a bit earlier.

Specific Mission Tips
Now here comes the detail. Following missions are selected after gathering a rough statistic for most SNP requests. If you want help on other missions feel free to ask.

The keys to beat this mission are the altitude and the flight path. NEVER head towards (head to head) the coming plane. Bank a bit left or right. You'll then have enough space for the turing radius. Secondary, you must fly higher than the corona, because once you line up with the Shamal, you can dive a bit to gain some speed! This pic should gvie you more idea.

Press W all the time until the Shamal in sight. Now, release W and turn before it out of your sight. Turn steady and you should able to catch it up. Now line up with the Shamal and dive towards the corona. That's it.

This one is a piece of cake if you are a good pilot. Always fly as low as possible and plot a path which has most flat land. Water area are the best choice.

Further more detail please refer to this map.

Vertical Bird
This is the funniest mission because it is the very first time you fight a dogfight in GTA! Once you jack a Hydra. Take off and switch to first person view. Three more Hydra are chasing after you. Just ease with the control. Tap A & D to chase the opposite Hydra. Press SPACE all the time. Once indicate a lock, fire missile. There should not be any difficulty. I tried to lure them to No-fly zone but looks like the SAMs won't help at all.

There is a easier way to beat this mission: Take a few Satchel Charge before this mission. Go in the LHA and stealth or blast your way whatever you like. Both are work. Once you see the Hydra, blow up two of them and take the remain one. Once airborne, there will be only one Hydra left to face.

Supply Lines
Another "don't-follow-the-instruction" mission. While instruction ask you to strafe your target, forget it and go for another way: land beside the target and keep shooting until he die.

Some say that the man in a bike(total 2) won't work this way, but I don't find any problem. Land on the side, never behind them! You may keep moving slowly to keep the momentum. Use rudder control to bank left or right a bit.

I don't why so many people stuck with this mission. I did it only in 2 attempts. Speed is the key. You must already pressed W before you gain control. Once the mission start, go forward! Forget about the FBI completely! You should tap UP to lean forward which gives you extra speed. But I find pressing UP also work! Tap a bit left or right to close to the center line slowly. Don't line up with the ramp until very end. Once you aboard, the rest is a piece of cake. DO NOT use any gun inside the plane. Melee weapon ONLY. I find Katana working wonder! Take it before mission if you don't have one and start beheading now!

Farewell, My Love
Another mistery that so many people can't pass it, especially you have raced with the track in the last mission. Although is direction is inverted, you should already familiar with it. ZR-350 is not good in offroad but still good enough to outrun any other. The key is keep on the road and use the shortcut in the S shape road downhill. Beware the two brigdes and some "make it or miss it" sharp turns. Since you have experience on this track, you should win fairly easy. I did it in 1st try!

High Stakes, Low Riders
The key to win this race is the car you pick. Don't use the Voodoo given you in the last mission. The original Voodoo is way better! I crashed the modded Voodoo in the 1st attempt so I picked a Tahoma to this race and won it.

Cut Throat Business
Most people can't beat it because they take the wrong way! They think they need to run after OG Loc but in fact is not required! Just keep him in front of you is enough. Some people may find Go Kart is too sensitive. Just tap A & D is enough. Don't press too hard and you should be fine.

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Posted 11 August 2005 - 09:50 AM

I thought you went faster when you pressed down...... Anyway good guide maybe a little useless because this is also in other guides but still nice cookie.gif

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Posted 15 August 2005 - 06:39 AM

Most certainly agree with your way to give instructions on how one has overcome the hard, fast and furious missions. Its all a game and most of the time all missions have multiple solutions and one easy way out to beat them.

Example: Scaring the dude tied to the hood was very difficult for me at first, could not get the scare-o-meter to max. Then I thought were is there no traffic ----- THE AIRPORT STRIP ----- just go there and run up and down the strip, do some jumps off a couple of ramps (many around there) - viola!!!!!!



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Posted 29 October 2005 - 05:48 PM

I'm usin' Joystick.

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Posted 30 October 2005 - 11:02 AM

No point to this topic since we already have many guides to the hard missions and others.

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