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Drive Through take away

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rabbi jason
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Posted 04 August 2005 - 03:55 PM

even though the likelyness of this mod to have allready been done allways thought it would be cool to be able to order food in the drivethru at any takeaway restuarant with a drivethru within the complex

this is how i would do it
I was inspired to request this mod after seing the " AKmod light version "
first of all in any road vehicle appraoch and drive into the blip next to the ordering intercom
being able to purchase food in the car would make the car alot more easier for people whos main goal in the game is to get fat or are just really lazy
could be able to use the yes or no "possitive and negative button" to select whether to buy the food
and cycle threw food choices with the num pad or the left and right special controls "used to control hydrolics of the car"
remember also the catagory of the food choices or just make a sign with the choices of food or writing would apear on the bottom of the screen example "the buster or the Full rack"
if you like you can add some audio or subtitles to indicate the option to say yes or no to purchase the food
then drive off costing the same as in the restuarant and with out the need to get out of your car

anyway there are no obligations to make it but it would be really popular if you do..... rahkstar2.gif rock on rockstar and keep up the good work guys

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Posted 04 August 2005 - 07:20 PM

This is the mod showroom. We have a forum for requests. However, if you'll look in editing discussion, it's already been talked about. Last time I talked to glitch, he said he had it working, at least in one location.

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