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Posted 06 September 2017 - 08:37 PM

I'll try to do that if I can,I just hope any of the local dealerships have a Rebel or something similar (I've been at two recently,but one of them only had Harleys and maybe a few big metric cruisers,while another one only had sports bikes and naked bikes),otherwise I'll have to buy from a private seller.

Btw,cool bike.

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  • AndyC-M

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 07:12 PM

ah bikes, my favourite topic, currently own a 2006 zx6r, low mileage but has a few scuffs after the previous owner slid on oil, theres only one colour to have a ninja ;-)

once this is paid off I want a project bike, maybe a hard tail bobber or café racer, but nothng below 600cc, not likely chicken chasers anymore.

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Posted A week ago

Friend of mine almost died. He really should have, given the circumstances.

He swung by my house a few months ago to wrench on one of his bikes and show off his new tat

A few weeks ago he was going 130ish, running from the cops, and a car turned in front of him

There wasn't much left of his bike

The force was so great he moved that car almost a lane of traffic, flew into and over the car, and across four lanes of traffic and into a light pole. If you look at the kitty litter on the ground (point of impact), then look at the light pole across the street.

This is the light pole

He broke a ton of his bones, got brain damage, etc, etc, etc, etc. Somehow he's alive.

Soooo, after a lot of thinking, I've decided to stop riding for some time. Because they are all depreciating assets, I've also decided to sell everything for now. And because I bought my truck specifically to haul my motorcycles, I've sold that, too. Zx10-rr, r6, r1m, and ford raptor.

It feels weird driving a beater, when all you have is a beater now. I used to think it was great. But now that it's all I have, it doesn't have the same quality when I drive it. It kinda sucks. But I haven't any debt anymore, so that's nice.

Will reup on something that aligns with my dreams, so I may be stuck driving a beater for a year or two. We'll see what happens. Next vehicle will be my most ambitious acquisition. I need something that will come as close to the visceral and emotional experience one can get from riding a motorcycle.

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