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A poem

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Posted 16 July 2005 - 03:07 AM

Be what you want to be
The words flowed from her mouth
Wrapping around the swirling air
Slowly towards the destination of my ears
Change is not change if…
You change publicly
To what you are privately
Is that not being what you want to be?
It is
She changed me with the simplest of words
Or not change
We established that.

I am who I am

Her thoughts became mine
Fusion which makes a fission
Of my current thoughts
She not only loved but cared
But is caring and love one in the same?
Oh it seems the plague of eternity
Love without care

I am fortunate
I became who I am
With her care as
Part of her love
And I am loved.


This isn't very well done or strong or anything positive. I use to write poetry, but I simply threw most of it away because I never wanted anyone to see what I had wrote. This survived in my inbox in my e-mail so I decided to share it. Maybe I will start writting again since I seem to have more courage.

It is also unfortunate that the only piece that was saved throughout my poetry clensing is a love piece. There are many deeper and livelier subjects which I wrote better pieces about that are not gone.

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