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Project Z38

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Posted 14 July 2005 - 04:10 AM

Ok so a few things here:

This is basically the prologue of the story. I've posted before and Wingman was nice enough to keep giving me advice so lets see if i remembered it...heh...anyway, the storyline is basically this:

In Freehold, NJ an Army camp was constructed, called Camp 38. The general of the camp got private rights with the US Senate to have a secret underground lab facility built underneath it for testing. The prologue introduces how the characters ended up at the SUGL (secret underground lab) and what happened in the beginning and everything. It's based off a role play my friends and I made. If this goes over well i'll post a lil more, cuz its about 36 pages so far.

PROJECT Z38 devil.gif

May 17th 1987
Freehold, NJ

A dark and desolate area surrounded by electrical fences and such comes onto the screen. The only light comes from a single building inside the facility. A black helicopter flies over the camp and a rope ladder falls from it. A very professional looking man climbs down the ladder and enters the lighted building. He finds a man in army clothes sitting at his desk overlooking papers. He startles the man.

Man: General…I have the papers.

Cenote: Oh you do, do you?

Man: Mr. Cenote Antonucci, right?

Cenote: Right…

The man shakes General Antonucci’s hand and takes out a fold of papers from his jacket.

Man: I am from the United States Senate. I flew out here on short notice. I have to get back before anyone notices I’m gone. I’ve gotten the Senate to approve. Alls you have to do is sign the papers and the money will be granted.

Cenote takes the papers from the man and sets them on his desk while he quickly looks over them. He then takes out a pen and scribbles his name on all of the papers.

Cenote: There, it’s good to go. When can we start construction?

Man: As soon as the money arrives, General.

Cenote: Excellent…

The man gathers the papers and turns. He climbs back up the rope ladder and flies off.

August 12th, 1990
Camp 38, Freehold NJ

General Cenote Antonucci is in his office once again, with a young man with a spiked haircut and a slight odd look to his face.

Cenote: And your name is…?

Takeshi: My name is Takeshi Conti.

Cenote: What kind of a name is that? It sounds Japanese, and you don’t look Japanese.

Takeshi: It’s a family name…

Cenote: Whatever…why are you here again?

Takeshi: I got drafted.

Cenote: Oh yea…well I have some interesting news for you, Mr. Takeshi. We have enough soldiers recruited. So you’ll be working as a full:time admin in our newly installed secret underground lab.

Takeshi: Secret underground lab…?

Cenote: Yes, yes, otherwise known as the “SUGL”…

Takeshi: Well, what do I do?

Cenote: I’ll show you just as soon as we get down there.

Cenote gets up from his desk and goes to a door embedded in the side of the building. He opens it up with a special key and motions for Takeshi to follow him. He leads Takeshi down a long, spiral staircase and into the SUGL. Once they get to the bottom, he leads Takeshi down a long hall and into a room with the label “Confidential Documents”.

Cenote: Let me register you before we do anything…your last name again?

Takeshi: Conti…

While Cenote writes down a record to be filed, he tells Takeshi about his job.

Cenote: So your job is to create a human…one that can dominate the army…we have some information regarding the DNA and combining methods in the experimental room you’ll be working in.

Takeshi: You want me to create a human?

Cenote: Not just a human…an unstoppable human…one who knows how to fight like a man, who never needs sleep…and who never will be able to die.

Takeshi: I don’t think I can do this alone!

Cenote: Don’t be an idiot! Of course you can’t do it alone! You’ll have a partner. I think her name is Alyssa or something.

Takeshi: What if it doesn’t work? What if…what if the project fails or something?

Cenote: There’s a whole procedure and technical document in the filing cabinet in the room so stop asking questions! I know you’re young and you’re scared…but there’s nothing to be scared about. This isn’t even the real army…it’s just a training camp in Freehold.

Takeshi: I’m not scared…I’m just—

Cenote:*cutting him off*: Don’t try and hide it. I can sense fear in almost anyone. You’re fears will soon be erased. Here in Camp 38, we don’t tolerate fear.

Cenote puts the files in a filing cabinet and takes Takeshi through a whole maze of the hallways. They finally come to a room at the end of one hallway. Cenote opens the door to find Alyssa, who is thumbing through papers on a table. She looks up, almost as if she was expecting their arrival.

Alyssa: Is this him? Is this the boy?

Cenote: This is Takeshi Conti. He will be working with you on Project 38.

Alyssa: He looks scared.

Takeshi: Hey! I’m not scared!

Alyssa: I can sense it. Now let’s go. Get to work.

Cenote leaves and Takeshi walks over to the papers and starts reading them out loud.

Takeshi: Project Z38…human DNA…unstoppable nature…what is this?

Alyssa: I don’t know…I was called here by some general who asked if I would take part in it. I had nothing better to do with my life so…

Takeshi: But I mean…this whole “Project Z38” thing? What is it?

Alyssa: I don’t know that either…it says here and gives directions on all of this DNA crap that I don’t even know about. The project’s gonna fail, I know it. They expect us to be rocket scientists when all we are is a few high school graduates.

Takeshi: Then I hope they aren’t expecting anything better—I’m a dropout.

Alyssa :It says here that if the project fails, then it must be sentenced to termination. I feel like I’m in some sort of sci-fi movie.

Takeshi: Well, here goes nothing I suppose.

Scene switches. Soldiers are rushing all over the camp. Cenote is standing in the middle of the chaos.

Cenote: What is it? What is it?

Solider 1: Sir, we’ve captured a vampire and its daughter!

Cenote: A vampire, you say? In Freehold!

Soldier 2: What do you want us to do with it, sir?

Cenote: Hmm…throw it down in that secret underground lab. Run some tests…its daughter may be useful for the future.

His soldiers get to work. Scene switches back to Takeshi and Alyssa. Takeshi has a baby in his arms.

Alyssa: According to the instructions, the baby should be a boy. Is it?

Takeshi checks the baby.

Takeshi: Uh…it’s a girl. It looks like just a regular baby girl.

Alyssa: It says here that if the project fails in anyway, we have to terminate it.

Takeshi: They’re asking us to destroy a little kid?

Alyssa: You aren’t going to follow to procedure?

Takeshi: Look at her! She’s just so…innocent…she has no idea…

Alyssa: Look…

Alyssa walks over to a drawer in a desk and takes out a little computer chip and shows it to Takeshi.

Alyssa: We can install this tracking device in her. Then we’ll get her out of here and let her live. The tracking device will be able to bring her back here just in case there’s any slip ups. It’s simple.

Takeshi: How would we get her out of here?

Alyssa: Leave that to me…YOU just have to make it look good.

Takeshi: Ok…that’ll be easy enough. She needs a name though!

Alyssa: True…I don’t know, what do you think?

Takeshi: How about Kun?

Alyssa: Kun…?

Takeshi: It’s a Japanese ending for male. She was supposed to be a boy, wasn’t she?

Alyssa: I suppose. We’ll have to get her out of here as soon as possible or we won’t be able to fake the termination.

Scene switches to another part of the SUGL. A guy who has features of a demon and crimson goggles on is chained to the wall by chains on his wrists. A very hot admin girl whose nametag reads Tina is arguing with him.

Tina: Chill out and tell me. Do you have a name?

Demon: A name…A NAME!!! My name is Areku Shadowbringer! And you monsters have stolen my dream from me!

Tina: A dream? Honestly, we’ve done you a favor. You were dead and we brought you back to life.

Areku: My dream! My dream to fall in battle and join the gods! Now I’ll never…

Tina: Stop feeling sorry for yourself, that’s just not cool…,

Areku: Unchain me! Let me go! Let me go free!

Areku starts pulling at the chains, trying to break free. He falls into frenzy state.

Tina: I guess I’ll leave you here to die, then. Since that IS your dream.

She laughs maliciously and walks away.

August 13th 1990
Freehold, NJ

Scene switches back to Takeshi and Alyssa.

Alyssa: I’ll take Kun and sneak out of the lab tonight. While I’m gone, you’ve got to fill out this report.

*She hands him a few papers out of the folder with all of the project info.*

Takeshi: Then what do I do?

Alyssa: Set the lab up so it looks like we’ve completed the project. You know, put your mask on, set the overhead light over the table, and maybe squirt a little blood onto your shirt. Cenote will never know.

Takeshi: Great…so will she be safe?

Alyssa: Yes, she’ll never come back here…unless the tracker chip malfunctions, which it shouldn’t.

Alyssa takes Kun and leaves. Takeshi starts filling out the report and setting the lab up. Scene switches to Cenote’s office. The 2 soldiers who captured the vampires are there with the report.

Cenote: What do you two want?

Soldier 1: It’s the vampire and its daughter, sir.

Cenote: What about it?

Soldier 2: Well, its mother isn’t doing so well. The daughter though…she’s half-vampire.

Cenote: So what’s that supposed to mean?

Soldier 1: Well, she could be proven useful. Perhaps…we raise her and use her as an admin? Train her to be one. She’ll never have to know about her past.

Cenote: You could try…but if it fails, she must be terminated.

Soldier 2: Of course, sir, of course!

Cenote: Speaking of termination, did those two idiots down there complete Project Z38?

Soldier 1: I believe they did sir, but it failed. I think they terminated it tonight.

Cenote: Very well…I’ll have to go down there and inspect. Oh, and that demon boy?

Soldier 2: That would be something to ask Tina about, sir. I think she said that his name was Areku Shadowbringer or something.

Cenote: Well, I might as well go down there now and check that everything is in order.

He gets up and opens the door embedded in the wall. Scene switches to Takeshi. He is just finishing up the report as Cenote walks in unexpectedly.

Takeshi: Cen—I mean, General! Heh, um…I was just finishing up the termination report.

Cenote snatches the report from Takeshi and reads through it.

Cenote: You disposed of the organic form?

Takeshi: Yes, yes, we most definitely did.

Cenote walks around the room, inspecting it. He notices the overhead light, the covered tables and the blood splashed about.

Cenote: Where’s that partner of yours?

Takeshi: Oh, Alyssa? She went to wash up, and then she had to ask Tina a question.

Cenote: I see….well, very good work. I suggest you clean up this place before the next project comes in.

Takeshi: T-thanks, General.

Cenote leaves and Takeshi breathes a sigh of relief. He walks down the hallways until he comes to Areku’s cell. Areku jumps up when he sees Cenote.

Areku: Get back! Get back!

Cenote: And you are…Areku Shadowbringer?

Areku: You monster…how could you do this? YOU DEPRIVED ME OF MY DREAM! MY DREAM TO FALL IN BATTLE!!

He tries to grab at Cenote but the chains prevent him so doing so.

Cenote: What kind of a dream is that?

Areku: My dream…I am the son of…oh, forget it! I’ll get out of here! I’ll get my revenge on you…”admins”….

Cenote: Save it, demon boy! You’re here for the rest of your life until we decide to terminate you, too!

Areku: Come here so I can slaughter you!

Cenote: Heh, heh, heh…you poor little demon boy…all chained up with nowhere to go…

Areku: Die!! DIE!!!

Cenote: Heh, heh…the only one here with the chance of dying is you.

Areku: My revenge is eternal…never will it die.

Cenote: Ugh…I don’t know why I’m wasting my time arguing with a deformed maniac. My time here is done.

Cenote turns to leave while Areku tries to claw at him. Scene switches back to Takeshi and Alyssa.

Alyssa: It’s done! Kun is safe!

Takeshi: Yes! We’ve gotten past Cenote!

They hug quickly.

Alyssa: You staged this place so great! When I walked in, is seriously thought this place looked like a murder scene!

Takeshi: Heh! I’m just happy that Kun got out safely. They won’t be able to tell, even with that tracker chip, right?

Alyssa: I don’t think so. And even if they do, there’s nothing they can do about it!

They both laugh. Takeshi looks into Alyssa’s eyes and she looks back. He smiles warmly and they begin to fall in love.

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