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Posted 10 July 2005 - 09:37 PM Edited by Dup, 10 July 2005 - 09:50 PM.

Haha, ok, here's the story:

Woke up early saturday morning next to my girlfriend after a long week at work. For once I was up fresh and ready for the weekend ahead of me. I dropped my girlfriend off at work and then when I got home I walked the dog and came to a sudden stop. It was 8am and there was f*ck all left to do. I looked outside and realised how filthy my car had become ofter two weeks of hard driving, so I popped off to town to pick up some car cleaning products.

Sadly, on the way my back box decided to snap away from the main pipework. Something my friends 206 did on the same milage and year... spooky. Anyway, I decided Id reach that milage quickly again and I didn't want a standard crappy one that will fall to bits and cost me a packet.

For the price of a standard I got me a stainless steel back box and half my pipework replaced with full lifetime gaurantee, and choice of tailpipe designs. The problem was that the original backbox was huge to keep it quiet and it had a lot of tricky pipework to stop it fouling the suspension. So to save money and time I decided to go for a smaller back box which resulted in the zaust sound increasing.

Just for your audial pleasure, I recorded a video on my phone:

Zaust Video

To be honest, I quite like it. It has a nice pop to it when you boot it and quietens off when you get to higher revs in higher gears. At first I thought it was too loud, but an oncoming Murcielago put in perspective... christ i honestly thought it was a jet fighter passing me.

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 10:13 PM

lol @ the topic title.

Although the sound it makes is a bit too farty for my liking, i bet it screams like a bitch when booted down a high street.

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Posted 11 July 2005 - 03:07 AM

Yeah tis a bit farty but I put that down to the less then perfect audio quality tounge.gif

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Posted 12 July 2005 - 08:21 AM

It's not farty. It's deep and it booms. Its my phones mic being too close to it didn't do it any justice.

The funny thing is it does actually give me a good boost of power. Instead of slowing up a bit around 70mph, it just keeps accelerating. Seems a lot quicker. Just need an induction kit to back it up and keep the airflow. 1.4 Gowl.

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