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About Odie...

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  • XcR


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 12:11 PM

Although I never really talked to him, I have so much respect for him and his work and for what he has done.

Rest in peace, Odie.

  • Ekamentus

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 12:13 PM

Oh my god. sad.gif
I was a big friend of ODIE, he helped me with modelling and I gave him ideas. We were a good team. Thanks to him the GTA Community has growed up. Rest in Peace friend, I will miss you forever.

We must build a R.I.P. ODIE statue in San Andreas. So we can remember him, good idea?

Again, Rest in Peace mate and condolences to his wife and son.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Let's remember these things.

  • ThetheoryX

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 12:39 PM

Anyone on these forums can`t not put a post in here.
Odie in my opinion was amazing at mapping/modelling.

His maps were the first to go into my GTA 3 and VC, inspired me too, although I`ve done nothing. I was just thinking about him the other day, anticipating a stunt park or something for SA....

R.I.P. Odie!
My condolences to his wife and son also.

About giving a tribute to him, I`m all for it. Rockstar could do a good job with his work, but it would be better if the modders,mappers,coders everyone here did a tribute instead....at least in my opinion, seems more personal that way.

You will be missed Odie!
Thank you

  • JoaoBio

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 12:50 PM

It was because of him that i joined GTAF, i have an huge respect for him... and i'm sure he will be known for a long time in the ones that really follow modding, and the ones who don't too...
R.I.P. We will miss you...

  • RainingAcid


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 12:52 PM

I just can into the picture of gta modding. I didn't know Odie. However, I'm sure he was a wonderful guy. He will be missed. I hope for good fortune for his family. May Odie rest in peace.

  • DuPz0r


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 12:58 PM

I'm only a new member, but i saw his stunt park when it came out, and thats what got me into the world of modding, i wanted to make huge new cites and landscapes for gta.
So a man that can give someone that much inspiration, is a man well respected.
I feel real bad for his family, and i pay my respect. rest in peace man.

Im willing to help with a 3d memorial statue?

  • BhaaL


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:02 PM

QUOTE (DuPz0r @ Jul 3 2005, 14:58)
Im willing to help with a 3d memorial statue?

I'm already trying to find a model of Odie (to dog from Garfield), since it was his sign all the time.

The Berlin Mod wants to name a district after him, and put that dog onto the Siegessńule.
Unfortunately, no success so far wow.gif

  • Marklund


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:06 PM

This is so sad cryani.gif ...
It was him who made so I registered at gtaf, and I just LOVED his work.
How old was he?
We just have to make something so we always will remember him.
Damn im shaking...

  • ESMazter


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:11 PM

I don't know what to say, I'm speechless...

  • Thesord

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:17 PM

Words can't describe it..
Even though me and him never talked, I had always admired his skills and the way he helped people.. cryani.gif

I really think some kind of tribute should be made for him

My condolences to his family. Rest in peace Odie.

  • JernejL

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:22 PM

My first words were "holy sh*t".

Altrough i didn't know odie so well when the gta3 and vc modding started up we did exchange some pms after his return when he updated his myriad islands lots
and released another mansion lot for sub-island, the last pms went around a tool
that would import one huge radar-image and slice it and update in the img archive, his last reply about the tool and san andreas PC release:

QUOTE (Odie May 11 2005 @ 18:15)
Have i answered this PM?!?! Sorry if not...

ok, i can wait, its only for a private project (for now) and its not so urgent to export a new radar for it, but its fun :-)

I Guess only one month an the forum will explode, like before two years on release of VC biggrin.gif


R.I.P. i hope you find ethernal peace, you will be missed sad.gif

  • Marklund


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:23 PM

*takes fist up in the air* FOR ODIE!

  • flitcroft101


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:26 PM

r.i.p odie sad.gif

  • EmSixTeen


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:29 PM

Wow. Just, wow. I can't say much about knowing him personally, but I have always watched his work and what he's done from the sidelines. I remember every one of those mods coming out, the work you did was awesome, and.. Ah, there's not much to say, you were a huge influence for too many people.

RIP Odie, you're missed already. Condolences to your family. sad.gif

  • Stefaan


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:31 PM

R.I.P. odie, you were and perhaps you still are the best map modder out there. Too bad to see you go. I was struck and in disbelieve when i heared the news... and i still am.


  • wildmotzi

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:33 PM

Ruhe in Frieden.

  • Rufus

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 02:00 PM

I didn't know him personally, but his mods were excellent. Always a shame when somebody passes away.

R.I.P Odie, and best wishes to your family and friends.

  • Svip

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 02:01 PM

I think this is my first post in the modding part of GTA for more than a year, and that's only because I remember ODIE, and his work.

And no matter who you were and you did, there is always something sad in your losing.

I'm a very anti-spirital person, so I know ODIE can't hear me. But at least, I can tell that all the members here share great respect for the man.


  • DexX

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 02:21 PM

wow. i barely knew him, we exchanged a few pm's, the last one i sent him was on his birthday. i was saddened then, as he briefly informed me of some of the troubles in his personal life sad.gif
His work was the inspiration for many, including myself. and even as i type this, he has pinned topics in the map boards, that are useful to this day, demonstrating his mastery of gta map modding.

Condolences to his family who have suffered a greater loss than we can imagine.
Odie wherever you are, if you can read this, we'll always miss you man. godspeed.


  • MindF*ck


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 02:29 PM


I remember the day when Dagett, a very good friend of mine and me first installed ODIEs Stunt-Park for GTA3. We were just like .... WOW ... something like that is possible!!!! I think we spent hours in the halfpipe just to figure how to drive that thing ... and finally, I think for over a year we did nothing else than figuring out how to make new maps, using the moomaper etc. When his Interstate Highway came out it was the same again ... we just couldn't let our fingers from that and messed around with all of his stuff so we had to reinstall the game several times because we screw everything up.

I think I write too much ....
all I wanted to say is that his stuff had such a big impact on us and inspired us to so much more!

Thank you ODIE!

Ruhe in Frieden


  • Zak

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 02:31 PM

I never really knew Odie, but I know I'm going to miss him, and his work.

R.I.P, Odie.

  • DaRotor


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 02:36 PM

It is a true testament to the character and ability of ODIE when the modding world which he helped give rise to, comes to a standstill to mourn his passing. Although I never spoke to him, I held the great man in high regard. He was not just a talented map moddeler but also a real innovator in understand the world 3D GTA.


"I was made for loving you baby"

  • AbMc▓

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 03:09 PM

Rest in peace.. nervous.gif cryani.gif
You made great things for Myriad Islands, thanks for your mods!

  • PatrickW

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 03:20 PM

He'll be missed in the modding community,
But my thoughts are with his family and friends.

I wish all his close online-friends much strength in these troubled days..

  • thedude420

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 03:24 PM

wow im at a loss for words and im very sorry to hear whats happen.

there isnt much i can say that hasent been said already. i didnt know him personaly but i know his work.

his stunt mod for GTAIII was the first map mod i ever installed in to GTAIII. funny thing is everytime i had to reinstall the game and start over i always made a point to install the stunt mod too.

just liked it alot. smile.gif

anyway i bet hes in a happy place and looking down on everyone useing his mods for sure.

  • bjiz

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 03:26 PM

As many here, i didn't know Odie personally, but i did know his work and contribution to our community. It's sad to hear this news and if there is going to be a memorial, i'm in. I never did a lot with map modding, but i did install some of his mods and i certainly also was inspired to model for games because of him.

Steve, when you contact his wife and son, please mention the reactions on this forum and i hope it will be some kind of help to them.

Condolences to his wife and son and those close to him.

Rest in peace Odie.

  • thedude420

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 03:36 PM

QUOTE (bjiz @ Jul 3 2005, 10:26)
and if there is going to be a memorial

thats dos sound like a nice idea i hope that the Myriad Islands team might take the thought in to consideration maybe.

it would look nice to have a giant odie dog statue or something if there isnt one already and a sign with some nice words on it. smile.gif

meh.. just a thought i dont mod Myriad Islands so im sure it will be egnored. confused.gif

  • Eclipse_nl

    Grand Tani Islands

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 04:01 PM

Condoleances to his family.

Odie was a very good modeller. His mods were great. We'll never forget him. cryani.gif


  • Thang

    Player Hater

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 04:07 PM

Rest In Peace Odie.
Your family has got my sympathie.

  • gta_king


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Posted 03 July 2005 - 04:11 PM

Rest In Peace ODIE, you were an inspiration to us all in the GTA Modding Scene.

My Sympathies go out to his family.

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