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Trouble with SC:PT(PC) and cheats

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Posted 29 June 2005 - 09:27 PM

Listen, im a very VERY bad gamer, and i have some problems with getting the cheats to work, i've noticed that the God mode cheat works, but all the other ones, wont work. The "SplinterCell2User.ini" text file i can't seem to find, but i've found a "SplinterCell2User" text file, that's where i enter'd the god mode cheat

And now to the other problem, my computer seems to only play Half Life 2 and CS:S. It's very strange, one of my other games NFSU can't work without restarting, after struggeling to a certain point in the SC:PT storyline, i decided to take a break, and play some multiplayer, since i found it so cool and fun. But to my own horror, as i was walking in the multiplayer, my computer restarted. I recently(This relate to my other problem) turned a "Unknown" file to a text file, as of now i think it may be the cause of the restart, but im not to sure.
I've played some multiplayer before i played the game which restarted my computer, then i went fine. I loved this game, and i hope to play more.

Thank you!

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