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WTF moments [not funny]

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Obb Porff
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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Obb Porff, 4 weeks ago.

Hey Lazlo, did the events of first post happen to you in game? Lol!

My worst day:
This once, I was in Jefferson driving a modded Turismo. I was driving nicely and felt quite proud. Then I accidentally ran over a ped while speeding. I didn't see him clearly, so I backed up and exited my car to see the ped. When I got out, before I could even turn around I was run over by a blue broadway driven by a blue ped with white hat. I was enraged. I pulled him out and he ran off but I ran him over 😆. Revenge complete 😈

But then, two more vehicles came and rammed my car! I was like wtf?!! Since I could not follow two people at the same time I simply resprayed my car. 😆
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  • Domac


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Posted A week ago

Playing the "555 WE TIP" mission and failing it because I didn't park the Merit into the garage, I was an inch from the marker and the time ran out.

Getting my path cut by bad drivers.

Cops in literally any mission they shouldn't be.

DYOM: Saving a mission over another mission (that mission took me 2 hours to make).

Sliding bug doesn't work without frame limiter, so I am forced to have a laggy game for it to work.


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Posted A week ago

In San Fierro drivers don't brake with enough distance so in traffic lights they always smash the back of your car.

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Posted A week ago

Don't know if i posted this sometime, but once i was doing a mission for Woozie, then he just walked in the highway and a car ran over him and ''MISSION FAILED''

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Woozie died.

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