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Time Splitters: Future Perfect

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  • DidierSucks

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 03:57 AM Edited by DidierSucks, 23 June 2005 - 04:08 AM.

Is this game awesome or what? It's actually funny, something I haven't seen done very well in video games before. I could go on and on about how great this game is. The 150 characters in Arcade mode doesn't hurt either. I mean honestly, who doesn't delight in blasting an opposing team of NINJA MONKEYS with a "Tactical" 12-Gauge? I know, I'm insane. Who else has this game, and what do you think of it?

It seems to me that the Timesplitters series gets better with every game. Free Radical did a superb job keeping with the Timesplitters style, in fact, they really improved it. The storyline is still a little, well, odd. But hey, that's never bothered me in the past. The addition of the wormholes and past/future Cortez' is certainly entertaining.

Again, the weapons are great. Although I've never really liked how the flamethrower doesn't do absolute damage, only fire damage, it certainly looks better now. Sadly, the grenade launcher is gone cryani.gif But the harpoon gun is a cool new addition. The baseball bat was an interesting touch. I have to say I'm a sucker for the guilty pleasure of taking a character with huge reach such as the Deerhaunter (The MOOSE IS LOOSE) or the Stone Golem, and bludgeoning the smaller characters.

Again, this game is suprisingly funny.
Cortez - Time to SPLIT!
Anya - Riiiiiight....Whatever

Cortez - Time to Sp-
Harry Tipper - No! Just...don't

Jo-Beth - If I'd known this was going to happen, I would've worn pants

And some of the things the characters say in Arcade/Challenge when you select them are just, well, crazy. One character, a scientist, shouts "TIME TO UNLEASH THE ASSKICKULATOR" and then proceeds to "breakdance" while going "Whoop whoop whoop". Seriously.

  • holdenrulz


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Posted 23 June 2005 - 06:02 AM

Future Perfect is an awesome game though the mansion level I disliked due to the having to shoot right in the head 10 zombies at once. The storyline is excellent compared to 1 & 2 even though 1 didn't have any real story line or FMV's it's great that in arcade you can play timesplitters classic(for those that don't know you have to run to the end of the level and back as fast as you can killing the bad guys and splitters) or those other weird games like the 1 where you shoot the melons the monkey are carrying and fairly difficult too

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 06:05 AM

I've been looking around for this to rent but my Blockbuster doesn't carry it...sounds pretty fun though.

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 12:39 PM

There have been a few topics like this before and I will say what I said in those, this game is amazing, I just love it. I have played through the story three times now on the different difficulty levels and I still havent got bored of it.

This game was the reason I got my PS2 online, and im so glad I did, its realy fun to play with other people, as the bots can get a bit repetative after you get used to how they play. Also, the ability to download new maps that other people have made is cool. There is even a large supply of Golden eye maps from the N64 that people keep recreating.

If anybody likes first person shooters this is an unmissable game, even if its only worth a rent, you must try it.

  • DidierSucks

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 03:40 PM

I love how suprisingly challenging this game is. I'm still completly unable to complete all the challenges, I'm just hoping that I can get all the cool characters unlocked before I run out of things I can humanly do tounge.gif

I'm stuck on the second "Behead the Undead" challenge, the one where you are the fat chef using the Injector to kill the cows. It's bloody impossible!

I've found the bots in this game to be a little smarter and a little more difficult, even on the lower skill levels (One-Three stars). I played a Capture The Bag game in Siberia with a machine gun theme (that is, all weapons are machine guns like the K-SMG, Autorifle, Soviet rifle, etc) and man was it a hard fight. Crazy stuff.

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 06:18 PM

I'm really looking forward to play the new Timesplitters. My friend and I played Timesplitters 2 ALL THE TIME. My favorite level was that of 1920s Chicago. I like how they added the future where you can go back in time and help out yourself.

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