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Single/Multiple Server

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Posted 14 June 2005 - 02:39 PM

In case u will do the MMO style version, make the server-radius editable. So u can have one server for the hole map, or 3 and more servers using roaming.

U could use a config-file containing an array of coordinates. For example, server1 is responsible for an area that is defined by 10 x/y/z coordinates. Server 2 for a simple square area defined by 4 x/y/z coordinates. And so on, so u can have one server with the full map, or many servers with small parts of the map.

Make the "player map icon view distance" also editable, so we can see everybody on a single 24-player server with the entire map, or decrease the view distance, so one server can support up to 100 players.

Everything is possible with this, MMO style game with hundreds of players, MTA style fast-action game with 24 players, or LAN game.

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