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My Missing Audio Fix

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  • westsidebud

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Posted 12 June 2005 - 12:09 AM

Hello ya'll my first post, ill get to the point..

i *was having the same audio problems that many others have mentioned..

- Missing Engine Sounds
- Missing Voices & other random effects ?

All the other fixs i seen failed me.. about 4/5 of them !

But i was able to get some of the missing engine audio out of
one of the extra jacks on my Soundblaster Audigy LS
and that got me thinking..

I recently reinstalled and had installed the current driver
from the cretive site bout two weeks ago
and yeah as of right now its still current there.


that don't give you the all the extra program stuff
that the Creative cd that comes with the audio card.

So basicly i wanted 2 channel audio for the purpose
of playing with headphones so when i re-installed
my drivers AND the control software FROM my CD
i selected the Heaphones option and then ran the game.

Bingo ! All missing audio was there now
i can finally hear the missing voices and car engines.

I think the GTA SA PC game doesn't process the speaker
type you pick in the xp control panel because that made no diference..
mono, 2 speaker, 5.1,7.1 etc all produced the same result
hope a patch is done up..

Well hope this might be helpfull ?
good luck to those still truggling !

  • westsidebud

    Descanter The Insalubrious

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Posted 21 June 2005 - 12:11 AM

I figured i should update this post..

I just seen at the creative site a downloadable update
that will provide control for some creative audio cards.

finally (this was never available for download before)

Because as i mentioned earlier.. although i originaly
had installed just the driver(newest from creative) and not the control software
i had missing audio during cutscenes and missing engine sounds
(engine sounds were coming out of one of the extra audio jacks)
and the XP audio control panel settings for speakers did nothing !

As soon as i installed the Control software for my Audigy LS (from my cd)
my problem was solved for good ! (except that damn rain bug)

I installed the control stuff and opened up the speaker settings
and selected either headphones or 2/2.1 speakers and all was good.

Here is the notes for the new update from creative..


Filename: BasicAudio_PCApp_1_00_03.exe
Creative Basic Audio Suite for Creative Sound Blaster audio devices

This web release installs applications to control your Creative Sound Blaster«'s audio settings. See 'Requirements' below for the list of supported audio devices.

The following software will be installed:

    * Creative Device Control (version 1.20.08)
    * Creative EAX Console (version 2.05.06)
    * Creative Speaker Settings (version 1.54.08)

If you have already installed the software on your computer, see 'Notes' below to check existing software version numbers before installing this audio suite.


Provides the following control options for your Sound Blaster audio device:

          o Output audio quality
          o SPDIF Input/Output sampling rate
          o Decoder
          o Speaker configuration
          o Sound effects
          o Creative MultiSpeaker Surround


    * Microsoft« Windows« XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows XP (SP2 or SP1) or Windows 2000 SP4
    * Sound Blaster Live!« 24-bit External, Sound Blaster MP3+, Sound Blaster Digital Music, Sound Blaster Digital Music LX, Sound Blaster Audigy« 2 NX, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor, Sound Blaster Audigy LS or Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit audio device installed and connected


    * To check the version number of your Creative software:

        1. Click Start -> Programs/All Programs -> Creative -> Creative System Information -> Creative Products -> Creative Software.
        2. Click the application name.
        3. Check the version number.
        4. Close the application window.

    * If you have your Sound Blaster audio device Installation CD, be sure to complete the installation of Creative applications before installing this audio suite.
    * Before you use this update for your Sound Blaster audio device, make sure that no other applications are running or active in your computer.
    * When installing this audio suite, do not disconnect your Sound Blaster audio device.

And lastly for those having the missing audio problem and you have
a diff creative card check back at creative i only looked for my card..

and to people using non creative cards and it has 5.1 audio options ?
try and get the software that controls the card (there is almost always some little app)
Its worth a try if ya have missing game audio.

  • westsidebud

    Descanter The Insalubrious

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Posted 21 June 2005 - 08:10 PM

you know i pretty damn suprised that not one person has posted here !

ya'll mean to tell me this did nothing for no one ?
thats hardcore !
Not one comment after 1,000 views ?

o well im happy MY game works..

just tryin to be helpfull devil.gif

  • Majuub

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Posted 21 June 2005 - 10:31 PM

I have the same card as you, I'll definetly give it a whirl and let ya know how it went

  • duffbeer_66

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Posted 22 June 2005 - 04:16 AM

Wanna hear somethin even easier. I plugged my PS2 Headset into my PC. (gotta love usb connectors) colgate.gif and when I changed my audio properties to play everything out of the headset. It cleared up everything. No missing sound no distortion. I'm sure this little trick would work with a really good headset too rah.gif

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