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[TUT]Shocking Text/Sig

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  • Demarn

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Posted 05 June 2005 - 07:41 PM

1. Create a new image around 500x150 with a "transparent" background.

2. Go Edit > Fill and choose "color", then chose black.

3. Write some large text in white. For this tutorial, I wrote "Demarn" in 60 pt with the font Impact.

user posted image

4. Go Layer > Rasterize > Type to the layer with the text on it.

5. Duplicate the text layer. Hide layer "text copy" by clicking on the eye to the left of it on the layers panel.

6. Click on the original text layer and goto Layer > Merge Visible.

7. Go Edit > Transform > 90 CW.

8. Go Filter >Stylize > Wind with the method "Wind" and the Direction "From the Right". Press Ctrl-F. Now, go Filter >Stylize > Wind except this time, use the Direction "From the Left". Press Ctrl-F

user posted image

9. Go Edit Transform > 90 CCW. Repeat step 8 except DO NOT press Ctrl-F.

user posted image

10. Go Filter > Distort > Ripple. Set it to medium and 100%.

user posted image

11. Go Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Set it to the color you want.

user posted image

12. Click on the text copy layer. Go Select > Load Selection and click ok. Go Select > Modify> Contract and contract by 2 pixels. Now go Edit > Fill and select color and in the selection with Black or any other color that you desire.

13. Now goto Select > Deselect and you're now done!

This should be your final image:

user posted image

king surfer
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Posted 05 June 2005 - 07:53 PM

well done on the tut but to be honest with you it sounds like a different angle on a familiar scene if you know what i mean? well i think its quite good up to the final stage where imo the black text on the white kinda takes from the effect. and im pretty sure wont have the s**t kicked out of it like mine did!

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Posted 05 June 2005 - 08:10 PM

This tutorial has been copied from N-Sane! You can find the original here.

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