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Life & Death Row

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Posted 30 May 2005 - 08:36 AM

Yeah, yeah. Its another GTA story, please just enjoy it and give me some comments about it. And this is a work-in-progress, I work as I go. So be a little paitient.

-Life And Death Row-
Story Of San Andreas Prison.
Location: Desert, San Andreas
Story Type: 1st Person.
Year: 2003

Chapter 1
I heard the banging of the police officers nightstick against my cell. It immediately woke me up; I scratched my hairy chin and rubbed my eyes. I stood up and put on my paints and my boots. I looked up and my cellmate was there, I shook him to make sure he was up and he nodded. I stretched out again and waited for the cell to open. The loud buzzing sound went off and the cell doors slide open. My cellmate and myself walked out and stood in a straight line. A ugly fat black officer standed in the middle of our Prison Wing. He had a donut in his hand, he finally finished it and begun his “Morning Talk”.
“Hahahaha, you ugly fat ladies. It is currently 7:01 AM in the morning and is Monday! It is freeday for all you disgusting bitches. It is also boxing night so if you are a good boy and do things right and nicely you will probably get a front row seat for it. If you don’t well you know what you hafta do ladies!” He screamed loudly.
It look liked he started to choke on a piece of his donut and coughed it out. He slowly walked into the security room and yelled through the intercom “You bitches get to work!” He screamed.

My name is Charlie White I am about 6’3’’ 223 lbs and about 32 years old and I have been in this hellhole for 11 years. I am Caucasian but my cellmate is African-American and I have no problem with it, my girlfriend is actually black. I miss her badly and I am going to be in here for a very long time. Life, I was charged with 3rd Degree Murder and Burglary. I murdered a man who owed me money, so I took the money and took a few other things as well, I never knew I would get caught I guess you never should get to cocky. I was living in Jefferson, which was located in Los Santos, it was bad for a while but then it calmed down around ’95 and I was getting more comfortable with it. My girlfriend was a black girl and was a good one, she recently told me that she was out on the streets, f*cking guys for money giving blow jobs and letting them suck on her nipples it really isn’t my thing to talk about or think about. I had men who would suck my dick here and there but what would you expect? Well anyways my cellmate name is B.J. Smith, an old timer probably in his 60’s or 70’s but he really never tells me. He was a former All-Pro football player for Vice City, but he murdered his wife and went on a wild goose chase in his Landstalker. He was charged with murder and running away from the police.
Your probably thinking that there is always a damn “badass” of our wing. Yes there is and his name is El Burro. He was caught in San Andreas for smuggling drugs from Mexico to Liberty City and then was caught in San Andreas. He has a lot of guys on his side and even had some of his men to come to San Andreas to commit a bad crime to come to the San Andreas Prison. He also has “special” privileges with getting some sexy ho’s to come in on his command at any time, he had so many things going in the prison but what is funny is that the Officers had his back as well they exchange money or drugs. So this prison is basically corrupted as if San Andreas hasn’t been filled with corrupted cops, I can still remember the Frank Tenpenny incident back in ’92 he “died” is what people say. But he is still alive, I have really good sources saying he lives down in Red Country that nobody knows anything about the city, all it is fishin’ and Racin’.

To be honest I have no idea where this place is located, somewhere in the San Andreas desert and plus they blindfold us once we take the trip up here. Rumors are to be told is that the San Andreas Government wanted to construct this place where no one else would go and that is on top of a hot, steamy mountain like structure and that is where we are. It is hot outside everyday and it rains probably about 4 times each year and the officers don’t won’t us outside during it rains. It is horrible. I wish some one would get me the hell out of here. The only person I have in the inside is a stupid man called “The Truth” the name itself sounds stupid. Plus, he thinks he has a jetpack and green alien sperm. I talked to him about it and told him to call a taxi driver and drive him to the mental hospital. But he has a lot of people in the inside including a gangster called Carl Johnson which his name is big with the famous rapper Madd Dogg and is his Manager. So everybody outside my life is going pretty well. Except my of course, I still have to spend my life in this hole. I just need to pick up smoking and die early.

The Truth has been planning a prison break for some other people and myself. Since The Truth has a lot of resources I am sure he can pull it off, with all the weapons and materials he has I am sure he can do it. But for now I must wait for his plan to be worked out, Carl Johnson and his Brother Sean Johnson are in the plan a long with Woozie and Cesar Vialpando. Each of them to get someone out, Carl and Sean Johnson have some important Orange Grove Family In here, The OGF is a gang that has been taking over San Andreas for almost 10 years now, Cesar is Carl’s right hand man and Woozie needs to get a old timing Ran Fa Li out quickly before other Rival gangs get to him first. How in the hell do I know all of this? The Truth usually writes me, but I think he is a tad gay. He also puts this women’s perfume on it, I think he is trying to get my horny or something. But still, he is one of the best dude’s I know on the outside. And if plan works then I owe him a sh*tload.

It was our free time now, usually BJ Smith and myself go workout. BJ Smith is a very muscular man at his age and I don’t see how he lifts heavy weights.

“Jesus, you still need to play Professional Football BJ. You’re a mad man and you’re a muscular man.” I said.
“These old bones wouldn’t last a minute out there with those young kids, plus I have gotten what I wanted in football a damn Championship” he replied. He lifted up his fist showing off his championship ring.

We went over to the punching bag, he stood behind it keeping it straight while I give the bunching bag humungous punching blows.

“Now remember Charlie, if the man tries to hit you in the body always come back up and hit him in his head. It works every time.” He yelled.

I started to get winded and we switched. BJ Smith has a powerful punch; it almost looks as if he was a former boxer. He throws his punches with aggressiveness; I wouldn’t want to f*ck with this old-timer.
“Ahhhh, everyone thinks I’m too old for this sh*t. Well, poppa still has the punch” he said.
“Yeah, I wouldn’t want to f*ck with you. Were you a former boxer?” I asked.
“No, just releasing anger. Being in a hellhole for a long time makes me so angry. I just want to release it on this punching bag. Get what I mean?” he replied

I shook my head yes. But then a slim white officer walked into the weight room, and asked for me.
“Charlie White?” He screamed, looking around the room.
I nodded my head “That’s me officer” I said
“El Burro wants to see you, and he said now” he yelled.

I whipped my head off with a towel and left the weight room. I walked across the wing and went into the Wreck Room, the room was filled with Hispanics and they were all crowed around a pool table. El Burro wasn’t a hard man to find, he was a bald headed man and very big and I mean fat as in big. He had tattoos from head to toe. He looked at me and waved me over.
“Yessss, I heard that you were making a plan to break out of this f*cking pile of sh*t!” he whispered. “Give me the details”
“Who in the f*ck told you? I thought this sh*t between me and my man was confidential?” he replied
“Who, The Truth? We are also in the deal. The Truth is running a full powered plan to get us the hell out of here. I just thought you know what was happening?” el burro said.
“Well, all I know is that, The Triads, Orange Grove Families and I guess your crew if they want to help.” I replied
“Hell yesss, we would get the hell out of this joint for good then. I tell you what, I give Truth a call and we make a deal with the Diablo’s in it. Then since you seem like a good guy, I can hook you up with anything you want.” He said.
“f*ck yeah, anything. This sh*thole has brought me down.”

I walked off shaking El Burro’s hand. I knew this was going to be a risky ass thing to do, but its not it is going to matter I’m going to die in here anyways. I walked into the weight room and saw BJ Smith sitting there.

“El Burro? That fat Mexican? What does he want with you?” he asked
“Nothing, he just asked me some things” I replied
“Like what? Charlie, I am your man. I am never going to snitch behind you back and I am behind you the whole way,” he said
“Alright, alright damnit. A man named The Truth is planning to get me out of here. The only thing is The Truth isn’t only trying to rescue me. He is getting El Burro too.” I replied
“WHAT ABOUT ME?” he yelled
“Just the f*ck up. I was going to tell you some day. But if you spell the beans then this place will be on lockdown you dip head.” I whispered. “So shut up, we need to keep this on the DL. I am going into the cell, I need some time alone. And remember, don’t say sh*t”
“Okay, Charlie. I will,” He said.

I walked out of the weight room and walked upstairs to my cell. I walked into it and slammed the door shut. I walked over to the bunk and sat there; I knew this bullsh*t wasn’t just going to take a few days. Plus, the war we have to go through once the place in on lockdown. Ahh, at least I will be getting some head from El Burro’s ho’s soon. I also remembered it’s boxing night, the first match in the season. BJ Smith said he is signed up and should be fighting soon. But tonight it is one of El Burro’s men, Julio Gonzales Vs. Orlando Brown. Both are big and muscular. I need to remember that, I’ve heard rumors that big sh*t might be going down there. I picked up a piece of paper and a pencil and started to write a note to my girl.

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Posted 30 May 2005 - 07:48 PM

The story's great, it's just that I saw too many grammar errors. I like the plot and am expectig more, it's just that it never hurts to revise.

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Posted 31 May 2005 - 03:58 AM

Thanks. I can admit I have some grammar problems blush.gif .

Well here is Chapter 2 for you.

Chapter 2

I finished my letter. It was to my girl; I just put little details about what’s up. But nothing about the breakout. I slowly grabbed an envelope and put the letter in there. I walked out of my cell and walked downstairs toward the mailbox. I slipped it down the hole and walked off, I could see a few guys sitting around in the lobby talking and some just playing cards. I noticed BJ Smith playing cards with a few other people I walked over and joined them.

“I told them,” blurted BJ
“Were f*cked. How do you tell these little bitches about our plan?” I whispered
“They’re cool, we go way back. Let me introduce you to them. This is Jordan Bruce, his dad is guns salesmen’s, he also agree’s with this plan. And this is Orlando Brown, he is just a huge mothaf*cka who can box.” BJ replied.

Jordan Bruce was Caucasian, he was about 5’9’’ and 210 and probably 28, he looked a bit muscular. Looks like a guy who can handle guns. Orlando Brown is African-American, he is about 6’7’’ 250 he looked like he was in his early 30’s, looks like a perfect built machine. He is currently the Champ of our Boxing league. I felt a little comfortable since they were with BJ Smith.

“Well, alright. I trust you BJ and I trust you two, f*ck anything up and its our nuts.” He said
All three of them shook their heads.
“Well, how do you feel about you big match tonight, Orlando?” I asked
“Ima gonna to rip him another ass hole, this is nothing compared to what I’ve faced. I will beat the f*cking beans out of this burrito” he replied
“Damn, I will be watching. And good luck” I said
“Fool, I don’t need no damn luck. My fist are enough to give me luck. This taco is about to be crush,” he yelled

I stood up and an officer was standing behind me. I stared at him and nodded my head, he nodded back and motationed his hand and waving it towards me. I slowly walked over there not expecting anything.

“El Burro said the he will meet you at the fight tonight” He said
“Oh, ok. Thanks for telling me I guess” I replied

I walked off; I went back into the Weight Room. I found the punching bag and I started swinging at it, I hit it down in the body then came up with an uppercut. I thought I was in decent shape for a man like me, I’m not Rocky Balboa but I am still big. I stopped punching and noticed that my fist were blood red, they weren’t bleeding but they just felt like they’ve been over used. I slowly walked over to the Running Machine and stepped onto it. I put the speed level to 6-10, it was a good speed that what I always used. After maybe only 2-3 minutes of running I noticed BJ Smith coming through the weight door.

“CHARLIE, you gotta letter” he yelled

I jumped down and followed BJ Smith out if the room. I always go excited when someone wrote me, if it was The Truth or if it’s my girl. Both gave me good news. The big fat black officer gave me my letter; he had greasy fingers so you could easily see his fingerprints. I looked up at him and stared at him.

“Is there a f*cking problem? Am I too fat?” He yelled
I shook my head no
“Good, because I know I am. But if you smart talk with me I’ll toss your white ass into hell.” He said

I slowly walked off looking at my letter, it was from my girl. I walked upstairs that led to my cell; I noticed BJ Smith was down in his bunk reading his letter. I jumped onto the top bunk and opened my letter.

Hey Charlie, I’ve missed you so much. Thanks for the letter you wrote me; it made me feel better because I haven’t heard from you in such a long time. I realized that you wanted me to visit, but I can’t. With all this sh*t that’s going on right now, its impossible. The money is pilling in and I can’t stop the flow, I can actually pay rent by myself and it makes me feel happy. But there’s one thing I need to tell you, that it’s over. Over relationship is finished Charlie, I can’t handle you being in there for life. I can’t even visit you, this is the last letter you will ever see from me and I don’t want to see any from you. I’m sorry.


I crumbled up the paper and threw it across the cell, I took the envelope and ripped it up and threw it on the ground. I can’t believe that bitch would do this to me, oh well we will so who is going to be getting out soon, very soon.

“What in the world is your damn problem boy” BJ Smith asked
“My girl, well you can say dumped me” I replied
“Haha, I dumped my girl down the f*cking ditch” he said laughing

I laughed and titled my head back into the wall. I felt bad for doing a crime I did, but that was then. Why do I feel bad now, when I am about to probably get out? I noticed BJ Smith had some cigs so I asked for one.

“Hey ummm, BJ. You mind if I can get one of your cigs?” I asked
“Well, sure. I thought you didn’t smoke.” He replied pulling out one of his Cigs and handing it to me.
“I don’t, this is going to be my first time. Oh, I need a lighter.” I said

He tossed up a lighter, I put the cig in my mouth a lit it. I took a draft and exhaled it, I started to choke and cough. BJ started to laugh.
“Haha, Can’t even smoke it? Well, once you get used to it, it will be very addicting.” He said
“Yeah, I heard. I just wanted to try it,” I said

I keep on smoking it and I exhaled it. It keeps hurting for a while then I got used to it. It didn’t feel to addicting but I still like it. I looked up and it was 5:06 PM, we still have 3 f*cking hours until the fight.

“Hey BJ, wake me up in 3 hours” I asked
“No problem” H replied

I layer down and closed my eyes. I stretched out and feel asleep.

“WAKE UP!!” yelled BJ “They’re f*cking here, get ready!”
“Who?” I replied
“Your friends, they have caught the f*cking place on fire. It’s a f*cking mess,” he said

I jumped out of my bunk and looked out my cell, all I seen was cops running in every direction. There were a few prisons that had weapons shooting at the officers; the prisoners were all covered by tables. They’re weapons were mostly 9 mm, and 12 gauge shotguns. I didn’t see anyone I knew, me a BJ looked frantically around. Then I heard the loud buzzing noise, you could barley hear it over the Lockdown Alarm. The entire cell gates open, everyone ran out. BJ and Myself ran to find Jordan and Orlando. They were running towards us, I gave waved at them to follow us and they did.

“Wake the f*ck up” BJ Said. “Its 8:05. Lets go watch this fight”
“Yeah, lets go” I said quickly

We both got up and waited for the door cells to open, the loud buzzing noise went off. We walked into the boxing area. Its in the middle of the Prison and everybody is allowed to come and watch. I took a front row seat, and BJ Smith was Orlando Brown’s trainer. The big fat Mexican was already in the ring ready. He had his gloves on and everything. But the Fat Black Officer walked in the ring and grabbed a microphone.

“Ladies, I now present you San Andreas Prison Boxing Night!” He yelled
All the prisoners started to cheer.
“In the right corner, we have The San Andreas Prison Champion. Orlando Brownnnnnnnn! Standing at 6’7’’ and 256 pounds. And the challenge standing at 6’2’’ and weighing in at an amazing 320 lbs, JULIOOOO GONZALESSSS!

I cheered with everyone else, I noticed that Jordan was sitting next to me and I shook his hand. Then I scanned the boxing room and noticed El Burro sitting in Julio’s corner, I nodded my head and he did the same. The bell rang and it was time to fight!

The both rushed into the middle of the ring, Orlando Brown threw a jab and made Julio stepped back. Orlando Brown had a crushing right hand and if he landed it the person would be hurt or knocked out. Orlando Brown was aggressive he follows Julio around all over the ring. You could tell that Julio is getting a little jittery. I happened to glance over at El Burro; I noticed he was waving me over.

“Hey Jordan, I will be right back” I said loudly, trying to talk over the loud crowd
“Alright” he replied

I walked over to El Burro, and he told one of his men to stand up. He motioned me to sit down, and then he started to speak.

“Okayy, I’ve spoken with The Truth. It’s going to happen hear to week or 2 weeks, he said they have to find the prison first, then find the blueprints of the map possibly having underground tunnels. Then he must plan an escape plan, but we have The Diablo’s, Triads and Orange Grove Families at our aid. So we need to keep this on the DL for now.” El Burro said.
“Great, but this is going to cause a Riot. Every prisoner is probably going to get a chance to run, what about them?” I asked
“Ahhh, He said the Triads and Orange Grove Families have a load of Helicopters and planes, and the Diablo’s and OGF’s will support the weapons. If The Truth gets us out, he said all I owe him is some “good stuff” “ El Burro replied
“Haha, I understand. So you like the fight so far?” I asked
“Of course, That Orlando Brown of BJ’s Smith is one tough Negro. I understand why he is the champ right now. Julio Gonzales is our only big Boxing man in the Diablo’s, Orlando Brown is simply the best,” he answered
“Yeah, well thanks for telling me all this sh*t. By the way, you said you said you can hook me up with anything I want, right?” I asked
“Well, of course I said that. What do you need?” replying back
“Well, me and my girl just broke up. I was wonderin’ if you can hook me up with one of your girls for now?” I asked
“Haha, of course” He answered

He looked back and nodded his head. One of his men went out of the Boxing area and back into our Cell Wing.

“How do you get to have all these hoe’s?” I asked
“We work out agreements with the officers, anything they want. Drugs, weapons, sex anything, as long as we get to do what we want to do.” He answered
“I see, so when will I get some action.” I asked
“You desperate little bitch, after the boxing match” he replied

People got louder, Orlando Brown has Julio Gonzales stuck in the corner. Orlando Brown went for the head and did some combinations, and then from the head he went to body shots. The ref stopped the fight, Julio Gonzales feel the ground and Orlando Brown lifted his arms up and grabbed his belt.

“I’m tha mothaf*ckin’ champ. NEXT?” he yelled
All people did was cheering, he was what you would say Fan Favorite. I got up and started to walk away. El Burro called me name.

“Hey, when do you want your girl man?” He asked

I had a big smile and said “Now”.

“Alright, go into the showers my men will be guarding the area and the officers won’t mind. Have fun!” El Burro said laughing
“Thanks” I said

I walked off with 2 large Hispanic Men following me. I walked into the shower and a 5’7’’ 155 lb Hispanic women with a big ass and nice tits was standing there. I knew El Burro and me were going to be cool now.

After I was through with my business I buttoned up and walked up into my cell. It was about 10:14 PM right now, I am exhausted. One of the officers opened up my cell door and I walked in. I seen BJ Smith sleeping and I took my boots off and hoped onto the top bunk. I shut my lids and feel asleep.

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Posted 31 May 2005 - 09:40 PM

Its good but I agree bean it does have too many grammar errors. It pulls you in and then drops you down a black dark hole of spikes and chains, and as you lay there scared and bleeding you think that one day you'll make it out and survive. Thats how I interpreted it. - Night

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