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Where would you like to live in SA?

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    I'm from Broker, LC, we always carry heat around here.

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Posted 5 days ago

I'm sure I answered this question before, but I'd love to answer it again!


My first choice would be Fallen Tree area - possibly replacing the huts that are there at the moment with a bungalow. Relatively close to San Fierro, but also remote and quiet. Beautiful scenery and sunrises over the Flint lake. It also looks like the kind of area that would get clearly defined seasons.


Second choice would probably be Juniper Heights area in SF - terraces blocks of flats in what seems like a safe quiet neighbourhood. Plus I love the architecture.



Angel Pine and Bayside Marina would be my next choices, mainly for the rural picturesque setting - though I am not keen on not having snow and many neighbours!


I like the Palisades in SF too, beautiful buildings and the beach is very close by. 

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Posted 4 days ago

Prickle Pine, LV.

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Posted 5 hours ago Edited by Lazlo_, 5 hours ago.

When I finished the game, I started getting into small mods; textures, IPLs- eventually I did some 'skiddie' CLEOs hacked out of other (more competent) people's stuff. I didn't like the Prickle Pines Safehouse because I got tired of walking out my door and seeing ho's strutting about, and I couldn't leave the Mansion in Vinewood without hearing horns and sirens blaring. I was going to put an ENEX in Richman (Bel Aire) or Sausalito (Bayside) but it there were too many peds ranting on the doorstep. I was even considering Mt Diablo (Chilead) but the drive up and down the mountain was miserable and there was no real place to land a chopper.


I eventually settled on the condos behind World of Coq because I didn't know how to CULL ped activity, and came up with this:





... Complete with working gates to keep out cops because I was tired of them sneaking up on me. Later I found the hill over-looking the bay and built a nice little plot with the Tudor house, with a wall, fence, lights and natural barriers and some gates. The reason for all the fence and walls was sort of funny. I was young and had read 'urban myths' online about zombies in the rural parts. During mods, I didn't know some objects like outdoor chairs could spawn peds. So I would be walking around the new save-house at night out in the sticks, thinking I was alone for miles in all directions, and suddenly some menacing ped would pop out of the shadows. I eventually figured it out and cloned the furniture to stop spawning, but it scared me enough to wall the whole estate off lol








I was proudest when I filled the pool with working water because I struggle more than most with math, and it took a lot of calculating to get it too work right. I got all my help from this site, and was lucky enough to find a DOC thread on water buried deep in the archives with one post that solved everything.




Later came lots of stuff around the house; a heli pad, a garage, a shed, lots of little things




And of course the East Gate and a mailbox and security pin pad




I eventually built a little marina down by the beach.






Here's a webm showing the flight in




And another I just made to show the winter setting:




I customized the interior of Prickle Pines too; one never really finishes it, I dont think. I use that one as the interior for two of my own safe-houses. Remodeled bathrooms, bedrooms etc. I added an audiozone so the stereo in the living room plays User Tracks (or what I re-titled "KAWQ - FM 106.7" (after LA's KROQ)




My CJ relaxing on the back deck in "Tierra"...




Later, I built another Marina,




... created new ENEXs at hotels around Vegas so's I could stay at the Hard Rock (V Rock Hotel), the Pyramids etc. Last year, I started using the City Planning Interior, some ENEXs and the building right west of Library Tower/ US Bank/Maze Bank/ Bank of Los Santos to make a nice set of offices in LA and San Fierro, and used ENEXs to have a quiet little flat down the street from US Bank where I go in the front and exit on the fire escape in the ally, then enter the interior at another ENEX there to a different interior. I also made a pair of ENEXs so I can hang out on the balcony of one of the condos at the Century Plaza (Rodeo Hotel) and then enter inside




I even dressed up the Change Room with posters splattered everywhere, custom clothes; baja jackets, a Penn State hoodie, a new suit etc. I cant show many interiors though, since I'd have to censor some of the portraits lol


Recently though, I added even more picture frame objects, so I could hang vacation photos around the office and houses along side photos of old friends. Its quite cozy.


My current project is trying to get a pet dog thats glitch-free in another thread




Anyways, modding became addictive. It's nice having your own safe houses, but once you have a whole universe you can shape anyway you want, you can end up a modding degenerate like me lol and end up customizing everything from the jails to the strip clubs. I think I need help lol  :p 

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