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[TUT] Manga Tutorial

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Posted 21 May 2005 - 07:59 AM

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a manga/anime character in short time. Off course it will take you a lot of practice to create the characters the way you want it, but to start off it's always important to know the basics.

Step 1:

If the anatomy of the character isn't right, the final result will not be like you want it to be, so the first step is one of the most important ones. By drawing every bodypart seperate, you can give the character any pose you want, but for a start, a standing character like this is the easiest.

user posted image

Step 2:

Now try to draw the outline around the character. You can give him more or less muscle or make him fat.
If you draw the legs, be sure to watch the anatomy. The visible muscles of the legs are on the inside while standing.

user posted image

Step 3:

In this step you'll have to decide what kind of character you want to draw. You can make it some sort of knight, a secret agent, just use your imagination. I'm making an average person in this tutorial.
When you've decided what clothes you want to give your character, draw the outlines of it around the character and erase the lines inside of the clothes.

user posted image

Step 4:

Now it's time to give some more detail to the person. Folds are hard to draw realistic, so for a start draw some lines on places the folds should be. This is simple to do and can look good if you do it right. In this step you can also add some color, don't do this if you want to color the character on the computer.
You've probably noticed I added some detail in the face. So place the eyes and draw the place where the nose and mouth should be. You're now ready for step 5.

user posted image

Step 5:

This step is all about adding detail to the face. First of all erase all the guiding lines you used before.
If you're done with that add some pupils to the eyes (some examples will follow at the end of this tutorial) and give more detail to the mouth and nose. The hair on a manga character is very important, because it's one of the most characteristic things of it. So most of the time the hair's long and spikey. It's not very neat so it doesn't really matter what way you draw it. But always be sure to make it fit on the head properly.

user posted image

Step 6:

All you have to do now is add shade, if you want and maybe some more details. I drew a pretty hard shade on this one, otherwise the scanner won't pick it up right. But if you draw it yourself, it'll probably look better if it's softer.
You can also add a background or maybe give the character a sword or a gun.

user posted image


Eyes are a very important thing when you're drawing an anime head. So be sure that they are large and have lots of sparks in 'em. To start of draw the eyeball and the place the iris and pupil should come. Then decide what sort of eye you want to draw. Based on this place the eyelashes and the little fold from the eyeball above it.
After this draw the pupil and iris and also the place you want the sparks.
The final step is about adding detail again. Make the pupil black, add shade to the iris and give the eye more detail. Also finish the skin around the eye. You're now ready with the eye.

user posted image

Some examples:

user posted image

I hope you'll be able to draw some nice anime after this, but you're always welcome to ask some questions.

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Posted 21 May 2005 - 08:03 AM

Wow, thanks a lot. I might give it a shot, it looks nice and simple. smile.gif

Nice work. cookie.gif

  • immessedup17

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Posted 23 May 2005 - 02:24 AM



Manga gets people f*cked up. Do not promote it.

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Posted 23 May 2005 - 09:00 AM

It still looks too complicated to me. I'm not sure whether or not I might try it, but it looks alright.

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Posted 23 May 2005 - 09:37 AM

Very well put together DiVaio, I myself like to draw Manga biggrin.gif. I like those eye examples.

  • DiVaio


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Posted 23 May 2005 - 10:37 AM

Manga gets people f*cked up. Do not promote it.

Reading manga gets people f*cked up. Making manga doesn't harm anyone if you're good at it and you might earn some money with it. wink.gif

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