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How to Get Back To Portland?

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  • JustinGunnar

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 06:24 AM

This may be a dumb question or either I'm a dumb player but I've been trying to figure a way to get back to Portland from Staunton quickly to do the "Sayonara" mission. I tried the boat first but it just turned into me driving around with nowhere to park and jump out because I could find a ramp. Then I tried driving down the Callaghan Bridge which took me like 6 GTA hours to find. I guess this could be because its my first night playing Staunton.

Can any of you tell me the easiest way to go about it and what exactly to do? I'm ready to blow Salvatore's head off already! It's frustrating and even more so since it seems no one else has had this problem heh.


  • Bartleby

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 06:38 AM Edited by Bartleby, 18 May 2005 - 06:40 AM.

Here is what I do in the mission 'Sayonara Salvatore'. Take note that you don't necessarily have to do my way, but I find it easy.

Get in the Yakuza Stinger outside Asuka's condo. Drive it out of the lot, and follow the street around and upwards. Take the first left and follow the center road through the first intersection. You should now be on a road that's diagonal compared to the last. When you reach the next intersection, turn left and keep going. You should now be on the Callahan Bridge.

Take a left once you get off the bridge. The second chance you get to turn left, do so. (This is counting that little roundabout around that cafe). Then turn right immediately, and continue. Drive through that little pathway between the barrier above the subway stairs and the building. Once again head left. You should now be near Luigi's Club. Stop the car.

Practice this route several times to get it down.

Here, I do one of two things:

a. Park my car horizontally on the road, and jack any cars that come by, and create a blockade where the above directions end, because Salvatore will be coming that way. Use as many cars as you can to create a road block. Hop in a car, and wait. As the Sentinel he is in tries to plow through the cars you set up, keep ramming him. If you have an Uzi, shoot at him through the window. Repeat until the car catches on fire.

b. Go into the little alleyway off to the left of the road where the directions lead you to. Climb the stairs, and wait for Salvatore on the rooftops with a sniper's rifle (the one you got from Bomb Da Base, if you still have it). After that it's obvious, shoot him when he comes out.

Sorry if these instructions are vague. I could supply screenshots if you wanted me to.

  • blue_steel

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 06:51 AM

If you want my pearls of wisdom, don't kill Salvatore until you have done all the rampages, jumps and gotten all the hidden packages in Saint Marks. This will make it easier because after you kill him the Mafia will try and kill you and they will have shotguns and it doesn't take that man rounds before your car catches on fire.

  • JustinGunnar

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 09:17 AM

Thanks, Bartleby. You gave great instructions and so I got there in no time. I never would have figured that out on my own. Funny thing is I had Portland completely memorized before and now I'm going around in circles trying to find my way back out heh.

blue_steel. I hope that I'm prepared. I haven't tried the mission yet, but I'm a weapon cheater so I haven't bothered collecting the given ones. What other packages should I worry about?

  • EnglishChocolate


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Posted 18 May 2005 - 04:10 PM

Hahaha yes a doub question JOKE! but i will answer it anyways. I know where you are coming from though the first time i played it (and thats only like a 2 months ago) i was lost but i have gotten a hang of it now. As you go through the missions you will famillirise yourself with the island anyways but for the first time u can g et a bit lost (which is my i still use the map sometimes. Do you have one? as it helps a great deal for first timers) Anyways there are 3 ways (that i know of) to get to and from portland to staution island..or the other way round. But i am only certain of 2 of them as i use them the most.

1 - First one is the Callahan Bridge
Starting from Asuka's place drive up the road that leads out of that area drive towards park and turn left away from the shopping mall (the place with the stairs and red carpet) go down the road u have turn into at the end of that road u will come to a double road with a median with plants and flowers in the middle of it. Turn left again INTO that road, this is a landmark road (well it is to me as i used it to help me figure out where i am when im lost) this road will take u to and from the bridge. When you reach the other side you should recognise where you are and can work from there. I normally use the bridge for this mission as it takes me away from any of the Mafia area's so i do't have to worry bout shot guns.

2 - The Tunnel
For the tunnel ride towards Liberty Memoiral Coliseum (the big stadium lookin thing), If you are on the correct road the Coliseum will be to your direct left and the hospital will be on your right. Turn right and go along that road away from the Coliseum and look out for the slip road which will be on the right. (Sometimes i ride right passed it as it's not always easy to spot but when u do it will be easy to remember where it is. It will have the words PORTER TUNNEL. It will open out into the road that takes you to the fire station Hardwood area. (Mafia area)

There is another Bridge though that i use for one of the Yardie Missions but i don't use it much so i don't know 100% where it is.

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