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Superhero Mod

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Posted 17 May 2005 - 11:20 PM Edited by Wolfmight, 17 May 2005 - 11:37 PM.


CJ's health becomes 1500 and regenerates by 100 every five seconds. Once below 100, it charges 50 a second until back to 500. Would take quite allot of hell to kill him. Might have an invincible mode instead. Your choice! :-)

CJ becomes fireproof and has the ability to charge a blast.. You decide the amount of fire. Max fire should burst into a river of flame all around!

CJ can nos his running speed with massive distance covered in seconds! Tap to run the sound barrier with nos effect.

CJ's punch throws people far back or knocks their head off. CJ's kick knocks people high and leaves em with a bitter fall.

CJ's guns fire faster, rockets become rapid, grenades, cocktails, and explosives are thrown by 15 a time, Sniper rifle fires rapid too. Flame thrower should have a massive burst with 10 times the amount of flame!

CJ gets much taller and a wider than fully buffed. I'd say his height is multiplied by 1.5 and width by 1.2

CJ is immune to explosions, so blowing up inside a car should only deduct 100 health pts and leave him fall out alive...explosives and grenades deduct rather no more than 50 pts up close.

Bullets and other weapons don't hurt as bad...CJ's health is reduced 1/4 of the normal damage each bullet does normally.

If CJ is crashed into or stuck under a vehicle...it blows up. Vehicles crash into CJ as if they hit a tank..only hurting him with a deduction of 50 health pts each. (remember.. 100 pts only if he's in the car blowing up)

CJ can breathe forever underwater... and falling should never kill him, but rather take a maximum of 250 pts health depending on height. Jumping off a building would normally take like 50 pts or so.
CJs jump should vary on a charge.. normal - high - very high - extreme - incredible! You would never have CJ land and die with that broken bone noise, no matter how high! He should only die if he had 250 or less health, but still.. what are the odds when it regenerates.. or is invincible.

A flight ability allows cj to dash in mid air by just using the same button as jump. Hold it down for flight (prob gonna be a rip off of the jet pack look to fly though)

CJ NEVER Falls off a motorcycle no matter how hard it crashes or spins! It has to blow up to get his ass off!!! -100 pts health for the explosion! If CJ is on a Bike... face it.. he never falls off.

Cj should be able to jump on the roof of moving cars and ride em with no driver! Might be a tough one to mod in though. :-/

Oh yes, SAVE ANYWHERE if possible. Would be slick.

reply to add more features, or comment. Wouldn't this kick ass!?

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 01:33 AM

We have a Modding Wishlist topic here so please post your ideas in there, thanks.

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