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Just how long...

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  • Jackington


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Posted 17 May 2005 - 09:03 PM

Im buying SA mainly for he modding capability, but I was wondering how long will it take till I can download some new cars, or that new race track, for example. Jus thinking, cuz the last two times Ive bought PC GTA's, its been a year since it came out. So mods aplenty.

So, to summarize will it be more weeks, months, days, or what till I can mod?

Also, Im stricktly a nOOb modder, no matter how ling Ive been trying for, so will it be easier for me to make "my own" map. E.g. a racetrack off Venturas.

Sorry if this msg. is illedgable (sp?), but I really wanna know!!

  • HKB

    Mark Chump

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Posted 17 May 2005 - 09:08 PM

As i remember it, it didn't take more than a couple of hours befor the first mod for VC was uploadet...

But VC ang GTA III had the same engine... but SA don't... but im not a mod'er so i dont know how big a difference that makes..

  • Opius


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Posted 17 May 2005 - 09:52 PM

QUOTE (HKB @ May 18 2005, 07:08)
But VC ang GTA III had the same engine... but SA don't...

All 3 3D GTA games use the same engine.

However, Rockstar do like changing/upgrading file formats between versions, which usually takes at most around two months for a working exporter to be made.

Plus all the data files are in plain text anyway. No tools needed for that. Mission script has already been cracked, so we can jump right into that. Only thing that might take a while to catch up is memory hacking/hooking, since I don't expect many memory addresses would stay the same between games.

  • RainingAcid


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Posted 19 May 2005 - 07:42 AM

Two week top. The first will be a PC version of BartonWater Ducks [email protected] mod. Most

  • Citrux

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Posted 19 May 2005 - 08:52 AM

yea, the greatest part about vice city was modding the cars. That kept me playing the game a good half year after I beat it.

  • Spuddy

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Posted 19 May 2005 - 09:21 AM

QUOTE (From the PlanetGTA E3 interview)

6. Mod tools! What is meant by "mod support?"

This was the question I really wanted to ask. First off, Rockstar will not ship any tools themselves. He did say that it will be an extremely smooth transition in that the tools used in Vice City should work perfectly with San Andreas.

So it should take no time at all for mods to appear for SA.

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