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Posted 14 May 2005 - 08:10 AM

Here you can come and submit your guides for GTA 3. It can be anything that is helpful or interesting. I'll start with my Hidden Packages and Radio Station guides and hopefully more and more people will come and submit their own guides.

Hidden Packages - Maverick01
Radio Stations - Maverick01


10 - Pistol
20 - Uzi
30 - Grenades
40 - Shotgun
50 - Body Armor
60 - Molotov Cocktails
70 - AK-47
80 - Sniper Rifle
90 - M-16
100 - Rocket launcher

Portland Hidden Packages:

33 Hidden Packages to find

PACKAGE 1 - Atlantic Quays-At the very end of the long pier, most southeastern point of Portland

PACKAGE 2 - Callahan Point-Within the fence of the large, gray building, near the road to Callahan Bridge.

PACKAGE 3 - Callahan Point-Behind the Triad Fish Factory, use a Triad Fish Truck or a Trashmaster to open the automatic gate.

PACKAGE 4 - Callahan Point-On the rocky island to the southeast of the dock you go to in the mission LAST REQUESTS, use a boat to get there (must unlock Staunton Island).

PACKAGE 5 - Chinatown-On roof of building near the park with the basketball court

PACKAGE 6 - Chinatown-Alley behind Roast Peking Duck.

PACKAGE 7 - Chinatown-Alley behind Hong Hung Inc.

PACKAGE 8 - Chinatown-In the subway, near the bottom of the escalator-like stairs (must unlock Staunton Island)

PACKAGE 9 - Harwood-Farthest northwest point of Portland, near Porter Tunnel.

PACKAGE 10 - Harwood-On top of the Head Radio building, jump from the el train tracks.

PACKAGE 11 - Hepburn Heights-Between apartment buildings and fence, across the street to the west of El Burro's phone

PACKAGE 12 - Hepburn Heights-In the planter near El Burro's phone.

PACKAGE 13 - Hepburn Heights-In the trees across the street to the east of El Burro's phone.

PACKAGE 14 - Portland Beach-On the northern walkway going around Salvatore's mansion

PACKAGE 15 - Portland Beach-Near the rock arch beneath Salvatore's mansion

PACKAGE 16 - Portland View-Roof of Supa Save, jump from el train tracks.

PACKAGE 17 - Red Light District-Roof of building across the street from Sex Club 7

PACKAGE 18 - Red Light District-Roof of Sex Club 7

PACKAGE 19 - Red Light District-Roof of building next to Sex Club 7, diagonally jump across to the roof on the southern side of the alley.

PACKAGE 20 - Red Light District- Inside building near the subway with breakable glass windows

PACKAGE 21 - Saint Mark's-On top of AMCO Gas Station. Use a tall vehicle like a fire truck to leap over the wall and land on the small concrete building next to the station. Jump over to the station's building from there.

PACKAGE 22 - Saint Mark's-Inside the showroom at Easy Credit Autos, behind breakable glass.

PACKAGE 23 - Saint Mark's-In a small parking lot across the street south of the AMCO Gas Station.

PACKAGE 24 - Saint Mark's-Behind the destoyed building facing the street with potholes.

PACKAGE 25 - Saint Mark's-Behind a slanted roof across the street from Salvatore's mansion. Go to the small grassy area across the street from the entrance to Salvatore's mansion, and leap over the roof here.

PACKAGE 26 - Saint Mark's-In one of the fenced-off lots in the long alleyway

PACKAGE 27 - Saint Mark's-In hobo tunnel behind 8-Ball's Bomb Shop

PACKAGE 28 - Trenton-Inside the Bitchin' Dog Food Factory's fence

PACKAGE 29 - Trenton-Roof of awning of big warehouse in Portland Docks, take car up stairs of other big warehouse and jump to the awning with it.

PACKAGE 30 - Trenton-Roof of Liberty Pharmaceuticals, line yourself up with the support beam of the el train tracks crossing overhead, then make a running leap to land on the roof. Or Pickz way is to park a tall vehicle like a Yankee next to the roof, and make a leap for the package. You won't get on the roof, but if you're near enough, you'll snag the icon.

PACKAGE 31 - Trenton-Behind the AMCO building

PACKAGE 32 - Trenton-In grassy alleys within group of buldings across the street from the Callahan Bridge

PACKAGE 33 - Trenton-On roof of Saw Mill, use car to leap over the fence around the Saw Mill then climb to the roof.

Staunton Island Hidden Packages:

36 Hidden Packages to find

PACKAGE 34 - Aspatria-At Bush Stadium, behind a Rockstar sign

PACKAGE 35 - Aspatria-Bush Stadium front entrance

PACKAGE 36 - Aspatria-In the alley between Uncle BJ's Deli & Grocery and the fire station.

PACKAGE 37 - Aspatria-Inside garage in Columbian compound where you rescued the Old Oriental Gentleman in the mission LIBERATOR.

PACKAGE 38 - Aspatria-On roof under curvy bridge, leap from bridge or use tall vehicle to climb up

PACKAGE 39 - Aspatria-In corner of tunnel underneath the curvy bridge.

PACKAGE 40 - Bedford Point-Behind the church

PACKAGE 41 - Bedford Point-Long alley at Hyaku Dojo, one block east of church.

PACKAGE 42 - Bedford Point-In front of the elevator in the AMCO building's parking garage.

PACKAGE 43 - Bedford Point-Top of AMCO building

PACKAGE 44 - Bedford Point-On second floor of room with breakable glass, across the street west of the AMCO building

PACKAGE 45 - Bedford Point-Southern entrance to the highway road that leads to the entrance to the Shoreside Lift Bridge, don't enter the road, look at the doorways on the southern side of the intersection and you'll find the package in a doorway.

PACKAGE 46 - Bedford Point-On rooftop on northern side of parking lot where the SPANKED-up madmen attacked you in the mission KINGDOM COME

PACKAGE 47 - Bedford Point-In parking lot where the SPANKED-up madmen attacked you in the mission KINGDOM COME

PACKAGE 48 - Bedford Point-In underground parking lot near the same parking lot of packages 45 and 46.

PACKAGE 49 - Bedford Point-On southernmost dock of the island, behind some boulders

PACKAGE 50 - Bedford Point-On top of pedestrian bridge

PACKAGE 51 - Bedford Point-Near the star statue near Kenji's Casino.

PACKAGE 52 - Belleville Park-Beneath the bridge in the park

PACKAGE 53 - Belleville Park-Inside one of the basketball courts

PACKAGE 54 - Fort Staunton-On second floor of one of the partial skyscrapers at the construction site

PACKAGE 55 - Fort Staunton-On top beam of arch bridge to the east of the construction site, walk up side girder to get up there.

PACKAGE 56 - Fort Staunton-Underneath the green uncompleted building in the construction site.

PACKAGE 57 - Liberty Campus-In a doorway near the St. Matthias University sign.

PACKAGE 58 - Newport-Inside a garage behind the multistory parking garage

PACKAGE 59 - Newport-Second floor of parking garage near the northern ramps

PACKAGE 60 - Newport-Southernmost boat dock at the cargo container area.

PACKAGE 61 - Newport-Southern boat dock at Asuka's condo complex.

PACKAGE 62 - Newport-Back parking lot of police station, use a police vehicle to open the automatic gate

PACKAGE 63 - Newport-In one of the spaces in the alley on the eastern side of the police station.

PACKAGE 64 - Newport-On top of steps at City Hall, on the north side of the police station

PACKAGE 65 - Newport- L shaped alley across the street from the [email protected] Internet Cafe

PACKAGE 66 - Rockford-Behind warehouse at Phil's Army Surplus Store

PACKAGE 67 - Rockford-On top of low roof of hospital, use a tall vehicle like an Ambulance to jump up there

PACKAGE 68 - Staunton Island-wait for lift bridge to go all the way up, and the package will be on the center median (musth have unlocked Shoreside Vale)

PACKAGE 69 - Torrington-Corner of helipad on top of Kenji's casino.

Shorside Vale Hidden Packages:

31 Hidden Packages to find

NOTE - For the packages around the houses in Cedar Grove, consider the FRONT the side of the house facing the cliff, and the BACK the side of the house facing the mountains.

PACKAGE 70 - Cedar Grove-Behind the white house with a Stinger

PACKAGE 71 - Cedar Grove-On the front doorstep of a blue house with a Landstalker

PACKAGE 72 - Cedar Grove-In the Cartel mansion's swimming pool. Use a Cartel Cruiser to open the front gate

PACKAGE 73 - Cedar Grove-On the back doorstep of a white mansion with no car

PACKAGE 74 - Cochrane Dam-In the park at the base of the dam, near a utility building.

PACKAGE 75 - Cochrane Dam-At the top of the dam, western tower

PACKAGE 76 - Cochrane Dam-At the top of the dam, eastern tower

PACKAGE 77 - Cochrane Dam-On the road at the face of the dam, in the eastern tower

PACKAGE 78 - Cochrane Dam-On top of the building at the face of the dam. Look near the giant pipes.

PACKAGE 79 - Francis International Airport-Behind the billboards near the subway

PACKAGE 80 - Francis International Airport-Inside the subway, near the train platform

PACKAGE 81 - Francis International Airport-Behind the fire truck at the fire truck garage

PACKAGE 82 - Francis International Airport-At the base of the large spider-like building

PACKAGE 83 - Francis International Airport-On the helipad in the southwestern corner of the airport

PACKAGE 84 - Francis International Airport-Under broken wooden bridge, on a dirt road off the entry road of Shoreside Vale from the lift bridge

PACKAGE 85 - Francis International Airport-Underneath a plane near the hangers on the northern side of the airport

PACKAGE 86 - Francis International Airport-Underneath a plane near the runway and the helicopters.

PACKAGE 87 - Francis International Airport-At the beginning of the runway that extends off into the ocean, look for a ramp to find the package on the lower level.

PACKAGE 88 - Francis International Airport-Runway that extends towards Staunton Island, very end and on the lower level.

PACKAGE 89 - Pike Creek-On top of a crate behind the Burke warehouse. Use a tall vehicle to get up there, or leap off from the street above

PACKAGE 90 - Pike Creek-Behind the hospital

PACKAGE 91 - Pike Creek-On top of a storage garage building behind the police station

PACKAGE 92 - Pike Creek-behind the Import/Export garage in a fenced-off lot. Use a tall vehicle like the Ambulance to jump over the fence and get the package.

PACKAGE 93 - Pike Creek-In a fenced-off area behind the Liberty Pharmaceuticals warehouse. This one however has an open spot in the fence to let you get to the package

PACKAGE 94 - Pike Creek-Turtle Head storage garages, rooftop, use stairs, jump to awning of next building.

PACKAGE 95 - Pike Creek-Behind Turtle Head storage garages.

PACKAGE 96 - Wichita Gardens-Inside a graffiti-covered tunnel near the Wichita Gardens entrance to Porter Tunnel

PACKAGE 97 - Wichita Gardens-Next to the picnic tables in the park.

PACKAGE 98 - Wichita Gardens-Between the apartment buildings where the Cartel Cruiser is parked

PACKAGE 99 - Wichita Gardens-In the doorway of an apartment building, facing a parking lot with a Kuruma

PACKAGE 100 - Wichita Gardens-Behind your hideout, behind the TOYZ van.
Hope this guide helps. smile.gif

Help from Gta Gaming.

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Posted 14 May 2005 - 08:14 AM Edited by maverick01, 14 May 2005 - 08:18 AM.

The following is the different radio stations in GTA3, and their playlists.


HEAD RADIO:user posted image

DJ - Russ Mottla as Michael Hunt

1. Dil-Don't - "Stripe Summer"
2. Whatever - "Good Thing"
3. Craig Gray - "Fade Away"
4. Conor And Jay - "Change"
5. Frankie Fame - "See Through You"
6. Scatwerk "Electronic Go Go"
7. Dezma - "Life Is But a Mere Supply"

DOUBLE CLEFF FM:user posted image

DJ - Gerry Cosgrove as Morgan Merryweather

1. "Non piu andrai farfallone amoroso" from Le Nozze di Figaro - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2. "Chi mi frena in tal momento" from Lucia di Lammermoor - Gaetano Donizetti
3. "Libiamo ne'lieti calici" from La Traviata - Guiseppe Verdi
4. "Finch'han del vino" from Don Giovanni - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
5. "O mio babbino caro" from Gianni Schicchi - Giacomo Puccini
6. "Le Donna E Mobile" from Rigoletto - Guiseppe Verdi

K-JAH:user posted image

DJ - Horace "the Pacifist" Walsh - Herman Stephens

1. "Dance Of the Vampire"
2. "The Mummy's Shroud"
3. "The Corpse Rises"
4. "Your Teeth in My Neck"
5. "Plague of Zombies"

RISE FM:user posted image

DJ - Andre as Andre the Accelerator

1. Slyder - "Neo (The One)"
2. Slyder - "Score [Original Mix]"
3. Chrish Walsh & Dave Beran - "Shake [Revolt Clogrock Remix]
4. Shiver - "Deep Time"
5. r.r.d.s. - "Innerbattle"

LIPS:user posted image

DJ - Shelley Miller as Andee

1. Fatamarse - "Bump to the Music"
2. Marydancin - "Wash him Off"
3. April's in Paris - "Feels Like I Just Can't Take No More"
4. Lucy - "Forever"
5. Boyz 2 Girlz - "Pray it Goes Ok?"
6. Da Shootaz - "Grand Theft Auto"
7. Funky Bjs - "Rubber Tip"

GAME FM:user posted image

DJ - Stretch Armstrong and Lord Sear as themselves
1. Reef - "Scary Movies"
2. Royce Da 5'9" - "We're Live (Danger)"
3. Nature - "Nature Freestyle"
4. JoJo Pelligrino - "JoJo Pelligrino Freestyle"
5. Pretty Ugly and Royce Da 5'9" - "Spit Game"
6. Royce Da 5'9" - "I'm the King"
7. Black Rob - "By a Stranger"
8. Agallah and Sean Price - "Rising to the Top"

MSX FM:user posted image

DJ - Timecode

1. MIX A: "First Contact" - Omni Trio
2. MIX B: "Agent 007" - TJ Rizing

FLASHBACK FM:user posted image

DJ - Maria Chambers as Toni

1. Giorgio Moroder & Arthur W Barrow - "Scarface (Push it to the Limit)"
2. Giorgio Moroder & Deborah Harry - "Rush Rush"
3. Giorgio Moroder & Peter Bellotte - "She's on Fire"
4. Giorgio Moroder & Arthur W Barrow - "Shake it Up"
5. Giorgio Moroder & Peter Bellotte - "I'm Hot Tonight"

CHATTERBOX FM:user posted image

DJ - Lazlow as himself

Special Guests include:
Reed Tucker
Fernando Martinez
Toni Capriani
Bob from Pike Creek
Military Guy
Linda the Internet woman
Donald Love
Nude guy
Sine & Cuisine guy
English guy(that talks about Nanny's)
Short guy(guy that talks about short people)
Jane the difficult parent
Squirrel guy(guy who talks about eating squirells)
(more to come as I think of them)
Talk Radio

Help from GTA-W and GTA Domain

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Posted 17 May 2005 - 03:44 PM

Scrolling annoys me, so instead of posting it in here, i will link you instead.

Here is my Staunton Island Walkthrough:-

Staunton Island Walkthrough

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Posted 17 May 2005 - 07:05 PM

Yes, what's the point of this? Have you heard of GAME FAQs? Which I'm sure the majority of users will be able to access (or copy off)

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