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Father Of The Pride

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Posted 09 May 2005 - 03:27 AM

How funny is father of the pride i love it. It's a show about sigfreid and roy with there animals. But the animals talk and are really funny. Some funny thing said in it are:

dad lion: We're going out
daughter lion: can my boyfriend come over?
dad lion: is that the one with out a weiner?
daughter lion: no
dad lion: then no

i cant remember why the rabbit said this but he did so

rabbit: you might not like me but i've got 250 brothers and sisters who love my furry ass.

gopher: i've started drinking in the afternoon and to make it acceptable i'm drinking wine. I've got here a 1998 chardonnay (or something like that)
lion: i don't think thats a good idea
gopher: oh well i'm out of the good stuff now so i'm gonna go and drink a bottle of old spice.

roy:i love you un gopher you are my pet ( he said some more things but i can't remember what they made it sould like he loved the gopher in the wrong way)
gopher: you just said 12 words and 8 of them would have got you shot in my neighbourhood.

Can anyone else post funny quotes from this show?

And if you've never seen it watch it its funny as f*ck.


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