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Bullet Proff Patriot

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  • EnglishChocolate


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Posted 06 May 2005 - 11:23 AM

Hello, i wanted to ask something about the bullet proff patriot you get when u complete all of Ray's missions. I had it for a while and i have pratically finished the game (i assume i have because i already went did 'The Exchange' thing where i had to go rescure maria. And it did all the credit thing. Anyways i still had some unfinished missions as i haven't done any of the South Side hoods yet and just completed the 2 left from Donald Love. But anyways i did the mission where i had to escort the van to Pick Creek and he got there finally but in the process i got one to many bumps and the car set alight. Now normally at this point i would start the mission over again because i didn't want to lose the patriot as its a very useful car. And i noticed things like it when ever it got so banged up all u had to do was drive it into your hideout garage save the game and it would be as good as new. Or it (normally) would stay where u parked it. Like when i completed the 'the exchange' after all the credits i appeared back at the shorevale hide out. The patriot wasn't there so (i had used it in the echange when chasing the helicopter) anyways i didn't want to lose and i wasn't 100% sure if it was still there as normally cars would go if you go far enough. But i went all the way back to the dam place and low and behold it was still there.

So i figured it was a car that would always be there so i used it for the Excort mission and like i said it got one to many bumps and flamed. Normally like i said i would start the mission over but this was the first time passing the mission and i figured with how the patriot was going it was a car that would always be there. Like after it blows up it would automatically be in one of my garages. Anyways this was not the case and i lost the car. It isn't in my garage at all.

I wanted to know is there any way of getting it back. or any way of making a regular Patriot bulletproff?

  • Luigi.Joey.Toni.Tommy???


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Posted 06 May 2005 - 11:44 AM

You could cheat and use the ACP:Control Panel
It does wonders, but it's beyond me how you lost it and how to get it back. The ACP lets you cheat and lets you make any car in your garage and make it BP/EP/FP/DP.

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Posted 07 May 2005 - 03:36 AM

Something similar happened to me. I finished Ray's missions, got his BP Patriot, and parked it in my garage in Staunton. Then I save and come back later and I don't have it any more. Pretty unfortuneate (but I still had the BP car from Phil, so I just used that)

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