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Your One Favorite Actor

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Posted 21 April 2005 - 05:11 PM

My favorite actor of all time has to be Val Kilmer. In his early work, he made two great comedies: Top Secret and Real Genius. I found those films to be on my top 10 funniest movies. He was in a good childhood movie I remember quite well, Willow. He then made some excellent serious films that are classic dramas: Heat, Tombstone, True Romance, Thunderheart, and The Doors. I can remember watching The Island Of Doctor Moreau in the college dorms laughing with friends at such a bazzare movie. The Ghost and the Darkness re-assured me he was the best actor ever. I enjoyed Red Planet, and contrary to most viewers, found it very accurate to detail and special effects, sure it's "a little out there," but so are most movies, that's why they're entertaining.
The Salton Sea and Wonderland proved he could adapt to any conditions and make a believable character. This is where he makes me truely appreciate his tallents, his acting breadth. Gene Hackman's rolls are always the same, he's a character actor, so is Al Pacino, and for the most part, Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, James Stewart, Peter Fonda, and most other legends are too. I consider an actor who can "act," has a much harder job and the end result is more profound. In The Saint, Val Kilmer plays something like 14 different characters: a Russian guard, crazy scientist, South African, Spaniard, gay Austrian, and many others. Each is completely believable. His Australian acent in the begining of the film is perfect, something you rarely see. Tom Cruise played a perfect Irish boxer in Far and Away, but there aren't many people who can convincingly play 14 different countrymen.
I guess I just love every film he does, even the crappers I partially like, he his my favorite actor of all time.

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Posted 21 April 2005 - 06:15 PM

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