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The Problem with 'Yay'

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Posted 16 April 2005 - 10:37 PM Edited by ChaosAlert, 15 May 2005 - 07:13 PM.

It's been ages since I've last written a story, but I thought instead of just writing a story, why not do something more than that, to make the story feel more 'alive' or something, the concept of adding images into this story would show the current situation.

Also, instead of adding chapters, I've decided to go along with having day/time progressions, not sure if it'd work, but that's why I'm posting this story, heh.

Anyway, any comments/suggestions would be great.
If there are any spelling mistakes/typos, please point them out, thanks.


Day 1 - 15:40
Driving down the road towads Ganton, after just finishing a workout at the gym. He had pulled up to the side, closing the door from a stolen car, and walked inside the Johnson family house. CJ, exhausted, sat down on a chair taking the remote next to him, and switched on the television. Catching up on events in San Andreas, another major bank heist occured down at the Four Dragons, however reports show that it didn’t work to plan, seems the Mafia were getting revenge on the incident which went down a couple of months ago. CJ, feeling tired switched off the television and went upstairs for a rest.

A few hours passed by, and Sweet was on his way to check up on CJ, taking over the ‘hood’ has made things a lot different for both of them, taking control of so much has caused some problems, that it seems to be uncontrolable. Sweet proceeded to enter through the front door.
“Hey CJ!” shouted Sweet.
Sweet went to check upstairs, muttering along the way. Walking down the corridor, he turns his head as he sees CJ lying on the bed.
“Damn man, wake up!” said Sweet.
CJ pulled himself up, looked at Sweet and laughed. With a concerned look on his face, the two of them go downstairs and proceed outside to the Grove. A drug dealer was nearby, working as usual, when a couple of OGs start shooting at him. Straight after, the drug dealer started to react and shot back, people were running scared. CJ and Sweet, ignoring the situation head for Market Station in Sweet’s vehicle.
“Why you going again, CJ? The Grove need you,” said Sweet.
“I need to get away from that, it’s not like I’m leaving for good, you know...” replied CJ.
Sweet sighed, as CJ opened the door and proceeded towards the train, turning his head as he walked away.

CJ started thinking to himself, how he could be making a mistake by leaving, if something was to happen, and it ended up being his fault. At that moment, he had gotten onto the train, and had once again left Los Santos.


It was almost midnight as the train recahed it’s destaination in San Fierro. CJ walked from the train, taking an unoccupied car which was left unlocked, and drove to the garage. As he reached it, he found the grage dorr open, strange enough as he had remembered locking up after they all went to Las Venturas. CJ proceeded to walk inside and check to see what was going on, he had checked if anything was missing or damaged but everything looked as how it was before. He sat on a nearby chair, taking a clipboard with some notes that were written down, on the performance of the income the garage was making. It made him wonder if the garage should have kept running, but it wouldn’t end up lasting forever, as there were more important things to think about, those things that Sweet had made him understand. It was all about the Grove, nothing was more important than that.

Suddenly, a ringing noise was heard, CJ picked up his phone, guessing it was Sweet.
“Hey, miss me already?” said CJ, questionly.
“Yes... and no. Why havn’t I seen you at the casino lately?” replied a familiar voice.
“Wait... is that... Woozie?” said CJ, with a shock.
“Well, it’s not hard to figure out who I am. Anyway, I havn’t called you for a catchup, it seems you’ve arrived at the right place at the right time,” replied Woozie.
CJ looked even more shocked, as he had no idea what was happening but decided not to let himself be fooled.
“Okay man, what’s going down?” questioned CJ.
“Glad you’ve asked, it seems that the drug factory we had decided to destroy, well... it’s currently back in buisness, but nobody knows about it from what we’ve seen. We don’t know who’s running the buisness as of yet, that’s why I have called you,” replied Woozie.
“And you need my help, is that right?” asked CJ.
“Yeah, I’ll be sending a few of my men outside City Hall, they’ll give you more info on ths situation, I would tell you myself, but we have a few slot machines playing up and I don’t want anybody complaining, it’s bad for buisness... anyway, see ya!” replied Woozie.
CJ sat there with a puzzled look on his face, he didn’t have any idea how Woozie found out where he was. CJ closed the garage and slept for the night, as he had a long day ahead of him tommorow.

Day 2 - 11: 37

It was almost midday, and CJ took a few weapons with him, as there could be trouble ahead. He walked towards the car showroom which was just across the road, and took an unlocked vehicle. As soon as he got in, the phone started to ring. The Triad he had to meet had told him he was waiting, he started to make his way down to City Hall.


CJ bought some hot dogs from one of the vendors working there, he proceeded and waited next to the strange model in the middle, waiting for them to arrive.

A black car pulls up minutes later, when all the Triads come out, armed. CJ was confused as to what was happening. They walked up to CJ.

user posted image

“Hello, CJ. Glad you could make it,” said the unknown man, as he greeted him.
“Hey, don’t I know you?” replied CJ.
“Not really, I’ve always been helping out with the casino buisness, but at a low profile,” he replied.
“Alright, so what’s the deal with the factory being reused?” said CJ, questionly.
“Ah yes, a couple of weeks ago, a yay delivery was made to Starfish Casino, we knew something was amiss as the drug factory was destroyed, and now it seems to be a ‘hot spot’ to the SFPD. Cops won’t let anyone near the area now, it’s all in lock down. Unfortuanlty, this could be a bigger incident than the last time,” he replied, with a worried look on his face.

CJ shook his head, wondering how he got involved in something like this at such a strange time. He was then told by the Triad to meet somebody at the drug factory this night, hopefully giving them some time to get clues.

“Okay, I guess I’ll meet you there then.” said CJ.
The Triads started to enter the car, and then leave the area.

21: 13

CJ had arrived at the drug factory gate, keeping an eye out for any cops. Moments later, a car pulled up towards the front entrance, the driver inside was Su Xi Mu, Woozie’s loyal bodyguard. He closed the door behind him and greeted CJ.

“Where’s Woozie then?” said CJ.
“I thought he told you, he has a few problems to sort out, he has no time for this,” replied Su Xi Mu.
“So it’s just us then?” question CJ.
“Nope.” he replied. “This way”.

user posted image

They both entered the factory, where two other Triads were setting up explosives to damage the factory, slowing down the process of yay deliveries. CJ and Su Xi had entered through the door, taking a look at the generator. One of the Triads had told CJ the bomb was set on a timer, set to blow up on the next delivery. Until then they had to find someone connected with the previous deliveries, an old karate teacher working at the gym.

user posted image

Sirens could be heard from outside, the cops were arriving, so the Triads decided to leave quickly causing a diversion to help CJ escape from the area. They started climbing over the wall, and suddenly gunfire could be heard. CJ ran for the wall, but decided it’d be wise to use this time to escape. He started heading for the gym to get some answers.

“Oh sh*t, the cops are here,” said Su Xi.
They opened fire on the cars approaching, with one of the cop drivers getting shot in the head, and crashing into a wall.

“We’re outnumbered, let’s get out of here!” said one of the Triads.
They headed for the car and drove off.

22 : 02
The cops arrived at the front gate, they were warned that the factory was being used by several unknown people, they were mistaken for yay deliviers. One of the cops then saw an explosive placed against the wall, they didn’t know what was going on, but it didn’t seem to be ‘live’ at the time.

user posted image

They all proceeded to the entrance of the factory, checking to see if anybody was there, but the explosives were placed all over the walls and rigged to a generator, if it were to go off, the explosion would end up being huge.

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Posted 17 April 2005 - 09:10 PM

Sounds alright...

I think the time progression will work as well.

Keep going biggrin.gif

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Posted 15 May 2005 - 05:10 PM

Cool CA, I like it!~M$&9$~

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Posted 15 May 2005 - 05:58 PM

Story now updated.

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Posted 15 May 2005 - 06:46 PM

Read the bedrock guidelines at the top of the page for quote and attribution information please. smile.gif And remember, a member of a Triad is not called a Triad.

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