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Mod Showroom Format

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Posted 16 April 2005 - 07:32 PM

With the rush of SA PC nearly upon us I think its time to get some new/updated rules in place in an attempt to organize the modification showroom. This will hopefully keep the Mod Showroom clean and tidy, as well as people keeping on-topic.

The below rules should keep the showroom (most noticeably Vehicles) tidy and easy to understand, its based on the Forum Format by uzer_errors. Itís clear that the topic format may not be as useful for the Mission Coding Showroom for example, but it should prove to be relevant to an extent.

Topic Icons/Differentiate Between Platforms (SA/VC/GTA3)
Because SA will soon be released we are going to have to easily differentiate between the mods released and what platform they are for. To help differentiate between mods specifically designed for, intended for, or will only work in either GTA3, VC and SA, use one of the new post icons to specify which game it's for. If your mod works for both, pick whichever icon you would like. We have just had a SA icon implemented. Also through ease of use it could possibly be a better option to enter this in the topic title/description.

Releasing ĎOthersí Mods
There have been quite a few people recently who have released vehicles who belong to their friends, this is not a wise idea as it can relate to all kinds of problems. If a member would like his car to be released then let him sign up, or let him post this. It avoids any controversy such as mod theft even if you clearly state in your topic. We ask for these releases to be posted in the Picture Post & Commentary topic to avoid these situations.
Exceptions: Tools for modding GTA can be rare sometimes, this is an exception to this rule. We are always happy to check out new tools/programs by other people in aid of GTA modding. If you do create a thread about this then please state clearly who the author of the tool is and possibly any contact information for him.
Major breakthroughs in GTA Modding are also an exception, hopefully there will be many into the future. This may go back in relation to the tools. It would be best for the original authors to post their own tools and if they want the topic closed/removed then we will do this for them.

Mod Theft
Mod theft is taken very seriously and many people have been banned in the past for this. Donít try it you wont get away with it, you may end up getting banned for your actions however. This is a serious issue and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes blatant stealing of parts, using vehicle parts without permission, converting cars without permission. Obviously a line has to be drawn somewhere, but I remind you it can be a bannable offence with at the least a long Temp Ban.

Topic Titles
All main topic titles should be named accordingly. You may add whatever you want to the title description (second line).

For works-in-progress (WIP) modifications:

For scratch-made modifications (Ones you made yourself).
[WIP | SCR] Mod name

For conversions (Modification made by someone else for a different game that your are converting)
[WIP | CON] Mod name

For modified modifications (A modification of somebody else's mod, such as a new skin/modelling adjustments/changes in relation to coding etc.).
[WIP | MOD] Mod name

For release topics

For betas, alphas, pre-releases, etc. (Any release that is not final)
[REL | Beta] Mod name/description
(Beta my be replaced with alpha and a version number may be placed before it- for ex. [REL | 1.2 Beta])

For final releases
[REL | Final] Mod name

Please note that the Mod name should be a brief yet informative line that will inform anyone reading it precisely what the topic will contain. For example;

[REL | Final] R33 Skyline by Ashdexx -GOOD
[REL | Final] Really cool lookin car, look inside to find out -BAD

For other on-topic posts
This is the Mod Showroom, there will be very few/if any of these topics popping up. This title may be used for a competition however.

[Other] Topic title

ALL posts should be constructive to the topic. What does this mean? NO posting in a topic asking where you can download the latest version of modelling software, telling some other poster that you like their sig, requesting a car, etc. These types of posts will be deleted. If you are a repetitive offender (several times), or have been around long enough that you should be familiar with these rules, we may go as far as to warn you. Spam will still be handled in the usual fashion. If you are unsure as to what classifies as spam, read the forum rules. They're posted in here and in the announcement forum, if you can't manage to find the link at the top of this forum.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, post here.

With SA just around the corner we look out for some new and interesting modifications released here, most of all have fun join the modding experience.


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