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what's the wierdest or scariest thing

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  • sirhc

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Posted 10 April 2005 - 08:18 PM Edited by sirhc, 10 April 2005 - 08:30 PM.

two wierd things was when I had a police motorbike and a train was coming so I stopped so it wouldn't hit me. When the train past by I suddenly was falling down in the sky and landed on a golf course with my motobike.
also one I was driving and flew into the ocean north of Las venturas, a good song was on so I didnt get out of the car when I reached the bottom of the ocean the car went through the ground and the screen went pitch black I just stared at the screen confused when suddenly I fell onto a street in Las Venturas,wtf
a scary thing was when I was walking around in north rock when I heard a growl. I thought it was a plane or something when I heard it again, even though I know bigfoot isn't real i still thought BIGFOOT!!!!!!!So I surrounded myself with satchels and took out my, "purple weapon" ready to beat bigfoot to death. I heard the growl again and was ready to kill when an icon on my screen said, you are getting hungry you shold get something to eat. I felt really stupid after that.

  • mbee904

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Posted 10 April 2005 - 08:26 PM

SCariest thing was when i was doing the paramedic missions and it took me around half an hour n a lot of patience to get to level 12! Anyways about the eleventh person was outside the burger shot in san fierro (where the bullet spawns) and i was speeding down a road coming up to the burger shot when a police bike came out in front of me! Not wanting a wanted level i swerved madly at a fast speed right into the person i had to rescue! I was gutted, but then i realised the person got back up and i eventually passed the paramedic mission! But it damn scared me!

  • sirhc

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Posted 10 April 2005 - 08:49 PM

also another scary thing was when I was playing 2 player mode and we where ontop of Mt Chiliad and were about to go inside a motor home and drive off the edge when suddenly a stunt plane comes crashing into the mountain, blows up the motor home and other vehicles, and blows my friend off the edge of the mountain nervous.gif

  • sirhc

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Posted 10 April 2005 - 09:00 PM

another scary one was i was playing two player and had to go to the bathroom for 15 minutes. when i got out my friend said, " I got us a banshee!" I went in the banshee and drove off wihout him and he said,"come back"so I was being nice and went into reverse to pick him up when suddenly there was an explosion and and my banshee was on fire and was flipping in the air blink.gif before I could get out, my car exploded and I died. I was wondering why that happened for hours when my friend finally told me that he put a satchel in the road and detonated it, I nearly choked him to death devil.gif

  • DarkGTA

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Posted 10 April 2005 - 09:03 PM

I was doing "Freefall" and landed on TOP of the plane and then appeared on top of the Ganton Gym in gym heaven.

  • sirhc

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Posted 10 April 2005 - 09:04 PM

somebody type something, i'm tired of reading my own and the paramedic one cryani.gif

  • blindsk8er6d9


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Posted 10 April 2005 - 09:04 PM

Hunting for bigfoot, about a week or two after the game was released. (I don't believe in him anymore) I didn't have much life left, because I had been falling off cliffs and stuff. Then I got the hungry message. so I was running to the road to get a car and some food before I passed out. And all of a sudden I out of nowhere I get hit by the "ghost car." That was rolling down a hill, and it killed me. Oh well, I probably wouldn't have made it to a fast food place anyway.

D Jones
  • D Jones

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Posted 10 April 2005 - 09:14 PM

Never knew San Andreas could be scary sarcasm.gif ..

I guess the weirdest thing is when I first saw the Glendale. I guess I thought some guy could come after me and beat my car up.

Dr. Stupid
  • Dr. Stupid

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Posted 10 April 2005 - 09:21 PM

1.) It was nighttime, and foggy. I was on Mt. Chiliad, by that path during the Cobra trail for Chiliad Challenge. I drove my beat-up Sanchez off a cliff, and it blew up. I was walking around, Camera in hand, when I heard a roar, an explosion, and saw a black figure 10 yards in front of me. I zoomed in, and saw a goddamned plane in ruins. Still pretty freaky.

2.) When I bailed out of my plane over Back-O-Beyond. During a thunderstorm at night. When you're in a situation like that, it seems that every stump, every crash of thunder, every movement is Bigfoot. I ran like hell from nothing cry.gif

  • beanmachine43


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Posted 11 April 2005 - 02:52 AM

Probably the most scary thing that's eber happened to me was when I saw the ghost tags in the LS cemetary for the first time. I was in my house all alone and it was like 2:00 AM. I didn't know about it so I tried to post it on the forums. It seemed to be there for quite awhile.

Oh yeah, when I first saw the hideous hillbilly with no shirt. He scared the living sh*t out of me.

  • Rown

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Posted 11 April 2005 - 10:29 PM Edited by Rown, 12 July 2015 - 06:30 PM.

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tommy vercetti guy
  • tommy vercetti guy

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Posted 11 April 2005 - 10:31 PM Edited by tommy vercetti guy, 11 April 2005 - 10:39 PM.

When my mom called me down for dinner, then the game told me CJ was hungry.
i was just like, wtf..........

  • geesus92

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Posted 12 April 2005 - 11:42 AM

i haven't really had many scary things happen to me, just some wierd ones.

When I first started up the game (where the bike is) i was pretty happy to finally be playing it. I took two steps, thinking "how cool is this?" then a huge freakin' plane just crashes right on top of me and i die!

then i'm out at back o'beyond searching for bigfoot. needless to say, it is boring searching for something that isn't there, so i amuse myself by pushing the ghost car at the top down the hill onto the other car. i am for some strange reason amused with this and sit there laughing, until another ghost car comes rumbling down the hill next to me and i get caught until it, and have to wait 10 seconds for me to die!

Last wierd thing to happen, i was out doing badland missions, I'd finished all Catalina's ones, and I was doing the first race. I was in Catalina's buffalo, heading towards the start of the mission, and it was pretty busted up from me falling off cliffs. anyway, on the road near the start of the race, im speeding down it and i crash into some idiots tractor, go spinning out of control smash into a tree and the cars engine's goes on fire! i hurriedly get out of the car, next thing I know, i'm falling down from the top of the tree! THEN i when i'm about to land back on the flaming up car, it explodes and sends me flying twenty feet to my deathbyexplosionandonimpact grave.

  • fatman2004

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Posted 12 April 2005 - 01:31 PM

I think that the weirdist thing that ever happened to me while playing GTA:SA is when i was making on of my stunt videos, and i was about to hit a jump and i went right through it (kinda like a go through wall) on my NRG-500 tht i just got and used the pay and spray to get it the right color. turns out that i dumped it in the ocean and i got pissed because i didnt out it in a garage and save the game.

Agent OOorange
  • Agent OOorange


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Posted 13 April 2005 - 06:25 AM

While trying to complete the racing mission "military service,"
I was having problems controlling the plane. (I haven't played SA for
awhile so yea..you get the idea)
I was sorta halfway to the last checkpoint, then my cellphone rang.
I tried not to pay attention to it but then once I took a short glance at
it, I crashed head onto a windmill. It scared the sh*t outta me due to
the volume on my stereo way up..

  • HiImTimAndImAnAddict


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Posted 13 April 2005 - 07:15 AM

QUOTE (Agent OOorange @ Apr 13 2005, 06:25)
I crashed head onto a windmill. It scared the sh*t outta me due to
the volume on my stereo way up..

kaboooooom! booom! boooom! agreed. I need to stop crankin my TV up when I'm home alone. I hate that damn windmill. it's one of many objects that love to 'appear' at the last second. Instant heart-attack at my old age.

Mr. Blue
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Posted 13 April 2005 - 08:09 AM

Was riding my bmx, doing stoppies & wheelies etc. in los santos, when i hit the side of one of those little bridges that goes over the freeway, i went slighly through it, so i continued stoppieng into it when i got stuck, i continued trying to stopiee through it when i fell through the floor (still stoppieing) and went through to the blue area, then appeared on the other end of the bridge

This happens alot, it's happened when i was just walking normally in the countryside, also in grove street i rode really fast into a the house near cjs that has an open door (that you cant get in) and came flying outside the other end of the house into a wall dontgetit.gif i've managed to do that twice with that same house...

  • mageezer

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Posted 13 April 2005 - 08:50 AM

I must amend the dickhead(s) who started the bigfoot and leatherface rumours. It has made travelling through the countryside at night so much more enjoyable than it usually would be. When I first believed the rumours, I really scared the sh*t out of myself when driving up Mt. Chiliad on a mountain bike at night during a thunderstorm. The worst thing is not having a radio in the countryside. At one point I lost my bike after hitting a tree and watched it slide down a cliff face. This must have been the first or second time on mt chiliad cuz i was lost completely and was at that part where one of the bike races down the mountain are, the one where you go down a raised boardwalk. From there, there is no other way down the mountain but to follow the bike path. I thought I saw a car in front of me and I walked towards it. It looked like a huge weird-shaped black rock or something. Because it was night i didnt see the flames and because there was a thunderstorm, i hadn't heard the crash. Then, BOOOM! the rustler exploded, killing me. I must have jumped about 3 feet off my sofa when that happened.

Another thing that used to regularly freak me, were those lights showing where the photo ops are.

  • yazuka_dojo

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Posted 13 April 2005 - 08:54 AM

this isnt really scary but still annoying, i was biking up mount chilidad on my beautiful NRG when a huge plane crashes on top of me, by some miricle i survive but unfortuatly my bike didnt so i had to walk the rest of way to the top!
then i was in los santos on the bridge near his house when suddenly apart of the bridge disapears! i didnt know about this glitch at the time so i just ran like a girl

  • deddeson

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Posted 13 April 2005 - 10:50 AM

one of my scariest moments would have to be when i had riot cheat on i was going into the zip in los santos i left my bmx on the road and as i was coming out i heard a loud motor sound and a crash so i thougth it must have been a cop car blowing up. and i got on my bike and got flown off of it when a beagle hit a building and then colapsed on me. as soon as that happen i flew off my seat and got my afro stuck in the ceiling fan.......just joking i dont have an afro biggrin.gif ......wish i did though sad.gif biggrin.gif

Street Science
  • Street Science


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Posted 13 April 2005 - 11:28 AM

I have the Ps2 wired up to my speakers and I always play it on loud. The first time that I heard CJs stomach rumble I thought some big animal was going to savage me (I was in the Back o beyond at the time)

It was pretty cool, but dissapointing at the same time.

Mr Killer
  • Mr Killer

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Posted 13 April 2005 - 12:24 PM

The scariest thing that happened to me was when I was on the outskirts of Las Venturas (Bone County and the desert). I was driving a car in the dead of night, it was a thunderstorm. I heard this thunder and then I see a huge figure fall out of the sky and explode on the road infront of me. I was really shocked because it was dark and I didnt have a clue what it was. I got out of the car, walked up the the dark figure and then realised that it was actually a plane. I was really embarassed. biggrin.gif

  • IeetGLOO

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Posted 14 April 2005 - 12:21 AM

I was in two player mode by myself making my own date between Carl and Katie (cuz I'm just a dork)

anyways i was on top of Chiliad in the rain and Carl and Katie were smoochin and comparing guns and so on when all of a sudden I heard my first plane crash.

It scared the crap out of me I was like WTH WAS THAT?

Anyways i sent Katie over to investigate (heh heh) and there was nothing but a huge black spot on the rocks and a little fire cuz the plane must have rolled off the mountain.

I was freaked out and wanted it to end and for everything to be happy again so carl got into the camper and drove off the edge and 'splodid.

Later on i heard about plane crashes but it still freaked me out fo a little while.

  • Stealf

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Posted 14 April 2005 - 08:08 PM

One annoying thing was getting impatient and pressing the jump button inside Cluck's halfway through a long mission when i needed energy. I got stuck behind the counter with the 2 staff and couldn't get out. All I could do was look at their backs with the words "Taste The Cock" on as I beat the hell out of them trying to get out.

  • 9yne

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Posted 14 April 2005 - 09:33 PM

Not really scary, but when I started my third SA file, I was doing the mission 'Ryder' and as we were running from the shotgun weilding clerk, a plane crashed into our getaway car. notify.gif So I just broke away and let Ryder fend for himself.

bullet x
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Posted 14 April 2005 - 09:41 PM Edited by bullet x, 14 April 2005 - 09:47 PM.

Weirdest thing happened to me:

I went to pick up Denise, but when the door opens and she comes out right? but for me.. the door opened but she didnt come out, then the door closed.. and all of a sudden, denise pops up from nowhere behind my car.

Scariest thing happened to me:

I forgot which mission, but I was with Sweet in his car, just driving down the street past Reece's barber and the tattoo shop, as soon I crashed in a car up ahead.. then out of the blue, a hustler (plane) crashed in me and few other cars then exploded.. blink.gif

  • Rown

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Posted 14 April 2005 - 09:42 PM Edited by Rown, 12 July 2015 - 06:31 PM.

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Posted 14 April 2005 - 10:31 PM

QUOTE (tommy vercetti guy @ Apr 11 2005, 22:31)
When my mom called me down for dinner, then the game told me CJ was hungry.
i was just like, wtf..........

thats weird

Dr. Stupid
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Posted 14 April 2005 - 11:55 PM

QUOTE (bullet x @ Apr 14 2005, 16:41)
Weirdest thing happened to me:

I went to pick up Denise, but when the door opens and she comes out right? but for me.. the door opened but she didnt come out, then the door closed.. and all of a sudden, denise pops up from nowhere behind my car.

That's happened to me on several occasions.

That reminds me of something: I drove up to Denise's house and saw the red marker, meanwhile, there was a police chase ensuing down by the gym. Anyway, I walk into the red marker, triggering the cutscene where Denise walks out. However, the car the police was chasing swerves into her front yard, running her over (twice!). The chase moves on, and after a few seconds, she got up again.

  • AFRO

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Posted 29 April 2005 - 08:26 PM

Wierd stuff,
1) I had a Wayferrer I just got home from a date w/Helena (B!tch) my game is in riot mode and I was in the LS Santa Maria Beach house. Now just outside where the sidewalk starts to incline, I accicentally hopped to the left of the curb and was in the yard, I drive to the corner only to find out the Wayferrer has like 0 getup right? so I think I am the man on ANY Bike and I try to ride up the corner into the street, but all of a sudden the screen gets Blue, then I get warped to the Parking Pot just dwn the street at the P& Spray to the east of the beach house! ONLY THE WAYFERRER WAS STUCK HALF WAY IN THE PARKING LOT!!!
I could get on and off, and turn the wheel and I heard the engine, but the ass end was stuck in the ground, and the front was kinda like a wheelie! dontgetit.gif

2) then while on a cop bike (verysimilar to the wayferrer btw) I was by the boat school, and got stuck behind a dumpster running from the coppers that I just jak'd and the screen went Black then Blue, and I began to spin in the middle of the screen, and then POOF! I ended up at the AC tower! WOAH Mon!:blink: nervous.gif

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