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Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Neo-K 182
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Posted 26 May 2005 - 12:58 PM Edited by Neo-K 182, 26 May 2005 - 01:01 PM.

i have a bunch of friends in the 501st, they all want me to join too lol.

but damn, with this comming out for the PSP, i actually have reason to buy that thing now.

holy f*ckind dog sh*t!!! that trailer was amazing, this game is like rogue squadron and battlefront put together. that was f*cking amazing, i'm getting this just for the space battles, and from what i saw, the battle of coruscant and the battle of endor were both there. (O_O)

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Posted 28 May 2005 - 02:46 AM

QUOTE (Neo-K 182 @ Apr 3 2005, 21:31)
BF1 was good, but it had a lot of bugs in it and was very basic. and vehicle control kinda sucked. and not being able to play as a jedi got a bit annoying.

however, these new pics certently make it look a lot better than the original. and honestly i'd love to reinact some of the space battles. only ground battles got boring.

and not being yhuuzan (sp?!?) vong...

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Posted 28 May 2005 - 02:52 AM

QUOTE (Fido_SanAndreas @ Apr 3 2005, 19:00)
Well, the long hoped for sequel to Battlefront has arrived. For those who dont know what it is, its a Star Wars FPS. The sequel will include Space battles and many new maps, and a Playable Jedi Faction.




Enjoy! smile.gif

EDIT- Pic's are from PC Gamer.

Looks cool. I liked star wars battlefront. A sequel may not be bad.

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